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Official Profile

Npc f 3040008000 01.jpg Sarunan
Age 22 years old
Height 176 cm
Race Erune
Hobbies Making collections of love poems
Likes Honey
Dislikes Nothing in particular; things besides Honey barely register
An eccentric mage who works alongside his beloved spirit helper Honey, Sarunan speaks with a calm and collected demeanor. That is, unless, the topic of conversation concerns Honey. In an attempt to end the life of a spirit he fell in love with during his younger years, Sarunan ended up using a spell from his village to seal the spirit in his staff, forcibly tying it to this world. He now travels in search of Estalucia, home of the Astrals, in the hopes of finding a way to return Honey to her original body. Other than Sarunan, only Lyria can converse with Honey. To everyone else, the spirit is invisible and unresponsive.
Final Uncap
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Npc f 3040008000 01.jpg Sarunan
Age 22歳
Height 176cm
Race エルーン
Hobbies 愛の詩集作り
Likes ハニー
Dislikes ハニー以外はどうでもいいので特に苦手もない
Final Uncap
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Special Cutscenes

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Sarunan: Happy birthday!
It's time to share some of the love given to me... to celebrate the birthday of our captain!
I'd like to take this opportunity to read aloud some poetry that I've written for the occasion.
Ahem... So...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What's that, Honey? I should give (Captain) a different present? But why?


Sarunan: Happy birthday to you, (Captain). Another year has passed, and so you've come another year closer to adulthood.
As someone who's lived many years, let me give you some advice.
If you find someone and fall in love, life becomes ten times... no... one-hundred, even one-thousand times more satisfying.
And when you love each other from the bottom of your hearts like Honey and I do, then--
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What, Honey? I'm rambling on? But this part is really important...


Happy birthday to you, (Captain).
How blessed we are to be able to celebrate the day of your birth again. It reminds me that there is more to this world than just sorrow.
May I suggest writing poetry when gloom takes hold of you? Record your thoughts, your feelings, or what have you...
Simply getting it down on paper can be so cathartic.
Sleep on it for two to three days, then rip it to shreds. Any negative emotions you had will fade away into the depths of the skies. I'm sure a journal would work just as well.
Hm? You're wondering why I'm bringing this up all of a sudden?
Let's just say that the feelings in my heart change over time.


Good grief, (Captain), do you really have time to waste chatting with me?
What do you mean, "what do I mean?" Your birthday celebration is about to start. Everyone's waiting for you.
Sharing joy with one's friends is in itself one of the greatest forms of happiness. I think it's a wonderful thing.
Why are you looking at me that way? Perhaps you doubt my word because I spend all my time closeted with Honey.
Well, I'll merely be watching the festivities from the corner. I don't find it entirely unpleasant to see you enjoying yourself.
Shall we go then? Happy birthday, (Captain).


Sarunan: Happy birthday, (Captain).
Is there anything you'd like as a birthday present?
Honey: ...
Sarunan: You think I should socialize with the crew and be as outgoing as I can about it? What a thing to say, Honey!
(Captain), that look in your eyes tells me you're looking forward to the same thing...
Fine, if you insist. I'll show you that can I handle a party as well as that clamorous trio of cooks!
Well then, (Captain), Honey! Shall we—
... Sorry, (Captain)... I've strained my voice...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Haha... I can't believe Honey just praised me. It's almost as if I just received the greatest birthday present I could ever ask for.

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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This will be the year I discover the guidepost leading to Estalucia, island of the Astrals...
I must hurry. There's not much time left...
Oh, don't mind me...


I see... So the new year has begun.
If I wouldn't have come with you all, I undoubtedly wouldn't have made it this far.
I'm indebted to you, (Captain).
Haha. It's so unlike me to say all this.
Anyway, let's have another great year.


Sarunan: ...
Ah... Happy New Year, (Captain).
Do I seem all that startled to you? Well... I came out to see the sun and...
Last year, the deck would creak with each step I make... But I hear nothing now. I must've lost a lot of weight.
My arms do feel a lot thinner. Though I'm afraid if this keeps up, I won't be able to hug Honey when she recovers her body...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: No comical retort today, Honey? Is that to show how serious you think the problem could be?
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Keeping things tense with Honey like this is always a joy.


Entering a new year is always such a relief.
In many ways, it feels like a new beginning.
Hm? I seem strangely optimistic? I'm always optimistic when it concerns my Honey.
"Onward to the Island of the Astrals!"
I might feel a bit lightheaded, but I've enough strength to move about. Simply having a positive outlook does wonders.


Sarunan: Hm, another year's come and gone. The last New Year's felt like it was only yesterday.
Even if the road ahead seems long at first, at road's end, it feels like it ended so abruptly.
Just like how every moment I've spent with Honey since the journey's outset plays out in my mind in the blink of an eye.
What's felt like the longest for me would be... Hm...
Perhaps my life up until I met Honey... Or maybe the moment I first laid eyes on her until we finally came to understand each other.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: There's no end in sight for the latter you say? What a harsh joke you tell, Honey...

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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This chocolate's for me? Gee, thanks.
I hope you understand that this doesn't mean anything, Honey. I have eyes for you and you only.
Are you pouting, Honey? Oh, I'm so sorry! Won't you please look at me again, my dearie?
I hope you're not really angry. You're kidding, right? Nooo... Sniffle... Please don't leave me alone, Honey... Aaahh...


Oh my... Today is that Valentine's holiday.
And for this special day, you've pulled out all the stops and prepared something great.
You bear great love within you. You must truly understand how I feel.
Thank you for the chocolate.
It might take a little extra time, but I'll savor each and everyone piece.


A gift for me this year as well, (Captain)? Thank you.
Haha... Ah, how nice it is to be able to touch a gift with my own two hands...
It reminds me of the endless joy my hands will find when Honey regains her human form.
My body will be overtaken with exhilaration infinitely greater than what I feel now. Hehehe...
But please don't get the wrong idea. It's not that I don't value your gift...
I was simply lost in the ecstasy that one day awaits me.
Hehe. Thank you, (Captain).


Sarunan: Hello, (Captain). I've been looking forward to today for some time now.
First I'll take in the fragrant smell of your chocolate, then caress its shape with my eyes and fingertips, then finish it off with a few flicks of my tongue.
That's how I'd show my appreciation for this token of love you spent so much time on, (Captain). It's why I love Valentine's.
Honey: ...
Hm? You found the way I described that repulsive, Honey? How else would I express my gratitude to (Captain)?
Nonetheless, it appears my poetic choice of diction has led to a misunderstanding. Sigh... Why is it so difficult to convey my feelings?


Ah... I appreciate the wonderful Valentine's gift as always, (Captain).
I've taken a liking to chocolate ever since I fell ill that one particular time.
I love the sensation of it melting in my mouth after I've broken it into pieces.
I also find it provides ample nourishment to both mind and body.
Thank you for caring, (Captain). I sometimes don't know what I'd do without Honey and you.

White Day Cutscenes
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Happy White Day.
You see, Honey always insists on returning the favor for Valentine's...
I wanted to play it safe and not do anything that would make Honey the least bit suspicious of me.
Anyway, Captain, please accept this.


Oh, you've been here the whole time? I was looking for you, (Captain).
Since today is White Day, I thought I should find you a nice gift.
But it was hard work!
Honey said if I was going to give you something, it had to be nice. So I went into town and looked at all the shops.
Though I'm inclined to agree with Honey, I rarely find myself doing things for anyone other than her... Hehe...


Happy White Day, (Captain). I picked these out during a date with Honey.
Oh, the sun today? Haha... It was definitely a bit dizzying while we were out and about.
But worry not. We took care not to push ourselves too hard for this endeavor.
I'm well aware I don't have all that many years ahead of me, so I must enjoy life while I can.
Oh, where are my manners, talking about such glum matters on a happy occasion.
Allow me to rephrase. Ahem...
(Captain), allow me to repay you for all the love that you show me. Will you accept?


Sarunan: (Captain), this is thanks for the other day. I hope you like it.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Haha... How rare it is for Honey to compliment me.
Perhaps it was because I took action of my own volition.
By remembering my gratitude to you and doing what I could to express it, perhaps I've grown as a person.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Hm, you don't think it's something I should boast about? Come now, you're too harsh, Honey...


Sarunan: For you, (Captain). With all my love.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Have no fear, Honey. For it is a type of feeling different from the love I bear for you.
Come to think of it, I had never told friends or family how much I care for them.
It wasn't until I met (Captain) that I learned doing so is a boon to myself as well.
Perhaps my penchant for not expressing my feelings is why Honey often scolds my social skills, or lack thereof.
I consider White Day a chance at rehabilitation.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Yes, as much I hate to admit it, I realize there is no longer any recourse for me.

Tasty Macaroons square.jpg Tasty Macaroons

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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Sarunan: Happy Halloween.
In some places Halloween costumes are said to be a beacon for the spirits of those most dear.
That being the case, I would also like try to wear a costume this year.
What kind of costume? Why, a Honey costume, of course. Hehe.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What! You think that's weird?


So it's a time where the spirits of the dead come back to play, you say?
If I die before we reach the island of the Astrals... will you welcome me back on this day?
What do you mean don't be grim? I'm only waiting for a treat from you.
I'm only joking. Or rather, playing a trick on you...


Sarunan: (Captain). Do you happen to be well-versed in the art of makeup by any chance?
An inordinate number of townsfolk last year perceived my usual dress to be that of a zombie costume.
I figured that some makeup to give color to my pale complexion would help to clear the misunderstanding.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Why so flabbergasted, my Honey? Is it so odd for me to be staring into the mirror?
Well, I suppose this is my first time putting on makeup.
Oh, how do I come up with such eccentric ideas? I must be fatigued... and famished.
Haha... Perhaps some treats will help calm me down.


Happy Halloween. I've been sampling these cookies a crewmate gave me.
Look at this, (Captain). I... lost a tooth. Has my body... really deteriorated to this point?
This was my best Halloween prank idea. What do you think? It's too dark, isn't it?
I thought spitting out a fake tooth would be rather perfect, but I'm glad I decided to get your opinion first.
Perhaps I'll use the fake teeth I made to accessorize a jack-o'-lantern instead.

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Every holiday season brings my dream of bringing Honey back closer to reality.
With each hardship she endures, she gets that much closer to being made flesh once again.
Then finally we can share so many romantic evenings together!
The ringing of the bells, the falling snow—we will enjoy all of it hand in hand!


Spending the holiday season with the crew sure makes things interesting. And Honey doesn't seem to mind it either.
I myself usually just like to stay in with Honey.
But I don't mind going out with her to see the crew when she's in good spirits.


Season's greetings, (Captain). Honey and I are having a wonderful time.
Hm? You wish to know what I desire as a gift?
Haha, I must say I'm rather surprised myself. I can't think of anything.
Just being here alone with Honey on a special day like this...
Is greater than any gift I could ever ask for.


Sarunan: Season's greetings. I've already picked up some food.
I don't have much of an appetite right now, but that small cook—Elmelaura I believe her name was—prepared a small mousse cake to help me blend in with the festivities.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Of course I thanked her, Honey. But maybe it didn't come across right?
As I'm sure you know, my people skills are lacking. Perhaps more appropriate words of gratitude will come to me as I empty this plate.
Haha... It's funny how I'm not feeling hungry in the slightest, yet I can't stop eating this. That little lady is one amazing patissier.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What's that, Honey? You think I should share some with (Captain)? Nuh-uh, this is my cake.
But if (Captain) insists, I suppose I could share a single bite.


Thank you for inviting me to another wonderful holiday gathering.
Hehe... Lately I've been trying to show my gratitude whenever it's due.
Too often fellow crew members have done something for me, be it an offering of food, medicinal herbs, or whatnot...
And I always realize too late that I didn't get a chance to say thanks.
So thanks again for having me, (Captain).

Fate Episodes

Stamp56.png Spoiler Alert!
These tabs contain full Fate Episode cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the character. View these tabs at your own discretion.

Diminishing Flame

Sarunan has used a forbidden spell to extend the life of the spirit Kazann who he loves, and hopes to reincarnate her as a human before that life force expires.However, the forbidden spell has depleted Sarunan's life force to impart it to Kazann, and now Sarunan has very little life left.In a desperate attempt to keep Kazann alive, Sarunan has decided to sacrifice others for Kazann.

Sarunan not in crew

On a certain island, (Captain) and company met a young Erune named Sarunan.
This man, who could wipe out monsters with powerful magic, was a total weirdo who seemed to be talking to an invisible... someone.
After a series of complications, they decided to join (Captain) and company, seeing as they were all headed to the same place...
Sarunan: Come on, Honey! Let’s trounce those monsters with the power of our love!
Sarunan: Honey, you’re breathtaking... You’re so beautiful and so strong! I’m just so happy to have met you...
Vyrn: Hmm... No matter what I do, it still looks like he’s just talking loudly to himself... It’s really weird to watch...
Sarunan: Wha?! What are you saying, Honey?! Vyrn is helping me? How?
Vyrn: Huh? Honey’s talking about me?
Sarunan: It’s too much trouble to keep explaining what Honey’s saying.
Vyrn: But... But only you and Lyria can hear Honey’s voice...
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Huh? You want to know why I’m in such a bad mood? How can you ask me that with a straight face?!
Sarunan: But Honey! We’ve hardly had any you-and-me time lately!
Behind Sarunan was a spirit named Kazann who went by the nickname Honey. Her voice was only audible to a few people.
Her natural lifespan as a spirit had come to an end, but Sarunan was prolonging her life with a magic spell.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Gah! How could you say that?!
Vyrn: Mmm? Lyria, what did Honey say? We can’t hear her...
Lyria: Oh, umm... She said “Maybe you’d pick up some social skills if you didn’t just complain all the time”...
Sarunan: But when it’s just the two of us, I don’t need to bother explaining things to anyone!
Sarunan: Our hearts are connected, so going to the trouble of speaking is just so... unromantic... I guess...
Sarunan: Yeah! If we look into each other’s eyes, we can even understand each other’s thoughts... Kufufu...
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Whaaat?! H- Honey! What do you mean, “our hearts aren’t connected and our communication needs work”?!
Vyrn: Good grief... That monologue could stand to be a little more “internal”...
Sarunan and Honey were on a journey to Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
They hoped to use a legendary secret art found on Estalucia to reincarnate Honey into a human before her lifespan could run out again.
Some time had passed since our heroes had joined up with Sarunan.
Initially, he appeared to be just a strange young man, but now that had changed completely.
Sarunan: ...
Vyrn: H- Hey... Sarunan, dude, you okay...? What’s going on with you lately?
Sarunan: I’m beat... Heh heh... Thanks to Honey, every night is a sleepless night for me...
Lyria: Sleepless nights...? Are you staying up all night every night just to talk to her?
Sarunan: Uh, no... I’ll let you fill in the blanks yourself...
Honey: ...
Lyria: Ah! Miss Honey! Hehe... You two have been pretty friendly with each other lately!
Honey: ...
Lyria: Huh? “Let’s take this opportunity to tell them the truth”? What do you mean, “the truth”?
Sarunan: Let’s... Let’s not, Honey. How will telling them the secret behind our friendship help?
Honey: ......
Lyria: I see... So to maintain the strength of the seal, you used Mr. Sarunan’s...
Sarunan: Hmph! Whoa... Hang on a sec, Honey! Quit while you’re ahead...!
Honey: ......
Lyria: What...? Mr. Sarunan’s... lifespan? How did you use it?
Sarunan: Honey...! STOP!!!
Honey: ......! !!!
Lyria: WHAAAT?! Your lifespan is about to come to an end?! You won’t be able to live much longer?!
Sarunan: Nngh...!
Vyrn: What the hell?! I’m gonna need to hear more about this!
Sarunan: ... Sigh... Alright, I give up. This was supposed to be a secret between me and Honey.
Sarunan: The spell I used on Honey sealed her into a staff and extended her life.
Sarunan: The cost of that spell was my lifespan, which now flows from me through the staff into her.
Lyria: How can you...!
Vyrn: But you’re just sharing some of your lifespan with her, right?
Vyrn: You guys haven’t known each other all that long, eh? Does she really use up her lifespan that quickly?
Sarunan: Well, a human’s life isn’t worth the same as a spirit’s life, you see...
Sarunan: A human’s life is fragile. We can’t live without these vessels we call “bodies.”
Sarunan: In contrast, spirits’ lives are out in the open, and our lifespans are nothing compared to theirs...
Sarunan: So using a human life to maintain hers is barely a drop in the bucket, so to speak.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: At this rate, my lifespan will only last for another year at best... six months at worst.
Lyria: Whaa?! D- Does that mean...?!
Sarunan: My life will probably come to an end before we reach Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
  1. What are you planning?
  2. I’ll give my life for yours

Choose: What are you planning?
Sarunan: ...What if nothing is done?
Vyrn: Hey! Wait! Are you going to turn Honey into a human on the Island of the Astrals?
Sarunan: Sad to say, there is nothing more I can do that to pass my staff along to Honey.
Sarunan: Though it might be difficult. I don’t think there is anyone else who would risk their lives for Honey.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Isn't Honey hoping for that, too?
Sarunan: Don’t you want to be married all your lives and die a natural death together? You finally became upfront about your feelings.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: Whaaat?! Seriously, is something wrong?
Sarunan staggered with his head down. He came to a halt, looking as if he were about to collapse.
Vyrn: Hey, are you sure you’re really okay, Sarunan?
Sarunan: Ugh... Maybe because I can’t sleep, I get dizzy whenever I try to say something loudly...
Sarunan: Ah... Perhaps I said too much.

Choose: I’ll give my life for yours
Vyrn: Idiot! Watch what you're saying, (Captain)!
Lyria: Exactly. What will happen to me and Vyrn?
Honey: ......! Hmph!
Sarunan: It was a most excellent offer, (Captain), given your life in exchange... But I cannot do that.
Vyrn: Why's that?
Sarunan: I cannot reduce the purity of apportioned life force.
Sarunan: If intermixed with the life force of other races, the effect will be felt in Honey’s body after reincarnation.
Sarunan: Thus the successor I am searching for must be of the Erune race, like me.
Sarunan: Hey! Ugh ugh...
Lyria: H-hey! You alright?! You look like you’re in pain...
Sarunan: Ah... Perhaps I said too much.
Continue 1
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Ugh... Because I chipped away at my own life too much, there seems to be negative effects on my body, such as insomnia...
Sarunan: I’m going to return to my room. Even if I cannot fall sleep, I can at least make the effort. Let's go, Honey.
Our heroes silently sent off Sarunan as he staggered with an unsteady gait to his room.
Sarunan: (Well, what should I do...?)
Sarunan: (Will it be mutual destruction for me and Honey?)
Sarunan: (Damn it! How can this be?! I have to do something about this...)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: (Should I look for a successor? I really need to think about that...)
Sarunan: (Nothing is more important in the Erune tribe than to be able to use magic...)
Sarunan: (Someone with a longer life ahead of them... In other words, a child...)
Sarunan: (Maybe I should kidnap a child? My magic makes brainwashing easy... And children have undeveloped psyches...)
Sarunan: (So... Should I do that? That’s all I can do!)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...! What happened, Honey? Please don't look so sad.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: W-What...?! Of course I was thinking of a way to save you.
Sarunan: What’s with that scary look on your face? Ah, you're not feeling well...)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: I'm laying down. I can’t really sleep, but anyway, off to bed...)
Sarunan: (These are some scary things I'm considering here... Kidnapping kids and brainwashing them...)
As the end of one’s life draws near, the heart is swallowed by darkness.
Failing to realize that, Sarunan covered himself up with the futon.
His insomnia would cause her to have to endure yet another seemingly endless night.

Lost and Found

(Captain) and the others have come to an island where spirits and people live together, looking for a secret skill that will replenish the life force that Sarunan had given to Kazann.They weren't able to get the answer they want and Sarunan goes mad rying to offer the life of an Erune child to Kazann.At Kazann's persuasion, Sarunan remembers who he truly is, but the child's mother, believing that Kazann is an evil spirit trying to steal the life of Sarunan, calls guards.

Sarunan knew he didn’t have much longer to live. Day by day, he became more and more haggard. And with it, his personality grew more and more twisted.
Unable to ignore his suffering, the party decides to travel to an island where people and spirits coexist. They had hoped to find a way to extend Sarunan’s life.
Town Child: Great Spirit! Will you play with me today?
Earth Spirit: Sure, I don’t mind. But be careful not to get hurt.
Woman: Oh! There you are! May I ask you for some fire, Great Spirit?
Fire Spirit: Sure, let's do it.Hand me your brazier.
Vyrn: Woah... There really are spirits all over town. Now this is a sight to behold.
Sarunan: It appears the coexistence of man and spirit is normal on this island. I had heard about it, but I can’t help but to doubt my eyes.
Sarunan: Ah... The sun feels strong today. Damn... It even hurts to walk.
Lyria: Are you okay, Sarunan? I’m sure we’ll be able to find you a cure on this island.
Vyrn: Yeah! I hear there are several secret spirit spells here that are passed down through the generations.
Sarunan: Whatever... I mean, yes. Right. I do hope so.
Sarunan: The spell to reincarnate Honey can most likely only be found on the islands of the Astrals, but...
Sarunan: We may be able to find a way to restore the life I’ve given away to her.
Sarunan: And luckily, there seems to be a high population of Erunes here. I’m sure we’ll be able to find something at least.
Honey: ...
Vyrn: Mmm? What’s the number of Erunes have to do with the spell for your cure?
Sarunan: !!!
Sarunan: W-well, since the Erunes respect their traditions... I thought we might find some ancient spells that even I don’t know about.
Vyrn: Yeah! Let’s start asking around for some info!
The party began asking around the island for clues about these secret spirit spells that are only known to the people on the island. However...
It wasn’t called a secret spell for no reason. The moment they mentioned it, the residents of the island would only give them a bitter reply.
There were some people who sounded cooperative at first, but because it was the island’s secret, they would apologize for not being able to talk about it.
Vyrn: Grr... What are we supposed to do then?
Lyria: Hmm... Sarunan doesn’t seem so well either. I’m worried.
Vyrn: I heard you saying how the sun’s hurting you today. Are you all right, Sarunan?Uh, Sarunan?
Lyria: Sarunan? Where could he have gone?
Town Child: Hey mister! What did you want to ask?
Sarunan: Do you... like beautiful spirits?
Town Child: Yeah! The water spirit is really pretty! But you can’t see her that often.
Sarunan: Is that so... Well, I know of an even prettier spirit. Would you like to meet her?
Town Child: Yeah!
Sarunan: Good... I’m sure you’ll love her. So much so, you’ll want to stay with her... Forever...
Sarunan: Come... Over here.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: What’s wrong? Honey? Stop what I’m doing? Why?
Town Child: Wow! She really is a beautiful spirit!
Sarunan: Do you like her? This is my Honey.
Town Child: Yeah! She’s the prettiest spirit I’ve ever met!
Sarunan: I’m glad... You’ll love her even more... More...
Honey: ......
Sarunan: This is too sad? You’d rather wait for your life to end? But...
Honey: ...! ...!!!
Sarunan: Huh?!
Sarunan: Oh my... What was I thinking? I’m so sorry, Honey...
Sarunan: I’ve become so impatient. This would have been tragic... Perhaps it’s because I haven’t been able to sleep. Sometimes I’m not even sure what I’m doing myself...
Sarunan: No... That’s no excuse.
Lady: Oh, there you are! Don’t wander off like that!
Town Child: Oh! Mommy!
Sarunan: ...
Lady: I’m sorry, sir. I hope my child didn’t cause you trouble.
Sarunan: Oh, no. We were just talking.
Sarunan: She’s a sweet child. One day, I too...
Woman: Hmph! W-what is that behind you?!
Sarunan: She is the woman I love. The spirit, Kazann. Isn’t she beautiful?
Woman: Why is that spirit taking your life...? Could it be... An evil spirit revived with the forbidden curse?!
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: Evil spirit?
Woman: Guards! It’s an evil spirit! An evil spirit has entered our town!
Sarunan: What is wrong with you...? All of you in your full armor.
Sarunan: Do you mean to bring harm to my Honey? So be it. Try me, if you can.
Lyria: Hey! There he is! Sarunan!
Vyrn: What the... c’mon! He’s obviously caught up in some trouble!
Vyrn: Dammit! What the hell is he doing? Let’s get in there and break it up!

Lost and Found: Scene 2

Sarunan is enraged that Kazann is being called an evil spirit and attempts to use magic to silence them.Exasperated at even Kazann, who has refused to use her power, Sarunan forcibly takes her power.

Guard: Gah!
Vyrn: H-hey! Don’t start blasting out magic in the middle of town! Calm down, Sarunan!
Sarunan: ...
Lady: Oh no... The guards... That evil spirit...
Woman: S-someone...
Guard: You! Not only have you brought an evil spirit but you’ve damaged the town! You won’t be getting away with this!
Guard: Destroy the evil spirit! Men, deploy your runes!
Sarunan: You still dare to call Kazann an evil spirit, even after seeing how beautiful she is?
Vyrn: Hey! Sarunan! Cut it out! You’re just making things worse!
Guard: Are you guys with him too?! Capture them all!
Vyrn: Hey, now! Yeah, he’s part of our crew but...
Vyrn: Uh oh... It doesn’t look like they’re willing to listen!
Sarunan: We just need them to shut up. That’s easy.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Honey? What’s wrong? Lend me your powers.
Honey: ......
Sarunan: You can’t...? What do you mean...?
Sarunan: Obey me!
Honey: ...!
Sarunan: Damnit... I don’t want to do this either!
Sarunan: But at this rate, you will be ruined! And I won’t let that happen!

Lost and Found: Scene 3

An earth spirit who lives on the island says that there is no secret magic that will restore Sarunan's life.The spirit goes on to explain to Sarunan that Kazann's destiny has reached its end and that the spirits have already mourned her demise.However, Sarunan rejects this, and the earth spirit has no choice but to challenge Sarunan to a battle along with the other spirits.

Guard: Gah...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: *Panting* Is it over...?
Sarunan breathes heavily as he looks around at all the guards on the ground.
A moment of silence fills the air, then a different kind of energy surrounds him.
Earth Spirit: Young soul who brings with him a spirit. What do you desire? For what reason do you fight?
Sarunan: *Panting* The secret... The secret spell...
Sarunan: I can’t sacrifice the lives of children... That’s why, I need the spell to restore my own life. If I can have that, then...!
Earth Spirit: Unfortunately, none of the secret spells on this island can bring back to you the life you’ve already lost.
Earth Spirit: To create a vessel for the spirit to possess in order to save it from ruin... There is a reason why that spell is forbidden.
Sarunan: There’s no time... I don’t have enough time... There has to be a way...
Earth Spirit: I have one suggestion.
Earth Spirit: You will leave her to us, and allow her to rest in peace on this island.
Sarunan: Wha?! How can you say that?!
Earth Spirit: Her given time has long passed. You’ve forced her to live longer, sowing even more seeds of conflict. Does she really wish for that?
Honey: ...
Earth Spirit: If you continue to fight, both of you will be destroyed soon. We don’t want you to die on this island either.
Earth Spirit: We can send her off without causing her further suffering. Young soul, what say you?
Sarunan: My mind has always been made! No way will I let her go!
Sarunan: I told you! I don’t have the time!
Sarunan: If you want to continue this useless talk...
Earth Spirit: Our negotiations have failed. Then I must resort to forceful measures.
Spirits: ...
Sarunan: Tch...! You’re all but nameless spirits! You dare challenge the spirit Kazann?!
Sarunan: Interesting... Try if you can! Brace!

Lost and Found: Scene 4

Sarunan without hesitation tries to eliminate the secret spell that the guards used to try to crush Kazann.The Erune of the town see this and impart a little of each of their lives to Sarunan.In the face of such kindness of the spirits and humans, Sarunan regrets his behavior and dreams of a future where he will live in the town where spirits live with Kazann who has been reincarnated as a human.

Sarunan: *Panting*...
Sarunan: No! What if my life becomes even shorter because of you!
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Wait for me, Honey... Let’s get off this island as soon as we can...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Honey...?
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What’s wrong? Honey...? Why aren’t you saying anything? Why do you look so sad...?
Why Honey wouldn’t say anything, why she looked so sad... Sarunan couldn’t understand for some time.
He thought over and over why she looked so sad and why she wouldn’t say anything. Eventually he would find out...
Sarunan: ?!
Sarunan: (What... What have I done...?!)
Sarunan: (I’ve taken over Honey’s conscious and used her powers... by force...)
Honey: ...
Sarunan: I’m sorry...
Sarunan: I’m... sorry...
The guardian spirits of the town had used up all of their energy and there was no one around Sarunan who could move.
Sarunan looked at Honey with a blank stare, tormented by regrets he knew he could no longer fix.
Honey: ...
Honey: ...!!!
Sarunan: Honey?! What? What is this?
Guard: It’s one of our secret spells you wanted to know so much about...
Guard: No matter how strong the spirit, once it is swallowed by these runes, they can do nothing but be destroyed! Disappear, evil spirit!
Guard: Nooo! We wanted to send her off so that she wouldn’t suffer...
Sarunan: Honey!
Honey: ......
Sarunan: You’re giving up...? No! You can break it!
Honey: ......
Sarunan: This is okay...? No... I won’t let them!
Sarunan: Nraaaaahhhhhh!
Guard: What?! You fool! A human can’t walk into it...! You! Get out!
Sarunan: I won’t let you die! If you don’t have enough power...
Sarunan: There may not be much left, but take it! The rest of my life! And break the runes!
Honey: ......
Sarunan: No, I won’t... I’m not leaving, Honey...
Guard: Damn it! Hey! Break the rune! Now!
Honey: ...
Sarunan: ...
Guard: Reckless idiot...
Earth Spirit: Gather all of the Erunes on the island.
Guard: Oh fine... Understood.
Responding to the guards’ summons, the Erunes appeared as though out of nowhere and gathered around Sarunan.
The Erunes chanted an incantation and one after another, they touched Sarunan’s staff. It seems a sort of ritual is taking place.
Sarunan: What... are you doing... to Honey...?
Guard: We’re not doing any harm. Just stay asleep.
Guard: This is the other secret spell that we have on this island. We’ve given you a small portion of our own lives. It will remain in your staff for a while longer.
Guard: This should give you some time, perhaps a year or two. During the time, you won’t have to use up your own life. It doesn’t solve the root of the problem though.
Sarunan: You can store up life within the staff...? I never knew this was possible...
Honey: ...
Earth Spirit: There is a reason why we call the spell you used, a forbidden curse. The only way to keep the caster alive is to share with them the life energy of others.
Earth Spirit: Long ago, a similar incident happened on this island. An entire family was destroyed...
Guard: Since then, we began to call spirits who extend their lives through this curse “evil spirits” and taught others to avoid them.
Sarunan: Then, why are you helping me...?
Guard: To be honest, I can understand how you feel of not wanting to lose your beloved spirit.
Guard: And we don’t want you dying here either. Hmph...
Sarunan: I’m so sorry... I’ve done such terrible things to you...
Guard: Don’t mind it. Fortunately, there were no fatalities. But one thing. Don’t ever tell anyone what happened here.
Guard: If we get any more people like you, we’ll run out of our own lives.
Sarunan: I promise! I will never repay your kindness with injury.
Guard: Also! Don’t ever do anything so reckless again. You need to understand that we’ve given you our lives so that you can live.
Sarunan: ... .Yes.
Sarunan went around town, apologizing for what he had done. He did so all day, until the sun went down.
Some were harsh and scolded him for his actions but because they knew the tragedy of the curse, most people were sympathetic and kind.
Sarunan: ...
Honey: ...
Vyrn: H-hey... Are you okay? You kind of look worse than you were before...
Sarunan: No, it’s just... I deeply regret what I’ve done...
Sarunan: I will return to this town to repay them for what they’ve done for me. One day, with Honey...
Honey: ......
Lyria: Mm... Then we have to find Estalucia, no matter what.
Sarunan: Yes.The people asked me about my situation, so I told them how I was exiled from my hometown after using the forbidden curse...
Honey: ......
Lyria: Wha?! They told you to live with them after you’re able to reincarnate Honey into a human?
Sarunan: Yes.If I can learn the spells in Estalucia that can undo this curse, they would like to know as well.
Vyrn: Interesting! Then you really have to come back!
Sarunan: ...
Lyria: Sarunan, is something wrong? You’re starting to look really pale...
Sarunan: Err... Perhaps it’s because I’ve suddenly stopped sharing my life energy...
Sarunan: My body feels really heavy...
Sarunan: I’m going to return to my room. I think I might finally be able to sleep.
As soon as he gets to his room, Sarunan collapses into his bed. He closes his eyes unable to move at all.
Sarunan: Zzz...
Honey: ...
And so, Sarunan was freed from the constant siphoning of his life but only for a short while.
Honey watched as he peacefully took his long-absent sleep.

Bet on the Stars

Sarunan passes out after an unsuccessful attempt at a date with Honey. He opens his eyes to darkness, and is confronted by a figure who looks exactly like him. The vision questions his motives for seeking a body for Honey. When he wakes once more in the real world, he finds Lyria, Vyrn, and a worried Honey at his bedside. Seeing how concerned Honey has been for him, he is more resolved than ever to keep them together.

Sarunan: Pant... Pant... What is this place?
Sarunan: Ugh! This is... no time... for this. Honey needs my help...
Sarunan: Wha! What was that?
As Sarunan wanders through the darkness, a small light appears before him.
Sarunan chases after the light like a man possessed.
Sarunan: Gasp! But this is...
Sarunan: Honey! What do you think of this? I bought it from that stall over there.
Sarunan: Haha, don't worry, Honey... Of course I bought some for you as well.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Ahahaha! I know, Honey, I know! I know you can't eat normal food...
Sarunan: But I'd still like to share this dessert with you.
Sarunan: I... I want to make the most of the time we have together.
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Agh! I can't stand it any more!
Honey: ?
Sarunan: Honey! Take this cake, as sweet as our love, and bring it to my lips!
Honey: ...
The cake rises into the air, then flies straight at his eyes.
Sarunan: Agh, that's hot! Honey! What are you—
Sarunan: Are you listening to me? Excuse me, Honey? Honey? Honey!
Sarunan: I'm sorry, Honey... I promise, when we get to the Island of the Astrals, we shall have a normal date...
???: Well, well. Daydreaming again, are we?
Sarunan: Huh? You're...
Sarunan: Humph. Even if we get to Estalucia, do you really think the Astrals will use their power to give Honey a body?
Sarunan: Sigh. Surely you don't believe such a pat solution really exists.
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: And even assuming such a technique exists...
Sarunan: What will they ask of us in return for such a favor?
Sarunan: Ngh...
Sarunan: Let's be honest—we're barely succeeding in keeping her in this realm in the first place...
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan falls silent as this vision of himself continues his harangue.
Sarunan: Yes, that is the biggest problem.
Sarunan: ...
Sarunan: Tell the truth. Do you really want Honey to have a mortal body?
Sarunan: Of course I do! And I'm sure Honey... feels the same...
Sarunan: Damn it! We can't go on like this! I have to find a way to help Honey...
Sarunan: Cough! Hack... Wheeze...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Urgh...
Honey: ...!
Sarunan: What are you saying? We can't back out of this now!
Sarunan: Ugh! I mean... I'm doing this for you, Honey!
Honey: ...
Sarunan: Pant... Pant... Could you please give me some space? I don't want to see your face right now...
Honey: ...
Sarunan: What... What am I saying? Did I just say that to my Honey?
Sarunan: How could I...
Overcome by the gravity of his own actions, Sarunan's consciousness slips into the enveloping darkness.
Sarunan: Ugh... Honey, I...
Vyrn: Hey! Sarunan's waking up!
Honey: !
Sarunan: Pant... Pant... Honey? What... happened?
Lyria: Ah, erm... I think you just overworked yourself, and collapsed.
Sarunan: I did? Oh...
Vyrn: Heheh. Honey was really worried about you. She didn't leave your side once!
Lyria: Yes! Honey was beside herself with worry.
Sarunan: She was? Oh, my Honey...
Lyria: Ah! Honey looked away...
Sarunan: Ha ha... Ah, typical Honey...
Gazing at his beloved, Sarunan renews his vow.
Sarunan: (I'll keep you by my side no matter what, Honey! Nothing will tear us apart!)
After being accosted in his weakened state by a seeming manifestation of all his self-doubt, Sarunan emerges, shaken but resolute.
One day, he is sure, he and Honey will be able to enjoy a normal date.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
眠れないと調子が悪いですね… Lack of sleep is never a good thing.
眠りに効く薬草でもあればいいんですが If only there existed sleep-curing herbs.
寿命を延ばす手を…もう時間が無い… I must uncover the secret to life extension soon...
ハニー君さえいれば… Honey, as long as you're with me...
…ハニー、悲しい目をしないでください… Oh, my Honey... Your sad eyes pain me so...
ハニー、愛の力の奇跡を信じましょう Honey, let us trust in the miracle of love.
うぅ…日差しが強いな… Ugh... The sun is so strong today.
早く星の島へ…急がなければ… I must find a way back to to the Island of the Astrals...
(主人公)に杖を…いや、それはダメだ… (Captain), my staff...No, it's nothing...
(主人公)に迷いを悟られてはならない… (Captain) must not discover my doubts...

Other Appearances


SV Sarunan, Cursebound Lover.png SV Sarunan, Cursebound Lover E.png
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Fanfare: Necromancy (6) - Remove all effects from an enemy follower except changes to its attack or defense.

I don't look so good? Well, I haven't been able to sleep in ages. You see, there's a legendary spell in Estalucia... And I've been killing myself searching for a route there...


Before I exhaust my life force, I'll give Honey a body of her own, so she can walk this mortal world. I hope I can make it in time...

Class Shadowcraft
Card Pack Brigade of the Sky
SV Portal Sarunan, Cursebound Lover
Language Play Attack Evolve Death Enhance Other


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