Scenario:Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 5: Sakura, Back to the Skies - Episode 1

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Sakura and the Mysterious Sky Journey - Chapter 5: Sakura, Back to the Skies - Episode 1

The next morning, while on their way to school, Sakura and the others encounter the magic circle again. A white winged horse steps out of it.

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Sakura: Good morning, Tomoyo-chan!
Tomoyo: Good morning, Sakura-chan!
Tomoyo: Did everyone in your family worry about you, Sakura-chan? Was everything all right?
Sakura: Heh-heh... Yeah. My brother was really upset.
Sakura: But I can't blame him.
Kero-chan: He's glad you're back now though.
Tomoyo: Oh, Kero-chan! Good morning.
Kero-chan: The last time I left Sakura's side something unbelievable happened, so she's spending the entire day with me!
Tomoyo: I see how it is. Hehe.
Sakura: Tomoyo-chan, how were things with you?
Tomoyo: I made my mother upset. I feel really guilty about it.
Syaoran: You're both looking up and at 'em today.
Sakura: Good morning, Li-kun! I'm glad you're looking rested too!
Syaoran: Ah, well, yeah.
Kero-chan: Hey, I'm here too!
Kero-chan: You're just gonna ignore me, kid?
Syaoran: I knew you'd jabber on about something whether I told you good morning or not.
Kero-chan: Why you! You're not an adult yet, kid!
Kero-chan: You better watch it!
Syaoran: Grr! No, you better watch it!
Tomoyo: Kero-chan, that attitude won't work on
Kero-chan: Oh yeah? Listen up, kid! You better get ready the next time you give me lip!
Kero-chan: Remember that!
Syaoran: I've already forgotten.
Kero-chan: You're such a brat!
Syaoran: Moving on. Any ideas on what that magic circle was?
Syaoran: It sent us to that world, and even went after Cerberus...
Sakura: We don't know what its goal was. Or even what it was.
Sakura: ...!
A flash of light interrupts their chat, and the magic circle appears once again.
Magic Circle: ...
Syaoran: It's back!
Kero-chan: Really! This again? What's up with this thing!
Kero-chan: Everybody, watch out! It's going to do something!
Magic Circle: ...
From out of the magic circle's glow, a winged, white beast steps into the Cardcaptor's world.
???: Neigh...
Sakura: A horse?