Scenario:Rin Shibuya - Picking Up the Sword

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Picking Up the Sword

(Captain) and company accept a quest from Siero's Knickknack Shack to deliver supplies to a town frequently ravaged by monsters. Rin's explains that her job back home was to bring a smile to people's faces, and would like to do the same here starting with this quest.

A musical performance is taking place in a tavern, accompanied by powerful and moving vocals. As for the singer…
Tavern Regular 1: Whoa! What an amazing voice!
Tavern Regular 2: Woooooo! Sing for us some more! Encore!
Rin: Phew… thanks for listening, everyone.
Rin descends from the stage with a bow, her face flushed with pleasure and self-accomplishment as she is bathed in applause.
Rin: And… thank you for your help, too, Troubadour-san.
Troubadour: No, not at all. It was your singing that carried the performance!
For Rin, the girl from another world, singing had always been a way of life, and being in the Sky Realm changes nothing.
Vyrn: Heh heh! Rin really is amazing. She's been singing all that time, and her voice is still just as clear as ever!
Rin: Oh… sorry. I got so caught up in the performance, I lost track of time.
Lyria: Hee hee, that's fine! I could listen to your singing forever, Rin-san!
Rin: Hee hee… thanks, Lyria. I'm so happy whenever I get praise from someone!
Rin: …Anyway, time for a change of pace. We should head over to Sierokarte-san to ask about the request, right?
Vyrn: Yeah. I hear some dangerous monsters have appeared, and some town has it pretty bad.
Rin: I see…
Vyrn: What's wrong? You don’t look so happy.
Rin: Yeah… I was thinking, this sounds like a big request.
From Rin's experience of skyfarers, she guesses that the road ahead will be plagued with difficulties.
With her characteristic sincerity, she has studied the skyfarers' lifestyle, hoping to gain experience from observing their work.
Vyrn: Well, there's no point in being all gloomy just yet. We gotta hear the details first!
Rin: Yeah. Let's go!
Vyrn: Err, so, we just have to carry these goods, right? Seems like a pretty well-paid job, considering…
Sierokarte: Indeed! The client is the town's mayor. He's concerned about the periodic monster attacks they've been suffering.
Vyrn: So basically, he's come crying to us for help now they're short-handed, huh?
Rin: Hey, (Captain)-san. These goods are all food…
Lyria: Ohh… there must be lots of hungry people…
Rin: I see… sounds like a serious situation… (Captain)-san, can't we help them?
Rin: My job in my original world was to cheer people up, and make them smile. I can't just ignore people in need.
Rin: I do understand that a skyfarer's work isn't a charity. And this is partially my own selfishness, but…
Vyrn: Heh heh! You're not alone! There's no way (Captain) could just stand by and do nothing, either!
Thus, (Captain)'s crew undertakes the request given to them by Sierokarte, and helps to carry the goods to the client's town.

Picking Up the Sword: Scene 2

(Captain) and company arrive at the town only to learn how exhausted and lifeless its inhabitants are. Rin exclaims her wish to take on quests here in addition to helping the locals get back on their feet. Just then, a pack of monsters come to attack the town.

Vyrn: …By the way, what's this violet blade stuff you're always going on about, Rin?
Rin: Um… those are kind of lines from a script I invented myself.
Vyrn: I've been wondering about them for a while now. They sound different to any spell I've ever heard.
Rin: Hmm… how can I put it? If I say them, I feel somehow… stronger.
Rin: Kinda like, I can trust in this sword.. I don't really understand it that well myself.
Vyrn: Hmm… what a weird thing to say, "trusting a sword"? Is it a magic sword or something?
Rin: No, it's not. It's just a stage prop. But it didn't give out blue flames in the other world…
Vyrn: Wow. So you come to a different world, your toy starts spouting out fire… A lot of messed up stuff is happening to you, huh, Rin?
Rin: Hee hee, I guess you're right. It's all so weird.
Rin: …We should be there soon, right? At the client's town…
Vyrn: Yeah. Judging by the map we got from Siero, it should be around here…
Vyrn: …Hey, are these the guys? They seem all worn out.
Rin: Yeah…
Rin: Hey, (Captain)-san. Would we be able to take requests here as well? There must be something we're able to help with!
Vyrn: We're fine with that! You know, you're really quiet, Rin, but you have your fired-up moments. Kinda like Katalina, actually.
Rin: …I guess you're right. I don't understand it myself, but…
Rin: Huh? Wait a second. Something's strange…
Guard: Gah! Y-you fiend!
Vyrn: What the— Monsters are invading the town!
Vyrn: Argh! We've no time to be getting requests! (Captain)! We've gotta stop them!

Picking Up the Sword: Scene 3

Learning from the town mayor of the soldiers' weariness caused by the nearly incessant warfare as of late, Lyria proposes for Rin to boost everyone's morale with her singing. All in the plaza slowly but surely regain their strength as they listen to Rin's song, making her realize the extent of her power. But at the same time, it also draws forth the pack leader of the monsters.

Town Mayor: Thank you so much! You've saved us!
Vyrn: H-hey… I think you better get some help before things get any worse, don't ya think?
Town Mayor: Yes, you're quite right… But with the severity of the attacks increasing so suddenly, we've had no time to send a messenger…
Vyrn: Hmm… this is gonna be a problem.
Town Mayor: Our soldiers are becoming exhausted from the long battles… I'm afraid the situation is growing ever more dire.
Vyrn: Yeah. Those guys out there certainly looked worn out. No wonder you can't fight properly.
Lyria: Oh, I know! Rin-san, you can cheer everyone up with your singing!
Rin: Huh? Me? Sing, in this town?
Vyrn: Ha ha ha! Nice idea, Lyria! They'll definitely cheer up with her singing voice!
Town Mayor: Oho! Well, if you would, we'd be most grateful! We haven't had any time for leisure in a while.
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong? You always seem so happy to sing…
Rin: Oh… it just…
Rin: Can my singing really help out? I mean, right now, this town is…
Vyrn: Come on, you don't know unless you try, right?
Rin: Yeah…
Lyria: Um, Rin-san. You said it yourself before, if there was anyone in this world you could help through singing…
Lyria: I… I don't know if it'll help for sure, but… I do know that since you've joined the crew, things have gotten a little more fun!
Lyria: Um… I love listening to your songs, Rin-san, and I love singing along with you too. It… it makes me really happy!
Lyria: So, I'm sure everyone in this town will be cheered up by your voice…
Rin: …OK, I'll do it! Thanks, Vyrn, Lyria.
Rin: (That's right. I told the producer I wouldn't stop or waver in my tracks any more.)
Rin: (I want to bring smiles to people's faces. So, I won't stop, not now, not ever!)
Clenching her fists, Rin walks down a wide, deserted street, eventually reaching the water fountain in the town's central square.
Standing alone in the deserted plaza, Rin gathers her breath as usual.
Rin: (Here goes...)
Rin begins to sing. At first, the townsfolk look at her, wondering what is going on, but they soon move on.
Not allowing this to discourage her, Rin continues to sing the song that gives her courage as she has done many times before…
Townsperson 2:
Townsperson 3:
Becoming aware of Rin's voice, the windows of the houses that line the street open up, and faces peek out.
Rin: (…)
Rin sings without faltering. The townsfolk had not felt joy in so long, their surfacing emotions must be beyond comprehension.
Rin: (Please get through to them…)
Rin: (Please… my song has to…)
Townsperson 2:
Townsperson 3:
At first, the townsfolk stare at her in blank amazement, but little by little, a faint smiles begin to appear on their faces.
Townsperson 2: What… what a beautiful song…
Townsperson 3: Yeah. It's been so long, I'd forgotten what it's like…
Amid the scattered comments which leak out here and there, the sound of clapping gradually breaks out, reaching Rin's ears.
In the hearts of the impoverished people, a faint ray of hope glimmers as they listen to Rin's singing.
Rin: (I see. My singing… it may not be able to defeat monsters, but it's not powerless…)
Rin: (My talent… I've finally discovered after so long… I'm not powerless, after all!)
Rin: (Please… reach more and more people!)
As Rin's conviction grows stronger, her singing voice is gripped with an ardent fervor, becoming something else entirely.
Lyria: Huh? Th-this…
Vyrn: H-hey! Is this really Rin's singing? Did she always have this incredible voice?
Lyria: It's not just her voice… it's like the nature on this island has joined her for a musical performance…
Finally, Rin's sentiments have transformed her song into something that engulfs not just the town, but the whole island.
Rin: (Even without any equipment, my voice is ringing out so loud. How strange…)
Rin: (But, why might that be? I think I understand…)
Moved by Rin's singing, the townsfolk are slowly regaining their warm countenances, but…
Monster: RAARGGGH!
Vyrn: Gah! What's this thing doing…
Town Mayor: That…That's the leader of the monsters that have been attacking our town!
Vyrn: Darn it! It’s been drawn here by Rin's voice! Jeez, what a time to interrupt!

Picking Up the Sword: Scene 4

After defeating the pack leader, Rin has flashbacks of the gift she received from her producer. Following this incident, Rin often goes quiet as if in deep contemplation, but she is actually devising a plan in her mind for what it really means to put a smile on people's faces.

Vyrn: Huff… pant… W-we somehow managed stop it without letting it get to Rin…
Lyria: But wow, that was amazing! Rin-san, where did that amazing voice come from?
Rin: I have no idea… it travelled pretty far, considering I didn’t have a loudspeaker or anything.
Vyrn: Hey, I don't think how far it reached what we're sooo amazed at… that was crazy just now!
Rin: Hmm… well, thinking about it now, I don't really know what happened…
Rin: Oh… that's right, this sword…
Rin: Oh, Uzuki, by the way… is this the whole costume?
Rin: I think they were saying something in the meeting about changing the material for the sword, if I remember.
Just as Rin voices the question, the sound of hurried footsteps reaches the waiting room she is in.
Rin: Oh, Producer. You made it in time with the props. You're sweating a lot, though. Hee hee.
A smile floating to their lips, the producer hands over the prop, which Rin stares at for a while.
Rin: It's true. The sword really does suit me best. I feel like I'm ready, now. Thanks, Producer.
Rin: Hee hee.. Receiving this sword like this feels kind of like a knighting ceremony. It's a little cheesy.
Rin's gaze wavers, as if she is searching for the right thing to say. Then…
Rin: Feel my violet blade! IOLITE BLUE!
Rin: Hee hee… how was that? Did I look cool?
Rin: These words, this sword, and this costume… all were things given to me by the producer, and I'll treasure them as such.
Rin: (That's right. This sword, this costume… they're a kind of magic given to me by the producer.)
Rin: (So… when I entered a world where magic exists… that magic became real for me. I guess that must be it.)
Vyrn: Hey, what's up, Rin? Are you tired, or something, you're kinda spaced out…
Rin: …Well, I've just been thinking. About the power I've received.
Rin: Of course, if the prop sword given to me by the producer contains magic power…
Rin: Then the singing power I got from the producer must also contain the power to help people too.
Vyrn: Whoa… the more I hear about this "producer", the cooler they seem.
Rin: …Yeah. Though sometimes I have no idea what the producer is thinking about. Hee hee…
Thanks to this incident, Rin is made aware once again of the power within her songs.
From here on, the number of things Rin has to ponder upon only increases…
Rin: …Hmm, (Captain)-san? I'm looking a little down, you say? That's not it, I'm just thinking a little…
Rin: I really do want to sing, to make people happy. And to accomplish that, there's else something I want to do.
Rin: Oh, don't worry, I'm not going to inconvenience you, (Captain)-san.
With a smile, Rin returns to her cabin.
In her cabin, Rin is confronted with one more task. She appears to be designing something in her notes, but would could it be?