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Rupies are the lowest in-game currency. You primarily earn rupies by completing quests, from the Daily Bonus, from events, and by selling co-op treasures.

Rupies are used in a variety of places, including but not limited to:

Farming Rupies

There are two primary ways of farming rupies: running Shiny Slime Search! or joining co-op rooms.

  • Shiny Slime Search!: Very Hard recommended difficulty (30 AP)
  • Joining co-op rooms:
    • Because it does not require any AP, players earn many treasures quickly that can be sold for rupies.
    • Rupies earned by selling treasures are not affected by Journey Drops.

There are few items or characters that affect rupie drops, but there are two notable ones:

  • The Bandit Tycoon class gives a 10% boost to rupie drop amount.
  • Npc s 3030222000 01.jpg Karteira (SR):
    • Icon Extended Mastery Support Skill.png Extended Mastery Support SkillBoost to rupies earned in battle works from the back row and stacks with Bandit Tycoon's boost to rupie drops.
    • Rupies earned through Ability Two Birds One Punch.png Two Birds, One PunchWind damage to a foe. Get up to 10,000 rupies if target has Status partner.pngPartnered UpHaving a Sales Talk with Karteira
      "Sales Talk" in Karteira's skill descriptions
      are counted as rupies gained in battle and will be affected by Journey Drop buffs and her EMP support skill. (Note that rupies will not be earned if the enemy is killed by the skill.)