Scenario:Sutera - Following in your Footsteps

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Following in your Footsteps

(Captain) and crew have been asked to rid Jewel Resort of an infestation of snowmen witch had been brought to life during the Christmas Eve event. Sutera wants to see Metera's legendary fighting style up-close, and insists that they take the snowmen on together. Slightly annoyed, Metera agrees. Seeing Metera decimate the snowmen's ranks fills Sutera with even more respect for her sister. Sutera and the crew proceed to mop up any snowmen that make it past Metera.

A few days have passed since Christmas Eve, and the crew have taken a job from the Jewel Resort.
They are to dispose of some snowmen which had become animated by magic during the Christmas Eve event.
Metera: Brrr… so cold… Well, I guess I'm returning to the airship. See ya!
Vyrn: Hey, slacker! Where are you going? You haven't taken down a single snowman yet!
Metera: But it's cold, and this is such a pain… You guys will be fine without me, don't worry!
Sutera: (Captain)! I've found the snowmen!
Sutera: Metera, I'm counting on you to lead us through this!
Metera: Huh? I'm going back to the airship.
Sutera: What? But, why? Are you… Are you sick?
Sutera: You don't seem to be running a fever… Do you have a cough? Try not to overdo it!
Metera: I don't have a cold!
Sutera: Oh, you don't have a cold… In that case, I'd really appreciate it if you could help us out.
Metera: Why? You and (Captain) should be able to handle a job like this on your own.
Sutera: It is an honor that you have so much faith in me, dear sister. I still have such a long way to go…
Sutera: I'm nowhere near your level in using my magic bow…
Sutera: I'd like to watch you fight so that I can learn how to handle my bow better…
Metera: Huh? So you want to get better, no mater what?
Sutera: Yes, no matter what!
Sutera: …Can you… not do it?
Metera: Jeez, all right! I'll do it if you want it so badly!
Metera: Grr, always with the puppy-dog eyes… You're so annoying.
Sutera: Thank you so much! I'll try my best to keep up with you, sister!
Metera: Urgh… what a pain… Let's get those snowmen, then.
Saying this, Metera jumps at a nearby snowman.
(Captain) and crew catch up to Metera, and see that she has already felled several snowmen with her magic arrows.
Sutera: Incredible! I've never seen anyone produce magic arrows this quickly!
Sutera: It must be your affinity for magic that's the secret. But then your aim is on point, too…
Sutera: …I can't imagine what it must be like to have skills like that.
Snowman: !
Lyria: Eek!
Sutera: Lyria, watch out! Get behind me!
Lyria: O-OK!
Sutera: I think Metera can take care of the bulk of them. Let's mop up the ones that make it past her!

Following in your Footsteps: Scene 2

While taking care of the job for which they have been hired Metera, who had let her concentration slip, gets hit by one of the monsters. Sutera is relieved to hear that she has simply been knocked unconscious. She then turns the relief into anger toward the monsters that did this to her sister.

Metera: …Phew… Looks like that was the last of 'em. How was that, Sutera? Good enough for ya?
Metera: Sutera?
Sutera: Just… Amazing! What more can I say? I've never seen a fighting style quite like it!
Sutera: You really live up to your legend. I've learned so much just by watching you. Thank you so much!
Metera: …Oh. Well… As long as you're happy, I guess.
Sutera: I am! You're so much more impressive than I thought! Which means I have even further to go to be on your level!
Metera: Well, I'm not all that. And you know, you need to relax.
Sutera: You're right. Trying too hard can get in the way of actually learning something. I'll try me best to not try so hard!
Metera: That's not quite what I… Whatever.
Metera: You've always been so strong willed, ever since we were little.
Vyrn: …Wow, Metera… You know, you sounded almost proud of Sutera then.
Lyria: Hee hee! That's sisters for you, always so close!
Snowman: !
Snowmen: !
Hailclops: ROARGH!
Metera: Wha!
The gigantic icy figure around which the snowmen had been gathering unleashes a punch with terrifying speed.
The sudden attack takes Metera unawares, and she takes the full force of the blow.
Sutera: Metera!
Sutera: Metera, are you all right? Metera!
Lyria: It's OK, she's just been knocked out! Don't worry!
Sutera: Phew… But… I should have gotten to her quicker, I could have stopped this from happening…
Hailclops: ROARGH!
Sutera: How dare you… I won't let you lay one icy finger on (Captain) or any of the others!
Sutera: I, Sutera, who has been given the knowledge of the magic bow, shall bring you down!
Sutera: …Have at thee!

Following in your Footsteps: Scene 3

Metera, having been safely brought back to the airship, finally wakes up. Sutera is so relieved to find out her sister is all right that she starts to cry. Metera teases her about overreacting, but is also moved by her sister's concern.

Defeating Hailclops, Sutera, (Captain), and crew take Metera back to the airship.
Metera: …Nnngh…
Sutera: Metera! Are you awake?
Metera: Ugh… Sutera? Wh… Where am I?
Vyrn: You got hit by one of the monsters and blacked out!
Metera: Oh, really? How… uncool of me.
Sutera: …Sob…
Metera: Sutera? What's wrong?
Sutera: Waaah! Metera! I'm so glad that you're all right!
Sutera: When… When you didn't wake up straight away I thought… I thought…
Metera: …You didn't need to worry. You always overreact when things like this happen.
Metera: I may have been knocked out, but it would take a lot more than that to kill me.
Sutera: B-but… (Hiccup…)
Metera: I know, I know. You're a worrier, there's nothing I can do about that.
Metera: …You're a good person, you know?
Sutera: …Huh? Did you say something?
Metera: Nope! Man, I'm hungry! Sutera, go get me some candy!
Sutera: Of course! And I'll brew you some tea, to go with it!
Two sisters: Metera who has the natural talent, and Sutera who has worked hard to gain greatness.
Despite being complete opposites these two sisters complement each other as they continue on their journey.