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Holy Night, All Is Bright

During the crew's merrymaking, Goblin Mage—unable to resist the bright lights outside—runs off into the streets. Feena and the others give out presents to the townspeople in hopes of luring the little goblin to them. The plan works without a hitch.

After helping Santa Claus, the crew holds a feast at their inn to celebrate.
Feena: Ahh, nothing like a good meal after a hard day's work!
No version of Feena in crew

(Captain) and the crew met the skilled agent Feena after dealing with an incident on a certain island.
Upon hearing that the crew is headed for Estalucia, Feena asked to come along for the journey.
Feena: (Captain)! When we're done with these goblins, you should totally hire me!
Feena: I'd love to go to Estalucia! If I ever make it there, I'll probably go down in history as a legend.
Without much hesitation, the crew welcomed the outgoing young lady with open arms.
Goblin Mage: Oooh! Yum-yums! Looks tasty!
Goblin Mage not in crew

Goblin Mage is a young goblin girl having a weakness for shiny things. She looks up to Feena and sees her as a sister.
A bond between the two grew as Feena took care of her.
Now the two are like family to each other.
Feena: Here I was thinking we were going wild, but have you seen the townspeople? That's what I call partying!
Feena: Look at all the lights they have on. It's so bright it looks like it's still daylight out there!
Goblin Mage: Wow! Everything's shiny!
Feena: Ah! Wait! Come back!
Goblin Mage bursts out of the inn and into the throng of people crowding the streets.
Vyrn: Uhh... Did we just lose the little goblin?
Feena: We have to go after her! Quick! What if she can't find her way back? Come on, (Captain)!
Lyria: You're right! Let's go!
They rush out onto the streets.
The crowds, however, only serve to make the crew's search all the more difficult.
Lyria: Nnn... It's going to be tough looking for her among all these people...
Feena: You've got a point. We should come up with some kind of plan.
Vyrn: That little goblin sure likes shiny things...
Vyrn: Well, can't say I'm any different when it comes to apples though...
Feena: ...!
That's it!
Lyria: Oh! Do you have an idea?
Feena: Maybe!
Feena: She ran out here because it's all bright and shiny, right?
Feena: Then why don't we lure her back to us by lighting me up!
Vyrn: Huh? Whaddaya mean?
Feena: Sheesh! It's easy—just attach some sparkling stuff to me, and she'll come running!
Lyria: Um, shouldn't we just go to the brightest part of town instea—
Feena: Well, that could work. But c'mon, it's more fun this way!
Feena: Hm?
Feena: Speaking of shiny and sparkly, look at that guy!
Vyrn: Where? Hmmm. Wait, isn't that Walder?
Walder: Oho? Well, well, if it isn't (Captain) and the crew.
Walder: That's right, good little boys and girls, it's the one and only... Ghillie Ranger Walder! Wa-shaa!
Walder: So what're you guys up to?
Feena: That's exactly what we need! Say, you wouldn't mind lending me your ornaments and stuff, would you?
Walder: Hm? You want my ghillie ranger decorations? Well, I suppose...
Feena dons the sparkling embellishments.
Feena: How do I look? Shinier? Sparklier?
Lyria: Hmm. I'm not sure that's what I'd call it...
Walder: Hrm. Yes, while it is flashy I wouldn't say you're shining.
Walder: Heh heh heh. Just goes to show: no one pulls it off quite like I do.
Vyrn: Actually, I don't think it looks any different on her than it does on you.
Walder: What!
Vyrn: I'm guessing it's because the streets are so bright right now. You can't really stand out.
Feena: Mmm... I see... I guess Operation: Sparkly Feena is a no-go...
Lyria: Wha! When did the plan get a name!
Feena: Well, things are always more fun with codenames, aren't they?
Feena: Hmm... Plans, codenames... Why do I feel like I'm forgetting something...
Walder: I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Feena: Oh, no, no. You were a big help! Thanks, Ghillie Ranger!
The group wave Walder goodbye and return to the problem of finding Goblin Mage.
Feena: Now what're we gonna do.
Lyria: I hope she's okay...
Lyria: If only we had a flying sled like Santa does, we could search the town from above...
Feena: Hm? Santa?
Feena: That's it! Why didn't I think of it sooner!
Vyrn: Oh no... Here it comes... This isn't another one of your crazy ideas, is it?
Feena: It's time for the ultimate Holly Jolly Feena Claus!
Feena: Now this is how you draw Goblin Mage out!
Vyrn: H-hey! Where are you going? Let's follow her, (Captain)!
When (Captain) and company finally catch up to Feena, she's shouting to a crowd of people in the city square.
Feena: Everyone! Your attention please!
Feena: Super sparkly Feena Claus has come to town!
Man: Hm? What?
Woman: That girl's wearing a... Santa outfit?
Boy: Whoa! She must be pretty cold in that...
Lyria: Um. What's she trying to do?
Vyrn: Don't ask me...
Feena: All right! Are all you boys and girls ready for some presents?
Feena: But it won't be much fun if I just hand them out. So...
Vyrn: Whoa! Why're you shootin' arrows all of a sudden!
Man: Aah! Look out!
Hm? A toy arrow?
Feena: I'll tie your presents to the arrows and shoot them to you!
Man: What amazing control! That arrow landed right in front of me!
Woman: Hehe. A surprise Santa. How wonderful.
Oh, she gave me a present too.
Boy: Wow! You're awesome, Santa lady! You must be freezing by now though...
Feena: Not over yet! I'm just getting warmed up!
A crowd soon forms around Feena.
Vyrn: Gotta admit, that's pretty cool! But how's this going to help us find that little goblin?
Feena: Have a look! Everyone in town's smiling aren't they?
Happy faces young and old fill the town square.
Feena: See, instead of having all the attention on me...
Feena: Why not have all the townspeople shine with their smiles!
Feena: And if we gather enough of those smiles in one place, that'll be sure to lure Goblin Mage out!
Lyria: I see... Then let's help her out, (Captain)!
Feena: Great! I've still got a whole lot of presents left from what Santa gave us.
Feena: I'd really appreciate it if you could help give 'em out!
Feena and company pass the presents out, and before long they see the fruits of their labor.
Goblin Mage: Hm? Why're there so many people here... Oh! Feena!
Feena: Goblin Mage! There you are!
Feena: I'm so glad you're safe! How many times have I told you not to run off by yourself like that!
Goblin Mage: I-I'm sorry... Everything was just so shiny...
Vyrn: Says the one who ran off by herself to give everyone presents.
Feena: W-well, that was an emergency! That's different!
Feena: Anyway, be more careful next time all right? You had us all worried sick.
Goblin Mage: Okay!
Feena: There's a good little girl!
Feena: Now, why don't we give out the last of the presents together?
And so they spread joy and presents for the rest of the night.
Feena: One for you, and one for you! There's enough for everyone so—
Feena: Ah! My hand slipped!
Lyria: She somehow sent only the present flying!
Vyrn: You should have been doing that from the start...
Feena: Th-that was a fluke! I can't do it if it's on purpose!
Vyrn: Really? Looks to me like you're just using arrows 'cause it's fun.
Feena: I'm telling the truth!
No matter where Feena goes, she leaves shining smiles in her wake.
But it's not until much later...
That she remembers the promise she's forgotten.