Scenario:Ladiva - All in the Name of Love

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All in the Name of Love

Ladiva is concerned that his feud with the imperial soldier may drag his orphanage into some trouble. Following Lyria and Vyrn's suggestion, they decide to return to the place where Ladiva grew up.

Some time after Ladiva, the star duelist, joined the party...
On a sunny day, Ladiva lingered alone on the deck of Grandcypher.
Ladiva: ... Sigh...
Lyria: Huh? Ladiva, what are you doing over there?
Ladiva: O-Oh! Hi Lyria. It's nothing, I'm just sitting here staring at the sky.
Vyrn: Hey Ladiva! Don't give me that, you looked pretty serious just now!
Lyria: Exactly! Come on, Ladiva. You can tell us if something is troubling you.
Ladiva: Hehe... That's right, you guys are so full of love and understanding.
Ladiva: If I keep this from you, it would be like I don't believe in your love!
Ladiva: This might be a little long, but let me tell my tale.
Lyria: Yeah!
Ladiva: I lost my parents when I was very young, and grew up in an orphanage.
Ladiva: My teacher there was like a mother to me, and the other kids were like brothers and sisters.
Vyrn: I see...
Ladiva: I didn't want us to worry about money, so I became a duelist at the Jewel Resort.
Ladiva: I really did enjoy that job though!
Ladiva: But... You know how I got into some trouble with an imperial soldier, right?
Ladiva: Ever since then... I've been worried about whether or not the orphanage got into trouble because of me.
Lyria: I see... So that's what's troubling you.
Ladiva: Sigh... Yeah... Oh! I shouldn't be such a downer.
Ladiva: Awwww...! But I'm so worried...
Vyrn: Hey, Ladiva! Why don't we go and see for ourselves?
Vyrn: Wha?! Then we'll know if they're okay for sure!
Lyria: Yeah! I'm sure the people at the orphanage will be happy to see you!
Ladiva: Vyrn... Lyria... You're right. Let's go find out!
Ladiva: It's not like me to just sit around and think about things like this. Thanks for reminding me, you guys!
Ladiva: Wait for me, everyone! I'm coming to see you!

All in the Name of Love: Scene 2

Feeling her teacher's love and trust again, Ladiva can't help but grow teary-eyed. Suddenly, the imperial soldier from the Jewel Resort appears and takes a girl from the orphanage as a hostage to draw out Ladiva. Ladiva steps out, burning with rage, determined to deal out some punishment for the imperial soldier and save his sister.

(Captain) and company arrive at the orphanage in Ladiva's hometown.
Ladiva: Hey everyone! It's me, Ladiva! I'm back!
Energetic Boy: Oh! Ladiva! Welcome back!
Gentle Girl: Hm? Really?! Yay! Ladiva! I'm so glad you're back!
Ladiva: Hehehe... I'm happy to see you all too. How have you been?
Energetic Boy: Haha! Good, good! Come on, let's go play in the forest!
Gentle Girl: What?! No! I'm gonna show Ladiva how much better my knitting is now!
Ladiva: Oh my, don't fight! I'll spend some time with all of you later! So be good little boys and girls and wait a little bit, okay?
Energetic Boy: Oh... okay. It's a promise!
Gentle Girl: Sorry Ladiva... I'll wait.
Ladiva: I knew you'd understand! I'll go say hi to the teacher first.
Energetic boy: Okay! I'll wait here!
Lyria: Hehe... You're so popular, Ladiva!
Ladiva: Hahaha, isn't it a lovely place? This place made me who I am, and I'm really proud of it.
Orphanage Caretaker: Hello Ladiva, everyone. Welcome. I'm happy to see you.
Ladiva: Teacher... I have something to tell you.
Ladiva: The thing is... Well... I got into a quarrel with an imperial soldier.
Ladiva: I'm afraid people from the empire might come here and cause trouble for all of you.
Ladiva: If that happens... I want you to tell them you have nothing to do with me.
Orphanage Caretaker: ...
Ladiva: Teacher, are you mad? Of course you are... I...
Orphanage Caretaker: Thank you, Ladiva. You must have been so worried about us. I can feel the love.
Orphanage Caretaker: But know this... You're one of my beloved children. I can't say that I have nothing to do with you.
Orphanage Caretaker: I'm sorry for making you worry. But I trust that whatever you did was for good reasons.
Ladiva: Teacher...!
Orphanage Caretaker: So Ladiva, go on your path and don't worry about us. Okay?
Ladiva: Teacher... Uuu... *Sob*... Hehe, I can never win with you, teacher...
Children hurriedly enter and play around happily in the orphanage.
Energetic Boy: Aiieeeee! Everyone! Imperial soldiers are here!
Quiet Boy: U-Um... They're looking for Ladiva, and they look really scary...
Ladiva: What?! Oh no... This is what I was afraid of...
Orphanage Caretaker: I'll go speak to them. Ladiva, take your friends and run away while I keep them distracted.
Ladiva: Yeah... I'll only cause more trouble by being here... I'm sorry, teacher...
As Ladiva led (Captain) and company to escape from the back entrance, they hear a scream.
Gentle Girl: Aaahhhh!! W-What are you doing?! Let her go!
Crying Girl: Waaaaahhh! Teacher! Big brother, sister! Ladiva, heeeelp!!
Imperial Soldier: Shut up, kid! You're gonna be my hostage until that tomboy comes out!
Imperial Soldier: Hmph... It makes me sick to watch you all acting so happy!
Ladiva: How could he?! He's using my sisters as bait to get to me...?!
Ladiva: Unforgivable... Such a heartless act won't go unpunished!!
Vyrn: I'm mad now! Let's go, (Captain)!
Ladiva: You! Let go of my beloved sister right now!
Crying Girl: *Sob*... Hg... I-I'm scared... Help me, Ladiva...
Imperial Soldier: There you are! It's about damn time!
Ladiva: You...! You're a soldier, aren't you? Isn't it your job to protect people?!
Ladiva: How could you point your sword at a child? You should be ashamed of yourself!!
Imperial Soldier: Shut up! Because of you... The higher ups punished me for causing a disturbance at the Casino...
Imperial Soldier: They discharged me from the military... After all of my hard work!
Vyrn: Tsk! That's your own fault! Don't try to blame it on Ladiva!
Imperial Soldier: How dare you?! This is all your fault, duelist!!
Ladiva: He's too mad to even hear us... We need to stop him by force before he hurts the children!
Ladiva: Don't worry, all those overwhelming emotions you're feeling... I'll accept it all and blow them away!

All in the Name of Love: Scene 3

Seeing the imperial soldier in such distress, Ladiva asks about the man's past and learns of his struggles. The soldier is deeply moved by Ladiva and the teacher's kindness when the teacher, who saw the whole exchange, asks him to work at the orphanage.

Crying Girl: Waaaaahhh! I-I was so scared! Ladivaaa!
Ladiva: Oh, there there... It'll all be okay...
Imperial Soldier: Huff... Huff... Ugh... Why... Why do I always...
Lyria: You're still...!
Ladiva: Poor thing.
Imperial Soldier: Huh?
Ladiva: You don't have enough love in your life. That's why you're so unhappy, and taking it out on others.
Ladiva: Why are you in so much pain? Why don't you tell me.
Imperial Soldier: Well... I... Agh, fine! I'll tell you!
Imperial Soldier: Heh... I lost my parents when I was a kid, and an orphanage took me in.
Imperial Soldier: But that orphanage had no money... We were put to work every day and barely had enough to eat...
Imperial Soldier: I joined the military thinking I can make a change... But then they all just made fun of me for being an orphan...
Ladiva: I see... It must have been hard...
Imperial Soldier: Deep inside, I know... This isn't gonna change anything... But...!
Imperial Soldier: Why do bad things always happen to me...? Everyone here seems so happy and I...!
Ladiva: It's okay, it'll be all right... Come here and cry in my arms.
Imperial Soldier: I... I'm sorry... Uuuh...
Orphanage Caretaker: ...
Ladiva: Hey, teacher... About this man...
Imperial Soldier: You must be the teacher here. I...
Orphanage Caretaker: Young man... It seems like the strength of a soldier isn't what will truly make you happy.
Orphanage Caretaker: So, when you get discharged from the military... Come and see me. There will be a place for you here.
Imperial Soldier: You mean...? But... I did such horrible things... Why are you being so kind...?
Ladiva: The answer's obvious...
Ladiva: Love!
And so, the imperial soldier that caused a disturbance at Jewel Resort was reformed thanks to Ladiva's love.
With the orphanage's safety secured, Ladiva returned to the skies once again.
Lyria: Hehe... The teacher here is such a kind person. She's just how I expected your mother would be!
Ladiva: Right? She's the one that made me who I am.
Ladiva: It's my turn to spread this great love that she gave me to everyone else!
Ladiva: Not just in the skydoms, but to Estalucia, too!
Ladiva: Iiiit's looove!
With a boundless love in his heart, he shares it with the rest of the world.
There are surely many more people that will be saved by his love.