Scenario:Arulumaya - The Fairy Oracle

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The Fairy Oracle

The fortuneteller Arulumaya was acting as an oracle for the crowd at the street corner. Lyria attempted to get Arulumaya to divine the fate of her Order, but she was refused at first. Later, Arulumaya showed up on the airship. She spoke of a turning point in which the world of (Captain)’s future would be shaken, and she joined the party on their journey so that she could witness that future with her own eyes.

Our heroes visited a town. There they ran into a throng of people crowded onto a street corner.
Lyria: Whoa, that’s a pretty big crowd! What do you suppose they are doing? Let’s go take a look!
Vyrn: Hey! Don’t go on ahead without us, Lyria! Let’s go after them and catch them, (Captain)!
Our heroes joined the crowd. A lone Harvin woman was surrounded by the crowd.
???: According to my premonition, this town will be devastated by a raging inferno soon.
Man: Say what?! How do you intend to preventive that?!
???: The fire itself cannot be prevented. However, there is no need for worry.
???: Damage can be minimized if you combine your powers. Combine your powers as you face your difficulties.
Man: Combine our powers... Is that right? If we all watch out, this might just end with a small blaze!
The people discussed how they would handle what they had been told. A Harvin girl gazed at this with apparent satisfaction.
Vyrn: She has the gift of precognition, doesn’t she. I wonder if her predictions will come true?
Man: What are you saying? It would be impossible for her premonitions to be off the mark!
Man: She was right on the money about the landslide the other day, and about the crop failure. Nobody doubts her on any of the islands ‘round these parts!
Lyria: She’s an amazing fortune teller! Let’s see if she can tell us whether we will successfully make it to Estalucia!
Vyrn: Lyria?! Again you are running ahead of us alone... Wait up!
Lyria: Hey, Ms. Fortune Teller! Can you divine for our order, too?
Arulumaya: Y-you’re...
Arulumaya: I use my powers for the people. I don’t divine for individuals.
Lyria: I see...
Arulumaya: Spending their days only following prophecies robs the people of their ability to think.
Arulumaya: Suppose I told you that there are calamities ahead in your journey. Would you give up on your journey?
Lyria: No way! No matter how difficult they may be, we absolutely will continue with our journey!
Arulumaya: Hahaha... If that is so, then there’s really no point in hearing my divination. I wish you the best of luck, Lyria.
Lyria: Yes! Hmm? You know my name....
Arulumaya: Ah... Not only do I see the future, but also the here and now.
Lyria: You're amazing! Now this fortune teller is the real deal!
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria! I ain’t gonna gripe about it. I’m going back to the airship!
Lyria: Wha?! What the...! Hey! Ms. Fortune Teller!
Arulumaya: Haha, yes! I love to chat...
Arulumaya: ...! Y-you're!
Arulumaya gasped the instant she caught sight of (Captain).
Lyria: What's wrong?
Arulumaya: Ah, sorry, that was rude. Don’t mind me.
Arulumaya: I have nothing that I must convey to you right this moment.
Vyrn: You’ve wasted our time, Miss Fortune Teller! Let’s head back, (Captain)!
Our heroes returned to the Grandcypher. That night...
???: Excuse me, may I bother you for a moment?
Lyria: Okay! And who might you be?
Arulumaya: Ah... I met you around noon, didn’t I. I am Arulumaya, the fortune teller. I have something I would like to discuss with you.
Vyrn: What do you want, Miss Fortune Teller? If you saw a horrible future for us...
Arulumaya: Actually, I am not sure about that. This is the first time I saw such a thing...
Arulumaya: All that I saw was that in (Captain)’s future there would be a turning point that would definitely shake the world...
Lyria: Shake the world...
  1. Surely that’s a good thing!
  2. Or maybe something bad?

Choose: Surely that’s a good thing!
Arulumaya: Haha... You really believe in yourself, don’t you?
Arulumaya: That strength, that vigor... Those are very desirable traits.
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Choose: Or maybe something bad?
Arulumaya: You are wise. And your depth of thought will be necessary if you wish to reach a land of illusions at the end of the sky.
Arulumaya: Knowing true bravery without falling into recklessness... Your character is deserving of praise.
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Arulumaya: I could not see whether the turning point that awaits you is good or bad.
Arulumaya: I would like to use my own power to lead the world in the right direction.
Arulumaya: Therefore, I would like to help lead the world to a better direction at the turning point that awaits (Captain).
Arulumaya: Also, I would like to confirm that turning point with my own eyes.
Lyria: Um... I am having a little trouble understanding what you are saying, but does it mean that you would like to join our Order?
Arulumaya: Simply put, yes. If I would like to reach this turning point with you, then it would be best to go with you on your journey.
  1. Sure, come along with us if you would like
  2. That is a little over-the-top for us

Choose: Sure, come along with us if you would like
Arulumaya: Such magnanimity... You are one with a great capacity for acceptance.
Arulumaya: But the vessel is still so very thin and fragile... I will lead you until you become strong.
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Choose: That is a little over-the-top for us
Arulumaya: Hahaha... This is funny. What if you are already doing something over-the-top?
Arulumaya: A little dragon who has a way with words... A girl who controls primal beasts... A journey to Estalucia...
Arulumaya: You are all prodigies, without a doubt.
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Vyrn: All right, if it’s okay with (Captain), that I do not care if Miss fortune teller comes with us!
Arulumaya: Hahaha, thank you. Allow me to introduce myself again. I am Arulumaya. But you can call me Arulu.
Lyria: Yeah! Welcome aboard, Arulu.
Vyrn: Hmm? Hey, your tone of voice is totally different than it was just a moment ago.
Arulumaya: One’s manner of speaking can change the impact of a prophecy on those who hear it.
Arulumaya: I was very careful about the way I used words when acting as an oracle for the people.
Vyrn: You were putting on an act for them?!
Arulumaya: When talking to one’s superiors, one should speak respectfully and adopt an appropriate tone of voice for that situation, yes?
Arulumaya: All that I did was read the situation appropriately. Because I have become your friend, there is no need for me to create walls between us.
Arulumaya: I’m counting on you, (Captain). Whatever path you take... Let me watch over you from close by.
And with that, Arulumaya joined the Order, bringing with her frightful sorcery and powers of premonition.
Along the way during those travels, Arulumaya would be met with things that not even she could have predicted.