Scenario:Meteon - Sky Racer

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Sky Racer

Meteon, the skyracer known as the Cobalt Comet, has won the Platinum Sky Cup for the fifth time in a row but still hungers for more. Inspired by the crew's tales of adventure, he stealthily boards the Grandcypher while Fangio sleeps.

After a history-making race, Meteon, the Cobalt Comet, brings home his fifth consecutive victory at the Platinum Sky Cup.
He still has a few personal issues to contend with, however.
Fangio: What were you trying to pull back there?
Meteon: Fange, I just—
Fangio: Use nitro twice, that's nice. Use nitro thrice, you're on thin ice. Did I tell you that or did I tell you that?
Meteon: I'm still alive, aren't I? Sure, the engine's a little crispy, but whatever.
Fangio: Stop making me repeat myself! That's not the problem here!
Meteon: I figured the ship could handle it after all those upgrades you did.
Meteon: And it's why I won! Your skills in the garage haven't rusted a bit, Fange.
Fangio: Don't try to sweet talk me just to save your bacon, kiddo!
Lyria: Um, there's really no reason for you to be so upset...
Vyrn: Got that right, gramps! Meteon's the reason we're all in one piece!
Fangio: That goes for you kiddos too!
Vyrn: Eep!
Lyria: Us too? Why?
Fangio: Don't play dumb! I told you not to exceed the speed threshold, but you went and did it anyway!
Vyrn: You said you wouldn't recommend it, didn't you?
Fangio: No talking back to your elders!
Lyria: Sorry!
Fangio: Geez. The ship's always a wreck after he's through with it.
Fangio finishes checking over the Blue Orbit and begins poking his nose into the engine block of the Nightcypher.
Fangio: Some risk is involved with a race like this, sure.
Fangio: But entertaining reckless flights of fancy and turning your machine into a smoking heap of scrap metal? Out of the question!
Meteon: I screwed up. Are we good now?
Fangio: You don't understand anything. Haul your machines to the pit stall!
Vyrn: Um... are you talkin' to all of us?
Fangio: Who else? If you think treating your machines like this is acceptable, you've got another thing coming!
Meteon: Sigh...
Meteon lets out a sigh before placing a hand softly on (Captain)'s shoulder.
Meteon: When he gets like this, there's no reasoning with him. Let's get the machines over to the pit stall.
Vyrn: Fair enough. We should just be glad to have gramps look over the Nightcypher!
Fangio: Okay... Grab that box for me, Elly.
Elly: Woof!
Lyria: Um! Is there anything we can do to help out?
Fangio: Of course not! You'll just get in the way. Go bother someone else!
Meteon: If that's what you want, that's what you'll get. Good luck in the workshop, Fange.
Elly: Woof!
Meteon: Guys. Let's go.
Lyria: Wait for us!
Meteon and (Captain)'s crew head to a restaurant in town.
Meteon: Right then. Ready to eat?
Vyrn: Yeah! I'm starvin'!
Lyria: Hee hee! I bet you can't wait to celebrate your victory, Meteon!
Meteon: My victory, huh... Let's make this one on me, then.
Lyria: Huh? But why?
Meteon: I've got plenty of prize money to burn, and I owe you guys anyway.
Vyrn: Hmm, pretty sure we could say the same to you. But if that's what you want, it all sounds good to me!
Vyrn: Yup! And that's when Lyria turned to me and said—
Lyria: Vyrn! You can't reveal that!
Meteon: Hahaha! So your ship... the Grandcypher, was it? It was okay after that, right?
Lyria: Yes! Rackam, our helmsman, is incredibly skilled!
(Captain) and company tell Meteon stories of their journey, the people they've met, and the primal beasts they've fought.
Meteon: You've seen all sorts of stuff flying across the skies, haven't you?
Vyrn: You could say that! I mean... you've been on an airship before too, right?
Meteon: Of course I have. Used 'em to fly to skyraces all over the place.
Meteon: But having your own crew and ship to journey across the skies with? That's something else entirely.
Lyria: Hee hee, you might be right!
Vyrn: How about joining our crew then, Meteon?
Meteon: Hahaha! I'll think about it.
After enjoying an evening of good food and good company, the crew returns home, stomachs happily full of food.
For the next few days, the crew stays by Fangio's side while he works on repairing the Nightcypher.
At last the day of departure arrives.
Meteon: Hey, (Captain)! Wake up!
Meteon slowly rouses (Captain) from a deep slumber.
Meteon: Morning. Ready to rise and shine?
Vyrn: Yawn... A little early to rise and shine when it's still dark out, Mr. Champ.
Meteon: Shhh! Quiet. I need you to help me with something real quick.
Lyria: Yaawn... Can we help you?
Meteon: Hurry. We're going to get the Blue Orbit and Nightcypher out of storage.
Vyrn: Huh? In the middle of the night?
Meteon: I told you to be quiet.
After exchanging glances with each other, the crew follows Meteon's directions, bringing the two speedships out from the pit stall.
Meteon: Okay. That just leaves...
Elly: Grrr...
Meteon: Did I wake you? Sorry, Elly.
Elly: Pant... pant... Woof!
Meteon: Now, now. I need you to be quiet for me.
Elly: Woof...
Meteon: That's a good girl.
Meteon crouches down and ruffles Elly's neck with his fingers.
Meteon: I'm going away for a little bit, so watch after Fange for me, okay?
Elly: Woof!
Meteon: Okay... Later!
After standing back up, Meteon turns to the crew.
Meteon: Let's get out of here. Now.
Lyria: Where are we going?
Meteon: Huh? The Grandcypher, of course.
Vyrn: Well that sure came out of left field!
Meteon: Hey! I told you guys to be quiet!
Lyria: Both of you need a good shhh-ing!
Meteon: This is getting out of hand. We really have to be quiet.
Vyrn: Why are you insisting on going to the Grandcypher though?
Meteon: You asked me if I wanted to join, didn't you?
Meteon: Anyway, let's hurry. The old man's gonna wake up any second now.
Lyria: Um, Meteon? Are you really going to join us?
Meteon: Yeah. I'm looking forward to working with you guys.
Lyria: Yay! I can't wait!
Vyrn: This is all pretty sudden, isn't it? You never even mentioned the idea before.
Meteon: Oh yeah? Could've sworn I told you I was thinking about it.
Meteon: I bet I'll be able to participate in skyraces way beyond the bounds of what I have access to now.
Meteon: But more than anything, I want to live aboard the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Hee hee! We're happy to have you!
Vyrn: Okay then! Let's give you the grand tour!
Lyria: Wait... Why are we sneaking out at night like this? We won't be able to say goodbye to Fangio.
Meteon: That's the point.
Meteon shrugs.
Meteon: If he found out I was joining the crew, I'd never hear the end of it.
Vyrn: But isn't he going to worry if you suddenly disappear?
Meteon: He'll be fine. Now let's hurry up and get out of here!
Fangio: Mercy... Listen to them making a ruckus at this hour.
Elly: Whimper...
Fangio: Back to bed, Elly.
Elly: Woof...
Fangio: Goodness. Are you like this just because that fussy crybaby left?
Elly: Whimper... Woof!
Elle gently licks Fangio's face. He smiles.
By the time the sun begins to rise, Meteon and the crew are already soaring the skies aboard the Grandcypher.
Meteon: Wow, so this is the Grandcypher?
Vyrn: Heh heh! Welcome to the crew!
Meteon: Hahaha! Guess that makes me a skyfarer, huh? It doesn't feel real somehow.
Meteon: Still... This is one beautiful ship. As pristine as the azure skies.
Meteon: Now I get why you named your speedship the Nightcypher.
As Meteon and the others enjoy the cool morning breeze on their cheeks, the Grandcypher steadily picks up speed.
Meteon: This is the first time I've felt like I'm really riding an airship.
Meteon: The altitude and speed are different from a speedship. Same with the scenery, the way it sways, the wind...
Meteon squints for a moment, giving his entire body over to the pleasant sensation of flight...
Meteon: By the way, what's the Grandcypher's max speed, give or take?
Lyria: A little bit faster than this, I think. Nothing special compared to a speedship, but...
Meteon: Have you ever had to push it to the limit? Hm... Now I'm wondering what the engine room looks like.
Meteon: You don't think I might have a chance to pilot the ship, do you? I'd love to see how much speed I could wring out of the engines.
Rackam: Hold it! My Grandcypher is not a speedship! And as long as I'm here, your speedster sensibilities aren't going anywhere!
Meteon: Don't worry. I won't do anything you wouldn't want me to.
Rackam: Oh sure. Like I believe that!
Vyrn: Looks like Rackam's gonna have his work cut out for him!
With the sky's fastest racer now among their ranks, the Grandcypher and its crew speed off to parts unknown once more.
With the sky's fastest racer now among their ranks, the Grandcypher and its crew speed off to parts unknown once more.