Scenario:Ezecrain - The Guiding Chains

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The Guiding Chains

Ezecrain pursues bandits who stole a powerful amethyst from his family. Ezecrain's own amethyst chains beckon him to join (Captain) and the crew.

To replenish their travel funds, the crew visits Siero's shop to take on a request.
Vyrn: It's times like these I'm glad you're mysteriously everywhere! Sure makes it easy to get jobs!
Sierokarte: Welcome, my friends! And thank you for always keeping my business buzzing!
Vyrn: No problem! So... What kinds of jobs do you have for us?
Vyrn: Let's see here... Babysitting... Investigating a cheating husband... Hang on! These aren't jobs for skyfarers!
Lyria: Look at this, (Captain)! It's for a missing person!
Lyria: Hmm... They want us to catch a con man named Ezecrain.
Sierokarte: Let's see... Ah, yes! As I recall, this is a request from the Drang duo.
Sierokarte: Apparently Ezecrain stole something from them.
Vyrn: Seriously... Can't those two just solve their own problems?
Sierokarte: My sentiments exactly! Well then... How about this one? It's a big job I set aside just for situations like this!
The crew agrees to handle the job, which involves stopping a growing number of bandits and destroying their hideout.
Although the crew does not have much to go on, they manage to make their way into the hideout and succeed in cornering the thieves.
Thug 1: Gah!
Thug 2: Aah!
Vyrn: Alrighty! That takes care of the weaklings! Now let's tear this place apart.
???: Who are you?
What business do you have here?
Vyrn: Whoa! Looks like we missed one!
Vyrn: Let's get 'em, (Captain)! This guy looks a lot tougher than the others!
???: Do you even understand just what this place is?
Vyrn: Of course we do! We're here to tear this hideout to the ground!
???: I see... Then you were responsible for this carnage.
???: This was none of your concern. Now I have lost any hope of attaining the information I seek.
Vyrn: Are you their buddy or something, wise guy? If so, (Captain) here will totally take you on!
???: Your humor exceeds your wit. There is nothing to be gained from fighting you. Step aside.
Vyrn: Ack! Hey! Wait up, you punk!
Vyrn: Ugh... I can't believe we lost one of 'em.
Vyrn: What was the point in beating all those losers if we let that one get away?
Sierokarte: Hmm... Amethysts on chains and a bejeweled forehead, you say? I'd say that's Ezecrain.
Lyria: What? You mean the con man Drang is looking for?
Sierokarte: That's right! That being said, only people of questionable character speak ill of him.
Vyrn: Huh? What's that supposed to mean?
Sierokarte: Well, you see... Let's just say that Ezecrain is somewhat misunderstood.
According to Sierokarte, Ezecrain and his family once lived a happy life under the protection of a powerful amethyst.
But that all ended when a secret organization stole the amethyst and left only deep scars behind.
Sierokarte: So... Ezecrain is searching for the organization that took his family's peace away.
Ezecrain: Sierokarte, rest your tongue. You have already shared far too much.
Vyrn: Whoa! Speak of the devil... It's the chains guy!
Ezecrain: You people again...
Ezecrain: Sierokarte, I've retrieved the stolen valuables, so consider the request complete.
Sierokarte: Oh my! Great work! Now for your reward!
Sierokarte: As you can see, Ezecrain is no villain. He's an ally of the oppressed!
Ezecrain: You have the wrong idea. I only accepted that request to further my own agenda.
Vyrn: I wish you had told us you were one of the good guys from the start!
Ezecrain: Why would I waste words on you?
Ezecrain: Have you come to pity me after what Sierokarte's told you?
Vyrn: No one said anything about pity! We... might be able to help you though.
Ezecrain: Ha! Beyond your dim wit lies delusion.
Ezecrain: I had intended on infiltrating the hideout. As a camouflaged comrade, I would have gathered the information I needed. Truly regrettable that you came along...
Vyrn: Come again! What was so bad about us showing up?
Ezecrain: ...
You cost me the opportunity to secure the most crucial piece of intel.
Ezecrain: I've no more time to waste on you people. Clear a path.
The amethyst chains entwined around Ezecrain suddenly begin moving by themselves.
Vyrn: Hey! What's up with your chains?
Ezecrain: Absurd. Why would my amethysts react to you fools...
Sierokarte: Well, I'll be! Your amethysts always guide you in the right direction, don't they, Ezecrain?
Sierokarte: How about it? I'm sure (Captain)'s crew will prove a highly valuable resource in achieving your goals!
Vyrn: Hey! Don't we have a say in this too!
Sierokarte: You have nothing to worry about! I can vouch for Ezecrain's ability.
Ezecrain: Interesting. I suppose you may have some use to me after all.
Vyrn: Use? How rude!
Ezecrain: The amethysts guide my every move... I will reel in the chains of fate.
Ezecrain: You will be a means to my end.
  1. We'll show you how tough we are!
  2. I don't know how useful we'll be...

Choose: We'll show you how tough we are!

Vyrn: Hang on! Let's not make any hasty decisions here!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I don't know how useful we'll be...

Vyrn: This guy's the rudest person I've ever met!

Continue 1

Vyrn: Good grief, (Captain)... Once you agree to something, there's no changing your mind.
Vyrn: ...
Okay, fine! We'll help you out, Mr. Chains.
Ezecrain: Be at ease. I don't expect much from this crew. Now lead me to your ship, and make it quick.
Vyrn: Hey! Wait! We're not done talking!
Ezecrain: Is this some sort of joke? You call this a ship?
Vyrn: Stop talking and start listening, buster!
With Ezecrain joining the crew's ranks, everyone boards the airship and sets off into the sky.
Will Ezecrain's chains be the key to his salvation?