Scenario:Jasmine - A Spoon Full of Sugar

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A Spoon Full of Sugar

The crew meets a sick child who refuses the bitter-tasting magical cure available in his village. Jasmine offers to make a sweet medicine for him instead, and the crew sets out to find the ingredients she needs.

Jasmine and the crew have been out collecting medicinal plants and decide to take a break.
They spot a village that looks like a good place to rest, but when they arrive they hear a commotion.
Child: No! I won't! Cough...
Villager 1: But you must! Please drink it!
Jasmine: What's the matter?
The crew senses that something is wrong and asks the villagers what happened.
The villagers explain that the child is gravely ill, so they've been trying to cure him with magic.
Villager 2: We have magic that should heal wounds and cure sicknesses.
Villager 2: But his illness isn't responding to the treatment. To make matters worse, the magic ritual involves drinking a very bitter solution.
Villager 2: And he refuses to do it.
Vyrn: I see... That's awful...
Jasmine: Um... Would it be all right if I took a look at him?
Villager 1: What? I'm sorry, but who are you again?
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Jasmine is an herbalist!
Villager 2: An herbalist? That's someone who makes medicine, right?
Jasmine: Yes! I think I might be able to make a medicine that can cure him!
Jasmine examines the boy as the villagers watch.
Jasmine: This doesn't look good. He's burning up with fever, Birdie.
Jasmine: Yes, you're right. I need to start making the medicine right away.
Jasmine tells the villagers that since the child can't be cured with their magic, she'll need to make medicine.
Villager 3: But we've always used magic to cure our wounds and sicknesses. We can't just start using medicine now...
Villager 1: But who knows what will become of him if we don't do something...
Jasmine: Bunny, what do we do? This poor child's time is running out!
Jasmine: You're right! We need to gather the ingredients to make the medicine right away!
Child: Miss? Are you going to make some medicine for me? I don't want anything bitter...
Jasmine smiles reassuringly at the ailing boy.
Jasmine: Leave everything to me. I'm going to make a yummy medicine that'll make you feel all better!
Jasmine: Can you help me find the ingredients for the medicine, (Captain)?
Lyria: We'll help too!
Vyrn: All right! We better hurry, (Captain)!

A Spoon Full of Sugar: Scene 2

To find the special sap Jasmine needs, (Captain) and company keep an eye out for a tree attracting lots of insects. Vyrn spots such a tree, but there are monsters there as well. The crew must fight them off to get the sap.

Vyrn: So what do we need to make this medicine?
Jasmine: To make a sweet medicine that actually works on the boy's illness, we'll need a special kind of tree sap.
Jasmine: We can get it from a large tree that grows somewhere in this forest.
Lyria: Hmm... A large tree... But there are so many around here...
Jasmine: Hmm? Yes, you're right, Squirrel.
Jasmine: Since the tree's sap is so sweet, it attracts lots of insects.
Vyrn: Insects, huh? Hey, wait a minute...
The sight of a massive tree nearby leaves Vyrn speechless.
Vyrn: Um... Is that it?
The crew follows the line of Vyrn's gaze and finds a tree covered in insects.
Lyria: Eek! Look at all of them!
Jasmine: And it looks like some monsters have gathered around the tree as well.
Jasmine: This is kind of scary...
No, of course. You're right, Birdie. We have to think of that poor boy!
Jasmine: All right, (Captain)! Let's get rid of these things!

A Spoon Full of Sugar: Scene 3

Jasmine makes the medicine and returns with (Captain) and the others to the village. The villagers at first refuse the medicine, but they change their tune once Jasmine demonstrates how safe it is. The cure is effective, and Jasmine starts sharing her knowledge of medicine with the thankful townspeople.

The crew successfully drives the monsters and insects away, and Jasmine collects the tree sap.
She then begins mixing the sap with the plants she's gathered to make the medicine.
Jasmine: That should do it! And this medicine's extremely sweet!
Vyrn: I knew you could do it, Jasmine! Now let's hurry back to the village!
The crew returns to the village with the medicine.
But the villagers are waiting for them and refuse to let them enter.
Villager 3: I'm sorry, but we can't let you in.
Lyria: But why? We made the medicine!
Villager 2: Be that as it may, it's just not our way to use medicine.
Villager 3: And we can't just take something made by a complete stranger. We have no idea what could be in it!
Villager 2: Yes, that's true. But maybe if you could tell us what's in it...
Jasmine: All right.
Jasmine takes out sheets of parchment and carefully explains what the medicine is made of.
Villager 2: My word... This is really detailed, and it's easy to understand too.
Villager 3: Hold on! There's also something written here about poisonous plants! Are they in the medicine too?
Villager 2: What? Poison? Were you planning on poisoning that poor child?
Jasmine: Of course not! Listen...
Villager 3: No, you listen! You didn't make medicine at all! This is poison, isn't it?
The infuriated villagers start yelling at Jasmine.
The crew tries desperately to calm them down, but they refuse to listen.
Jasmine: Oh, what do we do? This is awful! We don't have time for this...
Jasmine: Hmm... That's a good idea, Bunny. I'll drink the medicine myself!
With that, Jasmine gulps down the medicine in front of everyone.
A hush falls over the villagers.
Villager 2: Are you all right? But isn't that poison?
Jasmine: I'm just fine! And it's really sweet!
Jasmine: It's true that I used some poisonous plants in the ingredients, but this medicine is perfectly safe. I prepared it very carefully.
Jasmine: Taking medicine may be more inconvenient than using magic...
Jasmine: Not just anyone can use the kind of advanced spells that can cure any type of injury or sickness, right?
Jasmine: But as long as people understand medicine, anyone can use it to save lives.
Villager 2: Hmm... I understand now.
Vyrn: Okay, then why don't you get out of our way? We need to get this medicine to that kid fast!
Villager 3: Yes, of course! Right this way!
Jasmine: Oh no!
Jasmine: The medicine! I drank all of it!
Vyrn: You did what? But that means—
Jasmine: It'll be okay! I'll make some more!
Her face gradually flushing with embarrassment, Jasmine hurries to make a new batch of medicine.
When it's all ready, Jasmine gives it to the child.
As soon as he drinks it, the color returns to his cheeks, and he starts feeling better.
Villager 1: Thank goodness!
Child: Thank you, miss!
Jasmine: You're very welcome! Everyone, take these!
With a smile on her face, Jasmine gives the villagers sheets of parchment with the instructions for preparing the medicine.
Jasmine: If you follow these instructions, you can make more medicine whenever you need to!
Jasmine: So if anyone else catches the same thing, you'll know just what to do!
Villager 2: Listen, Jasmine... I want to apologize for our behavior earlier. Thank you so much for all of your help.
Villager 3: And if it's not too much trouble, would you be willing to teach us more about medicine and how to make it?
Jasmine: I'd be glad to! And I'll even leave some other medicines here for you.
Jasmine provides a detailed and patient explanation to the villagers of how to make and use various medicines.
The crew cannot help but be moved as they watch the gently smiling Jasmine pass on her knowledge.