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Teach Me, Teacher Teena!

Teena meets Nare, a boy who has been mocked by and fought with his best friend over Nare's inability to swim. He asks Teena to teach him, and she enlists Feena, a stronger swimmer, to coach them both. After helping Nare make up with his friend, PeyusSpelled "Pium" in the rest of the fate episode., Teena reflects on how important communication is because trivial misunderstandings can cause such big fights.

Teena and Lucius begin a new chapter of their lives after laying their long-awaited vengeance to rest.
Deciding to go on a journey, the two travel around seeking new purpose.
Lucius especially struggles to adjust to a life without revenge, but a fateful meeting with a young child changes his path.
Young Boy: I ain't a coward! I need to know how to swing a sword so I can protect my sister!
Lucius: I'm a harsh teacher. You'd better prepare yourself for what's about to come.
Lucius discovers the value of imparting knowledge to a new generation.
Teena then suggests a slightly different, but just as important, effort—
Creating a world where nobody will have to suffer as they did.
One day aboard the Grandcypher, the crew finishes a mission and takes a side trip.
(Captain) has decided it's time for a little rest and recuperation on a familiar, warm island.
Once there, crew members immediately split off to relax. Teena herself heads into town for some leisurely shopping.
Teena: Hrrng! It's been a while since we've gotten a day off like this.
Teena: Maybe I should go check out some of the food around here before shopping for clothes.
Teena: Oh! I shouldn't forget to grab something for (Captain) and the others as thanks for taking care of us.
Teena thinks out loud in high spirits, excited for the day, when she spots a young boy crouched down in a side alley.
???: Sniffle...
Teena: Hey there. Are you okay? What's the matter?
???: ...
The boy wipes at his eyes without answering Teena's worried questions.
Teena: I guess you were told not to talk to strangers... Which is good, of course.
Teena: But I promise I'm not a bad person! I'm actually a pretty good listener, you know?
Teena: I might even be able to help.
???: ...
The boy moves his hands, exposing a trickle of blood trailing from a cut on his lip.
Teena: Can you tilt your head this way for a sec?
Teena: ...!
Teena: How's that? Does it still hurt?
???: ...!
Completely blown away by Teena's magic, the boy can only manage a nod.
Teena: Haha, I'm glad you're all right.
???: Um... Thank you.
Teena: You're very welcome.
Teena gives him a bright grin and ruffles his hair.
Teena: Did you get into a fight with a friend?
???: Yeah...
Teena: That's no good. Why don't you run along and make up?
???: Don't wanna...
???: He made fun of me 'cause I can't swim!
Teena crouches down next to the pouting boy and catches his gaze.
???: What?
Teena: My name's Teena. What's yours?
Nare: Nare...
Teena: So Nare, that friend of yours you fought with—can he swim?
Nare: Yeah, he can, but... Pium barely learned last week!
Teena: Oh? In that case...
Teena: He probably got too excited about it and wanted to brag a little bit.
Teena: I hate to admit it, but I did the same thing once.
Teena: Back when I was a tiny thing, I learned how to swim just a little bit and boasted about it to my family nonstop...
Nare: Does that mean you can swim?
Teena: Huh? Uh, well... Kinda...
The boy suddenly stands up and and jabs a thumb at himself.
Nare: Teach me how to swim! Then I can show that jerk that he was wrong!
Teena: Er, well...
Teena: (I wasn't kidding when I said I learned how to swim just a little... But I can't not help him!)
Teena: You can count on me!
Nare: Okay!
Teena holds a hand out, and Nare gives it an energetic shake.
The next day.
Teena goes to meet Nare at a lake on the island, bringing Feena along for the ride as well.
Feena: Heya! I'm Teacher Teena's friend!
Feena: You can call me Coach Feena, and you bet there isn't anybody out there who gives better swimming lessons than me!
Teena: Feena, can you knock it off with the "teacher" stuff?
Nare: Coach Feena! Teacher Teena! I can't wait to get started!
Teena: Aha... Haha... Now you've got Nare calling me that too...
Teena: I guess this is as good a time as any to come clean. I meant to tell you yesterday, but...
Teena: Nare, the truth is... I can swim, but I'm not that great at it.
Teena: That's why I'm here to practice alongside you.
Nare: Oh, okay. Then let's both do our best!
Feena: Enough chitchat! Are you two ready to swim your hearts out? Because I sure am!
Coach Feena claps her hands and signals the start of her special swimming lessons.
Feena: First things first, you gotta get used to the water! I know all that blue might seem scary, but the water won't bite!
Teena: If anything does happen, we'll be right here to help you, so don't worry.
Nare: Okay... I think I can do this!
With Feena and Teena carefully watching over him, Nare dunks his head into the water for a couple of seconds before popping back out.
Nare: Pwah! Haah... Hahh...
Teena: That was great! You're going to pick up everything really fast at this rate!
Nare: Really? I guess it's not so scary when you and Coach have my back!
Feena: Yep, yep! That's the spirit! Asking for help is definitely part of getting good fast!
Feena: Next on the list is grabbing us a nice tree branch and working on our kicks!
Feena: The trick is to feel like you're drumming your feet on the water's surface! Nare, you ready to give it a shot?
Nare: Yeah!
Nare gradually grows used to the water, becoming skilled with his kicks and timing his breathing.
Soon enough he is able to forward crawl by himself.
Feena: Hard work sure pays off! Great job, Nare! You really stuck to it!
Nare: Ehehe! I don't think I coulda done it alone though.
Nare: You two were really good at teaching me!
Feena: Aw, shucks! Looks like you're growing as a person too, learning how to be grateful to others!
Teena: So... What's next, Feena?
Feena: Hmmm, I'm thinking we should practice a bunch more and really lock in that muscle memory!
Feena: Which means... Time for laps around the lake! But don't push yourselves, 'kay?
As they dive into another round of practice, Teena and Feena notice the presence of someone nearby.
???: ...
Hiding in the trees close to the lake is a young boy staring intently at Nare.
Feena: Hey, do you think... that's the boy that Nare had a fight with?
Teena: Hehe, looks like he got curious and decided to take a peek at what Nare's up to.
The two pretend not to have noticed the new arrival and go back to helping Nare practice.
Teena: Are you ready, Nare? I won't go easy on you!
Nare: I'm not backing off either! First to the goal wins the race!
Feena: You guys ready to rumble? Three, two, one...
Feena: Go!
Teena and Nare continue to learn under Feena's tutelage and encourage one another to improve.
By the end of the day, both of them have gained confidence in their swimming abilities.
Nare asks his friend Pium to meet him a few days later.
Nare: ...
Pium: ...
Feena: Uh-oh...
Teena: Come on, Nare. Don't you have something to say to your friend?
Teena gives Nare a light push forward, prompting the boy to start talking.
Nare: I learned how to swim.
Pium: Uh, okay...
Teena: Say, Pium.
Teena: I might be wrong, but... You never meant to fight with Nare, right? You just wanted to swim together, didn't you?
At Teena's gentle prodding, Pium gives a stiff, hesitant nod.
Pium: Yeah...
Nare: Huh?
Pium: I wanted to swim with you, but then you gave up without even trying to learn!
Nare: ...
Pium: But still... I said some mean things too. Sorry, Nare.
Pium: I didn't mean to make fun of you...
Nare: I mean... Thanks to our fight, I actually learned how to swim, so it wasn't all bad.
Nare: And now I know how you really felt about the whole thing.
Nare: I'm sorry too, Pium.
Pium: Haha, guess we're even.
Nare: Hey... Now that's outta the way, let's go swimming!
Pium: I'm down!
The two boys make a dash for the lake. Teena watches them go, heaving a sigh of relief.
Teena: I'm so glad they made up.
Feena: All's well that ends well! Good work, Teena!
Teena: Thank you, Feena. You really saved the day.
Feena: They sure had a big fight over such a small misunderstanding...
Teena: Yeah. These kinds of things do happen...
Teena: And sometimes they escalate into enormous conflicts.
Teena: Which goes to show that you shouldn't immediately react by hurting the other party.
Teena: Talking and understanding one another should always be the first resort.
Reflecting on the fight between the two boys, Teena once again grows worried about the state of the skies.