Scenario:Korwa - Beach-Bound Fashionista

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Beach-Bound Fashionista

Korwa manages to finish all of her swimsuit orders but forgets that she promised (Captain) and the others she would go to Auguste with them for summer vacation. While thinking of the types of stories that await her on the beach, she begins making a swimsuit all her own.

Korwa is a crew member

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Korwa not in crew

Korwa is a top-notch fashion designer who takes her work seriously.
But she also has a habit of observing others to see how their stories play out.
She gets to know (Captain) and company when they take on her assignment to transport her dresses.
Korwa: If I stick with you guys, I think I can make a lot of interesting stories.
Korwa: Let me tag along. I'll pay, of course.
Korwa: Let me rent a room on the airship, okay? I've got some savings I can use.
Taking a keen interest in (Captain)'s story, Korwa decides to join the crew in their journey.

Continue 1

Some time passes after Korwa's enlistment into the crew.
With summer fast approaching, Korwa's studio is flooded with swimsuit orders galore.
Korwa: Hm, for this customer I only need to handle the design. I can have someone else do the sewing.
Korwa: For this one I'll have to stitch in the embroidery myself to make it really stand out.
Korwa: Oh, and I'll need to say hello to this last customer in person... Hmm, might have to pay a visit to this nearby island...
Vyrn: Korwa's been super busy lately!
Lyria: Yeah, she said something about tons of swimsuit orders coming in. The clothing Korwa makes is really nice after all!
Lyria: I just hope she'll be able to handle all that work...
Korwa forges ahead with her clothing design despite (Captain) and Lyria's worries.
A few days before summer, Korwa finally completes filling all her orders.
Korwa: Phew... I'm. Totally. Beat!
Vyrn: You okay, Korwa? You look like you could seriously use a breather.
Lyria: Here, Korwa. I made some tea for you—should make you feel better.
Korwa: Thanks, Lyria...
Korwa: Glug... Ahhh, much better...
Korwa: (Captain)... I'm gonna take a short nap... Don't worry about my dinner. You guys go ahead and eat.
Korwa: All that's left is for me to pass out on the bed until kingdom come.
Korwa hands the cup to Lyria and stumbles back to her own room.
(Captain) and the others trade glances while seeing Korwa to her room.
Hours later Korwa reemerges.
Korwa: Yawn... Ahhh! I'm feeling great! I haven't slept so well in ages!
Lyria: I hope you're better now, Korwa. I'm sure your customers will love those swimsuits!
Korwa: You sure know how to talk me up, Lyria. You're right though; customer satisfaction comes first! Designing clothes that simply suit my personal tastes would be pointless!
Korwa: Doesn't matter how fashionable the clothing is. If the people wearing it aren't fans of the design, they might as well be wearing something else.
Vyrn: You're sounding really pumped about all this, Korwa. Much more so than usual.
Korwa: You bet I'm pumped! I worked my butt off getting those swimsuits in order, and now I'm free at last!
Lyria: Ah! Speaking of swimsuits, is yours ready, Korwa?
Korwa: Huh? My swimsuit? Why do you ask?
Vyrn: Hey, didn't we talk about this a while back? About how we'd chill on the beaches of Auguste when summer hits?
Korwa: I forgot all about it...
Vyrn: Guess it can't be helped considering how busy you've been.
Lyria: Come play with us in Auguste! It'll be fun, Korwa!
Korwa: I'm not so brusque as to refuse an invitation to a fun summer bash in Auguste! I'm sure it'll be a blast with you guys.
Korwa: I'll just have to get my swimsuit in order. Time to rev myself up for this one last job before we hit those beaches!
Korwa: Whoo!
Lyria: Whoo!
Vyrn: R-right... Just be sure to take it easy.
(Captain) expresses concern over Korwa's exceptionally chipper mood.
(Captain) checks in on her that night while she makes her swimsuit.
Korwa: Hm? Ah, (Captain), it's you.
You brought tea just for me?
Korwa: Thanks, I'm gonna take a little break.
Korwa: Nngh!
Korwa: I thought I was out of ideas after coming up with so many for the customers, but this is my swimsuit we're talking here...
Korwa: It's been so long since I last visited the Auguste Isles. Really appreciate the invite, (Captain).
Korwa: Hehe, I wonder what kind of stories await me there. Surely there'll be more than a few happy endings to see!
(Captain) gladly engages the lively Korwa in conversation.
Korwa: Hm? A happy ending for myself?
Korwa: Hmm, well, I'm already having so much fun right now... A happy ending for me...
Korwa chews on the thought, but she is unable to think of something fitting.
Days later the crew lands on the sandy, white beaches of Auguste.
Vyrn: Vast, blue skies! Crisp, blue ocean! Yeah! Summer's finally here!
Lyria: Uh-huh! I'm feeling excited just staring out into the sea!
Korwa: Let's not stop at staring now! We've got to enjoy ourselves to the fullest now that we're here!
Lyria: Wow! You look incredible in that swimsuit, Korwa!
Korwa: Getting it just right wasn't easy though. Almost didn't finish in time.
Korwa: But it's all good now! Whoo, let the fun times roll!
Vyrn: I'm with you all the way, Korwa!
Vyrn: Let's get down there and party, (Captain)!
And so begins a fun romp on the beaches of Auguste.
(Captain), Korwa, and the others are bound to make the most of this summer.