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For True Liberty

(Captain) and crew head to North Vast with Skull in tow, on a mission to clear out the remaining Odajumoki. They find several wounded and starved North Huskies and bring them back to the ship for treatment. Skull swears vengeance on his former comrades for treating their beloved dogs this way.

(Captain) and the crew have come to a remote town in North Vast to deal with a recent string of crimes.
Skull is along as an advisor thanks to his knowledge of the region.
Skull: Didn't think the Odajumoki would still be infesting the area.
Lyria: Skull, you must still have a pretty strong attachment to this place, huh?
Skull: Heh. I dunno about that. But either way, you can't call yourself free if you're satisfied to rot away in such a small corner of the world!
Skull Jr.: Awoo-wooh!
Skull: Huh? What's up, Skull Jr.?
Skull notices the way Skull Jr.'s ears have pricked, and cocks an ear himself.
Skull: Hey. You guys hear somethin'?
Vyrn: Huh? No, not a thing.
North Husky: Awoo...
Skull: This way!
Vyrn: H-hey! Wait up!
Lyria: After him!
Skull: I'm sure it was around here...
Skull Jr.: Awoo-wooh!
North Husky: Whine...
Skull: I know you pups! You're Odajumoki North Huskies! What happened to you?
Lyria: Huff... Puff... Finally... caught up...
Vyrn: Hey! Those dogs look awful! Are they gonna be all right?
There are several North Huskies lying in the road.
Lyria: This is terrible... Who would do this!
Skull: Hey, (Captain). I wanna give these pups some first aid. Can you give me a hand?
(Captain) readily agrees.
The crew decides to bring the wounded North Huskies back to the Grandcypher for treatment.
North Husky 1: Whine... Awoo-wooh...
North Husky 2: Awoo! Pant, pant, pant...
Once their wounds have been tended, the visiting North Huskies ravenously devour the food they're given.
Vyrn: Those guys must've been starving. Anyway, I'm glad they weren't seriously injured!
Skull: ...
Lyria: What's on your mind, Skull? You've been really quiet...
Skull: Huh? Oh. Yeah...
Thing is... the Odajumoki are all dog-lovers down to the bone.
Skull: So no matter what kinda slime-garglin' bugmunchers they could be, I always figured I could count on 'em to be good to their dogs.
Skull: Looks like I was wrong, huh? At least their wounds weren't life-threatening, but they were all beat up, and their coats were a mess!
Skull: If that wasn't bad enough, they were left out in the cold with empty stomachs!
Skull: I can't believe those guys would treat our precious dogs this way...
Skull: They're lower than scum! They're the scum that grows on scum! I'm gonna hunt them down an' give 'em everything they've got comin'!
Skull: I'll put sled tracks all over their faces! Or I'll use 'em for kindling! Whatever I do, it won't be pretty!
Skull takes aim at the sky and fires off a round to vent his frustration.
Skull Jr.: Awoo?
Lyria: Whoa, Skull, please calm down! You're scaring Skull Jr.!
Skull: Oh, crud! Sorry! I let my temper get away from me there.
Skull offers the flustered canine an apologetic scratch behind the ears.
North Husky 1: Awoo-woo!
Skull: What's up, pup? You want scritches too?
North Husky 1: Awoo-woo! Awooohhh!
The dog barks as if to say Skull is mistaken. It stares at him determinedly.
Now that it has recovered from its hunger and injuries, a fierce anger and will to fight burns in its eyes.
Skull: I get it... You're fired up too, huh? You don't think they should get away with this, do you?
Skull: Good! Then let's go give 'em what for!
Skull: Hyahaaa! Let's get this party started!
North Huskies: Awooohhh!
The dogs throw back their heads and howl in agreement, a canine chorus reverberating through the Grandcypher's corridors.
Vyrn: Hey... Do you feel like this is gettin' a little outta hand?
Lyria: Yeah... (Captain), we might have to stop them!
Skull and the North Huskies are riding a wave of fury the likes of which the crew has rarely seen.
(Captain) promises Lyria and Vyrn that their worries won't be realized.

For True Liberty: Scene 2

In the Odajumoki's hideout, the crew finds a bloodied racetrack and more abused dogs. The Odajumoki's new Allfather has been running brutal dog races to reap gambling profits. Skull prepares to bring the Odajumoki to their senses the hard way.

The North Huskies lead the crew to the hideout of the remaining Odajumoki.
Skull: Huh? Wh-what's... going on here?
What they find inside are cramped cages filled to bursting with ragged-looking North Huskies.
Lyria: Oh, those poor puppies! How could they keep them cooped up in such tiny cages!
North Husky 1: Awoo-woo!
Vyrn: What is it, pooch? Something over there?
The crew follows the dog to an open space that looks like some sort of arena.
Lyria: Is this... a martial arts ring? What are those weird lines on the floor? And all these devices...
Skull: Nah... I'd say it's a racetrack. They do hold races to see which dogs are the fastest.
Skull: But this stuff is pretty dangerous to have around for a race...
The devices Skull points out look an awful lot like implements of torture, and there also seem to be trapdoors set into the floor.
Every last one is spattered with fresh blood. They've clearly been very recently used.
Vyrn: Ahh! Look inside that cage!
Injured Huskies: Awoo...
Several dogs lie inside the cage, bloody and thoroughly wretched.
Lyria: !
They're terribly wounded!
Skull: What is this... What kind of lunatic would treat a dog this way...
Injured Huskies: Awoo...
Skull: We can't give them the care they need here. (Captain), let's break this flippin' cage and get them—
???: What's this? How'd you vermin get in?
Odajumoki 2: Well, well. If it ain't Skull! What'd you come slinkin' back for?
Before (Captain) and the others can free the captive dogs, the remnants of the Odajumoki gang come streaming into the room.
Skull: You froglickers! What've you been doing to the dogs! They look like they've been to war!
Odajumoki 3: Shutcher yap! It ain't like we're doin' it for fun!
Skull: What! You think that weak-sauce excuse is gonna fly?
Odajumoki 1: Urgh... We... We didn't have a choice! The Allfather made us do it!
Skull: The Allfather? What're you, frostbitten between the ears? He's dead!
Odajumoki 2: You don't know what yer talkin' about. The Odajumoki have changed!
The remaining members tell Skull what's happened since the Odajumoki fell apart.
The last of the Odajumoki were running wild in North Vast, making trouble. That's when they were approached by a newcomer to the island.
This man, exiled from another island for his crimes, now planned to take over North Vast.
Odajumoki 1: You outta your skull, old man? C'mon, guys, let's scramble his face!
Odajumoki 2: Hyyyaaahaahaa! Too late to beg for mercy now, Pops!
Odajumoki 1: Gyahh!
Man: Hunh! That was weak! But I guess I could spare your lives if you pledge allegiance to me. It's either that or bite the dust right here!
Odajumoki 2: Ow, ow, ow, owww!
Hopelessly outclassed by the man they'd pegged as an easy mark, the surviving Odajumoki found themselves under the iron fist of a new leader.
But the new boss would stop at nothing in his pursuit of profit, and had his hands in everything from underground gambling to the black market.
North Husky: Yiiipe!
Odajumoki 3: S-Stop it! Leave the poor dogs alone!
Allfather: What'd you say! You talkin' back to me?
Odajumoki 3: Gyaagh!
Allfather: Gyehehe... These mutts've been really well trained. I could earn a bundle racing them.
Allfather: Of course... it can't be just any old race. Gotta have spectacle. Thrills. Life-or-death stakes. That's what the people wanna see.
Allfather: Heh! Some of our competitors won't make it out alive, but I'm sure they'll be happy to die for their masters' sakes!
Odajumoki 1: Hey! Allfather or not, we ain't gonna stand by an' let you treat our North Huskies like that!
Allfather: Oh yeeaah? You still don't know your place, do you?
Allfather: Say... That mutt right there is yours, isn't it?
Odajumoki 2: Eep! Wh-what're you gonna do!
Allfather: Heh heh heh... This!
North Husky: Yiiipe!
Odajumoki 2: Puppy!
Odajumoki 2: P-please, stop! I'll do whatever you say! I promise, I won't ever talk back again!
North Husky: Awoo...
Allfather: Hah! Shoulda done that from the start!
Allfather: Let me see... From here on out, I think I'll let two dogs have it every time one of you idiots gives me lip.
Allfather: Gyahaha! If y'don't like it, you'd better mind your p's and q's!
Odajumoki 1: We hate seeing the dogs in this condition too.
Odajumoki 1: But this is the only way for us to keep them—and us—safe!
Skull: Safe?
Skull: Are you listening to yourself! Do these dogs look safe to you!
Skull: Miss me with your flimsy excuses! The price is coming outta the dogs' hides, isn't it!
Skull: You think the fact that you were following this maniac's orders makes any difference at all? Do you!
Odajumoki 2: We... uh...
???: Well... Looks like we got a pest control problem.
As Skull is berating his former compatriots, a man he's never seen before emerges from a corridor.
Odajumoki 3: Yeek! A-Allfather...
Skull notes the way the Odajumoki shrink back from the man in fear. He turns to glare at the newcomer.
Skull: What? You're the new Allfather?
Allfather: Oh, I've heard of you. You're the one who betrayed and killed the previous Allfather. Hollow-Skull, right?
Allfather: What've you been doin' with yourself, huh? Babysitting? Hahaha!
Vyrn: Say that again, you wrinkled old fart! (Captain)'s no baby!
Lyria: That's right! (Captain) is a great airship captain!
Allfather: Skyfarers, huh? Must be a pretty sorry bunch if you've got this pollywog for a captain.
Allfather: I mean, why else would they take a loser like you, huh, Skull?
Even (Captain) gets hot under the collar hearing the Grandcypher's crew demeaned that way.
  1. Don't talk that way about my crew.
  2. Quit badmouthing Skull.

Choose: Don't talk that way about my crew.

Allfather: Aww, what a cute widdle captaaain. But you kiddies should head home before you get hurt.
Allfather: Hmm... Two kids and a weird lizard-creature... You might fetch a decent price, at that.
Allfather: Gyehehe. All right, boys! Nab these brats! And if you just happen to kill the traitor while you're at it, I won't be mad atcha!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Quit badmouthing Skull.

Skull: Thanks, (Captain)...
That's right! Don't you call me Hollow-Skull! I'm a certified genius!
Allfather: Hmm... Two kids and a weird lizard-creature... You might fetch a decent price, at that.
Allfather: Gyehehe. All right, boys! Nab these brats! And if you just happen to kill the traitor while you're at it, I won't be mad atcha!

Continue 1

The remaining Odajumoki advance, surrounding (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Show these mooks what you've got!
Weapon drawn, (Captain) turns to face their attackers.
Skull: I knew you were all just a waste of armor, but I genuinely believed you cared about your dogs.
Skull: I'll never forgive you for this. And I'll bring you to your senses the hard way!
Skull: (Captain)! Skull Jr.! It's go time!
Skull: You asked for it, spitwads! Hyyyaaahaaa!

For True Liberty: Scene 3

The new Allfather takes the dogs hostage, but Skull and Skull Jr. manage to outmaneuver him, free the other North Huskies, and give the villains their just deserts. Skull adopts the homeless dogs, and resumes his journey in pursuit of freedom with his trusty partner and new canine family by his side.

Odajumoki 1: Gyaaahhh!
Skull glares contemptuously down at the remaining Odajumoki, who are on their hands and knees before the triumphant crew.
Skull: Didn't you slugs used to be all about freedom? Huh?
Skull: You still call yourself the sons of the Allfather? Of Guzaletha?
Skull: You brainless hyenas!
Odajumoki 3: W-well...
Skull: How could you follow a scumbucket like this? Don't you have any Odajumoki pride left?
Skull: You're the biggest idiots in North Vast! Dumbasses!
Odajumoki 2: Urgh... Of all the people in the skies to say that...
Odajumoki 3: But it's true. We did hurt the pups...
The Odajumoki sit dejected in front of Skull, sapped of their will to fight. Their new boss begins to feel the precariousness of his position.
Allfather: Hey! What d'you good-for-nothings think you're doing sitting around?
Skull: What's that? Are you still here?
Skull: I don't give a damn about these lugs, but you're not gonna get away with hurting the pups!
Skull Jr.: Grrr...
North Husky: Grrr...
Allfather: Tch...
Backed into a corner, the man draws his gun and trains it on the caged North Huskies.
Skull Jr.: Awoo!
Skull Jr. leaps at him, aiming to knock the gun out of his hand.
Skull Jr.: Awoooh...
Skull: Wha—
Skull Juniooor!
(Captain) and Skull make a dash for the fallen canine.
Allfather: Not so fast! One more step and these mutts get aerated next!
The man sneers and waggles the muzzle of his gun in the direction of the dogs.
Skull: You sludgeworm! You harm another hair on those pups' heads and I'll bury you!
Allfather: Oh yeah? You really don't have a grasp on the situation, do ya?
Allfather: If you don't come to heel...
Injured Huskies: Yiiipe!
Skull: Agh! I told you to leave them alone! If you're gonna shoot someone, shoot me!
Allfather: Hah! You really care that much about these worthless toys? Their only purpose is to please their masters!
Skull: Hrgh!
Lyria: Skull!
With the dogs held hostage, Skull has no choice but to endure the new Allfather's assault.
(Captain) prepares to intervene, but at the first flash of steel from the captain's direction, the man's gun whips around toward the cage once more.
Allfather: Hey, brat! Don't you try anything funny either. You want these mutts to eat lead?
Vyrn: Dammit! What about Skull!
Skull: Hyahaha! Don't you worry about this genius! I could do this all day!
Allfather: Yeah? Just keep flappin' your lips, numbskull! Hunh!
Skull: Gyah!
Pssht, compared to the Allfather—to Guzaletha's punches, yours are like a love tap from a sleepy kitten!
Allfather: Why, you! Well, I don't wanna disappoint you, so I guess I'll stop holdin' back!
Skull: Augh!
(Captain)'s teeth and fists are clenched, powerless to stop the beating, even as Skull curls into a ball on the floor.
The moments stretch interminably. By the time the man is beginning to breathe heavily, Skull is no longer even twitching.
Allfather: Heh... That's what you get... for runnin' yer mouth...
Lyria: Oh no... Skull! Skull!
Vyrn: It can't be... H-hey! Tell me you're just playin' around!
Allfather: Gyehehe... You brats are next. Don't make me rough you up too badly and I can still get a good price for you.
(Captain) moves protectively between Lyria and the leering criminal.
Just then...
Skull: Now, Skull Jr.!
Skull Jr.: Awoo!
Allfather: Huh! You're alive?
Skull Jr.: Awooohhh!
Skull Jr. flies through the air, and before the man can turn around, the dog's teeth have sunk deep into his arm.
Allfather: Gyaaahhh!
  1. Now! Unlock the cage!

Choose: Now! Unlock the cage!

Vyrn: I'm on it!
While the man is trying to dislodge Skull Jr., Vyrn frees the other North Huskies from their cage.
Allfather: Grr! How are you still kicking! I thought you were dead!
Skull: Hunh! That's Skull Jr.'s special technique: playing dead! Best you've ever seen, huh!
Skull: Didn't you think it was weird how little noise the other pups were makin'? Huh, rupies for brains?
Allfather: What! So this was your plan all along?
Skull: Hehehe! Weeelll. Nothin' holdin' me back now...
The North Huskies bay threateningly as they surround their tormentor.
Allfather: Eeek! N-no! Stay away!
Skull: Thought you'd get away with hurting our precious pups, didja? Huh?
Skull: Well, we're gonna take everything you did to them outta your hide—with interest!
North Huskies: Aaawooohhh!
Skull: Hyaaahaaa! It's party time, pups! Sic 'im!
Allfather: Urgyaahhh!
The North Huskies take their vengeance for a good long while before the crew hauls the remaining Odajumoki and their leader to the local authorities.
With the shadow of the Odajumoki at last lifted from the snowy plains of North Vast, the residents can breathe easy.
Vyrn: Hey, so what're we gonna do with all the Odajumoki's dogs?
Skull: Well, the local authorities took in the badly injured ones.
Skull: That leaves... these guys.
North Husky: Awoo...
Skull wrinkles his brow as he looks over the last few North Huskies still in need of homes.
Faced with all those big puppy eyes filled with both anxiety and determination, Skull can see only one option.
Skull: That settles it! I'm adopting you all!
North Huskies: Awoo-awoo!
Skull: Which means they all need spots on the crew, okay, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Wait, huh? All of them?
Skull: Don't you worry your scaly head! Odajumoki pups are all good boys!
Skull: Watch! Listen up, pupsters! Everybody... sit!
North Huskies: Awoo!
Skull: Shake!
North Huskies: Awoo-awoo!
Skull: And last but not least!
Skull: Everybody lie down!
North Huskies: Awoooh!
In perfect unison, the dogs follow Skull's commands to the letter. (Captain) and the others can't help but applaud their performance.
Lyria: That was amazing! They're all so well-behaved, I'm sure they'll get along well with the whole crew!
Skull: Right? Riiight? I'll take care of 'em and make sure they're good. So please, (Captain)?
  1. I guess you can keep them.

Choose: I guess you can keep them.

Skull: For real? Woo-hooo! I owe ya several, (Captain)!
Skull Jr. watches Skull and the other dogs rejoicing from a little further off.
Skull: Hm? Whassa matter, Skull Jr.? Get over here!
Skull Jr.: Awoo...
Skull: Ohhh, I get it. You're worried you got competition for the spot of the great Skull's partner, huh?
Skull: Listen up. Even if our family grows, you'll always be my partner, boy! I'm countin' on ya, pup!
Skull Jr.: Awoo-awoo! Awooohhh!
Skull showers Skull Jr. with attention as the Husky wags his tail hard enough to stir up a small hurricane.
With his new family members and his trusted partner by his side, Skull is ready to set out in pursuit of the limitless freedom he's always craved.