Scenario:Joel - Holistic Health

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Holistic Health

The Grandcypher has lands and the crew have spend the night resting up. The next morning Joel wakes them up early to get some exercise in before breakfast. After a little stretching, which Lyria mistakes for the main workout, Joel suggests they patrol the surrounding area for monsters.

(Captain) and the crew had stopped at an island for the night, and were relaxing on the ship's deck.
The following day they headed in to town to see if anyone could do with their help.
Joel: (Captain). (Captain), wake up. It's time to get going.
Vyrn: Yaaawn… Huh? Joel? What are you doing up this early?
Joel: Good morning, Vyrn. It's already daybreak, so we should be up.
Vyrn: What are you talking about? We were up so late last night, surely we deserve to sleep-in a bit?
Joel: No. You have to seize every day and live it to the fullest.
Vyrn: But?
Joel: The life of a skyfarer is dictated only by the jobs that they find, so it's easy to get complacent.
Joel: But for a skyfarer, jobs are also our lifeblood. We cannot afford to idle away the day in bed.
Joel: Living a full life is good for both the body and the soul. That's why you need to get up, (Captain).
Lyria: Yaaaaaaawn. What's going on?
Joel: Lyria, you should get up too. Let's all get a drink of water, and do some morning stretches. You'll feel better after that.
(Captain) gave in to the stubborn Joel and got up. They all headed out onto the deck.
Joel: One, two, one, two. OK, now hold your breath.
Lyria: Heehee, I've never done morning exercises before, they're really fun!
Joel: OK, so that's the warm-up done.
Lyria: What? Warm-up? That's just the warm-up?
Joel: It's time for you all to really start moving your bodies.
Joel: Come on, let's go!
Vyrn: Wait! Joel, you've not even told us what we're supposed to do yet!
Joel: What? Oh, you're right. I was thinking we'd go for a little jog before breakfast.
Joel: Perhaps we could patrol the area around the airship to make sure there are no monsters nearby.
Joel: It'll be exercise, and be useful. Two birds with one stone.
Vyrn: What! You consider that light exercise?
Joel: Come on. The more you stand here complaining, the later breakfast will be.
Vyrn: Guess we don't have a choice.
Lyria: Heehee, I'm sure that after a bit of exercise, breakfast will taste even better than usual. C'mon (Captain), let's go!

Holistic Health: Scene 2

Clearing the surrounding area of monsters, the crew find their way to a nearby town. The look for a bakery to buy some bread for their breakfast, but rather than finding bread, they find a father and son arguing. The crew try to intervene, but this just angers the son even more.

After clearing the area of all monsters the crew, following a sprinting Joel, approached a nearby town.
Joel: Hmm, this town is actually closer than I thought.
Vyrn: Phew… You know, fighting monsters and then a marathon run isn't exactly what I'd call "light" exercise"!
Joel: You can't deny that it woke you up though.
Lyria: Ugh, I'm sooo hungry now…
Joel: I'll make everyone breakfast when we get back. Seeing as we've made it to town, let's go buy some bread.
Vyrn: Oh well, I guess we've made it this far, we might as well carry on!
Joel: Ah, look, there it is. The bakery.
Joel: Huh? Looks like there's trouble brewing.
Baker: How many times have I… I've had it up to here with you! Coming back at this hour!
Baker's Son: I hate you dad! You're always complaining about me. I wish the monsters would come and get you!
Vyrn: What's this? A father and son?
Baker's Son: Go to hell, dad!
Joel: …!
The son threw a punch at his father, but Joel managed to step in just in time.
Baker's Son: You'd stay outta this if you knew what was good for you!
Joel: You look tired. A lack of sleep can affect your ability to make rational decisions.
Joel: An unhealthy lifestyle leads to an unhealthy body, and mind. You are a textbook example of that right now.
Joel: Do you think punching your father will solve anything? Hmm?
Baker's Son: Just butt outta this, will ya? If you don't get lost, I might just punch you instead!
Baker: Wha? Now you're insulting complete strangers?
Joel: I'm afraid if you don't calm down and talk things through rationally, I won't have much choice but to…
Joel: (Captain), I don't suppose I could ask for your help with this?

Holistic Health: Scene 3

The crew have little trouble in overpowering the baker's son. Joel takes to the boy, and offers him advice on how to change his life for the better. He then takes the boy out for some light exercise. Through hard work and determination, Joel successfully diverts the youngster from his path to self-destruction, and they leave the baker a very different son than the one they found him with.

Joel: Now, have you calmed down a little?
Baker's Son: No fair! I'm sure you're cheating, how else can you be that good!
Baker: How did he ever turn out like this? He was always such a gentle child.
Joel: It can be hard to stay on the right path.
Baker's Son: What're you…
Joel: You may feel like you need to rebel and lash out, but I assure you, you'll regret having done so in the future.
Joel: Violence begets violence. Once begun it can quickly spiral out of control.
Baker's Son: What're you talking about? Stop talking so fancy!
Joel: No need to sulk. I'm sure that it's not too late for you. If you change your ways now, things will get better.
Joel: Don't worry, I'll help you through this.
Baker's Son: Huh? Whoa! Don't touch me! I can get up on my own!
Joel: (Captain), I'm going to take this boy out for some light exercise. You head on back to the airship.
Vyrn: Huh? Ah, wait! Humph, he's gone.
Joel was true to his word, and from then on he looked after the baker's boy even as he continued with his work with (Captain).
Joel: Come on, just 10 more. After we've worked on your core strength, we can move onto your arms.
Baker's Son: Yessir!
Baker: Oho! Now that's more like it!
Through Joel's tireless tuition, the baker's boy had successfully changed his ways.
The ever health-conscious Joel returned to the airship, where he continued to look after the minds and bodies of the crew.