Scenario:Chat Noir - The Art of Thievery

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The Art of Thievery

The crew tackles two simultaneous requests to recover stolen jewels for the countries of Akoku and Ukoka. Chat Noir offers his services and takes them to a location that might provide clues to help them complete their tasks.

Some time later, (Captain) and company receive two requests of a peculiar nature.
The first request comes from the country of Akoku. Their national jewel has been stolen by their neighboring country, Ukoka, and they want it returned.
The second request comes from the country of Ukoka. Their national jewel has been stolen by their neighboring country, Akoku, and they want it returned.
These incidents threaten to trigger a conflict between the two countries, who already have a history of animosity.
Lyria: Hrm. Doesn't it seem strange to get two requests that are almost exactly the same?
Vyrn: Obviously. There's gotta be a reason for this.
Chat Noir: Heh heh. That's quite a conundrum, I dare say.
Lyria: Yeek! Chat Noir?
Vyrn: Whoa! Where did you come from?
Chat Noir: Wherever enigmas appear, I shan't be far behind.
Lyria: That's amazing! How do you do that?
Chat Noir: Ahem. I can't tell you that, Lyria.
Chat Noir: Now then, I believe I have a clue for you. Would you be so kind as to follow me?
(Captain) nods in approval.
Chat Noir: Thank you. Let's be on our way.

The Art of Thievery: Scene 2

They arrive at a hideout used in underworld affairs. Two suspicious men appear with the stolen jewels, and the crew moves to take them back.

Chat Noir leads the party to an empty room that seems to be purposely hidden from the public.
Vyrn: What is this place?
Chat Noir: This is a hideout used by people in the underground world.
Lyria: This is kind of exciting! I wonder what we're going to find here.
Chat Noir: Well, we'll have to wait and see. Hm? Sounds like we're not alone.
The party hides in the shadows and watch as two suspicious men walk into the room.
Suspicious Man 1: Hehehe! I can't believe how great this is going!
Suspicious Man 2: Yeah, I never thought we'd get our hands on these treasures!
Each man pulls a jewel from a pocket hidden in their clothing.
Vyrn: Don't tell me those jewels are—
Chat Noir: Yes, those are the stolen jewels we're after.
Lyria: But how did you know they would be here?
Chat Noir: Oh, I have my ways.
Chat Noir: Now then. What say we get those jewels back, shall we?

The Art of Thievery: Scene 3

Chat Noir believes the mastermind behind the theft is his former master, who taught him how to be a phantom thief. For the time being, the crew sets out to return the stolen jewels.

Suspicious Man 1: Grr... Who are you people?
Suspicious Man 2: And what are you doing here?
The crew gets the jump on the men and apprehends them before they have a chance to act.
Vyrn: You jerks! Are you the jewel thieves?
Chat Noir: No, these are just lackeys. The real mastermind is somewhere else.
Chat Noir: Now then, I've got a question for you. Who are you working for?
Suspicious Man 1: Look, we were only told to deliver the goods!
Chat Noir: Calm yourselves. We don't intend to harm you. That is, of course, if you tell me what I want to know.
Chat Noir: And I only want to know one thing: the name of the one pulling the strings.
Suspicious Man 2: I don't know anything about the boss! Please, ya gotta believe me!
Chat Noir: Humph. I knew it'd be pointless to ask. Our opponent isn't one to be caught so easily.
Chat Noir: (Captain), let's depart for now.
The crew returns to the airship upon Chat Noir's request.
Vyrn: So do you have any idea who this mastermind is?
Chat Noir: Judging from what I've seen, it's probably the one who taught me how to be a phantom thief.
Lyria: You had a teacher, Chat Noir?
Chat Noir: We no longer have ties.
A rare serious expression crosses his face.
Chat Noir: In any case, we must return these jewels at once.
Chat Noir: Heh heh. It's so easy to slip through security and pilfer these days. Let's go, (Captain).

The Art of Thievery: Scene 4

When the crew arrives to return the jewels, they're already too late; the two nations have already fired shots. Chat Noir succeeds in defusing the conflict, but when he's lauded, he states that he helped simply because the theft didn't match his style.

(Captain) and company race against time to return the stolen jewels.
But the first shots of battle have already been fired along the border of the two nations.
Vyrn: Shoot! We're too late!
Lyria: But they should stop if we give them the jewels. Isn't that right, Chat Noir?
Vyrn: Oh great, he just got into his airship and flew off somewhere!
Vyrn: Looks like we're gonna have to do this on our own!
The crew makes a beeline for the front line, where the two rulers are engaged in a staring match.
Vyrn: Hey, hey! Wait a minute, you guys! We've got your precious jewels right here!
Lyria: Please listen to us, everyone! You don't have to fight anymore!
Bearing the national treasures, the crew attempts to persuade the two kings to stop.
King of Akoku: You're too late. We've already declared war!
King of Ukoka: Verily. And we won't withdraw either!
The crew's pleas fall on deaf ears, and the two armies continue mobilizing for a full-scale war.
Just then, a torrent of flower petals bearing a sweet aroma rains down atop the confused soldiers.
Vyrn: What's going on?
Lyria: Wow... It's so pretty.
Everyone, from soldiers to kings, looks up to the skies to see where the petals are coming from.
Chat Noir: Ladies and gentlemen!
Chat Noir: Who should appear on the battlefield of this idiotic war but Phantom Thief Chat Noir!
Vyrn: Huh? He pops up out of nowhere right in the middle of a war?
Lyria: It's just like Chat Noir to make a grand entrance!
Chat Noir: Heh heh. Sorry to have kept you waiting, (Captain).
King of Akoku: What! Who do you think you are? I will not stand for this interference!
King of Ukoka: All units, capture these fools!
Lyria: Oh no! This is terrible!
Vyrn: Oh for crying out loud! Calm down and listen to us!
The soldiers turn their attention to the crew, ready to attack.
Chat Noir: Could you do me a favor and put those dangerous toys away?
Chat Noir twirls his cane, and the weapons the soldiers are holding instantly turn into flowers.
Akoku Soldier: Yipes! What just happened?
Ukoka Soldier: Urgh! He uses magic?
King of Akoku: Did you use that bizarre power of yours to steal our jewel?
Chat Noir: Incorrect. I present to you the accomplices of the true culprit.
The two suspicious men who were captured earlier are brought before the two rulers.
King of Ukoka: What! Tell me... what's your game?
Chat Noir: If you're asking me what I want...
Chat Noir: This jewel heist doesn't match my artistry, wouldn't you agree?
King of Akoku: Your artistry? What are you talking about?
Chat Noir: A certain phantom thief has fabricated this war so that you two would destroy each other.
Chat Noir: That person is the only one who would be pleased by the onset of war.
Chat Noir: Well? Are you going to continue fighting knowing what you know now?
The two kings are clearly disturbed by Chat Noir's revelation.
Chat Noir: Whichever country falls, the thief plans to oust that country's king and usurp the throne.
Chat Noir shows off his prowess, first disguising himself as one king and then the other.
King of Akoku: This is outrageous!
King of Ukoka: To think that such a thing were possible...
Chat Noir: Heh heh heh. Do you understand now?
Chat Noir: I have faith in your Royal Highnesses to come to an equitable consensus and put an end to this madness.
King of Akoku: Sigh, I understand. Let's do as he says.
King of Akoku: I trust you have no objections, King of Ukoka?
King of Ukoka: I have none, King of Akoku. All units, stand down!
King of Akoku: Soldiers, withdraw now!
Chat Noir successfully persuades both kings to withdraw their forces.
Thanks to his actions, an otherwise certain war is averted.
After returning safely to the airship, Chat Noir is showered with praise by the crew.
Vyrn: You know, I have a totally different impression of you now after what happened!
Lyria: That's right! You're a very kind person!
Chat Noir: Heh heh heh. Thanks Vyrn. Lyria.
Lyria: But why did you suddenly decide to help us?
Chat Noir: You mean, back at the battlefield?
Chat Noir: That heist clashed with my style.
Chat Noir: I had to put a stop to it for my own sake. It's as simple as that.
Lyria: So you were doing it for yourself...
Vyrn: Well, as long as he's helping us do good deeds, isn't that good enough?
Lyria: Hmm... Yeah, I guess you're right!
Lyria: We're counting on you, Chat Noir!
Chat Noir: Hah hah hah! We shall meet again! I bid you adieu!
With that, Chat Noir disappears right before their eyes.
Chat Noir: (It's just as I thought. I need to be more powerful.)
Chat Noir leaves with renewed zeal, preparing for the day when he confronts his former master.