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Eyes for the Leader

When the crew and Mina's sisters joke around about Albert, Mina gives them a fierce tongue-lashing. As the second-in-command of the Sky Knights, Mina explains to the crew why she holds Albert in such high regard.

Mona: You'll be fine! Quit acting like such a scaredy-cat! Okay, are you ready?
  1. Yeah, I'm ready.
  2. Just do it already!

Choose: Yeah, I'm ready.
Mona: That's the spirit, (Captain)! All right, here goes...
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Choose: Just do it already!
Mona: Hahaha! That's the ticket! Now just sit there and relax!
Continue 1
Mona: Zap, zap, zap! Can you feel it? That's electricity surging through your shoulders and relieving your pain! Feels good, doesn't it?
Lyria: Oh dear! Are you okay, (Captain)?
Mena: Mona! Can't you see the look on (Captain)'s face? You're obviously giving it too much juice!
Mona: You think so? But if it stings just a little, it feels good too, don'tcha think?
Mina: I agree. It's not working unless you can feel it. Getting that done every now and again makes everything better.
Vyrn: Hehe! Well, at any rate, (Captain) sure looks happy with it!
Lyria: Wow! Was it that good?
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Mona: Isn't it great? Okay then! For one special energy zap, your total comes to one hundred rupies!
Mona: Thanks for stopping by! I can see you enjoyed my sparks. Come back any time you need a recharge!
Mina: All right then. Just take it easy on the crew. If you do too much, you're bound to hurt someone.
Mona: Got it! I'll tone it down next time!
Vyrn: Haha! Speakin' of electricity, I heard Lightning Boy is good with sparks too!
Mona: You mean, Albert? I bet if we started a massage parlor together, it'd be a shocking success!
Vyrn: Hehe! Good thinkin'!
Mina: Watch your mouth! I know you think you're having fun, but you've crossed the line!
Mina: Albert is not to be used like some kind of massage chair!
Mona: Mina, we were just joking...
Mina: That goes for the rest of you too! I've held my tongue this whole time, but I can't take it anymore!
Lyria: What?
Mina: Listen up! I don't know what you knew about Albert when you first met him.
Mina: But any fighter in Levin worth one's salt knows of Albert's reputation.
Mena: Great, not this again... Mona, just let it go!
Mona: What? Are you saying this is my fault somehow?
Vyrn: No, this is our fault too. We should've realized you felt that way about Lightning Boy...
Mina: Well, yeah! I have great respect for Albert!
Mina: Even the word respect can't fully describe all that I think about Albert.
Mina: I became the vice leader of the Sky Knights just to be by his side!
Mina becomes so worked up that she finds herself with tunnel vision. She then launches into the story of her past with Albert.
The story begins some time after Mina has joined the Sky Knights.
Being a wielder of water magic, Mina can't help but feel out of place among a group of lightning users.
Mina: I might not be able to char my foes to a crisp, but I'll find some way to make myself useful!
Mina: Umph! Hraaah!
Albert: Wait a sec...
Albert: Hey, isn't that girl in our order? What is she doing out here swinging a sword by herself?
Knight: She's a water user, sir. The rest of the order is afraid of getting close to her during battle since she's vulnerable to lightning attacks.
Albert: Hmm. A water user, eh?
Monster: Grrr...
Mina: A monster? Hah! What good timing! Prepare to eat water sword!

Eyes for the Leader: Scene 2

Detailing her high respect for Albert to the crew, Mina explains that Albert once chose her to accompany him on a mission. Mina was nervous about the mission and trained alone until Albert proposed they devise a combination attack together in order to better face their foe.

One day the Sky Knights receive orders to take down a monster out in the field. Albert selects Mina to accompany him on the mission.
The other members of the order speak out against his decision due to the potential danger. But Albert only scoffs at their concerns.
Mina: Stay calm, Mina. Just stay calm...
After the announcement of her appointment has been made, Mina goes to her old training spot to prepare herself for the task ahead.
Mina: ...
Mina: (That was an order from our leader. But what could he be thinking? There's no way I could...)
Mina: ...
Mina: It's no use. I can't focus like this!
Albert: Is that because it's too noisy out here?
Mina: Huh? Sir Albert! What are you doing here?
Albert: I should be asking you the same thing. Why do you always come out here to train all alone?
Mina: Sir! That's because my water magic doesn't seem to mix well with the other members of the order, sir...
Albert: I see. Indeed, it does have the potential for disaster.
Mina: Yes, sir...
Albert: But, then again... If used in combination, it could boost the power of our lightning magic, don't you think?
Mina: What? I, uh, follow your logic, but I don't think I can—
Albert: No. I know you can do it.
Mina: Sir...
Albert: The enemy we'll be facing is covered in a special type of protective material.
Albert: Even my Lord of Blitz attack is useless against it. But if we had some way of increasing its electrical conductivity, maybe we'd have something!
Albert: The increase in conductivity would give my electricity a powerful jolt, making the attack unstoppable! It's got to be worth a shot!
Mina: ...!
Albert: If you want to silence those naysayers, it would be best to speak with your sword.
Albert: And if you don't have anyone to help you hone this new skill, then I volunteer myself!
Mina and Albert quickly go to work as they train up their newfound combination attack.
Albert: Aaah!
Mina: A-Albert! I'm so sorry!
Albert: Heh. You should have said something before you did that. I managed to avoid getting shocked—but just barely.
Albert: Anyway, we're definitely making progress. Now let's pick up the pace! Again!
Mina: Yes, sir!
Though Albert finds himself soaked and charred a handful of times, he manages to draw out the great potential within Mina.
The two continue their rigorous training until the day comes when they put it into action.

Eyes for the Leader: Scene 3

Having successfully completed training and the subsequent mission, Mina gained confidence in herself and great respect for Albert. Mona argues that the revealing uniforms chosen by Albert were not a great idea, but Mina refuses to acknowledge Albert as anything but great.

With the resounding success of their training, Mina and Albert go out and dispatch their foe. This experience leads Mina to become more confident in herself.
From that day forward, Mina fights with everything she's got. She soon reaches the rank of vice leader and stands proudly by Albert's side.
Mina: For a long time I was nothing but a burden on the Sky Knights. But Albert's words gave me strength and showed me the way.
Mina: It was those very words that helped me become the person I am today. And it is those words that I will continue to follow.
Vyrn: Wow. Who knew? I guess now we get why you respect Lightning Boy so much.
Mina: Albert really is the greatest. He always knows what to say, and he always knows what to do.
Mona: I see what you mean, but... he definitely does some things that bug me.
Vyrn: Huh? Like what?
Mena: Just look! Look at these uniforms! Albert is the one that chose these things.
Lyria: Oh! I had no idea!
Mena: Though he... did say they were specially designed for battle. And the skintight material does reduce air resistance...
Mona: It might be a revolutionary design and all, but don't you think it goes too far? I bet these even make our enemies attracted to us.
Lyria: Oh dear. I guess if you put it that way, I see how that might be a problem...
Mona: Right? We can't go around dressed like this! I was so embarrassed at first that I flat out refused to wear it.
Mina: Oh, really? But there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I actually find the flexibility rather liberating.
Mina: Wearing a uniform that our leader selected firsthand makes me really proud!
Mina: And you can even show your respect to Albert by wearing it every day. Isn't it great?
Mena: What? You mean, you actually like these uniforms? You can't be serious!
Mona: Mina, just calm down for a second and take a good look at these things.
But looking at the uniforms only further affirms Mina's confidence in Albert.
Though she sees Albert through rose-colored glasses, her vision is sure to change over time with (Captain) and company.
After all, her adventures with her sisters have only just begun.