Scenario:Sarunan and Sarunan - Bet on the Stars

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Bet on the Stars

Awaking in the dark, Sarunan sees a small light floating in front of him. The light brings him to an apparition, looking exactly like himself, who proceeds to question his motive and resolve before he blacks out. Awaking once more, this time he is faced with Vyrn and Lyria, as well as the doting Honey. Seeing how worried Honey has been for him, his resolve is strengthened and he vows to never leave her.

Sarunan: Haaah… Haaah… What is this place?
Sarunan: Ugh! This is… no time… for this. I need to find Honey…
Sarunan: Wha-! What was that?
Out of the darkness a small light appears before the stumbling Sarunan.
Sarunan chases after the light like a man possessed.
Sarunan: Wha-! But this is…
Sarunan: Honey! What do you think of this? I bought it from the stall over there.
Sarunan: Heheheh, don't worry, Honey… Of course I bought some for you as well.
Sarunan: Ahahahah! I know, Honey, I know! I know you can't eat the food from this world…
Sarunan: But… I still want to enjoy spending time and eating with you.
Sarunan: I… I want to make the most of the time we have together.
Sarunan: Agh! I can't stand it any more!
Honey: ?
Sarunan: Honey! Take this candy as sweet as our love, and bring it to my lips!
The candy that Sarunan had bought at the street stall suddenly floats up and shoots straight for his eyes.
Sarunan: Ugh! Wha-! Honey! What are you—
Sarunan: Are you listening to me? Excuse me, Honey? Honey? Honey!
Sarunan: I'm sorry, Honey… I promise, when we get to the Isle of the Astrals we shall have a normal date…
???: Well, well. Daydreaming again, are we?
Sarunan: Wha-! You!
Sarunan: Humph. Even if we get to Estalucia, do you really think the Astrals will use their power to bring Honey into this world?
Sarunan: Haaah, surely you must sometimes wonder if even they have such power.
Sarunan: Hmm… Well even assuming that power exists…
Sarunan: What will they ask of us in return for such a favor?
Sarunan: …Argh!
Sarunan: What to do… You've done everything you can think of to bring her into this world, our dearest Honey…
Sarunan continues talking to the silent Sarunan.
Sarunan: Yes, that is the biggest problem.
Sarunan: Tell the truth, do you really want Honey to become human?
Sarunan: What! How could you… I mean, it's Honey…
Sarunan: Yeargh! WE can't go on like this! I have to find a way to help Honey…
Sarunan: Cough! Guaaargh… Haaah…
Sarunan: Ugh, Honey?
Sarunan: Wha-! What are you saying? We can't back out of this now!
Sarunan: Ugh! I mean… I'm doing this for you, Honey!
Sarunan: Haaah… Haaah… Please, get out of my way, I need to…
Sarunan: What… What am I saying? Did I just say that to my Honey?
Sarunan: I… Honey…
Seeming to become overcome by the gravity of his own actions, Sarunan's consciousness slips into the enveloping darkness.
Sarunan: Ugh… Honey, I…
Vyrn: Huh? Hey! Sarunan's waking up!
Honey: !
Sarunan: Haaah… Haaah… Honey? What… happened?
Lyria: Ah, erm… I think you just overstretched yourself, and collapsed.
Sarunan: I did? Oh…
Vyrn: Heheh. Honey was really worried about you, she didn't leave your side once!
Lyria: Yes! Honey was beside herself with worry.
Sarunan: Honey… She was? Oh my Honey…
Lyria: Ah! Honey looked away…
Sarunan: Hahah… Ah, typical Honey…
Seeing the female form beside him, Sarunan makes his beloved a promise.
Sarunan: (…I'll never leave you, Honey! I will stay with you, always…)
Sarunan recovers from a coma in which he had fought with a vision of himself.
He overcomes the phantasm, and his resolve has never been stronger.