Scenario:Lina - Bandit Killer in Full Force

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Bandit Killer in Full Force

The crew accepts a request to clear out some bandits from a certain mountain. Lina is excited at the chance to fight bandits. Using her familiarity with bandit hideouts, she disarms the trap at the entrance. When the bandits come running out to investigate, Lina gleefully demonstrates her skill as the Bandit Killer.

One day, (Captain) and the others accept a request to clear out a bandit hideout on a certain mountain.
When keen bandit-hunter Lina hears the request, she jumps at the chance to take part.
Lina: OK, let's go, (Captain), Gourry! I'm ready to teach those bandits a lesson!
Vyrn: Wow, I've never seen Miss Dragon Spooker here so energetic before.
Gourry: Come on, Lina, let's not be reckless.
Lina: According to the lord of the island, those bandits have amassed quite the hoard. I bet some of it will fetch a good price. Hee hee…
Vyrn: Honestly… Does she ever listen, Mr Big Head?
Gourry: Ugh…
Gourry: Well, looks like the entrance to their base is here.
Lina: Hmm… I was hoping for some fancy camoflage, but this is kinda boring.
As soon as she speaks, Lina begins collecting fallen branches and scattering on the ground.
As she does so, a bear trap snaps shut, cutting a branch clean in half.
Vyrn: Whoa! Nice job spotting that, Lina!
Lina: Forest hideouts always dull traps like these. Bandits have no imagination.
Lina: And…
Lina: The traps are linked to an alarm system. It's in the rulebook for building a bandit den, you know?
Gourry: So what happens when the alarm rings, Lina?
Lina: The bandits come running, of course!
Thief 1: There they are, just like the boss said!
Thief 2: Hah! A harmless oaf and a few kids. Say your prayers, fools!
Thief 1: Now you all behave yourselves and do as we say, and nobody gets—
Lina: Fireball!
Thief 1: Aaaaaghhhh!
Without waiting for them to finish speaking, Lina sends a ball of fire in the direction of the first bandit.
Thief 2: Wha— You're gonna regret that!
Lina: Dill Brand!
Thief 2: Eeeeek!
Before the bandit can react, Lina catapults him into the air.
Lina: In we go, (Captain), Gourry!

Bandit Killer in Full Force: Scene 2

The crew sow chaos throughout the bandit hideout. Lina discovers the treasure vault, but finds she cannot use her magic inside. The bandits had set up a magical seal to protect themselves against Lina. However, the bandits' victory doesn't last long, and Lina makes short work of overriding the seal.

Lina: Dam Brass!
Thieves: Aaaaaghhhh!
A cavern collapses from the force of Lina's spell, and the bandits are buried under the falling rubble.
Vyrn: Whoa, this is a little much. I guess the "Bandit Killer" nickname wasn't just for show.
Lina: Hmm… Now where do they keep the treasure? Ah!
Lina's keen instinct for treasure leads her to a branching passage. Inside, she discovers thair vault.
The crew steps into a room so dark that not a single beam of light could penetrate from outside.
Lina: I can smell the treasure in here, but it's just too dark.
Lina: Lighting!
Lina casts a spell to bring light to the room. However…
Lina: Huh?
Gourry: What's wrong, Lina?
Lina: My magic isn't working. Don't tell me…
Gourry: You mean this is—
Lina: What? No way! There must be some sort of magic circle here.
Man with a torch: Ahahahaha… So you came, Lina Inverse. I'm sure I don't need to introduce myself.
Lina: Who are you?
Man with a torch: What? It's no good feigning ignorance.
Gourry: So, um, do you know this guy?
Lina: Nope. He's just a bandit, why would I?
Man with a torch: Fine, then. But let's see you play it cool when you hear the name of the bandit gang Black Dog!
Lina: …Black Dog?
Man with a torch: Ahaha… It seems you've remembered.
Lina: No, I have no idea.
Man with a torch: Whaaat?
Lina: Look, just because you know who I am, doesn't mean I have to know who you are! Besides, I have plenty of imposters.
Lina: It's what happens when you're famous. Someone just has to say they're Lina Inverse, and suddenly I'm taking the blame for them.
Man with a torch: S-shut up, you wretched sorceress!
Man with a torch: …Wait, don't tell me…
The bandit grinds his teeth and his face turns red with anger as he realises something.
Among the countless hundreds of bandits Lina has fought, his face wasn't worth remembering.
Man with a torch: Argh, I've had enough of this! I'm gonna take you down!
Man with a torch: Ahahaha! It doesn't matter how many allies you have—
Lina: Flare Arrow!
Lina doesn't wait for the bandit to finish talking. She goes to hurl a spell at him. However…
Lina: Hmm… Still not working, huh?
Man with a torch: Humph. I'm not going to let you interrupt me with your nonsense.
Man with a torch: The vault in this cave has a magical seal in place. You can't use any of your precious spells.
Lina: Hmm…
Man with a torch: What's the matter, too scared to say anything? If you cry and apologise, maybe I'll forgive you.
Lina: OK, so if I just do this…
Man with a torch: Hey! Listen to people when they're talking!
Lina: Flare Arrow!
Man with a torch: What?
Lina: Yeah, I broke your seal. Once I rewrote the sigils, it was easy.
Lina: I bet you worked so hard trying to figure out how to best a sorceress…
Lina: But did you really think a trick like that would work on me?
Man with a torch: You broke the seal? This cannot be!
Lina: You bandits really have no imagination. Listen to that cheesy line. Next thing you know, he'll be keeling over in despair.
Man with a torch: Damn it! I had you outnumbered!
Gourry: Yeah, there he goes…
Lina: You should have fled with your tail between your legs. Not that I would have let you.

Bandit Killer in Full Force: Scene 3

Backed into a corner, the bandits reveal their trump card: a dragon. Seeing it, Lina turns heel and escapes the caves. Confused, the crew follow her to find out what she's up to. The dragon follows them out, and Lina unleashes her strongest spell—Dragon Slave—on the creature. The mountain explodes, bandit den and all, and peace returns to the island.

Man with a torch: Ahahahaha… Did you think that was my trump card? Bring it out, boys!
Dragon: Grrraaaaaghhh!
Vyrn: Whoa! That thing does not look friendly!
Lina: Close your eyes, everyone!
Lina: Lighting!
A huge ball of light flashes for a brief instant in the palm of Lina's hand, leaving the dragon reeling.
Lina: Let's get out of this cave. It's going to get really messy otherwise.
Gourry: Wait… Don't tell me you're going to…
Vyrn: You don't mean… Quick, let's get out of here, (Captain)!
Dragon: Grrraaaaaghhh!
The dragon bursts out of the bandit den, searching for its prey.
However, by then, Lina has already used her flight spell, and the crew lands somewhere far from the den.
Lina: Heed me, who is darker than dusk,
Heed me, who is more red than blood…
Lina: In the name of those buried in the passing of the eons,
I make this vow to the abyss…
Lina: Mark all fools that stand in our way,
Let your strength merge with mine…
Lina: So that we may deliver doom to all alike!
Lina: Dragon Slave!
Lina's most powerful spell hits the dragon, and the mountain around it explodes.
The explosion rips through the mountain, leaving only an oddly flat plain behind.
Lina: Great, that's our job finished!
Vyrn: H-hey, we were supposed to take out the bandits, not the whole mountain!
Lina: Huh? Is there a problem?
Gourry: A big one…
Vyrn: Ugh… I don't think this is the result anyone was hoping for.
Lina: How was I supposed to know? Nobody told me I wasn't allowed to blow up the mountain!
Vyrn: Well, I don't think anyone expected you to go that far…
Lina: Well, I have the bandits' treasure, we completed the contract… I don't see any reason for complaint.
Gourry: This is why I told you not to be reckless, Lina…
Vyrn: After all this, I think I actually feel sorry for those bandits.
Lina: Oh, don't worry about that! Like I said, criminals deserve what they get! Now, who's up for something to eat? Let's go!
Having destroyed the bandit hideout, the crew has one more task left.
They go in search of the bandits scattered across the island in the explosion, tie them up, and hand them over to the authorities.
Having seen part of his domain destroyed, the lord hands the crew their reward with a shaking hand, and sees them off.
And so, (Captain)'s eventful journey with Lina continues.