Scenario:Gayne - A Tale of Two Dances

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A Tale of Two Dances

During their travels, the crew stops in a town one night for a bite to eat. There, they find two feuding villages in preparation for a dance-off. Seeing Gayne's beautiful moves, men from both villages ask Gayne for help. The conversation quickly escalates, and the entire restaurant erupts into a brawl.

In search of a new sword dance partner, the beautiful Gayne travels the sky with (Captain) and company.
During their travels, the crew stops in a town one night for a bite to eat.
Rowdy Guy: Heh heh... Wee! Woah! Hey hey!
A disorderly man tries to entertain his friends at dinner. He dances around wildly, moving left and right.
Annoyed with the man's poor dancing skills, Gayne stands up to put an abrupt halt to his foolishness.
Gayne: I can't take it anymore. Hey you, you need to pay more attention to your core!
Rowdy Guy: Huh? My core?
What the heck are you talkin' about?
Gayne: Like this. Here, I'll show you. Watch closely, now.
Rowdy Guy: Dang, that is somethin'! And you're so gorgeous, too. I think I'm in love...
The men who were rambunctious only moments ago are now completely entranced by Gayne's dancing.
Gayne: Hehehe. Come now, that was nothing! Just some proper dancing!
Rowdy Guy: Wow, that was so beautiful! I've never been so impressed in all my life!
Young Man: I can't just sit here anymore! Please, you've gotta dance with me!
Rowdy Guy: What? No way, kid! I got first dibs. You stay outta the way!
Young Man: Why you—! You were staring off into space! You snooze, you lose.
Gayne: Oh dear. Not this again...
Gayne: I know my dancing is beautiful, but I can't dance with just anyone.
Vyrn: Hey twirlie girl, I don't think that's what they're after.
Gayne: What? That's not... what they're after?
Gayne: But isn't it? You want to be my partner, don't you?
Rowdy Guy: Huh? Whaddya mean, your partner? I don't care about that.
Lyria: Well, umm, if that's not what you guys are after, then why are you fighting?
Rowdy Guy: You don't know? We want you for the annual harvest dance-off, of course.
Vyrn: What? A dance-off? The heck is that?
Rowdy Guy: Every year, the two villages choose their finest dancers to go head-to-head before the great spirit.
Young Man: The village that wins gets to use the best soil in the land for a whole year.
Mountain Villager: Hey riverside! Don't go cuttin' to the chase like that! I'm talkin' here!
Riverside Villager: You watch your tongue, mountain troll. While you were off starin' into space, I was setting up our village to win again this year!
Mountain Villager: Hey! You can't talk to me like that. I'll put you in your place!
Riverside Villager: Oh yeah? Bring it on, old man!
As a sign of their ongoing feud, other people from the two villages join the fight and the restaurant erupts into a brawl.
To make matters worse, the villagers appear to enjoy the fighting, with no desire to calm down.
Vyrn: Cut it out, you guys! Settle down!
Lyria: Oh no! We better put a stop to this before someone gets hurt!

A Tale of Two Dances: Scene 2


(Captain) and company step in and put a stop to the fighting.
The villagers begin to calm down. They realize that they had acted rashly, and so they apologize to the crew.
Seeing that the two men are very passionate about helping their villages, Gayne smiles and proposes a solution to their problem.
Gayne: Hehehe, I get it now. If it's a dance you want, it's a dance you'll get.
Gayne: I'll teach you both how to dance. After all, if I only taught one of you, that wouldn't be fair, now would it?
And so, Gayne and company make their way to a nearby forest to begin practicing.
Mountain Villager: Sigh... I have no clue how to dance. I only got chosen to compete because of a lousy draw.
Vyrn: Hey, don't go sayin' that now.
Lyria: Vyrn is right! You're just about to learn some great moves, so think positive and do your best!
Mountain Villager: Yeah, but I'm not very athletic, and I don't think I can remember anything too fancy, and... and...
The villager goes on making excuses one after another. He talks himself down until he has no confidence left.
Though Gayne is annoyed with the man's attitude, she encourages him to try anyway.
Gayne: Don't get yourself all worked up now. You have nothing to worry about.
Mountain Villager: Really? Nothing to worry about? But I can't do anything right...
Gayne: Well, there are some kind of dances that require advanced dance skills.
Gayne: But you wouldn't need that for now. Just feel the music and dance.
Mountain Villager: Oh... Just feel the music and dance... Wait, but that can't possibly help me improve.
Gayne: Yes, it can. You live in this beautiful place blessed with the riches of the mountains, don't you?
Gayne: If you feel its majesty with all your being, then express those feelings before the great spirit. Would that not please it?
Vyrn: Oh, I get it. So that's why we came all the way out here.
Mountain Villager: Maybe you're right. But, all we've really got to be proud of here is our potatoes...
Gayne: But aren't potatoes beautiful? Just think of the potato. Be the potato. Bud, grow, and extend your roots! Burst and sprout forth...
Gayne: Okay, now feel the potato deep in your soul and... Hey, why are you just sitting there? Get over here and do it!
Mountain Villager: Uh... Okay! Like this?
Gayne: Yes, like that. That's much better. Keep it up!
Mountain Villager: Hey, this is gettin' fun! Moving around like this is kinda nice. I feel so free!
Though new to dancing, the man soon starts to enjoy himself. Watching him reminds Gayne of someone from a time long ago.
Gayne: Move freely. Just feel the music...
Gayne: Oh my. What's happening? The face of that terrible man just sprang into my mind.
Lyria: What? Who was it? Was it your old partner?
Vyrn: It must be! Hey twirlie girl, was it the guy you tossed out a long time ago?
Gayne: What? I... I never told you about that!
Lyria: Wow! Vyrn, look! There's a giant potato growing right over there!
Gayne: Hey Lyria, are you listening to me?
Gayne: Lyria, that's not a potato! Get away from that thing!

A Tale of Two Dances: Scene 3

After Gayne teaches the man from the mountain village to dance, the man asks her not to help his competitor from the river village. She rejects his request in a dignified tone, stating that it would be unfair. The crew then heads to the riverside, where the other man awaits his lesson.

With some hard work, the man from the mountain village begins to feel the music, learning one of the core elements of dance.
In doing so, he becomes a little more confident, and even begins to look forward to the competition in the days ahead.
Mountain Villager: Thank you so much. After all your help, I think I can finally pull something off!
Gayne: That's great. I'm so happy for you!
Mountain Villager: So, now that that's done, I have a little favor to ask. Can you skip helping that riverside jerk?
Gayne looks slightly agitated for a moment, but then regains her composure. She responds to the man in a dignified tone of voice.
Gayne: That I cannot do. If I don't help him, too, that would simply be unfair.
Gayne: And if you ended up winning like that, you wouldn't truly be happy about it.
Taken aback by her response, the man freezes. He soon comes to his senses and lets out a chuckle.
Mountain Villager: Hahaha! You're right. I should have expected as much from you, dance master!
And with that, Gayne and company head to the riverside, where the man from the other village awaits.