Scenario:Rosetta - Protective Gaze

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Protective Gaze

When (Captain) and company are delivering presents instead of Santa Claus, Rosetta notices Lyria looks downhearted after seeing a happy family spending the holidays together. Rosetta comforts her and tells her that (Captain) and the crew are her family now.

Our heroes delivered presents to all the good boys and girls in place of the injured Santa Claus.
Rosetta: Okay, this village is next. Shall we see which good boys and girls are on Santa's list?
Lyria: Yeah! Um... Let's see where their houses are.
(Captain) and company stroll through the village with the list in hand.
Lyria: It's so lively this time of the year! The houses and trees are covered in decorations!
Rosetta: That's right. Winter nights are dark and cold, and tonight's the longest and coldest of them all.
Rosetta: That's why families get together on this night to enjoy a delicious meal together in their warm, decorated homes.
Lyria: With their families...
Child: Mom! Let's hurry home! Santa Claus is coming!
Mother: Aren't you impatient. Santa Claus comes at night!
Child: You don't know that! Maybe he's already here!
Mother: Hee-hee. I know for a fact, so let's eat dinner and wait for him patiently.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! Santa has a fan in that kid!
Vyrn: We better make sure that one gets some presents! Right, Lyria?
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Lyria? What's wrong?
Lyria: Oh... I-it's nothing!
Lyria: Nothing at... Fwha!
Rosetta: Now, now... That's a good girl.
Lyria: R-Rosetta! Why are you stroking my head all of a sudden?
Rosetta: Well... You looked like you needed it.
Lyria: Huh?
Rosetta: You looked somewhat lonely, but there's no reason to feel that way, Lyria.
Rosetta: We have a place we can always come back to now... the Grandcypher. That makes it our home.
Rosetta: And the crew is our family. Remember that when you're feeling lonely, okay?
Lyria: Rosetta... You're absolutely right!
Rosetta: I learned long ago that one can find happiness in a family of friends.
Rosetta: I never actually thought being alone was so bad, but the memories of my time with friends are irreplaceable.
Rosetta: Those memories are another reason I decided to once again join a crew.
Rosetta: My friends from back then, and my friends now... You're all family to me.
Lyria: Rosetta... Hee-hee, I think of you as family too!
Rosetta: Thank you, Lyria. I'm glad to hear that.
Rosetta: Hee-hee. It isn't like me to talk so much... I suppose today's a special holiday exception.
Rosetta: And we still need to finish locating the houses on the list. Let's wrap this up before it gets dark.
Lyria: Okay!
Rosetta is a mysterious woman, but there's no denying that she cherishes (Captain) and the crew.
Her bonds with her friends only grow stronger as she continues her journey with them, overcoming trials and tribulations together.