Scenario:Lucius - The Meddlesome Swordsman

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The Meddlesome Swordsman

During their journey, the party stopped by a village deep in the mountains for a little break. Seeing the unusually depressed villagers, the party asks them what the matter is. They find out that it is because of a monster that has taken up residence in the ruins nearby. At that time, Lucius hears of the monster from the outskirts of the village. He runs off, saying that he will hunt down the monster.

During their journey, the party stopped by a village deep in the mountains for a little break.
The villagers here all look depressed.
Vyrn: Hey, old man. Why does everyone look so gloomy here? Did something happen?
Villager 1: Sigh... Well, because of the monster that took up residence in the ruins nearby, we have a bunch of casualties...
Villager 2: Phew... We tried to hunt that monster, but we didn’t stand a chance. We really don't know what to do...
Lyria: I see... that must be terrible.
Lucius: A monster that threatens the peace of the people... Unforgivable! I will exterminate it this instant!
Villager 1: Whoa! Really?! You look strong, so you just might be able to do it!
Villager 2: Yeah! You got a glint in your eyes! We’re counting on you!
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Lucius: Speak of the devil... or so they say. All right. For those who want to die first, come and fight me!
Vyrn: H-Hey! Lucius! Don’t run off on your own like that!

The Meddlesome Swordsman: Scene 2

Lucius saves a man that is being attacked by a monster. The man says that he is here to avenge his late wife. Without paying any heed to the others trying to stop him, the man runs off into the ruins by himself. Right when the man is about to be killed, Lucius jumps in to save him.

Lucius: Hmph!
Monster: Grrooaaa!
Man: I can’t believe I have so much trouble against these small fry...
Lucius: Hey. You okay?
Man: What the...?! Who are you people?! Don’t get in my way!
Vyrn: Hey, calm down, man. Why are you doing this?
Man: My wife was murdered by these monsters... I have to go to the ruins to avenge her!
Lucius: Hmph... Leave that to us. We were requested by the villagers to hunt down the monsters in the ruins.
Man: What are you doing? I don’t need your help! That thing is mine! I have to kill it with my own hands!
Lyria: Please wait! It's too dangerous to go on your own! Lucius, please stop him!
Lucius: Let’s go after him...
Monster: Grrooaaa!
Man: Ugh... This is it for me... Honey... I’ll be with you soon...
Monster: Graaoorgh!
Lucius: Hey... It’s still too early to give up. Aren’t you going to avenge your wife? Then snap out of it!
Man: What?! What are you doing here...?
Lucius: Beats me... Somebody’s habit of meddling seems to have rubbed off on me. It's time for our counterattack, (Captain)! (Captain)!

The Meddlesome Swordsman: Scene 3

With the monsters at the ruins defeated, the villagers all thank the party. According to the villagers, they have been saved by a skilled swordsman in the past before. When they said that Lucius resembles that swordsman, Lucius suddenly because irritated and says he will return to the airship.

After (Captain) and party defeated the monsters, they take the man back to the village.
Boy: Yay! Dad is back! You got revenge for Mom, didn’t you?!
Man: Yeah... You have these people to thank.
Boy: Thank you, mister swordsman!
Lucius: Heh... Your father is a brave man.
Lucius: You have to cooperate with your father and learn to live together.
Boy: Yeah! Got it! Got it!
Villager 1: You saved us! Thanks to you, we can now prevent further casualties.
Villager 2: I didn’t think a swordsman would save our village again... Coincidences do happen...
Vyrn: Hm? What about a swordsman?
Villager 1: Well once, when the village was in danger in the past, an old swordsman saved us then.
Villager 2: We were talking about how that swordsman kind of resembles you.
Lucius: What was that man’s name...?
Villager 2: We actually don’t know. He left before he introduced himself... I do remember that he wielded a beautiful blade.
Lucius: I see...
Lyria: W-What’s the matter? You look pale, Lucius.
Lucius: I’m sorry... I need to return to the airship.
Villager 1: What? We’re ready to hold a banquet...
Lucius: I don’t need that! I didn’t save this village for a reward!
Vyrn: Hold on, Lucius! Lucius! What’s with you all of a sudden?!
Lyria: I’m so sorry! Let’s do this another time!
Lyria: Wait for me! Don’t leave me here!
Upon hearing the rumors of the mysterious swordsman, Lucius is maddened.
The party frantically goes after Lucius.