Scenario:Rosine - Sun-Baked Rice Crackers

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Sun-Baked Rice Crackers

After reading a fairy tale at the Knickknack Shack, the crew sets off to meet the person it's based on, Rosine—a kind, elderly woman who treats the crew to a batch of rice crackers. It turns out her husband was mysteriously kidnapped, and she joins the crew to search for him after some urging from the island children.

A gentle breeze blows one sunny afternoon. Having finished one errand and in search of the next, the crew visits the Knickknack Shack.
After reading a fairy tale titled Rosine's Rice Crackers, they share their impressions of it.
Lyria: I'm glad it ended on a high note, but did the old lady ever get to meet up with her husband in the end?
Vyrn: Nope, I don't think so. They still didn't know where he was at the end of the story.
The tale tells of an old woman who was separated from her husband, but eventually rediscovers joy after suffering through many hardships.
The woman in the story makes rice crackers said to have the power to bring happiness to all who eat them.
Sierokarte: This book is based on a true story, you know. It was published quite recently, so the woman it's about is still going strong.
Vyrn: No way! In that case, I wanna meet her! I gotta know if she ever found her husband!
When (Captain) and the crew arrive on her island, a refined, elderly woman surrounded by children comes out to greet them.
Rosine: Why, hello there! Welcome, welcome, one and all!
Vyrn: Heya, I'm Vyrn! And this here's (Captain)! We travel the skies together.
Lyria: And I'm Lyria. I'm so glad to meet you, Rosine!
Rosine: What's that you say? Vernon? What a lovely name...
Rosine: And, uh, Lillian, was it? Thank you for coming all this way just to see me.
Vyrn: My name's Vyrn! Not Vernon!
Lyria: Um... And mine's Lyria!
Rosine: Of course, of course.
Vyrn: Yeesh... I don't think that sunk in at all.
Rosine is delighted to hear that the crew came to visit her after reading her tale, and she welcomes them with the utmost hospitality.
Rosine: Have some tea. And please, help yourself to tea cakes and rice crackers.
Child 1: Granny's rice crackers are super yummy!
Lyria: Wow! So this is a rice cracker! It looks amazing!
Lyria: Yum! This is delicious, Rosine!
Vyrn: Hehe! Yeah, they're so good! Oh rice crackers, where've you been all my life?
Rosine: Oh, come now. You're all too kind.
Child 3: Granny! Look at this bug I caught! What kinda bug is it?
Rosine: Goodness me, you sure found a big'un. Let Granny have a closer look.
Rosine begins earnestly examining the bug under a magnifying glass.
Rosine: It's... a little hard to see... Where's that magnifying glass I had?
Vyrn: Um, aren't you using it right now?
Rosine: Oh my. So I am. I didn't even realize. My eyes must have gotten worse again.
Vyrn: I don't think that's a vision problem...
Rosine grips the magnifying glass tightly and squints her eyes, leaning in to inspect the bug once more.
Rosine: Ah, I know what this guy is! There's no mistaking that hard carapace and those large horns...
Rosine: This is a, erm... Let me see now...
Rosine: ...
Rosine: Now what was it called again?
Lyria: Huh?
Vyrn: Is it just me or is she crazy forgetful?
Lyria: Ehehe. Yeah... But she's even more adorable than the Rosine in the story!
The crew finds being around Rosine incredibly relaxing. Eventually the conversation turns to the book, and a chance arises to ask about her husband.
Lyria: Rosine, aren't you sad that you never found your husband? Don't you want to see him again?
Rosine: Hmm? Well, yes... We're both getting along in years, but I suppose it's possible he's still alive.
Rosine: But I have the children and the other islanders by my side now. My loneliness left me long ago.
Her husband, a famed doctor, was kidnapped by the Primal Beast Research Agency, a society wanting to take advantage of his skill.
Ten years have passed since then. Despite being left all alone, Rosine has somehow managed to withstand the loneliness and despair.
Rosine: But you know... It'd be nice if I could see him one last time...
Vyrn: What kinda guy was he?
Rosine: Oh, he loved animals. He had a special connection with them, so he was always surrounded by creatures of some sort.
Rosine: As a physician he was without equal. He was incredibly passionate about his research...
Rosine: He had all kinds of rare instruments for practicing his medicine.
Sierokarte: Say, Rosine. Your husband didn't happen to possess a large scythe by chance, did he?
Lyria: Ah! It's Siero!
Vyrn: Whoa, where'd you spring out from! I thought you vanished the moment we landed.
Rosine: Hmm? Why, yes. He had a scythe, a hoe, things like that. But they were whisked away at the same time he was abducted.
Vyrn: She's way too chill about all this! It's kinda weirdin' me out.
Rosine: Siero, was it? Welcome, welcome to my humble home.
Sierokarte: Why, thank you for having me!
Vyrn: Back up a minute, Siero. How'd you know what tools the old man had anyway?
Sierokarte: Well, you see... There are stories of a wandering healer who performs esoteric medicine. He's said to talk to animals and carry a great scythe.
Vyrn: Wait, what!
Sierokarte: When I heard those rumors, I started to wonder if they might be describing Rosine's husband.
Rosine: My goodness...
Sierokarte: Hehehe. It looks like I've hit the nail on the head.
Lyria: That's amazing, Siero!
Rosine, he could be your husband!
Vyrn: So this healer, whereabouts is he now?
Sierokarte: Well... It seems hewanders continuously, so he doesn't have a fixed residence. I heard he's searching for the road home.
Vyrn: You're on fire today, Siero!
Hear that, Granny? Maybe you can see Gramps again after all!
Rosine: Oh my... My, my, my... I'm sorry, but... How should I put this...
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), why don't we take Rosine to find her husband?
Lyria: I know there's a chance this healer could be the wrong person, but we'll never know unless we reach out to him.
Lyria: And even if he's not her husband, there's a good chance our paths will cross at some point on our travels.
  1. Let's search for him together!
  2. Let's see what Rosine thinks

Choose: Let's search for him together!

Rosine: That's a very generous offer. However...

Choose: Let's see what Rosine thinks

Rosine: These islanders have become like a family to me.
Rosine: I want to do all I can to repay them for giving me so many days filled with happiness, for lifting me up.
Rosine: I'm not long for this world, so I know there isn't much I can do to thank them... But this is for my own self-indulgence.
Rosine: It's not that I don't want to see my husband again, but I think I'll wait patiently for him to return.
Rosine says this with a serene smile, leaving the crew members speechless.
Child 1: Hey, Granny!
Child 2: Um, we know you sometimes get sad.
Rosine: My, my, my... Where is all this coming from?
Child 2: I want you to be happy all the time like we are. I don't want you to be lonely.
Child 3: Deep down, you wanna see Gramps again, don't you, Granny?
Child 2: Yeah! And I bet Gramps wants to see you too! So go find him!
Rosine: Oh, children...
Rosine is at a loss for words at this unexpected development. The persuasive words of the children sway her stubborn heart.
Finally she speaks.
Rosine: You young'uns grow up so fast... When did you get to be so wise?
Lyria: Hehe. It's easy to see they all love their Granny!
Rosine: Well, when you put it like that, I don't have much of a choice, do I?
Rosine: May I take back my previous response to your invitation, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Of course you can! Just say the word! Right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Yay! We'll find your husband together! I'm sure of it!
Rosine: Lillian, Vernon, (Captain). Thank you for having me aboard.
Vyrn: Hey! Who's Vernon!
Lyria: Well, I guess Lillian is close enough to Lyria.
Rosine: Look after my place while I'm away, children. And you all play nice, now. Don't wander off anywhere dangerous.
Child 1: Hehe. Don't worry about us! You take care of yourself too, Granny!
Rosine joins the crew on their travels in hopes of one day being reunited with her long-lost husband.
And with that, a new chapter of Rosine's Rice Crackers begins to unfold.