Scenario:Sen - Winter Night Practice, Meow!

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Winter Night Practice, Meow!

Clarisse teaches Sen how to fire up the crowd when she enters the duel. Sen has a bad case of stage fright at first, but she vows to overcome it for Ladiva and the crew.

The crew is visiting the casino liner for this year's special winter event.
Sen: Sen here! Um... happy holidays!
Sen: Er... Oh! L-let's all enjoy a fun-filled night, meow...
Clarisse: You call that an entrance? I could barely hear you! It needs more kapow!
Sen: O-okay!
Clarisse: Your entrance's gotta be big and flashy, full of spirit and energy! Badaboom!
Sen: Bada... boom?
Clarisse: Hmm... Let me show you how it's done! Watch carefully now!
Clarisse: Hold it right there!
Clarisse: It's that cutielicious girl you all know and love! Clarisse! Aaaw yeah!
Clarisse: And I'm gonna take you down! Everyone on my count—one, two, kapow!
Sen: Wow! That was so cool!
Clarisse: See? Now that's how you accept a challenge.
Sen: Now I get it! Okay, I'll give it a try!
Preparations for the event are underway as the crew approaches the casino liner's back entrance.
Sen is scheduled to participate in a special duel, and Clarisse is showing her how to make her entrance.
Clarisse: The important thing is to have fun out there, so I think you'll be all right, Sen! I know it'll go well!
A few hours earlier.
Ladiva: Sen, honey, you're our late entry for this year's tournament. Do your best.
Sen: I will! I'm looking forward to it! I can handle myself in a fight, so I'll be all right!
Ladiva: There you go! Sweep all the spectators off their feet with your passion.
Sen: Huh? There are going to be people watching me?
Ladiva: Of course, silly! They're all boiling with excitement to see your sizzling bout!
Sen: Oh no... But I'm not good with crowds!
Ladiva: Oh dear, is that right? Hmm, what are we going to do?
Ladiva: It's too bad you feel that way. My intuition tells me you were destined to become a beacon of love.
Vyrn: Huh? How do you know that?
Ladiva: You get a feel for it when you've seen as many duels as I have. You can't fool these eyes!
Ladiva: And right now I can feel Sen's burning passion.
Sen: My passion?
Ladiva: Yes. It's still more of a fuzz ball right now, but in time I know you'll polish it into a bright, shiny diamond!
Sen: You really think so?
Lyria: Heehee. It must be true if Ladiva says so.
Ladiva: Oh, you're such a charmer, Lyria. But we still have the problem of Sen's stage fright.
Ladiva: I wish I could give you my special training, but I still have to finish setting up the arena...
Clarisse: Whoa, is the party over here now? I want in, I want in!
The others fill Clarisse in on the details.
Clarisse: Ahaaa. I see how it is.
Clarisse: Well, now you've got a cutielicious trainer in your corner! We're gonna bring down the house!
Sen: Yeah! Teach me everything you know, Clarisse!
Time passes as Sen begins her special training with Clarisse.
Vyrn: Heyo! How's it going? Is Sen ready for the big time?
Sen: Oh, hi, Vyrn. How are the preparations coming along?
Vyrn: It looks great out there. Arulumaya and Ladiva really outdid themselves this time.
Clarisse: Oh yeah? Well, Sen and I have been goin' all out too! She's gonna kick butt!
Vyrn: Haha! If you say so! You really think you're ready, Sen?
Sen: My heart's pounding like crazy, but it's felt like a mini-party with everyone helping me.
Sen: Clarisse has given me so many tips, and you've all been so helpful!
Sen: I won't let it go to waste! I won't let you down today!
Vyrn: Hehe! She's all fired up! I guess she's grown up a bit.
Clarisse: She'd better have, because I'm gonna be her opponent tomorrow! I won't go easy on you, Sen!
Sen: I'll take everything you throw at me! Everyone's going to remember this year's winter gala!
Clarisse: Good, that's the spirit. Okay, I think Ladiva needs me for something. Bye now!
Sen: Bye! Thank you for the pointers!
Clarisse leaves and Sen asks if she can show off the results of her training.
Vyrn: Sure, go for it! The more people you do it for, the better!
Sen: Okay! Here I go!
Sen: Haaappy winter, everyone! It's my time to shine! Let me hear you scream my name: Sen! Meow!
Sen: So what do you think?
  1. It was cute! Can't wait for tomorrow!
  2. Put some more oomph in your meow!

Choose: It was cute! Can't wait for tomorrow!

Sen: Hehehe. Thanks a lot, (Captain)! You've made my day!
Sen: I don't think I'll completely get over the butterflies in my stomach, but I'll give it all I've got! So please cheer loudly for me!
Sen: If you're there to support me, then I'll definitely make it to the top!
Sen: I'm going to follow Ladiva's words.
Sen: And show everyone my passion!
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Choose: Put some more oomph in your meow!

Sen: O-okay.... Meeyow! Like that?
Vyrn: There you go! I think she's ready.
Sen: I'm going to follow Ladiva's words.
Sen: And show everyone my passion!

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Vyrn: Hehe! Good luck!
Lyria: Teehee. I'll be cheering you on from the front row!
The crew smiles at Sen, knowing she's trying her best despite her obvious nervousness.
But Sen's perseverance is sure to set the hearts of the crowd ablaze.