Scenario:Deliford - Toast to Friendship

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Toast to Friendship

Daryl convinces Deliford to leave the crew and take the imperial army's entrance examination. When they go out with another old friend, Zechs, to celebrate, Deliford's mood is dismal—a problem they quickly resolve.

Three hoarse voices raise a toast in the midst of a noisy bar.
Daryl: Hahaha... You did the right thing, coming back here! Let's start by celebrating your acquittal from all charges and permission to take the imperial army's entrance examination!
Deliford: Thank you, Daryl. And, Zechs, I owe you one for setting everything up for me.
Zechs: Heh, don't get ahead of yourself. Save the thanks for when you actually pass.
Daryl, Deliford, and Zechs—three promising recruits who joined the imperial army together back in their heyday.
They were neither nobility nor graduates of the Albion Military Academy; they started as privates and climbed the ranks through sheer effort alone.
They engaged in much friendly competition, but trusted each other with their lives when it mattered.
Though they each ended up leading vastly different lives, a strange twist of fate has brought them all together once again.
Zechs: Haha, relax. Maybe I'll even become your direct superior. I'd whip you back into shape in no time.
Zechs: Actually, that's a pretty good idea coming from me. I'll teach you not to betray the empire ever again. Hahaha...
Deliford: ...
Daryl: Hahaha. Cool it, Zechs. We're just lucky we never had to face the situation he had to.
Daryl: You have a family yourself, don't you? Imagine putting that on a scale and being forced to make the most difficult decisions around it.
Zechs: Humph, never put my loyalty on the same level as yours.
Deliford: Haha. Ahahaha...
Zechs: Hm?
Deliford: You speak to me of loyalty, but when have you ever acted out of your fealty to the empire? Are you not simply mistaking your thirst for fame and glory as loyalty?
Zechs: Hehe, that's more like it. I was wondering when you'd start talking back; you're gonna need that aggression.
Zechs: Just be sure to keep it up if you hope to pass tomorrow's evaluation!
Deliford: ...
Daryl: Hey, don't go all scaredy-cat on us now...
Deliford: ...
Daryl: You're still the same ol' Deliford who fought me for the title of Lionbrave, right?
Zechs: Heh, the world knows you as the empire's master spear wielder who can pierce through anything, but look at you now.
Deliford: Tsk... You speak the truth. I wonder... What is it I'm so afraid of?
Deliford: Perhaps it's because I've left the empire for so long that I've gone soft...
Zechs: Let's take this outside, Deliford. We'll beat your militant side back into you!
Daryl: No holdin' back now. Time to show us some of that imperial spirit you've got brewin' in ya.

Toast to Friendship: Scene 2

Thanks to Daryl and Zechs whipping Deliford into beastly fighting shape, he effortlessly passes the evaluation. Deliford at first shows concern about the interview stage, but Zechs lets Deliford in on some inside info about one of the interviewers, giving him the confidence to fight on.

Daryl: Hahaha, cheers!
Deliford: Sigh...
Daryl: What's with that face? I thought you passed the evaluation with flying colors?
Deliford: Indeed, I did. It's all thanks to you two.
Daryl: Then cheer up already! A toast to Deliford!
Daryl: The heck? This isn't like you, buddy. I'm not feeling any o' that fire from ya.
Deliford: Sorry... I just get so uneasy thinking about tomorrow's final interview...
Deliford: You're probably going to laugh, but as a former turncoat, I don't know what they might have in store for me...
Zechs: Relax already. I'll tell you right now: your interview tomorrow is bound to go well.
Deliford: How can you be so sure?
Zechs: Paracelsus is in charge of the proceedings this time, and he tends to go easy at the interview stage.
Deliford: Do you know him, Zechs?
Zechs: Sure do. He's my direct superior. I'm sure he'll see your talent for what it is, Deliford.
Zechs: And when he does, he'll no doubt make good use of your expertise—regardless of what you might've done in the past.
Deliford: That's good to hear!
Daryl: Hahaha, no worries then. Don't forget we've got your back all the way too! Be proud of it!
Deliford: Yeah... I guess you do have a point.
Daryl: All right then... Raise your glasses again, everyone. It's time to go through with the toast!
Deliford: Hold it! I once learned of a most fascinating tradition in a far-off land.
Daryl: Oh? Tell us about it.
Deliford: In that land they propose a toast by tossing their glasses on the ground after finishing their drinks.
Deliford: It is, in a way, a dance of victory; or rather, a morale-boosting custom.
Daryl: Hm, that's a pretty unique way o' doin' it. Why don't we try it ourselves?
Zechs: Heh, never would have thought of it myself. I guess that's the advantage of being a skyfarer. Haha...
Deliford: All right, guys! To my unbridled victory at tomorrow's interview!
Deliford: Cheers!
Their ruckus catches the attention of the others in the bar, especially as they toss their glasses on the ground.
Barkeep: What was that sound?
Argh, what have you done? You'd better pay for this!
Deliford: Ahahaha...
Zechs: Ahahaha...
Daryl: Ahahaha...
The interview draws near.
Deliford effortlessly answers every question, demonstrating his remarkable acumen and unshakeable strength of mind.
The interviewers, too, have a favorable impression, showing a keen interest in Deliford throughout the entire session.
The main interviewer, Paracelsus, gets ready to ask his final question.
Paracelsus: I have just one last question for you. Depending on your answer, we just might have you play a central role in the upcoming mission.
Paracelsus suddenly gets up to draw an elaborate summoning circle on the ground.
Paracelsus: Tell me: what do you find to be more valuable than life itself?
Monster: Grrrrr...
Deliford: Oh no... Could this be...
Monster: Graargh!
Deliford: This is no time for hesitation. I fight for my wife... and for my parents.
Deliford: And of course, for my two good friends who've always believed in me and pushed me to be a better man!
Deliford valiantly charges into the white light, his actions speaking louder than his words.

Toast to Friendship: Scene 3

A glorious victory for Deliford as he passes every stage of the imperial army's entrance examination with flying colors. Deliford, Daryl, and Zechs reminisce on good times past and raise a toast to their friendship.

Deliford: I don't know about this...
Daryl: Aww, c'mon now, you breezed through the interview and earned your spot back in the imperial army, but you're lookin' as gloomy as ever.
Deliford: But my contract only lasts for this one mission. In other words I'm just an agent...
Deliford: I can't shake off this feeling of insecurity...
Zechs: I've said it before and I'll say it again: pull your weight on this one mission and you'll be back in permanently.
Zechs: I didn't talk to Paracelsus about you joining my platoon for nothing, you know.
Daryl: Hahaha, I'm sure it'll work out. But for now you're officially back with us! We need to celebrate again!
Deliford: Sigh... I really wonder if I'll function well back in the army again...
Daryl: Ugh, you just never stop worryin', do ya? You've always been too much of a realist.
Zechs: Nah, he dreamed big back in the day—always talked about serving as a general, marrying the lady of some noble house and becoming a feudal lord, and so on.
Deliford: That was my youth talking! I'd prefer you not bring up the nonsense I used to spout. Besides, we're supposed to be upstanding adults now.
Deliford: That's right, adults... This is not the age to be dreaming anymore.
Daryl: Heh, you cry foul every time someone even suggests you might be gettin' old, but now you're actually blamin' things on your age?
Deliford: !
Zechs: I think we've got plenty more years ahead of us to keep dreaming. No need to be embarrassed about it.
Daryl: Right on. Let's not worry about our dreams never comin' true. Focus on making it work and the steps we need to take to get there—life's easier that way.
Zechs: Hehe, Daryl's right. You might be contracted, Deliford, but you should be glad that you got cleared of all your charges.
Zechs: Just leave things to me. I'll make sure you shine out there.
Zechs: All you need to focus on right now is following our directions and showing some backbone.
Deliford: Zechs, Daryl... I can't thank you enough.
Daryl: Whoa, cut that out already! You're makin' the drinks salty!
Deliford: We do not hail from houses of nobility nor are we graduates of the military academy... We got to where we are through pure effort.
Deliford: So many of our comrades have been lost to the battlefield or have retired.
Deliford: But I consider the three of us gathered here tonight to be true friends.
Deliford: Our beliefs may differ, and our paths may one day diverge again. But I shall never forget this night.
Deliford: To that let us drink, my friends!
Daryl: Yes, friends forever!
Zechs: Heh, friends forever.
Deliford: Cheers!
Barkeep: Gah, you three again! Do you have something against my establishment?
Business in this bar later booms as it becomes known as the place to propose unconventional toasts.
But neither the barkeep nor the Deliford trio ever foresaw that happening.