Scenario:Elmott and Suframare - Teacher vs Midnight Prowler

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Teacher vs Midnight Prowler

When Suframare learns that Elmott eliminated monsters to keep a town safe, she realizes that the both of them care equally about the well-being of children. Though Elmott still isn't too fond of getting an earful from Suframare, the incident has certainly helped to close the gap between them.

Ever a fan of his nightly constitutionals, Elmott strolls through the forest at a leisurely pace.
Returning to his lodgings later than usual, Elmott has himself a quick meal for dinner and prepares to get a bit of shut-eye.
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! Where exactly did you get off to?
Elmott: Wha? I go where I want and do what I want.
Suframare: Goodness... Do you realize how worried everyone is? Especially Vyrn!
Elmott: Sigh... Even the lizard's worried about me. I'm gonna lose my edge.
Suframare: Hey! You keep changing the subject!
Elmott: (Hah. You know... she kind of looks like...)
Elmott: (Snkkt... She moves just like that monkey doll I had when I was a kid.)
Suframare: Hey! Would you care to tell me what's so funny? Everybody is worried sick about you! And I won't have it!
Elmott: Damn... You know what, kid? You're a real pain in the ass. The lizard's already on my list. You wanna be on there too?
Suframare: What! Who exactly are you calling "kid"? I'm twenty-two years old, I'll have you know! I'm a fully grown adult!
Elmott: Hm? That's not far off from me. You know, it's hard to tell with Harvin...
Suframare: Wha? You're in your twenties? Hehe. I could've sworn you were younger than me, given how you look...
Elmott: Wow. That's a first. People usually think I'm older.
Suframare: Hehe. Well it's quite the shock!
Suframare: Wait a second! Did you just try to change the subject? Hey! What kind of way is that to treat your teacher!
Elmott: (Dang. So close...)
Suframare: Goodness, me... Just so we're on the same page: if you're going to be out late, you need to let me know.
Elmott: Hah! You think I'm so kinda juvenile delinquent, don'tcha? Fine, fine! I got it. I'm gonna hit the hay. Night.
Suframare: Hey! I'm not done talking!
Elmott decides he's had enough for tonight. He returns to his room.
Suframare isn't quite satisfied, but what can she do? She takes a dip in the bath and goes to bed.
On the next night...
Monster: Grrr!
Elmott: All right. I know you gotta eat like everyone else...
Elmott: But towns are for people. They're off limits. You know what happens if you step foot in town, don't you?
Elmott: Whew...
Elmott: Tsk... what? The damned lizard is worried about me? Who the hell does he think he is...
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! I was wondering where you went! And I find you here!
Elmott: Huh? You followed me?
Suframare: Gracious, me... This place is dangerous, you know! Just a little while ago, monsters came down from the mountains and attacked the children!
Suframare: I told Vyrn the same thing I told you! Practicing magic at night can get you hurt. Just don't do it!
Elmott: Sigh... nothing's gonna hurt me. You said monsters, right? Look over there.
Suframare follows Elmott's finger to a pile of smoldering flames. Words fail her.
Elmott: Heh... you see that? You don't need to worry about me.
Suframare: So you heard about the monsters in the forest and decided you'd protect Vyrn and the children...
Elmott: Hah! You're reading way too much into this. I wanna burn things... so I do.
Suframare: I see... so I guess I can tell Vyrn it's safe now. He's been wanting to work on his magic.
Elmott: Just wondering... Why do you gotta teach him magic?
Suframare: Because he said he wants to learn, of course. I couldn't have asked for a better pupil! Hehe...
Suframare: Hehe. Didn't you come to me because you wanted to learn, Elmott?
Elmott: Nah. Old Elmott here's been able to use fire since the day he was born. I just needed to figure out how to control it.
Suframare: I see... it's natural for you. You're a bit like Lily in that respect.
Elmott: Hm? What's that supposed to mean?
Suframare: Lily is a princess of the Crystalia family... born with an innate and powerful magic. In fact, everything around her freezes...
Suframare: She needed something to keep her power in check... She went out all alone in search of spring. And she's still so young...
Elmott: Come again? No one stopped her? They just let a kid wonder out alone? Can't say I like the sound of that...
Suframare: Of course I thought to stop her. But by the time I knew it was already too late... How could such a thing happen...
Alec not in crew

Elmott: It happens to lots of kids... You got ones who can control fire, lightning, you name it. They get chased out to who knows where...
Alec is a crew member

Elmott: It happens to lots of kids... like with Alec...
Elmott: Tsk... makes me sick.
Suframare: I know the feeling... I hope one day to be someone that can help Lily and children like her...
Suframare: But it's so wonderful of you, Elmott! You use your anger for the sake of the little ones!
Suframare: Hehe. I knew you were a much sweeter child than you let on! I understand now!
Elmott: Wha? For the love of... What part of me looks sweet to you?
Suframare: Well, you know... the way you worry yourself over the children is the way everyone else worries about you.
Suframare: Listen, will you? You don't have to face the danger alone! You hear?
Elmott: (Here we go again... What a pain in the ass...)
And so, with his work finished, Elmott follows Suframare back to the inn.
Vyrn: Hey! Didn't expect you to be back so early!
Elmott: Wha? What d'you expect... Can't take a walk with some little bug buzzing in your damn ear...
Vyrn: Hm? Bug? You mean Suframare?
Elmott: Who else... You're telling me being around her all day doesn't get to you?
Vyrn: No way! You can't talk about her like that!
Elmott: Huh? C'mon. She's a real pest, right?
Vyrn: Grrr! You're gonna eat those words, guy!
Suframare: Hey! Vyrn! Elmott! You musn't fight!
Elmott: (Wha? There she goes again! Some teacher I've got here...)
Suframare: Gracious... I'm glad you're getting along, but no fighting! Ever!
Vyrn: But you heard how he was talking about you...
Suframare: No means no, Vyrn! No ifs, ands, or buts!
Elmott: (Hah... how about that. She's the spitting image of my monkey doll...)
Suframare: Hey! Elmott! Would you care to tell me what's so funny? I'm quite angry, you know!
Elmott: Snkkt... Nothing.
It seems that, in spite of her severe demeanor, even Suframare can show a bit of kindness to a student as rambunctious as Elmott.
And so ends the day when they realize they have a shared interest in the well-being of children.