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Questioning the Nature of Strength

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Tweyen. She willingly accepts with the full understanding that he must have a good reason for fighting.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Tweyen.
She spots him with her legendary eyesight and smiles kindly as she calls out to him.
Tweyen: Well, if it isn't Anre. You don't seem like your usual self. Is something bugging you?
Anre: Indeed there is. I actually came here because I'd like you to answer a question for me.
Tweyen: A question?
Tweyen: I wonder whether I could even answer a question posed by the sage who united the Eternals.
Anre ignores her words as he quietly readies the One-Rift Spear.
Tweyen understands his purpose immediately. She nocks an arrow of light and draws back the string.
Tweyen: As much as you loathe conflict, I assume there's a reason for this battle.
Anre: I apologize, but I need to know what strength means to you.
The arrow loosed by Tweyen grazes Anre's leg.
Anre: Hee hee... Say no more. I understand exactly what you're searching for.
Anre: And to be honest... I've always longed for a match with you.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 2

Anre defeats Tweyen, coming one step closer to the answer he seeks and then continues on his way.

Anre defeats Tweyen.
But their faces betray neither the jubilation of victory nor the humiliation of defeat.
Each combatant is merely satisfied to have learned a bit more about the meaning of strength.
Tweyen: Well done, Anre. That was just the sort of majestic strength I'd expect from a veteran of your caliber.
Anre: You have my gratitude, Tweyen. Thanks to you, I'm one step closer to my answer.
Tweyen: Hee hee... Happy to be of service. If you ever want a rematch, come any time.
Anre: ...

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 3

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Threo. Although she smells the threat he represents, she is happy to accept a duel with him.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Threo.
Threo: Sniff... Sniff...
Threo: Huh? What's that smell?
Threo: I know you're there! Show yourself!
Anre: No one should have been able to detect me, but your intuition is as formidable as ever.
Threo: Heh heh... Is that so? It's quite a thrill to hear that from you.
Threo: But something smells fishy...
Anre: Fishy?
Threo: Maybe there's something wrong with my nose, but something smells sinister about you...
Anre: Oho... Now that is impressive. I'm surprised your nose can detect something so subtle.
Threo: What? You want to fight? With me?
Anre: Threo, I'd like you to teach me the secrets of your strength one more time.
Threo: Heh heh... I'm not really sure what you're on about... but it definitely sounds like fun.
Threo: You're on! I've been lookin' forward to another fight with you!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 4

Anre defeats Threo, relishing the instinct-driven nature of her strength. He considers it an honor to have fought her, and she vows to beat him next time.

Anre defeats Threo.
But the beaten Threo doesn't look at all humbled.
And not even a flicker of triumphant pride shows on Anre's face.
Threo: Ugh... That really sucked...
Threo: You're as strong as I remember!
Anre: I'm not so sure about that. You almost had me there.
Threo: I definitely won't lose next time, so you better go another round with me someday!
Anre: Heh heh... I've always liked you. There's something both precious and dangerous about how instinct-driven you are...
Anre: I'm glad to have met you in the first place. It was an honor to face you again here.
Threo: Heh heh... Really? Well, that makes two of us!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 5

To discover the nature of strength, Anre heads to Stardust Town to challenge Feower. Anre suspects that Feower's way of life is close to the answer he seeks and goads him into a fight.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Feower.
Feower: You're about the last person I'd expect to see here, Anre.
Feower: So what's up? Do you have business with me, or are you looking for my sister?
Anre: Well, before I answer that, would you mind lowering the dagger you have against my back?
Feower: ...
Anre: I suppose it's in your nature, but sneaking up on people for fun isn't exactly a commendable pastime.
Feower: Oh, but I'm hardly playing. I'm warning you.
Feower: Here in Stardust Town, we don't just stand around laughing like idiots when people show up looking to fight!
Feower: What are you doing in our town, old man? Spit it out!
Anre: Heh heh...
Feower: What's so funny? The only reason you still have a head to laugh with is because it's you standing there, Anre.
Anre: Sorry. I meant no offense. I'm just happy.
Feower: Happy? About what?
Anre: You... No, you and your sister live as though you've figured something important out.
Anre: And I suspect that the answer you found is close to what I'm looking for myself.
Feower: You know, that pompous tone really doesn't do you any favors.
Anre: All right, let's do this, Feower. We'll see if you even manage to hit me.
Feower: Have it your way then. I'm certainly not civilized enough to back down when someone aims a spear at me.
Feower: (Anre would never instigate a fight like this. There's definitely something very wrong here...)

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 6

Anre defeats Feower, who blames himself for his weakness. Anre reminds Feower that he is protecting something he could not, and Feower sees why Anre challenged him.

Anre defeats Feower.
He silently stares at his beaten opponent.
The young Eternal grits his teeth in frustration.
Feower: Ugh! What's wrong with me!
Feower: Huff... Huff... I need to be stronger than this...
Anre: You need more strength to protect your town. Is that what you're trying to say?
Feower: That is so...
Anre: And yet you're protecting something that I could not.
Anre: One of us pursues strength as a result of loss, and the other pursues strength to avoid it.
Anre: I suppose neither type of strength is better than the other. They're both strength in the end.
Feower: I was thinking it was unusual for someone as calm as you to bare his fangs... but it seems you had your reasons.
Anre: You taught me something important today. Thank you, Feower.
Feower: I won't lose next time.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 7

To discover the nature of strength, Anre visits Fif. Though Fif only wants a present and insists she isn't angry, Anre challenges the innocent girl in pursuit of his answer.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Fif.
Fif: Yay! It's Anre!
Fif: So did you get me a present? I bet you did!
Fif: Um... What I really want is goodies...
Fif: You know, like candy... and cookies... and of course cake... and... um... Oh! I also love chocolate!
Anre: Heh heh...
Fif: Huh? What's the matter?
Fif: Oh! I know! Did you forget my present?
Anre: Sorry about that. I don't have anything with me today.
Fif: Yep! I knew it!
Fif: But that's okay. I don't get mad about stuff like that!
Fif: See how grown up I am? Now pat my head!
Anre: Oh, Fif. To think you're one of the most powerful mages in the sky at such a young age... Perhaps you can give me the answer I seek...
Anre quietly readies the One-Rift Spear.
Fif: Hey, Anre! Weren't you listening? I said I'm not mad!
Fif: But whatever! If you're mad, then I can get mad too! Here I come!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 8

Anre soundly defeats Fif, but she just thinks he was playing with her. He says her strength lies in her simplicity and innocence, but she doesn't quite understand the compliment.

Anre defeats Fif.
But in spite of getting trounced, Fif smiles with childlike innocence.
Fif: Ha ha... That was so much fun!
Fif: Thanks for playing with me, Anre!
Anre watches her as she punctuates her words with an innocent laugh, and he quietly nods.
Anre: You're always so simple and innocent. Perhaps that's the source of your strength.
Anre: To maintain such innocence even when blessed with such power... Well, that's difficult even for a child.
Anre: Fif, your strength is perhaps the most direct and pure of anyone's. It's truly wonderful to behold.
Fif: Is that a good thing? Hmm... You always confuse me, Anre!
Fif: Ha ha!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 9

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Seox. Seox knew Anre was heading his way the moment he landed on the island, telling him no reason is ever necessary to fight before engaging the sage.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Seox.
Seox: It took you long enough, Anre.
Seox: I knew you were here the moment you landed on this island...
Seox: So today is the day we at last come to blows!
Anre: Oho... As sharp as ever, I see. But aren't you going to ask why I wish to fight?
Seox: Does one ever need a reason to fight? Though I suppose it is like you to philosophize about these things.
Anre: Heh heh... You may be right about that, but I think you beat me in that regard.
Anre: You don't know anything about me!
Seox: And don't you dare hold back just because we know each other. I'll kill you on the spot if you do!
Seox: Kieeeiii!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 10

Seox loses the fight but seems almost reinvigorated. Anre realizes that the masked man's strength stems from his solitude. Seox's damaged mask falls off a moment later and he runs away.

Anre defeats Seox.
But Seox doesn't look at all ashamed of his defeat.
Though his mask hides his face, the confidence in his voice betrays his true feelings.
Seox: Heh... Most impressive... I haven't battled anyone with your level of resolve since I faced you-know-who.
Anre: Ever the lone wolf... That seems to be the source of your strength.
Anre: And I suppose that anyone who's alone long enough ultimately becomes aloof. I felt the resounding truth of that with each blow you landed.
Seox: Humph... I don't think it's anything quite so noble, but I don't mind hearing that from you.
Anre: By the way, is that thing okay?
Seox: Is what thing okay?
Anre: It looks like that mask of yours sustained quite a bit of damage during our battle...
Seox: Uh-oh...
Seox: Eek! Hngh...
Anre: Heh heh... Everyone has their own issues to deal with, I see.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 11

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Seofon. Seofon immediately readies his weapon, and Anre considers how lucky he was to meet Seofon when he first conceived of the Eternals.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Seofon.
Seofon: Well, if it isn't Anre! What's up? Did you come all the way here just to see little old me?
Seofon: I'm always delighted to see you, but what's going on? Something seems off about you, old friend.
Anre: ...
Seofon: You and I go way back, so I like to think we've shared a burden or two over the years.
Seofon: But it doesn't look like you're here to celebrate the good old days.
Anre: My apologies, Seofon. I have a question that only you can answer.
Seofon: Okay, I get it... But I can't remember the last time I saw you looking so serious.
Seofon: En garde, Anre. If this is really what you want, then I'd be happy to give it to you.
Anre: Heh heh... I always knew I could count on you. How lucky I was to find you first when I conceived of the Eternals.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 12

Anre defeats Seofon, who gracefully accepts his defeat. Anre thanks his friend for keeping the Eternals together, which only ends up intimidating him.

Anre defeats Seofon.
But Seofon only chuckles in amusement, a stark contrast with his stone-cold demeanor during battle.
Seofon: Ha ha... You're as tough as I remember! No wonder I was so utterly captivated by you.
Seofon: But if we get any more serious about this, I wonder if either of us will walk away in one piece.
Seofon: So let's just call it a day! We can have another round eventually... but not any time soon!
Seofon: So what do you think? Can you put that spear away for now?
Anre: Heh heh... I've always liked that laid-back attitude of yours.
Anre: Only someone like you could have ever led a group of misfits like the Eternals.
Seofon: Oh... Thank you so much. You're the only one who understands just how hard I work!
Anre: Let me say it one more time... I'm glad you're the first Eternal I found, and I'm even more glad I left the leadership duties to you.
Anre: Thank you, Seofon.
Seofon: Anre...
Seofon: Hearing that from you makes me happier than it probably should.
Seofon: But what am I saying! I need to get back to being my usual cool self. Take it easy, Anre.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 13

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Eahta. Eahta immediately understands Anre's purpose, and the duel between the seasoned warriors commences with little preamble.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Eahta.
Eahta: Anre. What business do you have with me?
Anre: How have you been, Eahta? We're both getting up there in years...
Eahta: Spare me the idle chatter. You carry a revenant weapon, do you not?
Eahta: And the expression on your face carries a sense of urgency. I believe I know why you're here.
Eahta: I ask you once more, Anre... What business do you have with me?
Anre: To say the years have been kind to you would be an understatement. How grand it is to have a comrade whose resolve never wavers no matter how old he gets...
Anre: You already know why I'm here. I won't hold back.
Eahta: Ha ha ha... The Anre I know reveals himself at last!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 14

Anre defeats Eahta, who responds by asking whether the sage is any closer to finding his path. Surprised by his insight, Anre sees the gentleness in Eahta's fearsome strength.

Anre defeats Eahta.
Eahta responds to his defeat with solemn praise.
Eahta: Well done. You never disappoint, Anre.
Eahta: So? Are you any closer to finding your path?
Anre: I thought you'd notice.
Eahta: I knew how troubled you were the instant our blades clashed.
Anre: Of course you did... Always in top form, I see.
Anre: But I did learn something. I felt your gentleness even within your fearsome strength.
Anre: I suppose that's why Fif is so drawn to you.
Eahta: Ha ha ha ha... If you say so. I wouldn't know!

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 15

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Niyon, who is worried about his discordant melody. Though reluctant to fight, she does so in an attempt to help him.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Niyon.
Niyon: Anre... What's the matter?
Anre: ...
Niyon: Terrifying.
Niyon: Why do you sound this way?
Anre: I wonder what my heart sounds like to someone as sensitive to the sounds of others as you.
Niyon: Why, Anre...
Niyon: Why is the melody of your heart so discordant?
Anre: It seems that I can't hide anything from you, Niyon.
Anre: I realize this is asking for a lot, but I'd like to hear your battle hymn.
Niyon: I really hate that melody...
Niyon: But if you won't stop on your own... then I'll stop you myself.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 16

Niyon loses the fight but is relieved Anre's melody is back to normal. He apologizes for challenging her and realizes that her strength lies in her ability to understand others even as she pushes them away.

Anre defeats Niyon.
Instead of showing any sign of regret or sadness, the defeated Niyon only heaves a sigh of relief.
Niyon: Your sound has returned to normal. What a relief.
Niyon: A quietly magnificent melody, like that of drifting clouds...
Niyon: But what threw you out of harmony in the first place?
Anre: I apologize for so selfishly disturbing your tranquility.
Niyon: I'm just glad it's over. It pains me to hear someone else's melodies so out of tune.
Anre: Niyon...
Niyon: I'm sick of being afraid. From now on just try to keep your melody playing as it should.
Anre: Thank you... Even as you push others away, I suspect that you actually understand them better than any of us.
Anre: And I bet the strength shining within you stems from that.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 17

To discover the nature of strength, Anre challenges Tien. She points out that he's making an uncharacteristically scary face and accepts the duel to try to restore him to normal.

What is strength? To find the answer, Anre visits Tien.
Tien: You want something, Anre?
Anre: ...
Tien: Children are always honest, you know.
Tien: But even though they constantly flock to you, I don't see any around today.
Tien: I can't blame them though. Given the lethal weapon you're carrying and that ominous expression on your face, even adults would steer clear of you.
Anre: I see... Do I really look that scary?
Tien: You can't tell on your own, can you? Still, I'm surprised to see you of all people looking like that...
Tien: But it's okay. I'll remind you who you're supposed to be.
Anre: With the power of young people like you in our ranks, the future of the Eternals is secure indeed.

Questioning the Nature of Strength: Scene 18

Tien loses but is relieved that Anre has not fallen under control of the revenant weapon. Anre recognizes that Tien's strength comes from her calm sense of judgement.

Anre defeats Tien.
But he doesn't look at all proud of his accomplishment.
On the other hand, Tien looks almost happy despite having lost.
Tien: I half-suspected that your revenant weapon was controlling your thoughts... but I'm glad I was wrong.
Tien: Everything's fine now that the Anre I know is back.
Anre: I apologize for worrying you.
Anre: But I think I glimpsed the secrets of your strength in your careful, calm sense of judgment.
Tien: Really? Everyone raised in this town grows up the same way. Even children have that quality.
Anre: And that explains why you're strong.
Anre: Your story may be a sad one, but you have great strength indeed.
Anre: I truly hope that it keeps you here protecting those you care about.