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Daughterly Love

(Captain) and the others head for the tower to stop Freesia, but Eugen hears a cry and runs off to investigate. He finds an imperial soldier demolishing a home and arrives just in time to save a girl from flying debris. He suggests taking the girl back to her mother, but the Black Knight is irritated by his careless actions.

(Captain) and the crew are heading for the tower to stop Freesia's plan.
But Eugen suddenly stops in his tracks.
Eugen: Huh?
Black Knight: What's wrong? Why are you stopping?
Eugen: I heard a scream.
Black Knight: A scream? I didn't hear anything...
Black Knight: And what if someone did scream? We don't have time to waste on it.
Eugen: ...
Lyria: Eugen! Where are you going?
Whether he heard Lyria's voice or not, Eugen disappears beyond the rubble.
Vyrn flies toward them, having noticed that (Captain) and the others are lagging behind.
Vyrn: Hey, what's taking so long? Everyone's gone ahead.
Black Knight: Tch... You all go ahead. I'll go get him.
Vyrn: Hey! What's wrong? Where are you going?
Lyria: Well... Eugen heard a scream and ran off.
Vyrn: Sigh... That's just great. So what do we do now, (Captain)?
  1. I'm worried. I'll go check on them.
  2. They're fine. Let them go.

Choose: I'm worried. I'll go check on them.
Lyria: I'm worried about them too.
Vyrn: Good grief... All right. Let's get going then.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn run toward the rubble where Eugen and the Black Knight were last seen.
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Choose: They're fine. Let them go.
Lyria: I know you don't mean that... You plan to go after them alone, don't you, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Heh-heh. You can't fool us! We've known each other too long!
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn run toward the rubble where Eugen and the Black Knight were last seen.
Continue 1
Girl: No! My house! My house!
Imperial Soldier: I'm sorry little girl, but we need to expand the military road. And it's the duty of civilians to cooperate.
Imperial Soldier: But I promise you that the empire will not waste your sacrifice. We will protect our people with our lives.
With that, the imperial soldier lowers the control stick of his MK 28 battle suit. Its metal arm crushes the girl's home.
The awful sight plunges the sobbing child into despair, and she falls helplessly to her knees.
Just then a piece of the destroyed house comes hurtling straight at her.
Eugen: Look out!
Eugen picks up the girl and carries her out of harm's way just in time.
Imperial Soldier: Hey... I've seen that face before. You were on a wanted poster!
Eugen: Shoot... This could get ugly if anyone else figures out who I am. I better take this guy out fast.
Black Knight: I really don't appreciate you giving me more work to do.
Eugen: Ha-ha! Sorry about that. But thanks anyway.
Eugen looks around and realizes that the girl is gone.
He searches for her and spots her peeking out from behind a pile of rubble.
She trots over to Eugen and offers him the military coat she has picked up.
Eugen: Huh? What's this? Was this your papa's?
Girl: Uh-huh. He was always so brave... And he looked a lot like you.
Eugen: Heh-heh. Is that so? Well, I'm honored.
Eugen: So? You want me to deliver this to him?
Girl: No... I want you to wear it. My papa's gone now.
Eugen immediately understands the girl's downcast gaze and smiles gently at her.
Eugen: I see... But this is a keepsake from your papa, isn't it? Are you sure I should take something so special?
Girl: Yeah. I think he would want you to wear it.
Eugen: Then I'll have to take good care of it. Thanks, sweetie.
Black Knight: ...!
Eugen: What? Is something wrong?
Black Knight: No... But how did you hear her scream anyway?
Eugen: Well... Good question. I'm sure you'll understand someday.
Black Knight: Not that again...
Eugen: Huh?
Black Knight: How dare you talk to me as if you were some kind of mentor?
Black Knight: You abandoned me and my mother. And now you want to act like a father?
Eugen closes his eyes and patiently accepts his daughter's resentful words.
Then his expression softens, and he looks the Black Knight directly in the eye and speaks calmly.
Eugen: Okay... How about we go find out if what you said is true?
Black Knight: Go find out?
Eugen doesn't answer. He instead crouches in front of the girl and asks where her family is.
She explains that she and her mother were separated while running away. She came home hoping to find her, but nobody was there.
She knows where her mother's shelter is, but she's afraid to go alone and therefore has no choice but to wait in front of her house.
Eugen: Don't worry, sweetie. We'll make sure you get there.
Black Knight: What are you saying! Don't you understand what's happening right now?
Eugen: Of course... I realize that we don't have much time.
Eugen: But the thing is... What are we fighting for in the first place?
Eugen: Why are we trying to stop the prime minister's plan?
Eugen: To protect the people of this city, right? People like this little girl.
Eugen: Any parent would be worried if their little girl was out here alone.
Black Knight: ...
(Captain) and company decide to take the girl and drop her off near the shelter.
As Eugen gazes at the little girl, the Black Knight gazes at Eugen.
And (Captain) and the crew are on pins and needles, realizing how many complicated emotions will be joining them on this little detour.