Scenario:Maria Theresa - Charming Curio Collector

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Charming Curio Collector

An antique urn picked up by (Captain) and company lead to a chance meeting with the appraiser Theresa. She reveals her circumstances, explaining that a primal beast needs the crew's help for gathering battle data in a memory of the War.

Lyria: Hm, I wonder if we have a good place to display this urn...
Lyria: Problem is it's really tall, so I'm a bit worried it might fall over when the ship's in flight...
With another successful mission under their belts, (Captain) and company come away with an urn they're not quite sure what to do with.
Vyrn: The old lady who gave it to us made it sound super valuable.
Vyrn: Not like we'd have a good use for it anyway. Let's just take her advice and trade it for rupies galore!
Lyria: Yeah, let's do that.
Hoping for an abundance of rupies, the crew brings the urn to an appraiser at an antique market.
Antique Appraiser: What a curious object...
The appraiser grows wide-eyed at the sight of the urn clutched in (Captain)'s arms.
He puts on gloves and very cautiously examines the curio.
Antique Appraiser: Hm...
Lyria: What do you think?
Antique Appraiser: It looks like the real thing, but this is an imitation.
Vyrn: Whaddya mean?
Antique Appraiser: You see this mark here? At a glance, it could pass for the insignia of the Loman Empire.
Antique Appraiser: Engraving an emblem like this is a common trick used in replicas of all kinds.
Antique Appraiser: To the untrained eye, it's much too easy to mistake one of these for a genuine article.
Vyrn: Aw, shucks. I guess a cheap knockoff isn't gonna net us many rupies.
Antique Appraiser: Well, seeing as you've come all the way out here, the best I can do is ten rupies.
Vyrn: Eww! That's it?
Vyrn: Meh, not much point in selling it, is there?
Lyria: Agreed... We might still have some use for it, so let's take it back for now.
Antique Appraiser: Hey... Wait...
Antique Appraiser: What if I gave you a thousand rupies?
Vyrn: Hey, make up your mind, mister. Why would you want this useless ol' dud anyway?
Antique Appraiser: Ack... E-erm... I just thought I'd help you dispose of it...
???: Any chance you can wait on that appraisal?
Antique Appraiser: You!
???: I overheard your conversation and thought I'd drop in to say hello.
Vyrn: Heya, miss, do we know you?
Appraiser Theresa: I too am an appraiser in this town. You can call me Theresa.
Appraiser Theresa: If you don't mind, I'd like to take a look at that urn.
Lyria: Oh, another appraiser. Let's see what she has to say about the urn, (Captain).
Appraiser Theresa: Allow me.
Theresa gives the urn her full attention.
Appraiser Theresa: As expected!
Appraiser Theresa: No signs of cracks or restorations... Impressive...
Antique Appraiser: ...
Appraiser Theresa: Thank you.
Vyrn: Well? How about it?
Appraiser Theresa: It's rarer than a gold brick! If you were to put a price tag on it...
Appraiser Theresa: Actually, you can't! It's so rare you'd want to throw away your life's possessions for it!
Vyrn: Whoa! You're not kidding?
Antique Appraiser: Wh-what makes you so sure that—
Appraiser Theresa: You see how the Loman Empire's emblem so beautifully melds with the rest of the pattern work? That alone says it all.
Appraiser Theresa: The highly adhesive Loman clay used to create this urn allows the design work to pop out.
Appraiser Theresa: Loman sand is an extremely precious material that can only be harvested with express permission in special territories.
Appraiser Theresa: Ah, to see it in person is truly—
Vyrn: Hehe, who woulda thought? Explains why Lady Assessment's all tickled pink.
Appraiser Theresa: I'm sorry. I was taken in by its beauty.
Appraiser Theresa: Lady Luck must truly favor you for you to come upon such a marvelous urn.
Theresa flashes a smile at the crew before setting her sights on the antique appraiser.
Appraiser Theresa: Imitations of Loman antiques don't exist because of how incredibly rare they are. Any appraiser worth their salt should know that.
Antique Appraiser: Urgh... Nonsense... Now you're just getting in the way of my business!
Appraiser Theresa: Are you saying cheating your customers out of their valuable goods is how you do business?
Antique Appraiser: Don't push it...
Appraiser Theresa: You must have had a deep love for the arts to want to become an appraiser in the first place.
Appraiser Theresa: But from the way you do things, I can tell you no longer have that passion. How sad.
Antique Appraiser: Tch... Mind your own damn business and get outta my store already! You chumps too!
Vyrn: Geez, that guy really lost it.
Appraiser Theresa: Sorry for spoiling the mood. Perhaps I went too far...
Vyrn: Hey, it wasn't your fault. Actually, we ought to thank you for helping us out back there.
Vyrn: We'd never have figured out for ourselves that the guy was a scammer.
Appraiser Theresa: I'm just glad to see such a beautiful piece of art be free of taint.
Appraiser Theresa: Though there's just one misconception you might have that I was hoping to clear up...
Appraiser Theresa: We appraisers take pride in knowing that our work helps keep wonderful pieces of art alive for future generations.
Appraiser Theresa: Of course, there are those blinded by greed, as you just witnessed...
Appraiser Theresa: But I'd like you all to understand that for the vast majority of us, our love for the arts extends to every facet of our lives.
Vyrn: Yeah, it's pretty obvious just looking at you.
Appraiser Theresa: Thank you.
Vyrn: So what do we do with this urn? It being super rare doesn't actually make it useful for us.
Appraiser Theresa: I think I can help with that... If you'll accompany me to a certain place.
Theresa brings the crew to an art gallery.
From antique craftwork to lavish pieces of art, there is much for all to see.
Appraiser Theresa: Curator! I brought some visitors with me today.
Curator: Ah... It's you. How rare it is for you to bring others.
Lyria: Hello!
Curator: Pleasure to meet you. I run this gallery.
The crew exchanges greetings with the curator.
Curator: Vyrn, Lyria, and (Captain), right? So what is it you wanted to show me?
Vyrn: Check out this urn!
Curator: Ooh... Let's see here...
Curator: Ah!
Curator: Oh my! Wh-wh-where did you get this!
Lyria: We received it as a reward for completing an assignment.
Curator: H-how can it be? I must be dreaming!
Lyria: Um...
Curator: Wait, wait, wait! This is too good to be true! No, this can't be happening!
Curator: You know, I'd give up everything in my gallery for this one piece alone!
Vyrn: Whoa, I don't think I've ever seen anyone so deliriously happy...
Curator: So you've come today to sell me this urn?
Lyria: Yes. If that'd be possible.
Curator: Ooof course it's possible! Heck, if you didn't ask, I'd be begging you on all fours!
Curator: Ah, right... I almost forgot to ask you to name your price in my excitement.
Though overwhelmed by the curator's sheer intensity, (Captain) calmly presents the amount of rupies it cost to complete the mission.
Curator: You're kidding!
Curator: I... I need to get my eyes checked. Surely there must be an extra digit I'm not seeing. Let's see... ones, tens, hundreds...
Curator: Oh. My. Gosh. You do understand how valuable this urn is, right?
Curator: There's no way I'd be comfortable with myself purchasing it for so few rupies! How about you use common sense for goodness sake!
Vyrn: Ack! What's he flipping out on us for?
Lyria: To be honest, we don't really understand its worth... We just wanted what we thought would be a fair price for it...
Curator: ...
Appraiser Theresa: ...
Curator: Very well. I have another solution.
The curator places fifty times the asking amount in (Captain)'s hand.
Lyria: Yikes! We couldn't possibly accept this much money!
Curator: Yes you can!
Lyria: Eep!
Curator: Who knows what sort of calamity might befall me if I were to accept this marvelous piece of history for such a paltry sum!
Curator: Consider this your way of saving me, won't you?
Appraiser Theresa: If we must put a price tag on things, my appraisal would definitely be worth that much.
(Captain) succumbs to the curator's tireless onslaught and accepts the rupies in full.
Vyrn: Heheh! I wasn't too sure about this at first, but I'm glad we'll have all this extra moolah to spend even after ship repairs!
Lyria: Yeah! Rackam'll be so happy to hear about it!
Appraiser Theresa: In that case, it's a good thing I introduced you to the curator. Glad I could help.
Vyrn: You helped us big time, Lady Assessment! Thanks a bunch!
Appraiser Theresa: Oh, no worries. By the by, you're all skyfarers, right?
Appraiser Theresa: I mean, you did mention that you received the urn for defending a village from a pack of vicious monsters.
Vyrn: Mm-hm, that's right. We're on our way to go pick up another assignment.
Appraiser Theresa: So you do this regularly, huh...
Lyria: Is everything okay?
Appraiser Theresa: Um... Would you hear me out for a bit?
Appraiser Theresa: There is something I'd like to discuss in earnest.
Because the subject Theresa wishes to broach is not meant for public consumption, she brings the crew to her secret garden.
Appraiser Theresa: I hope this won't come across as too startling.
Theresa takes a card out of her breast pocket.
The picture on the front of the card is impossible to make out.
Lyria: I can feel a very strong power coming from that card...
Appraiser Theresa: You can feel it, Lyria?
Vyrn: Ditto. You could say it's got my Vyrn-sense tingling too...
Appraiser Theresa: I thought there was something special about you all, but now I'm certain... You're the first I've met that's been able to sense the energy.
Appraiser Theresa: That power you are feeling belongs to a primal beast dwelling in the card.
Lyria: The power of a primal beast...
Appraiser Theresa: There's a war in which this card is being used. And I'd like you all to participate in that war.
Vyrn: Which war is that?
Appraiser Theresa: The War.
Lyria: You mean the great war between Astrals and skydwellers?
Vyrn: You're kidding, right? You expect us to just hop back in time and—
Appraiser Theresa: That is where the card comes into play.
Appraiser Theresa: The War is ever ongoing within the primal beast's memories.
Appraiser Theresa: She simulates this monumental turning point in history to gather data.
Vyrn: Erm... What for?
Appraiser Theresa: All I know is that she requires the data to construct a world in which to live.
Lyria: A world to live in?
Vyrn: My mind's just exploding with questions...
Vyrn: How do you even know all this stuff, Lady Assessment?
Appraiser Theresa: I entered into a pact with the primal beast in order to fulfill a goal of mine.
Appraiser Theresa: In return for the primal's power, I must give her something she desires.
Appraiser Theresa: Until the pact ends or until I fulfill my designated goal...
Appraiser Theresa: Any actions I take that do not lend to the fulfillment of said goal are restricted.
Appraiser Theresa: Were I to act outside the scope of the pact, I would suffer punishment from the card.
Appraiser Theresa: Thus ending any chance I have of accomplishing my objective.
Appraiser Theresa: That's why I'm searching for others who can help the card in my stead.
Vyrn: Sounds like you're in pretty deep...
  1. What exactly is your goal?
  2. Tell us what you can.

Choose: What exactly is your goal?

Appraiser Theresa: ...
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Tell us what you can.

Appraiser Theresa: Very well. I suppose that's only fair.

Continue 1

Theresa answers in earnest.
Appraiser Theresa: My full name is... Maria Theresa von Osterreich.
Vyrn: Hm... Where have I heard that name before?
Appraiser Theresa: My goal is to recover my true self which was ripped away from me.
(Captain) and company are speechless at Theresa's revelation.
Lyria: I can't believe it...
Vyrn: I know we're the ones who asked you to spill the beans, but... Are you sure it was okay to let us in on all that?
Vyrn: Lady Assessment... Okay, maybe that's not the best nickname.
Vyrn: But you do realize we haven't officially accepted your request yet, right?
Maria Theresa: I realize I am asking the impossible. If you feel the same, that is all fine and well.
Maria Theresa: To ask anyone to charge headfirst into a war is simply outrageous of me. But yet I must.
Maria Theresa: That's why it pains my heart to do so. Otherwise my goal may never be met.
Maria Theresa: After seeing how kind, honest, and true of heart you all are, I knew I could speak the whole, unvarnished truth.
Maria Theresa: To be honest, I sought to use you the moment I noticed what a decent, upstanding lot you are.
Maria Theresa: With all of that in mind, I leave the decision entirely in your hands.
Faced with her blunt straightforwardness, (Captain) and the others trade glances.