Scenario:Cassius - On Flora

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(Captain) pays Cassius a visit and finds him holding playing cards and a stringed instrument.
Cassius: Ah, (Captain). I was just conducting an investigation into your people's leisure activities.
Cassius: There really are an endless variety. Gambling, sleight of hand illusions, music... I find it fascinating.
Cassius: Moreover, it seems you all engage in these pursuits regardless of origin or social status.
Cassius: It strains credibility.
  1. Why don't we play something now?
  2. So no one has hobbies on the moon?
  3. So which hobbies caught your fancy?

Choose: Why don't we play something now?

Cassius: You'd be willing to help me investigate these behaviors? I was just considering a hands-on experiment.
Cassius: Let us engage in a game of poker using these playing cards.
Cassius: It seems there are a variety of card games, each with different rules. I wish to try them all in turn.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 100!
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Choose: So no one has hobbies on the moon?

Cassius: Only those of high rank or social standing are allowed such frivolities.
Cassius: At my rank, I was only allotted a modest sugar ration and permitted to indulge in reading.
Cassius's curiosity rose by 50!
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Choose: So which hobbies caught your fancy?

Cassius: Hm... A difficult question. It is gambling that most holds my interest, but music is also an attractive option.
Cassius: I initially assumed that theoretical knowledge would suffice, but the people here continue to betray my expectations.
Cassius: I've come to believe that firsthand experience of your behaviors is required to properly understand.
Cassius: Once my treatment is complete, I believe I shall make a thorough survey of these leisure activities.
Cassius: I would be pleased to have your cooperation in this endeavor, (Captain).
Cassius's curiosity rose by 75!

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