Scenario:Arthur - Teach Me About Lancelot!

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Teach Me about Lancelot!

Arthur finally asks (Captain) a question that's been on his mind for quite some time now.
Arthur: Captain Lancelot's totally hardcore, don't you think? He's just the coolest...
Arthur: But I feel that he's kinda different when he's with you or Vice-Captain Vane.
Arthur: Of course, Vice-Captain Vane and Captain Lancelot have been friends since childhood...
Arthur: But he seems to trust you just the same, (Captain)! You really are something else!
Arthur: What do you think of Captain Lancelot, (Captain)?
  1. He's just... cool.
  2. He's pretty funny.
  3. He's super strong!

Choose: He's just... cool.

Arthur: Yeah, yeah! The captain of the Order of the White Dragons has to be cool, after all...
Arthur: Oh, you mean his looks?
Arthur: Hmm, I haven't really given that much thought...
Arthur: But yeah, he's good-looking too!
Arthur: Strength, style, and captain to top it off... Sheesh, he really is as great as they come!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 50!
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Choose: He's pretty funny.

Arthur: He's funny? What do you mean?
Arthur: Don't tell me... He's a prankster?
Arthur: Whoa... So there's that side of him too, huh?
Arthur: Can't judge a book by it's cover, I guess!
Arthur's loyalty increased by 75!
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Choose: He's super strong!

Arthur: I know, right? Totally the strongest!
Arthur: But if you ask me, you're super strong too, (Captain)!
Arthur: So for you to call him that... It just goes to show how strong Captain Lancelot really is!
Arthur: Isn't he just the best?
Arthur's loyalty increased by 100!

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