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Official Profile

Npc f 3030021000 01.jpg Sara (Event)
Age 9 years old
Height 132 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Reading (particularly picture books), playing with Lyria ever since meeting her
Likes Volenna, Graphos
Dislikes Sharing her own opinions and selfish demands
Granblue Fantasy Theater
A girl raised in a castle among the glistening silver sands of the Brillet Desert, Sara is under the constant protection of Graphos, the sand god, and her guardian, Volenna. When the primal beast Manawydan went berserk and threatened to bring rain to Brillet, Sara used Graphos' power to seal the primal away, but she nearly pays with her life. Sara is the kind of gentle, well-mannered, brave young girl who would willingly sacrifice her own life to save the lives of others. With few opportunities for social interaction, Sara is quite shy, and rarely speaks.
80px Final Uncap
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Npc f 3030021000 01.jpg Sara (Event)
Age 9歳
Height 132cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(特に絵本)、 ルリアと出会ってからは、彼女と一緒に遊ぶこと
Likes ボレミア、グラフォス
Dislikes 自分の意見や我がままを言うこと
Granblue Fantasy Theater

80px Final Uncap
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Npc f 3040041000 01.jpg Sara
Age 9 years old
Height 135 cm (grew 3 cm)
Race Human
Hobbies Reading (particularly picture books, and recently has taken up map-reading), playing with Lyria
Likes Volenna, Graphos
Dislikes Sharing her own opinions and selfish demands, talking to someone she just met
80px Final Uncap
Source [3]
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Npc f 3040041000 01.jpg Sara
Age 9歳
Height 135cm(3cm伸びた)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(特に絵本、最近は地図を読むのが好き)、ルリアと遊ぶこと
Likes ボレミア、グラフォス
Dislikes 自分の意見や我儘を言うこと、初対面の人とのお喋り
80px Final Uncap
Source [3]

Npc f 3030147000 01.jpg Sara (Summer)
Age 9 years old
Height 135 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Reading (particularly picture books, and recently has taken up map-reading), playing with Lyria
Likes Volenna, Graphos
Dislikes Sharing her own opinions and selfish demands, talking to someone she just met
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
Age {{{uncap_agejp}}}
Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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Npc f 3030147000 01.jpg Sara (Summer)
Age 9歳
Height 135cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(特に絵本、最近は地図を読むのが好き)、ルリアと遊ぶこと
Likes ボレミア、グラフォス
Dislikes 自分の意見や我儘を言うこと、初対面の人とのお喋り
Character Release

80px Final Uncap
Age {{{uncap_agejp}}}
Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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Npc f 3040236000 01.jpg Sara (Light)
Age 9 years old
Height 136 cm (grew 1 cm)
Race Human
Hobbies Reading (particularly picture books, and recently has taken up map-reading), playing with Lyria
Likes Volenna, Graphos, the Captain and other members of the crew, Branwen
Dislikes Sharing her own opinions and selfish demands, talking to someone she just met
Character Release


80px Final Uncap
Age {{{uncap_agejp}}}
Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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Npc f 3040236000 01.jpg Sara (Light)
Age 9歳
Height 136cm(1cm伸びた)
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 読書(特に絵本、最近は地図を読むのが好き)、ルリアと遊ぶこと
Likes ボレミア、グラフォス、主人公や騎空団の人々、ブランウェン
Dislikes 自分の意見や我儘を言うこと、初対面の人とのお喋り
Character Release


80px Final Uncap
Age {{{uncap_agejp}}}
Height {{{uncap_heightjp}}}
Race {{{uncap_racejp}}}
Hobbies {{{uncap_hobbiesjp}}}
Likes {{{uncap_likesjp}}}
Dislikes {{{uncap_dislikesjp}}}
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  • The names of Sara's skills are derived from Latin.
    • Cor Fidelis means "faithful heart".[7][8]
    • Affectio has several meanings, among them "a change in emotion" and "affection towards someone else."[9]
    • Tonitrua is the plural form of tonitruum, meaning "thunder".[10]
    • Afflatus, in Latin, means "breathed on". The term has also been adopted in English to mean "a sudden breath of inspiration".[11]

Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy birthday, (Captain). I wish you only the best this year!
And I hope we get to go on more adventures together too...


Happy birthday, Captain!
How's the past year been for you?
If it's been a good year, then...
I hope I had something to do with it!
Just knowing that would make my day!
I hope this next year will be even better for you, Captain!


Happy birthday, (Captain)
Um... I'm really thankful that you've taken me into your crew...
The world is such a vast place, with so many wonderful things to see.
So... I hope that I can keep going on new adventures together with you, Lyria, and everyone else.
And I hope that we'll find something wonderful together!
Here's to another year of wonderful discoveries!


Sara: Happy birthday, (Captain)!
Graphos: ...
Sara: Graphos says he also wants to wish you many happy returns!
Graphos and I are both very grateful to you and Lyria for taking us along on your voyage.
Thanks to you, we've seen so much, learned so much, and had so much fun!
I hope we'll get to travel with all of you forever and ever!
Even if we reach the end of the skies one day, I hope we'll just pick a new destination and keep on going...
Ah, sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?
It's just that I enjoy our time together so much...
I hope you're having just as much fun as we are, (Captain).
Hehe. I'll do my best to try and add whatever sunshine to your days that I can!


Getting closer to Volenna, being such good friends with Lyria, spending time with Jin...
Seeing Graphos and Branwen so happy, writing lots to Kaz...
Having so much fun and no longer being afraid of tomorrow...
All of this is thanks to you, (Captain). It's because you brought me along with you.
That's why... I want to do my best in making sure that you're just as happy.
I'm still just a child, so I may not be able to do much...
But each time your birthday comes around, (Captain), I also grow up a little more.
Someday, I'm going to make you so happy that you won't want anything else!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy New Year!
My New Year's resolution? I want to be able to express myself better... What's yours?


Happy New Year, Captain!
My New Year's resolution is to improve on cooking, sewing, and laundry.
Volenna's really good at all of them, so I'm asking her to teach me. Once I get good, I'll be able to help everyone!
Huh? What's wrong, Captain?
You've been good, so you want a New Year's gift? Well, I can give you a hug at least!
You're so good to everyone, and we all depend on you, so you deserve this hug!


Um... Happy New Year, (Captain). Let's have another great year!
I woke up early enough to see the morning sunrise today. It was a weird feeling...
Something as simple as the sun rising over the horizon shouldn't be such a big deal.
But for some reason, for someone like me to greet the new year like this...
I can't seem to find the words, but...
Hee hee, isn't it weird? I'm starting to cry, even though I'm so happy!


Zzz... Zzz...
Yawn... Hm? (Captain)?
Good morning...
Huh? It's Ne—
When did I fall asleep!
Lyria and I were trying to stay up all night to see the first sunrise of the new year...
Oh? It's almost that time, so you came to wake us up?
Wow! Thank you!
Let's get everyone on the deck to see it!
Lyria. Lyria, Wake up.
It's the first sunrise! Let's go watch it!
I bet it will be so beautiful!


Happy New Year, (Captain)! I'm looking forward to spending this year with you too!
Every time we enter a new year, I feel I've grown a little more.
Growing up into an adult had seemed so far away for me...
Oh, but I suppose growing taller doesn't necessarily mean I'm becoming an adult.
I want to be an adult who's kind, brave, and strong... Someone like Volenna.
I still like staying up on New Year's Eve and having midnight snacks... So I guess that still makes me a child.
As always, I'll do my best in being of help to you this year, (Captain). Then maybe I'll get a bit closer to becoming an adult!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy Valentine's! Um... how do you feel about chocolates?
If it's okay with you, would you like to eat some with me?


Umm, Captain? I... Uhm...
This is for you!
I made these Valentine chocolates with Volenna...
Volenna is really good at making them. They're delicious!
Um, sorry if you're busy... You love chocolate? Thank goodness!
I poured my heart into making these. I hope you like them, Captain!


Umm, (Captain)! Um, this chocolate is for you... Happy Valentine's Day!
Volenna and I made it together. I already gave it a taste, so I think it should be good!
Anyways, I hope you'll like it!
I'll always cherish you, (Captain), but for some reason...
It's kind of embarrassing to show you like this. I wonder why?


Um... (Captain)...
Would you like some chocolate? For Valentine's Day...
Volenna... helped me make these too...
But she said we should try flavoring it ourselves... So...
Because Volenna is really good at making food, hers will be better...
Mine might not be so tasty...
But please throw them away if they taste bad!
Huh? You couldn't possibly do that?
Okay... I'll make sure that the next time I make these, they're really, really tasty!
If they aren't this year, then I'm sorry... But at least they have my love inside them.


(Captain)! Um, here's some chocolate from me for Valentine's Day...
But there's a slight problem, you see... Actually, Volenna told me to try making it all by myself.
I bought a lot of ingredients, tried different ways to make it, and tasted everything... Then I wrapped the one I thought was the best.
But I'd tasted so many different ones that I can't tell if it's actually good or not anymore. So I'm not sure if I should be giving you this...
Huh? You want us to try it together?
O-okay! That sounds great!
Um, (Captain)... If you don't like it, you have to tell me honestly, okay?
I want to give you only the best, so if it's bad, I'll have to fix it for next time!

Mixed Chocolate Cake square.jpg Mixed Chocolate Cake

White Day Cutscenes
# Link Text

Yes, Captain? Is everything okay?
Huh, this is for me? As thanks for Valentine's?
This makes me so happy! Thank you so much!
Can we eat this together right now?
Everything tastes better when we share it with those closest to us!


Wow... Such adorable packaging! Is this really... all for me?
Yay, thank you!
Hehe... This made my day, (Captain). I'm so glad you remembered me.
You treat each and every one of us in the crew with so much care, (Captain)
Not only that, it seems to come so naturally to you. I'm really glad you're our captain.
You're an inspiration, (Captain)... I wanna be just like you someday!


Thank you very much for the White Day present, (Captain)!
Giving and receiving presents, it's all so exciting isn't it?
I didn't really get to do things like this before joining your crew...
I'm so lucky to be able to see the world like this with everyone else in the crew... It's all thanks to you, (Captain).
I hope that someday I'll be able to pay you back for everything, little by little!


A White Day present?
Wow... Thank you! I'm so happy!
You always make me smile...
I'm just so happy...
But also kind of...
I just wish there was something I could do for you to make you as happy as I am.
I don't know much and I can't do much...
So... I don't think I'll be able to return the favor anytime soon.
But... I want to! So badly!
So just give me a little time to think.
Knowing you're waiting for me to make you happy is all I need.


Wow! A White Day present for me? Being able to receive something from you every year is like a dream!
I'm so happy! If only I could make you feel the same too...
I'm going to practice lots so that, next time, I can make you something delicious again in return!
I promise...
O-oh, that's strange... I don't know why I'm crying when I'm feeling so happy.
I'm just... so glad... that I can have a "next time" with you, (Captain).
Hehe... Making plans with you and being able to say things like "next time" and "again"... It's just so wonderful!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
# Link Text

T-trick or treat!
Huh? You'll take the trick?
Um, I take it back! I-I don't do tricks!


Hmm, a trick... Oh, hi, Captain!
Do you know what we're supposed to do for a Halloween trick?
Volenna and Jin told me to have fun playing tricks today, but I don't know what to do...
Huh? They might have been playing a trick on me when they said that? You really think so?


I can't believe I caught a cold on Halloween, of all days...
Ah! (Captain), you're here...
Sorry, I know I promised to come with you.
But it seems I've caught a cold. It must be a surprise for you and Lyria...
What? You're okay with being surprised because it's Halloween?
Hee hee. You're weird, (Captain).
The next time I surprise you, it won't be from a cold. That's a promise!


That was a surprise, wasn't it, (Captain)!
I never thought Volenna would pull a prank on Jin!
I was so happy to see them both enjoying themselves like that!
You were the one who taught Volenna how to pull pranks, weren't you, (Captain)?
If you have time, would you be willing to teach me too?
I want to pull the kind of pranks that will make Volenna and Jin smile!


Oh, (Captain)! Happy Halloween!
Yep, I'm taking a walk around town with Graphos and Branwen!
They're both getting so many compliments on their costumes and receiving lots of treats. It looks like they're having a good time!
It makes me really happy to see people outside of the crew treating Graphos and Branwen so well.
Even though we're far away from home... I do think that this is for the better.
Hehe... Well, I'm off to enjoy Halloween with them!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
# Link Text

Happy holidays!
I get so excited looking at all the lights in town and all the decorations. The trees look so pretty!


So this decoration goes here and...
Maybe we could use more fluff to make it look snowy! What do you think, Graphos?
Ah! You were here all along, Captain? Mm...
I'm making this tree festive by decorating it with pine cones.
I wish I had a present for everyone dear to me...
Volenna, Lyria, Jin...
And, of course, you and everyone else on the crew.
Actually, you've probably already figured it out. But here's my present for you, Captain!


Hmm, hmm...
Ah, (Captain)! Please, don't look!
Ah, sorry! I'm not mad at you or anything!
It's just... the crew taught me, remember? I'm making holiday cards for everyone.
For Volenna and Jin...
Of course, you and Lyria as well!
I'll give it to you once it's done, (Captain). So until then... No peeking, okay?


Wow! This is so delicious!
Isn't it? And we're not even done with the meal, Lyria!
Oh! (Captain)! Happy holidays!
We were asked by the cooks to taste-test the food.
Every single dish they have prepared tastes wonderful. I feel like I'm in heaven!
And they're not just a delight to eat, they're also a sight to behold. There's so much...
I want to be able to make food this well one day!
I'll do my best to make food that you and Lyria will love to eat!


Yaaawn... Oh, I'm sorry, (Captain)! I didn't mean for you to see that...
Hehe... The dinner with everyone was so fun, and the food was delicious. I got a little ahead of myself back there!
I guess I should head back to my room now.
Huh? You'll walk me to my room? Thank you so much!
Oh, it's starting to snow! Hehe, the moonlight is making the snow sparkle. It's so pretty!
But... no matter how pretty it is, I guess it'd feel cold and lonely if I were looking at it by myself.
I'm sure it looks pretty because I have you, Lyria, Volenna, and everyone with me.
I don't need presents or anything else. Just having all of you with me makes my holy night complete!

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

The Last Priestess

Sara finds Graphos growing weak and unresponsive. The crew make their way toward Sable Island in order to find a way to cure Graphos. They hear rumors of an uproar on their way there.

Volenna: Sable Island, a desert region where the primal beast Manawydan had both blessed and plagued the land with rain.
Volenna: Countless lives were lost to the heavy rain and floods that came once every few years. In response, the Sable Island Holy Order used the power of the sand god each time to seal away Manawydan.
Volenna: However, the sand god alone was not enough—the life of a priestess also had to be offered up in order to seal the primal beast.
Volenna: Infants who had lost their families to disaster were raised as priestesses. The priestesses' lives were then sacrificed in exchange for the lives of the many people on Sable Island.
Volenna: But that changed when the girl in blue sealed away Manawydan's power to prevent further disasters from happening.
Volenna: Although the last priestess, Sara, managed to survive, the islanders began to fear her for breaking traditions, and Sara had no choice but to leave the island along with the sand god.
Volenna: Released from her cruel fate, Sara has joined (Captain) and the others on their journey as they soar freely across the skies.
Sara: Are you okay, Graphos? If you're feeling tired, let's just take it easy for the day.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Hngh...
Volenna: There you are, Sara. Jin was looking for you. He's about to head out to run a few errands.
Sara: Oh, um...
Volenna: What's the matter? I'll get the kitchen ready while you and Lyria go out to buy the ingredients...
Sara: Actually... It doesn't seem like Graphos is feeling very well.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: But Graphos, you seem so distracted whenever I talk to you, and your voice sounds far away...
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Hm... Well, if you insist on going... But you have to tell me if you feel unwell, okay?
Volenna: Well... You're just going out to buy a few things. Jin will be there with you, so it should be fine.
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Oh, Graphos! But I'm serious—be careful, okay?
Despite her concern over Graphos, Sara follows Jin and Lyria to a town on the island where they've docked for the day.
Lyria: Hmm, it does seem like Graphos is a little weak. Kind of like he's caught a cold...
Sara: I see... Do you think he'll get better if he eats something nutritious?
Jin: Come to think of it, I've never seen Graphos eat anything.
Sara: Apparently when he sees me eating and feels like trying something, he can taste the food with me.
Lyria: Wow! Then let's make something delicious with Volenna!
Lyria: Delicious things can perk you up both physically and mentally!
Graphos: ...!
Jin: I've already received a list from Volenna of the things we need to buy. Let's head to the market then.
Lyria: Okay!
Sara: Wow! Are all of those bags lined up on the shelf flour?
Miller: Yep. They're made from different types of wheat, or milled using different methods. What will you be using the flour for, young lady?
Sara: We're thinking of making a dessert from the island I'm from. You make the dough with butter and eggs, then layer it...
Miller: You mean like a pie? In that case, perhaps a flour that's thick and not too coarse.
Lyria watches with great interest as the miller measures the flour on a scale.
Skyfarer: Boooss!
Oh, you have customers...
Jin: Ah, do you have business with the owner? I'm sorry, this shouldn't take too long.
Skyfarer: Oh, no problem! Having customers is a good thing. This gives me some time to prepare what I hafta say anyway...
Jin: Prepare? Did... something bad happen?
Skyfarer: Yeah, just something that happened while we were transporting the cargo. There was a bit of an uproar on the desert island where we usually stop over...
Sara: I'm sorry for the wait, Jin! I got the flour!
Miller: Thank you, come again!
Oh! You're early today, young skyfarer.
Skyfarer: Yeah, about that... I need to talk to you about the cargo...
Jin: ...
Jin: (He mentioned a desert island... Did he mean Sable Island?)
Lyria: Jin, should we start heading to the next store? Oh, was there something else you wanted here?
Jin: Oh, no. Sure, let's get going.
Sara: Okay! Next one on the list is... Oh! There's a store that sells spices just over there!
Sara and Lyria find the rest of the ingredients on the list, and they all head back to the ship where Volenna is waiting for them in the kitchen.
Volenna: Sigh... Getting Katalina out of here sure was a handful...
Lyria: Volenna, is something the matter?
Volenna: No, everything's fine. Well then, let's start preparing the syrup for soaking the dough.
Volenna: This shouldn't be very difficult. Boil down the water and sugar, then add the fresh-squeezed lemon juice.
Sara: Let's see... Sugar burns easily, so we need to keep stirring it while it's in the pot, right?
Volenna: That's right. You've gotten pretty used to this, haven't you, Sara?
Sara: Hehe, it's thanks to you, Volenna. But I want to get better.
Volenna: That's the spirit. It's always best to know how to do things yourself.
Graphos: ...!
Lyria: Oh! You're going to hold the pot for me, Graphos? Thank you!
Lyria and Sara continue their baking, following Volenna's instructions.
Volenna: All right, let's take a look at the dough. You want it about as firm as how your earlobe feels between your fingers.
Lyria: Earlobe?
Lyria: Guess I'll compare it with Sara's! Pinch!
Sara: Eee! Lyria! Hehe, that surprised me.
Lyria: Hehe... Yep, it feels about the same!
Volenna: Okay, next, we'll divide the dough. With this much... we can probably divide it into forty. Roll each piece out and layer them.
Lyria: F-forty? Gulp... I'll do my best!
Volenna: This recipe is a tough one. They say that if you can make it, then you'll have no problem cooking anything for your whole family.
Lyria: Your whole family? Wow! This recipe must be packed with love and care then!
Volenna: Love and care... I suppose so. No harm in being able to make it.
Sara: Come to think of it, they often make this dessert for weddings too. Maybe it's to symbolize the start of a loving family...
Lyria: I see... What are weddings like on Sable Island, Sara?
Sara: Hmm... They hold a procession for the bride that goes from her house all the way to the groom's house. Then the priest—
Volenna: Come on, you two. You can chitchat, but make sure you keep your hands moving too.
Sara: Oh! Got it!
Graphos: ...!
Lyria: Wow, Graphos already crushed all the nuts for us! We need to keep up!
With the support of Volenna and Graphos, Sara and Lyria proceed with the rest of the recipe.
Sara: After dividing and rolling the dough into sheets, they layer them, soaking each one in syrup and sprinkling nuts in between.
Lyria: There we go! Do we let it sit for a night?
Volenna: Yes, we let it sit so the flavor of the syrup seeps into the dough. Well done, both of you. It's looking good despite this being your first time.
Lyria: Yay! We received Volenna's seal of approval!
Sara: Hehe. I can't wait to finish this tomorrow. Thanks for the help, Lyria! You too, Graphos!
Arulumaya is a crew member

Sara: When it's done, let's invite Arulu and eat it together!
Graphos: ...
Sara: What's wrong, Graphos? You did help us out a lot... Are you tired?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: You're gonna wait till tomorrow even though you wanna eat it now? Hehe, we can look forward to tomorrow together!
Lyria and Sara place their dessert in the cupboard to keep overnight and begin to clean up the kitchen.
They go to bed that night, dreaming of the scrumptious treat that awaits them the next day.
Volenna: It's morning, Sara. Time to wake up.
Sara: Ngh... Good morning, Volenna... Graphos...
Sara: Graphos?
Sara: Graphos! What's wrong, Graphos?
Volenna: Sara? What's the matter?
Sara: Volenna! Graphos isn't answering!
Volenna: Wha!
Sara: Wake up, Graphos! Graphos!
Jin: What's that! Graphos, you say?
Sara: Yes... Even when I call out to him, only sand trickles out...
Sara: Sniff...
Vyrn: Oh boy...
Volenna: Lyria, is there anything you can find out for us with your power?
Lyria: Hngh... I can sense that Graphos is weakening...
Lyria: But that's about it... I'm sorry. Despite the resemblance, Graphos isn't a primal beast, so I'm afraid I'm not much help...
Sara: Maybe we can find out why Graphos feels unwell and how to heal him if we go back to Sable Island.
Sara: The priest might know something, and there are old records in the castle's archives as well. Maybe... we can find something there...
Volenna: You may be right... But I don't like the idea of you returning to Sable Island, Sara.
Jin: Yeah... There is also the possibility that something is happening on Sable Island right now.
Vyrn: Huh! Really?
Jin: Yeah. I heard from the skyfarer earlier that he had to change routes while transporting cargo due to some trouble on a certain desert island.
Volenna: A desert island on the way here... It must be Sable Island.
Sara: But...
Jin: Sara. I will go to Sable Island.
Jin: I couldn't do anything for you when you collapsed before, Sara. So it's my turn to be of assistance this time.
Volenna: I will go as well. The guards may be more familiar with the records in the archives—I will get in touch with them.
Volenna: We'll be able to move more easily with less people. Sara, (Captain), and everyone else should stay here and—
Sara: No... Definitely not!
Jin: Sara?
Sara: If routes are being changed... that means public airships might not be passing through Sable Island either.
Sara: It might take a long time for you to make your way back! What if... you're too late...
Volenna: Sara...
Lyria: Volenna. Jin. Please, can you grant Sara's request?
Lyria: I don't want Sara to have to feel like there was something she could have done, but didn't.
Sara: Please, Volenna... I promise I won't do anything dangerous, so let me come with you to Sable Island!
Volenna: Sara...
All right. It really doesn't sit well with me...
Volenna: But I understand that Graphos is like family to you. What Lyria said is true as well.
Jin: I see your point... If Volenna agrees as well, then I have no choice but to give my assent.
Jin: I will put in my best effort to protect you and Graphos, Sara.
Sara: Thank you, Volenna, Jin...
Vyrn: All right! Then it's full speed ahead to Sable Island! Whaddya say, (Captain)?
Sara: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn... Thank you so much!
Sara: (Graphos... Just hang on! We'll save you!)
Sara: (For sure!)
Graphos has been with Sara for as long as she can remember. Determined to save her precious companion, Sara musters up the courage and decides to return to Sable Island.
The destiny that awaits the priestess and the sand god is shrouded in sand and mystery.

Beyond the Sands

The crew arrive at their destination. They encounter Yusuf and a priest named Nasir, who tell the crew about the trouble brewing on the island. The crew head to Yusuf and Nasir's village to replenish themselves.

Graphos has become so weak that he is no longer able to respond to Sara's calls.
In order to find a way to save Graphos, Sara, (Captain), and the others make their way to Sable Island, Sara's homeland.
Lyria: It's so different than last time... I don't see anyone around.
Vyrn: They were callin' it the town of glittering sand and everything too! Hard to believe a tourist attraction can turn into a ghost town just like that...
Jin: The desert island that's in trouble... Looks like they really were talking about Sable Island.
Sara: Trouble...
Volenna: Anyway, let's head to a nearby town and assess the situation first.
Townsman: H-hey! You over there!
Lyria: Eek!
An angry voice startles Lyria and Sara. (Captain) steps defensively in front of them.
Townsman: We don't have time for strangers. Hurry up and get outta here!
Volenna: I am no stranger—I'm from this island. We heard there was an uproar here. What happened?
Townsman: You came by airship... That means you've already abandoned this island, haven't you! You might as well be a stranger! Get out!
Behind the man, other townspeople gather nervously with knives and hoes in hand.
Townsman: If you won't get out yourselves, then we'll make you! We're serious, you hear!
Sara: Um... I have to get to the castle to—
Townsman: I don't care what you have to do! Just get lost! Get lost, now!
Sara: ...
Jin: (By the looks of them, they're just regular people... It wouldn't be hard to drive them away.)
Jin: (But if they resist, I can't guarantee that no one will get hurt. What should we do, (Captain)?)
Unsure of what to do, (Captain) is about to suggest retreating to the ship in the meantime when they hear a voice.
???: Hooold on!
Sara: Oh! It's...
???: Whew, made it just in time... Hey, these people are with us! We're gonna bring them back to our town!
Townsman: Wha... Did you call these people here? Don't tell me you're planning to...
???: No! That's not what's going on here at all!
???: Yusuf, I'll take care of this. You lead the priestess and the others out of here.
Yusuf: Thanks, Nasir! This way, everyone!
Townsman: Hey! Are you just gonna run away without any sort of explanation? Cowards!
Vyrn: First you want us out, and now you want us to stay! What's your deal!
Nasir: Please, calm down. I understand the cause of your tension, but why act so brash?
Townsman: Ugh... But, Reverend...
As the priest Nasir occupies the townspeople's attention, Yusuf, Volenna's former subordinate in the guard, quietly leads (Captain) and the others away.
Yusuf: Sigh... As a citizen of Sable Island, I'm sorry for the trouble.
Lyria: Not at all! Thank you for saving us. It's been a while, Yusuf!
Yusuf: It has been a while since you saved Sable Island for us. I'm glad to see that all of you are doing well.
Sara: Um... Is the priest back there going to be okay?
Yusuf: He'll be fine! Nasir's one heck of a smart guy, so he's probably got the people calmed down by now.
Jin: The townspeople seemed awfully wary of strangers... Did something happen?
Yusuf: Well... You see, Sable Island has divided into factions.
Volenna: Factions? I assume one of them is the holy order that oversees the priestess...
Jin: With Sable Island afflicted by Manawydan's floods, the holy order that oversaw the sand god and the priestess was indispensable to the island...
Yusuf: Yes... But the power that the holy order held began to weaken after the disasters ceased.
Yusuf: The people's trust in the head of the holy order, Lord—no, Omar, shattered once his corrupt intentions came to light.
Volenna: I see... Originally, the towns and villages of Sable often fought over the island's scant resources—especially water.
Volenna: The holy order had united them, but I suppose once the power of the order weakened, conflict erupted again...
Yusuf: It is as you say, Captain Volenna. Now there are two factions: the establishment faction headed by the long-standing holy order, and the reformation faction comprised mainly of younger priests.
Yusuf: There are also people who don't trust priests in general, so the disputes between the towns and villages are only worsening...
Sara: How terrible...
Vyrn: Oh, here comes the peacemaker priest!
Nasir: I apologize for the uproar. Rest assured, the townspeople have given their consent and understanding.
Volenna: I assume what they've given is not their consent, but their trust in your judgment.
Nasir: That means there is still some validity to these clothes.
Nasir: The attitude of the townspeople is what has resulted from the growing distrust toward the holy order and its corruption. As a priest, I offer my apologies.
Sara: Is it really because of the priests... that the people of this island can't get along with one another?
Yusuf: Priestess, there are those who are putting in the effort to get along with their fellow citizens.
Yusuf: That's the reformation faction that's supported by young priests like Nasir who are running around to mediate between people...
Nasir: Yusuf, let's wrap up the conversation here and start heading back to our town. Everyone must be tired from their journey.
Yusuf: Oh, that's right. I'm sorry I ended up talking so much.
Lyria: That's all right. I'm glad you told us about the situation!
Yusuf: You're too kind. No matter what, as former members of the guard, we are always here to assist the priestess and her friends.
Yusuf: Rest assured. I swear on the honor of the former guard that I will protect your ship as well, (Captain)!
Vyrn: That's a relief to hear! Right, (Captain)?
Nasir: In any case, I'm sure you will need water and food provisions. Will you come with us to our village before you continue your mission?
Volenna: That would be much appreciated. You have my thanks, Nasir, Yusuf.
(Captain) thanks the two, and the crew follows Yusuf to his village.
Sara: Um... Nasir?
Nasir: Yes? Is something the matter, priestess?
Sara: Well... I'm not sure if it's my place to say, but... I'm very thankful that there are priests such as yourself who are working toward bringing the island together.
Nasir: I hardly deserve your words, priestess. After all, I am but one of the many people on this island who were content to let you priestesses sacrifice yourselves for our safety.
Nasir: For you to come back, priestess, only to see your homeland in such a state... I am incredibly ashamed.
Sara: Nasir...
Nasir: Sable Island is a poor region. The order speaks of this extreme poverty as something honorable, but that is nothing but self-aggrandizement.
Nasir: When people starve, they will grow desperate. Distrust and suspicion stem from poverty.
Sara: And the more they fight, the more desperate they'll become...
Nasir: You never know what will happen tomorrow. That's what they begin to think, and eventually they'll only able to think about their immediate benefits. It is a terrible thing...
Nasir: Thanks to this uproar, all the revenue we had begun to earn from tourism has stopped coming in. We must think of another method...
Sara: ...
Sara: (There are so many good people on this island... So why?)

Beyond the Sands: Scene 2

Nasir explains to the crew that Graphos was a sand spirit who had a spell cast on him so that he could defend the island from disasters. Sara and the others decide to split up to look for Omar and to sneak into the castle's archives to find more information on Graphos.

Vyrn: Umm... Don't you get the feeling that the people in the village are avoiding us?
Vyrn: Nobody's makin' eye contact, not to mention they're all shuttin' their windows and doors on us...
Yusuf: I'm sorry... Ever since the dispute over water sources with the next village over, the villagers here have gotten more suspicious of outsiders.
Yusuf: They're good people at heart. Please, just think of them as incredibly shy.
Jin: I see. Shy, huh? Haha, we could learn a few things from your positivity, Yusuf.
Nasir: Positive, or out of touch with reality... He's been like this ever since he was young.
Yusuf: Hey! There you go again, acting like my older brother just because you were born a little earlier than me.
Nasir: I'm not just acting—I am your older brother. Or have you forgotten where you grew up?
Sara: Huh? I didn't know you were brothers... But Yusuf is an Erune, and Nasir's...
Yusuf: The guard is comprised of people who've lost their families to disaster, including myself.
Yusuf: Until I became old enough to join the guard, I grew up with Nasir at his house and his parents took care of me.
Lyria: Wow! So that makes Nasir your older brother!
Sara: Hehe, Lyria's right. You don't have to be related to be family... right, Volenna?
Volenna: Yeah. Just accept the fact, Yusuf.
Yusuf: Well... I can hardly object when the priestess and Captain Volenna say otherwise.
Vyrn: Phew... Finally, a place to relax, thanks to you guys!
Nasir: My pleasure; I'm happy to be of help. Now, if I may ask, what brings you to Sable Island?
Sara: Well, you see... Graphos is feeling very unwell, and we can no longer communicate with him...
Yusuf: The sand god is unwell?
Sara: Yes... So we're hoping to find some clues on how we can help Graphos feel better...
Nasir: So you came back for the sand god...
As it turns out, I used to work at the castle archives.
Nasir: If I remember correctly, according to some books I read there, the sand god is a spirit conceived from the sand.
Lyria: Oh! A spirit? But Graphos feels more like a primal beast to me...
Nasir: Feels like a primal beast? What do you mean?
Sara: Lyria can sense the power of primal beasts.
Nasir: I-I see! The sand god... A primal beast...
Volenna: Nasir, is there anything else you remember from the books that you can tell us?
Nasir: Yes... A single sand spirit took pity on the people suffering from disasters caused by the primal beast Manawydan, and decided to offer its help.
Nasir: The holy order laid a spell on the spirit, and the spirit was reborn into a sand god... Still, this being did not fully amount to a primal beast.
Nasir: Through the sacrifice of a priestess's life, the sand god channeled its power and at long last put a temporary seal on the primal beast.
Sara: Spirit... A spell...
Jin: So this spell that you speak of... Is that what's giving Graphos power similar to that of a primal beast?
Nasir: After the War, it is said that a small number of Astrals remained in the sky realm—the spell may have something to do with them as well.
Sara: The Astrals...
Sara: Does that mean only the Astrals will know what's wrong with Graphos?
Sara: We'd never be able to make it to Estalucia in time!
Lyria: Sara...
Volenna: Nasir... Are there no other records about Graphos other than what you've read?
Nasir: Since the castle archives contain historical records from over hundreds of years, there may be other helpful materials.
Nasir: The bookcases in the back may have books with information on the spell that was laid on the sand god...
Jin: In that case, we should hurry to the archives. We don't know how long Graphos will last...
Volenna: The problem is whether they will let us see these books or not...
Sara: Huh? What do you mean, Volenna?
Volenna: The spell that changes a spirit into a sand god is essentially the foundation of life on this island... In other words, it's a symbol of their power.
Volenna: If it really is related to the Astrals, then the books that prove this would be extremely valuable and never to be taken out of the archives.
Yusuf: Since resentment toward the Astrals still exists, if the records were to be leaked, it would most definitely be the downfall of the holy order.
Yusuf: Not to mention, getting permission to see the archives is hard enough as is...
Vyrn: Geez, what're they being so stingy for! Everyone on this island owes their lives to Sara!
Nasir: A shameful situation indeed...
Jin: We can't afford to just stand around and wait. If we cannot do it through formal means, then we will do it through informal means.
Sara: Informal... means?
Jin: Yes. For example, sneaking into the archives ourselves and taking the necessary books on Graphos.
Lyria: H-huh? Isn't that... stealing? Hngh... but it's true that we don't have many options...
Jin: It may not be the most honorable act, but we have no other choice. We can always return them to the archives after.
Nasir: In that case... Jin, allow me to accompany you. It would be difficult for you to search for the books yourself.
Jin: Nasir! While I would very much appreciate your help, considering your position, wouldn't this put you in an unfavorable situation...
Nasir: This is for the sand god and the priestess. As a priest and a citizen of this island, to give whatever support I can is only what's right.
Nasir: However, the real issue at hand is whether the materials we are looking for actually exist.
Vyrn: Yeah, they might not have recorded it in the first place. Even if they did, there's a chance that the records are already lost, from a fire or something...
Volenna: But we don't know if there are any other sources of information we can turn to...
Sara: Hmm...
Sara: (Graphos... Sand god... Primal beast... Oh!)
Sara: Volenna, I was thinking... Lord Omar might know something about Graphos.
Volenna: You're right, that's possible... After all, it was Omar's family that protected Branwen's urn.
Volenna: Which means... Omar might know about the primal beasts on this island, and about Graphos.
Sara: Right... Okay!
Sara: I'll go find Omar!
Vyrn: Wha! Isn't he the main culprit for all the awful things that happened to you, Sara?
Volenna: Vyrn's right. You don't need to go, Sara. I'll—
Sara: This is about Graphos. I can't just let everyone else do the work.
Sara: After all, that's why I came to this island... So I'll go talk to Lord Omar too.
Volenna: Sara...
Seeing Sara's clenched fists shake ever so slightly, Volenna reaches out and clasps them in her own hands.
Volenna: All right. With things the way they are, I have no right to stop you. I'll take you to see Omar.
Sara: Okay!
Yusuf: I know where Omar is being kept! I'll take the two of you there. Looks like it's the revival of the guard!
Vyrn: Well, guess we better get ready to head to the castle then, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the others fill their water jugs and go over a sketched map of the castle before setting out from the village.
Yusuf: According to one of the soldiers, the special forces that worked for Omar are now in charge of part of the castle's defense.
Yusuf: They're snuggling up to the establishment faction to protect themselves, so we can't ask them for help. We'll have to be careful.
Volenna: So Omar's once-trusted retainers are now lackeys of the establishment faction and responsible for keeping Omar in his place, huh... How ironic.
Jin: Well then, let's split into two teams. Sara, stay alert.
Sara: I will. Jin, Nasir, (Captain), Lyria... You be careful too!
Lyria: I'll see you later, Sara! Let's find a way to save Graphos together!
Sara: Yeah!
Jin, Nasir, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn wave goodbye to Sara and head toward the archives. Sara grips Volenna's hand tightly.
Sara: Volenna, Yusuf! Let's go!
Sara looks down the dark hallway with strong determination in her eyes.

Beyond the Sands: Scene 3

Omar tells Sara that the islanders are to blame for their woes because they refuse to take responsibility. When interrupted by soldiers from the special forces, Volenna and Yusuf cover Sara's escape. Sara rejoins the crew, and they retreat from the castle.

Omar: Who is it.
Sara: Lord Omar... It's me, Sara.
Sara lets go of Volenna's hand and goes to stand at Omar's bedside.
Omar: So it's you, the last priestess of Sable... Have you come to laugh at me after failing to fulfill your purpose?
Sara: Lord Omar, it's Graphos. He's feeling unwell.
Sara: Do you know why he might be feeling like this? Please tell me if you know of a way to help him.
Omar: I suspect it's his life span.
Sara: Life span?
Omar: Exercising his power against a primal beast for so long has deteriorated his body, slowly chipping away at his life.
Sara: No!
Omar: It could also be because he has lost his purpose of protecting the people of the sand, thus losing his purpose in life.
Sara: Graphos doesn't exist only for the benefit of Sable Island!
Omar: Perhaps that is the spell—no, the curse that was laid upon him, that he can only live for the sake of the island.
Sara: A curse...
Sara: No... Such a terrible thing... can't be true.
Sara: We've come all this way, away from disaster and free to do all the fun things we want. Graphos... Oh, Graphos!
Omar: Both the sand god that kills the priestess in order to protect the people, and the priests that commit acts of evil in order to let the people live, have become dispensable garbage to this island.
Omar: All that is left is to throw out the garbage and erase it from memory. Ignorance is bliss, after all.
Volenna: Hmph, you speak of ignorance, but you were lost in your thirst for power, conducting your evil deeds as if they were for the people of this island.
Omar: Does anyone act without hope of recompense? Not that we ever got much from the sand god aside from murdered priestesses on our consciences.
Sara: It wasn't Graphos who did it! It wasn't Graphos—it was all of you!
Omar: You are correct. The holy order and the people killed the priestesses in order to continue living on the very land in which their bodies were buried, without a thought of searching for other possible means.
Omar: People are weak and afraid of change—forgetting danger once it has past. They fear pain, but pay no attention to that of other people.
Sara: ...
Omar: Think back to Branwen's tale. The fact that monsters continue to appear in this world is evidence that man's evil intentions are endless.
Omar: If the people here cannot control their malice, freedom on this island is but an unattainable dream. Still, they turn their eyes away from this.
Volenna: You, the very embodiment of malice, have no right to say this!
Omar: Ah, yes... that's it. You are but one of the people of Sable, refusing to see your own crimes.
Volenna: It's no use, Sara. Let's leave—
Yusuf: Those footsteps... It's not just the castle guards. How...
Volenna: Yusuf! Bar the door! Come, Sara!
Sara: O-okay!
Volenna smashes the window frame with her sword. She lifts Sara over the sill and sets her on the ledge outside.
Volenna: Don't look down! Walk along the bricks and get out of here. Look for (Captain)!
Sara: Huh? But what about you and Yusuf?
Volenna: This window isn't big enough for us to escape from, much less with our armor. Don't worry, the soldiers won't be able to chase after you from here.
Sara: Then how will the both of you escape!
Yusuf: Captain! The door won't hold much longer!
Volenna: Go, Sara!
Volenna jumps away from the window. She and Yusuf turn to face the soldiers that begin to surge into the room.
Soldier: Capture 'em but don't kill 'em!
Yusuf: Damn! The special forces!
Soldier: Heh, there're still supporters of the establishment faction, you know. Especially the old folks in the countryside...
Yusuf: ...!
You don't mean our village...
Volenna: Yusuf!
Yusuf: Gragh!
Sara: Volenna! Yusuf!
Sara: (It's my fault... It's all my fault...)
Sara: (There's nothing I can do... There's never anything I can do...)
Branwen: Sara...
Sara: Huh?
Branwen: Sara!
Sara: Branwen! Why are you here?
Branwen: This way, Sara... Over here...
Sara: O-okay!
Sara follows Branwen's beckoning and jumps down to where she is.
Branwen: Sara...
Sara: Did you come to save me, Branwen? Thank you...
Branwen: Mm...
Branwen nods in affirmation and begins to move, holding Sara tightly in her arms.
Lyria: I'm so glad we were able to get the books! Now we just have to wait for Sara and the others!
Vyrn: They sure are taking their time... We knocked out a few soldiers so we really need to get goin' before they find us.
Jin: Perhaps they had a few things to discuss that are taking more time than expected. I hope Omar's not saying anything insensitive to Sara...
Lyria: Huh? This feeling...
Branwen: Ly...ria...
Lyria: Oh! It is you, Branwen! Good evening!
Sara: Lyria!
Lyria: Sara! How come you're with Branwen?
Sara jumps from Branwen's arms and flings herself into Lyria's. She tells them about Volenna and Yusuf's situation.
Jin: So Volenna and Yusuf are...
Lyria: (Captain)! We have to go help them!
(Captain) nods at Lyria and is about to break into a sprint when Nasir steps in the way.
Vyrn: Hey, outta the way, peacemaker priest!
Nasir: Priestess. The special forces said specifically to capture them, but not to kill them—am I correct?
Sara: Y-yes!
Lyria: Captured... That means they're being kept in a dungeon, right? Nasir, do you know where that might be?
Nasir: I do know where the dungeon is, but I don't think that is where they are keeping Volenna and Yusuf.
Jin: What do you mean, Nasir?
Nasir: Considering the people most likely to rescue the two of them would be the guard...
Nasir: I doubt they would place them in the dungeon—a place that the guard knows the way to. The special forces know that the dungeon is where the guard would head first.
Jin: I see... So you're saying they're most likely being kept in a place that is harder to locate than the dungeon.
Nasir: Exactly. And with so few of us, it would be nearly impossible to search the castle for them.
Sara: That's true...
Jin: It must be the castle guards! They're coming this way!
Vyrn: Guess we don't have a choice. We gotta take out these guys and leave this place, (Captain)!
Though anxious to rescue Volenna and Yusuf as soon as possible, (Captain) and company make the decision to withdraw from the castle in the meantime.

Beyond the Sands: Scene 4

Volenna, Yusuf, and Omar are sentenced to death, and the crew rushes to their rescue. Spurred by her anger, a hidden power awakens inside Sara, prompting the islanders to finally realize their mistakes. The newfound power helps to restore Graphos, and together Sara and Graphos leave the island for a brighter future.

(Captain) and company retreat from the castle and hide at a house in Brillet, along with the members of the guard who have been watching over the Grandcypher for them.
Sara: Excuse me, Nasir...
Nasir: Ah, Priestess! I just finished reading over the books we took with us from the archives.
Sara: Oh!
Nasir: Unfortunately I cannot provide much assistance for the rescue of Volenna and Yusuf, but this, on the other hand, is within my expertise.
Sara: I'm sorry... Yusuf was kind enough to help me, and now...
Nasir: Priestess... Please don't say that. I'm certain he would prefer to hear words of appreciation from you instead.
Sara: Nasir... Why are you and Yusuf so willing to help me?
Nasir: You see... Before his family was hit with disaster, Yusuf had a younger sister who was about three years older than yourself, I believe.
Sara: A younger sister...
Nasir: Just like members of the guard, the priestess is also chosen from those who have lost their families to disaster while still in their infancy.
Nasir: If Yusuf's younger sister had survived, she might very well have been chosen to be the priestess.
Nasir: To Yusuf, the priestess is an existence that he holds close to his heart.
Sara: I didn't know...
Nasir: And what Yusuf holds close to his heart, I hold to mine as well. Because we are brothers.
Sara: Nasir...
Sara: Let's bring back our family—your younger brother, and my older sister.
Nasir: Yes. Together with the sand god.
Nasir: I believe there was a time when you felt unwell from not being able to control the power of the sand god. Is that correct?
Sara: Oh, yes! Branwen helped me by taking a part of that power with her.
Nasir: I see... With Manawydan sealed away, the power became too much...
Nasir: I think perhaps the part Branwen took was the core of the spell which turned Graphos into a sand god.
Sara: Then, if Branwen returns the power she took before, will Graphos feel better?
Nasir: If we do that, then it will be a burden on your body instead, Priestess. It will become a never-ending cycle...
Sara: Oh... That's true. Hngh... What should we do...
As Sara and Nasir ponder together, (Captain) and company burst into the room.
Lyria: Sara, we're in trouble! Big trouble!
Sara: Lyria! What's wrong?
Jin: A sudden proclamation was made at the castle... Omar, Volenna, and Yusuf have been sentenced to death!
Sara: Sentenced to death? But why!
Jin: For attempting to murder the sand god and the priestess, saviors of Sable... and for causing disorder on the island! It's complete madness!
Nasir: What deceit! Is this how far the establishment faction has fallen!
Vyrn: Anyway, we gotta hurry up and save them!
Jin: Fortunately, or should I say unfortunately... now we know they'll be at the execution site.
Jin: (Captain), let's ask the guard for their help and make haste!
Yusuf: Ouuuch... Captain Volenna, are you all right?
Volenna: A few scratches is nothing. Make sure you retain your energy, Yusuf.
Soldier: What's the point in saving energy? You're gonna die anyway. C'mon, let's get you lot executed!
Omar: This island has become too dependent on making sacrifices. Anyone can become the next scapegoat—the special forces are no exception.
Soldier: Shut up! Hurry up and walk!
Omar, Volenna, and Yusuf are taken to the execution site, where a multitude of islanders await them.
Townsman: It's Lord Omar... and the guard...
Sara: Volenna! Yusuf!
Nasir: (Captain), our guards are positioned and ready!
Jin: Well then, let's move according to plan. We'll attack right when they finish reading out the charges.
(Captain) and company nod at one another, keeping silently to the shadows as they wait for the right time to attack.
Soldier: Fellow islanders! We are here today, suffering from what those thirsting for power through the sacrifice of the priestesses have done!
Sara: ...!
Soldier: Omar, who dwindled away the island's wealth under his deceitful mask as high priest! And the guard, who murdered priestess after priestess! These are unforgivable acts!
Soldier: It is time! As atonement for the sins committed against the priestesses, we must come together as one and—
Sara: That's enough!
Branwen: Sa...ra?
Lyria: This power... It's incredible! Is this... Sara?
Townsman: Is that... the priestess?
Sara: The holy order isn't what killed the priestesses! It's not why this island has fallen into such chaos!
Sara: It's everyone who keeps pushing the blame on someone else... It's everyone on this island!
Volenna: Sara...
Sara: You're always waiting for someone to come save you! Just how much are you going to burden other people?
Sara: Even if there's a shortage of water, even if the land is dry and barren... in the end, you're the ones who decided to live here, no matter how hard it gets!
Sara: The fault is on each and every one of you! You need to take responsibility for this island yourselves!
Townsman: Priestess...
Quivering under Sara's fiery gaze, the crowds part to make way for her.
Omar: Sara...
Sara walks up to the execution platform and directs her power at the restraints binding Volenna and Yusuf.
Sara: ...!
Sara: ...!
Graphos: ...!
Volenna: Graphos! You...
Sara: Volenna, Yusuf. Let's go.
As she leads Volenna and Yusuf away from the platform, Sara notices all of the islanders' attention now focused on her.
Townsman: Priestess... please forgive us. Please, save us...
Sara: No.
Sara: I won't forgive you. None of the priestesses up until now will forgive you.
Sara: If you want to be saved, then you need to save yourselves. Stop relying on other people.
Sara: We won't sacrifice our lives for the sake of this island! Not me, and not Graphos!
The islanders hang their heads in shame as Sara and the others walk away without turning back.
Townsman: What have... we done...
Omar is astonished as he looks out from the platform at the people standing in the plaza, remorse on each of their faces.
Omar: Will things change? Will things finally change... after all this time?
Omar: After all this time!
Vyrn: Hey, why don't you guys stay on our ship until all the commotion dies down?
Nasir: Thank you, but with the strong impact of the priestess's words on the people, now is our chance to reform the island for the better.
Yusuf: After all, we need to take responsibility just like all the other people on this island. We have to do our best!
Sara: Yusuf, Nasir... Thank you for everything that you've done.
Nasir: We are the ones who should be thanking you, Priestess. You granted this island the opportunity to change.
Yusuf: Don't worry about us here. Enjoy your journey with the sand god and Captain Volenna.
Graphos: ...!
Volenna: Looks like Graphos has made a full recovery.
Jin: But how?
Nasir: Most likely, that magic the priestess used earlier has been slumbering inside her since birth. Because the sand god was always by her side, she simply never needed to awaken it.
Nasir: Perhaps the priestess's strong emotions released that power, and it replaced the spell that had been sustaining the sand god.
Lyria: Now that you mention it, Graphos feels a lot less like a primal beast now...
Sara: But... wouldn't that mean that if I die, so will Graphos? Graphos... are you okay with that?
Graphos: ...!
Sara: Yeah... You're right! From now on, we'll always be together!
Sara: Along with Volenna, Lyria, (Captain), Jin, Vyrn, and Branwen!
Volenna: Yeah... We'll always be together.
Branwen: ...!
Prompted by (Captain), Sara and Graphos take Branwen by the hand, and together they board the Grandcypher.
Sara: This time, it's goodbye for real... Goodbye to what was once my home—our home!
The young citizens of Sable—the fate of the island now resting on their shoulders—send off the crew. With this, the priestess is finally free from the island of the dunes.
The skies gleam with promise as Sara sets off toward the future—one that she has won for herself at last.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
ボレミアの、自慢の妹になれたらいいな… I want to become a younger sister that Volenna can be proud of...
えへへ、カッタクリさんと文通をしてるんです Hehe. Actually, I'm exchanging letters with Kaz!
ジンさんと釣りに行く約束をしたんです! I'm going to go fishing with Jin!
グラフォス…一緒にいてくれて、ありがとう Graphos... Thank you for always being there for me.
Looking at the sky map... It's this way!
ルリアちゃん、一緒に頑張ろうね! Lyria, let's do our best!
大人になるってどんなことなのかな…? What does it mean to grow up?
恐れを、畏れに…… From fear to faith...
(主人公)さんと旅ができて、幸せです! I'm so happy that I can travel with you, (Captain)!
(主人公)さん達と一緒の毎日は楽しいです! It's so fun being with (Captain) every day!