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|event=Four Knights of a Fallen Land
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|chapter_name=City in Chaos

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Four Knights of a Fallen Land - Chapter 5: City in Chaos - Episode 4

A mysterious detachment marches along the road to Feendrache. A man confronts the troops and puts a stop their advance.

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Meanwhile in the Feendrache border region, a mysterious detachment of troops march, kicking up clouds of dust as they go.
Vanguard 1: Huh, what's that?
Vanguard 2: Oi, you! What are you doing there!
The knight in black armor stands quietly in front of the vanguard.
Vanguard 1: Company, halt!
Vanguard 2: Did you not hear him, dog?
???: I heard you. There's no need to shout.
???: What business do you have here?
Vanguard 2: I could have your tongue! If you don't want to lose it, or anything else for that matter, I suggest you get out of our way now!
???: Interesting. And which of you is going to try and take it?
Vanguard 2: Okay, you asked for it. Get him!
???: Heh.
With a smile the knight effortlessly dispatches the flailing attacker.
Vanguard 2: Ungh...
Vanguard 1: Wh-what! With just one strike...
???: Heh... You don't want to underestimate me.
The vanguard's commanding officer appears from within the ranks.
Commanding Officer: What in the skies is going on here!
Vanguard 1: Sir! This man is being a nuisance, sir!
Upon seeing the man before him, the commanding officer gasps.
Commanding Officer: Y-you! What are you doing here!
???: This is merely the road to Feendrache, is it not? Is my being here a concern for you?
Commanding Officer: Tch... What is it you know?
???: Well, let's just say there's a scent coming from you, and it smells a lot like trouble.
Commanding Officer: You're outnumbered! Do you really want to face all of us?
???: If you think your numbers are great enough to defeat me, then go on. Try.
Commanding Officer: (Urgh, what's going on... What trickery is this?)
???: Heh, are you scared?
???: I hope you're ready for what's coming!
And so the black knight stops the detachment from going any further.