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Moody Metera

The party is requested to save a woman’s elder sister who has infiltrated the bandit’s airship. Metera tries to turn it down because it’s a pain. But she is forced to join by the skyfarers. In order to chase after the bandits, the party returns to their airship after exiting the forest.

The party stops by an Erune village and hear rumors of a group of bandits who ride an airship and are into human trafficking.
Metera: Rackam! I’m tired of walking! My legs are all stiff! Let’s go rest at that inn over there. What do you say?
Rackam: You float in the air, so you can’t be tired of walking. Oh, but you use a lot of mana that way, right?
Vyrn: I originally can fly, but not usually. No wonder it’s so tiring.
Rackam: If you’re tired, then don’t fly and just walk. If you keep complaining, we’ll leave you behind.
Metera: No no no no! You don’t understand a thing. This is such a pain. I wanna go back to the airship.
???: Excuse me! Skyfarers there!
Metera: Hmm? Skyfarer...? Ohh, you mean me? Haha! I guess I am one now.
El: My name is El and live in this village... Um...
Metera: What’s up? I got it! You’re a fan of mine!
Vyrn: Hey! You want something from us?
El: From the way you look, you are skyfarers, yes?
El: I know this is terrible of me to ask you this so suddenly... Would you please save my elder sister, Mel?
Rackam: Hm? Save her? What happened to your sister?
El: Well... She said that she would get to the bottom of where the human trafficking bandits are hiding around here...
El: I tried to stop her, but she snuck into the bandits’ airship by herself.
Lyria: I’d be worried sick, too...
El: Yes, but my sister is quite stubborn. Would you please save her?!
Metera: Sorry! We’re closed for today! Can you ask someone else? Ciao!
Rackam: Hey! Don’t just turn her down! She probably had nowhere to turn to but us skyfarers.
Rackam: Sneaking into an airship, huh? She sounds just like that Metera over there...
Metera: Hmph. She does have guts. Anyway, I’m going back to take a nap.
Rackam: Yeah, yeah, take care! Oh, no you don’t! You’re coming with us!
Metera: What?! Why do I have to work for a total stranger?!
Rackam: (Captain) is going, too. Being the boss of us, you have to listen, or you’ll get kicked off the airship.
Metera: Yeah yeah. Fine. I’ll go, but only because you told me to.
El: Um... I’m sorry for making you do this... It’s all my fault.
Metera: Seriously... Thanks to you, my me time is ruined. I hope you’ll reward us nicely!
Vyrn: Come on... You don’t need to say that...
Villager: ...
Metera: Oh, a handsome man. Say! You there, mister! Wanna have some fun with me?
Rackam: Hey, I thought you were tired. If you have enough energy to do that, then you can go!
Metera: Aww, wait... I just managed to get close to him!
Vyrn: All right! Then let’s go back to the airship for now and head to the bandits’ hideout.

Moody Metera: Scene 2

The party trace the bandits’ footsteps and discover a suspicious airship. Rackam asks Metera to go scout, but she’s completely unmotivated. With all of that going on, the flying monsters attack the party in the airship.

After getting on the airship, (Captain) and company took to the skies to save Mel, who is in the bandits’ ship.
Rackam: So have you traced the bandits and their location?
El: According to Mel, their base is somewhere in this airspace. I think they should still be around here.
Metera: You got a reckless sister there, you know?
El: Yes... My sister has always been wild and freedom-loving. She never thinks about the consequences of anything she does and causes a lot of trouble for my family.
Metera: Oh? So why are you bothering to rescue someone like that?
El: It doesn't matter... She's the only sister I will ever have in this world...
Metera: Uh-huh...
Rackam: I see an airship ahead... But considering the exterior and the shape, it doesn’t look like a legitimate airship. Is that it?
El: It matches the description from Mel! It must be that ship!
Rackam: Metera. You can fly, so can’t you go up to the airship and check out what’s going on inside?
Metera: Eek! I don't want to do something so dangerous! Actually... It’s just a pain.
Rackam: Come on! You gotta learn to get into it!
Vyrn: Look! There’s a flock of monsters!
El: Will everything be all right...?
Metera: Oh, that’s insulting. You think I’ll lose to the likes of them?
Lyria: Not to worry! (Captain) and everyone else here is really strong!

Moody Metera: Scene 3

The party moved closer to the airship of the bandits. Metera enters the bandits’ airship by herself, and messes around as usual. She finally got serious after being attacked and sustaining an injury.

Mel: Hey, you! Let go of me, punk!
Bandit: So that’s where you were hiding. Who are you? You came here to get captured, too?
Mel: Shut up, pigface! I’m here to crush you filthy bandits!
Bandit: Hahaha! You’ve got some guts, little lady.
Bandit: Hm? What’s that? An unfamiliar airship is heading this way!
Rackam: Ugh... They noticed us. Metera, get on the ship. Your priority is saving the hostage!
Metera: I’d better get this over with or I’ll have trouble sleeping at night. Sigh... Here we go...
Metera mumbles to herself lazily as she uses the magic of flight to jump up onto the bandits’ airship.
Metera: Ooh! Hey, handsome! You’d better let go of the hostage right now!
Bandit: Huh? Who the hell are you?!
Metera: We can have some fun if you let go of the hostage.
Rackam: Hey, who told you that you could seduce the bandits?
Bandit: What? What’s with this woman? Shoot her down!
The bandit’s bullet grazes Metera’s cheek and cuts some of her hair.
Metera: Huh...?
Bandit: Whoops. Now that I look carefully, you’ve got a cute face. Men! Get her, too!
Metera: I can’t believe I was caught off guard. This is bad!
Bandit: What are you mumbling about? Now come over here! I’ll take good care of you!
Metera: Shut up... I’ll bash your face in until even your friends don't know who you are!
Metera: (Captain)! Rackam! Take care of the ship!
Rackam: Got it! You get the hostage! Took her long enough to get motivated.
El: Metera... Please save my sister!
Metera: Easy! As a girl, I’m good at cleaning up the trash.
Bandit: You think this is a joke? I’ll crush all of you!
Vyrn: Whoa! They sent off monsters at us! Watch out! Metera!

Moody Metera: Scene 4

Metera manages to defeat the bandits and complete the rescue. The sisters thank her profusely. The carefree elder sister, Mel, and the kind hearted little sister, El. Seeing the Erune sisters seem close, Metera gets sentimental.

The party managed to corner the bandits. But at the same time, Mel loses her balance and falls from the bandits’ airship.
Mel: Ahhh!
Metera: ...!
Metera quickly jumps up into the air and catches Mel.
While the party is focusing their attention on Mel, the bandits run away.
El: Mel! Are you okay? You’re not hurt, are you?
Mel: Never mind me. I’m surprised at you! I didn’t think you’d come to save me! Thanks to you, I’m okay!
El: You’re always so reckless, Mel!
Mel: Sorry about that! And to everyone! Thanks for saving me!
El: Sniff... Mel! You almost died back there! How can you be so carefree?!
Vyrn: Phew. Glad it worked out well. Another case solved! You know, Mel is so different from El. I thought they were sisters.
Lyria: Hehe. It’s always nice to see sisters that are so close. Right, Metera?
Metera: Y-Yeah... Well, I’m glad you could be reunited.
Rackam: What’s the matter, Metera? You seem down.
Rackam: It’s thanks to you that Mel was saved. Why don’t you start boasting like how you always do?
Metera: N-No reason... I’m just tired because you guys forced me to do this.
El: Um... Metera! Thank you so much for saving my sister!
Metera: It’s fine. I only helped because I happened to feel like it at the time.
El: When you were fighting in the sky, you were like a shining butterfly! It was so beautiful!
Mel: Yeah!You were so cool! If it weren’t for my loving sister, I might not even be here anymore to tell the tale. Ahaha!
El: Oh, Mel! You should thank Metera more!
Mel: Hm? What was wrong about that? I was just complimenting my sister.
Metera: Haha... Well, I’m glad you’re all right. I hope you two sisters will always be close like that.
Rackam: Come on... Why are you getting all serious? You okay? You sure you don’t have a fever or something?
Metera: Oh? Why are you so worried about me, Rackam... A-A-Achoo!
Rackam: I told you so! You probably caught a cold because you always dress like that.
Metera: You’re right... I’m starting to feel the chills. I think I need someone to warm me up!
Rackam: Hey! That’s not what I meant!
Erune Man: ...
Metera: Oh my! Hello, handsome! It’s such a cool day today! Why don’t we warm eachother up?
Rackam: Geez... You’d better rest or you’ll never get better!
Vyrn: Oh, geez... Metera will never stop being so flirty...
Thanks to Metera’s efforts, the sisters are rescued from danger.
In this world, there are still many people who are waiting to meet her, in need of her special powers. Metera’s journey has only just begun.