Scenario:Nezahualpilli - Plume and Doom

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Plume and Doom

Upon returning to his homeland, Nezahualpilli finds that a gruesome tragedy has the clan elders paralyzed with fear. As their chieftain, Nezahualpilli vows to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Nezahualpilli: Hmm... Still no clues to be found.
Nezahualpilli: I thought my tribesmen would have at least some information, but...
Lyria: Don't worry, Nezahualpilli! I'm sure you'll find the answer eventually! You always do!
Nezahualpilli: Hm. Yes, you're right, Lyria. The King of Eagles knows no defeat!
Vyrn: Heh heh! That's the spirit!
Nezahualpilli, (Captain), and company have gone incognito in search of clues to a mystery most puzzling.
It all began just a few hours ago.
Eagle King Nezahualpilli—chieftain of the Feathered Ones.
Many moons ago, he set out in search of power to overcome a harrowing prophecy believed by the elders of his tribe.
In time he learned that unknown power is not what they need.
But instead, the resolve to stand strong in the face of calamity itself.
Now he's returned to his land to share this newfound revelation.
Nezahualpilli: Hah hah hah! Ahh, how I've missed the breeze of my home peaks!
Vyrn: So this is where you grew up, huh? You guys sure like living in high places.
Nezahualpilli: But of course. We are the Clan of Feathers after all. The heights of the sky are our domain.
Vyrn: Wait, but aren't you scared of heights? Doesn't it bother you?
Nezahualpilli: I'm their chief! Would it be fit for the king of the eagles to fear high places and live on the ground?
Nezahualpilli: The lofty peaks are my destiny!
Nezahualpilli: ...
Is what I have to tell myself... every single day...
Vyrn: That... that's gotta be rough for ya...
Nezahualpilli: Oh, my friend... Rough does not begin to describe it...
Vyrn lets out a sigh and pats the downcast man on the back. Without warning, a hawk bursts from the forest and heads directly for the crew.
???: Kree!
Vyrn: What the!
The crew is alarmed at first, but the bird weaves its way swiftly past them and comes to rest on Nezahualpilli's arm.
Nezahualpilli: By the winds! Kree! It's you!
???: Kree!
Nezahualpilli: Hah hah hah! It's good to see you too!
Lyria: Is... is this bird a friend of yours?
Nezahualpilli: Ah, where are my manners. Introductions!
Nezahualpilli: This is Kreetori. We are more than friends; we are beak-brothers.
Nezahualpilli: I call him Kree, for short.
Lyria: Aww, what an adorable name! Hi there, Kree! I'm Lyria!
Kreetori: Kree!
Kreetori opens his wings wide, takes to the air, and then comes to rest on (Captain)'s shoulder.
Nezahualpilli: Hah hah hah! Why am I not surprised!
Lyria: Um, I'm sorry? I don't quite follow.
Nezahualpilli: You see, Kree doesn't rest his feet upon just anyone. Only on those he deems worthy in strength will he perch.
Vyrn: And (Captain)'s as strong as they come! Didn't need a bird to tell me that! Heh heh.
Idle chatter and bouts of laughter sound through the forest as Kree and crew continue through the woods.
That is, however, until a woman runs up to them in a panic.
Chamberlain: Ch-Chief Nezahualpilli! You've returned!
Nezahualpilli: Ah, a welcoming party!
Nezahualpilli: Hm, but you seem shaken. What's wrong?
Chamberlain: M-my chief, I fear for the tribe...
Still trying to find her breath, the woman begins to explain.
Just before dawn, she set out on her usual rounds about the village. What the sunrise revealed, however, was an ungodly sight. Dead birds lay strewn across the village in horrifying numbers.
The elders saw this as a sign the prophesied end was close at hand. And the clan was thrown into chaos.
Nezahualpilli: I see... This is serious.
Nezahualpilli: The elders believe fervently in the prophecy—it's not hard to imagine they would draw such a conclusion.
Vyrn: I think I remember you saying something about your clan and that prophecy.
Vyrn: What's your Clan of Feathers all about anyway?
Nezahualpilli: Ah, I've yet to tell you about my clan, haven't I?
Nezahualpilli: Now's as good a time as ever then—allow me to explain.
A deep breath, a gathering of thoughts, and Nezahualpilli begins.
Nezahualpilli: Our clan's beginnings can be traced back to almost a thousand summers ago.
Nezahualpilli: The first of the Feathers believed that birds—they who fly so freely through the sky—were the true masters of this world.
Nezahualpilli: But to them, the birds were not gods to be feared; they were companions to live with in harmony.
Nezahualpilli: Just as Kreetori and I do.
Nezahualpilli: We believe that by doing so, one day we shall receive wings of our own, and share the sky with our companions as true equals.
Lyria: Ah, so that's why you look like an eagle!
Nezahualpilli: Indeed. My armor allows me to bend the wind so that I may soar as the birds do.
Lyria: Wow, that sounds like fun!
Chamberlain: Um... I'm sorry to interrupt but...
Nezahualpilli: Ah, my apologies. Returning to the matter at hand.
Nezahualpilli: Tell me more of what you saw. How many birds did you see... lying there?
Chamberlain: Oh, it was awful! There were easily five hundred of them, birds of all types...
Chamberlain: At first I thought they'd fought each other—a territorial dispute perhaps—but none had any wounds to be seen.
Nezahualpilli: Birds of all types...
Nezahualpilli: No... It couldn't be.
Chamberlain: Pardon me, my king?
Nezahualpilli: Ah, it was nothing. Pay it no mind.
Nezahualpilli: Thank you. I'll not ask you to relive that moment any longer. For now I must speak with the elders. Where are they?
Chamberlain: They... They're gathered in the great hall.
Nezahualpilli: Understood. As your king I shall get to the bottom of this matter. This I swear.
Nezahualpilli: My apologies, (Captain), but I must ask you and the crew to wait here.
Nezahualpilli: I cannot risk adding to the confusion by bringing outsiders into the village.
With that, Nezahualpilli parts ways with the crew and heads to the great hall.
Elder 1: The end is nigh... The end in nigh!
Elder 2: In this world of uncertainty, death is the only constant...
Nezahualpilli: I have returned!
A cold silence falls over the hall. All eyes are on Nezahualpilli.
Elder 1: Chieftain! Why are you here?
Nezahualpilli: I came to bring news of what I've learned in my travels, but it seems that will have to wait.
Nezahualpilli: I've been informed of what happened. And though I know fear grips your hearts...
Nezahualpilli: You must remain calm.
Nezahualpilli: I myself shall investigate this matter and bring to light its true cause!
Nezahualpilli: There is a reasonable explanation for all of this—there must be. Allow me to prove it to you.
Elder 1: With all due respect, there is nothing to investigate. As certain as the rooster crows at dawn, this is a sign of the end.
Nezahualpilli: How can you assume so? What if the birds have simply succumbed to starvation? Is that so impossible?
Elder 2: How sure of this are you? Sure enough to stake your place as Eagle King?
The room once again turns still. Some of the elders are stunned; others watch with bated breath. Nezahualpilli soon breaks the silence.
Nezahualpilli: Yes. I am.
This I vow: if I do not find the truth, I shall step down as leader.
Gasps fill the hall.
But none dare speak another word against the chief of chiefs.
Nezahualpilli: Nothing further? It's agreed then.
Nezahualpilli: And I believe it goes without saying that none beyond this room should hear of this. I do not wish to cause the clan any more distress.
Elder 2: Very well. Let us see if you are indeed still worthy to lead the clan.
Nezahualpilli: Then may your eyes see true.
With that, Nezahualpilli turns and leaves the great hall.
Nezahualpilli: Now...
Lyria: Um, how did it go?
He gives them a brief outline of what transpired.
Nezahualpilli: At the very least, the storm has calmed for now. Though I'll have to give up my place as chief if I can't get to the bottom of this.
Lyria: What? Oh no...
Nezahualpilli: Hah hah hah! Why so solemn, Lyria?
Nezahualpilli: There's nothing to worry about! The truth will be found! Though I will have to leave the crew for a time...
Vyrn: Crazy talk! We're coming with you!
Nezahualpilli: I appreciate the sentiment, but this is a Clan of Feathers matter—I can't drag all of you into this.
Lyria: But you might lose your place as chief. We can't just leave you alone!
Vyrn: Yeah! We're a team! Right, (Captain)?
Nezahualpilli: Everyone...
Nezahualpilli: Yes, you are correct. But what comes first is the tribe and the preservation of peace—my pride as chief be damned.
Nezahualpilli: I accept your generous offer, trusted friends.
Vyrn: Heh heh. C'mon then, we got a case to crack!
Nezahualpilli: Come friends! The truth shall be ours!
And so the stage is set. A mysterious calamity. A tribe in turmoil.
A king who would give all for his people. And friends who would give all for him.
They set forth for another village; to answers—to the shocking truth.