Scenario:Threo - An Axe to Grind... Nine Times

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An Axe to Grind... Nine Times

Threo goes to see the leader of the Eternals, Seofon. She explains how she was told to contend with others and ask them why they seek strength. Seofon fears that she might be possessed by the revenant weapon but agrees to help.

Seofon: Well, how about that. To think you've come to see me instead of Anre.
Threo: Help me, Seofon! You're the only one who can!
Seofon: Only me? Well, well.
Seofon: As the leader of the Eternals, I'd be glad to hear your request.
Threo: Okay! I need you to fight me!
Seofon: Wha? Hang on a second! Why would you want to do that?
Threo: I wanna get stronger!
Threo: This axe told me that I could do that by training my heart. Whatever that means.
Threo gestures to the Three-Tiger Axe in her hand.
Threo: And to do that, it told me to fight those stronger than me.
Threo: Oh, and it told me I have to find out why they want to be strong.
Threo: Anyway, just fight me Seofon! And tell me why you became strong!
Seofon: Threo. Have you been... possessed by the Three-Tiger Axe?
Threo: Hm? Possessed? Don't know what you're talking about, but I'm no one but me right now.
Seofon: A-all right.
Seofon: (It seems she is just how she usually is. Guess I'm just being overly cautious.)
Seofon: (I'm surprised though. That's awfully kind of the Three-Tiger Axe, giving Threo that advice and all.)
Seofon: Anywho...
Seofon: If that's the case, ol' Seofon's not going easy on you!

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 2

Seofon says that he simply wanted to collect weapons and got stronger as a side effect. Threo is puzzled by his answer and wonders how asking questions like this will make her stronger, but Seofon replies that she must find that out for herself.

Threo: Yes! Victory!
Seofon: Whew, you got me. Didn't expect you to be that strong.
Seofon: (Hmm, guess I could still go on. But would I really want to?)
Seofon: And now you ask me why I sought my power?
Threo: Yep! Tell me!
Seofon: Hmm... Well, I didn't want to be strong per se... I just kind of kept collecting weapons and before I knew it... Boom. Here I am.
Threo: That's the reason? What're you supposed to do with all those weapons anyway?
Seofon: Well...
Threo: Oh, I get it. You're making a nest! You can't attract a female yourself, so...
Threo: You're going to make a big nest to do it for you!
Seofon: Hey! I'm not some wild animal, okay? And for your information, I am very popular with the ladies!
Threo: Seriously? Then what're you gathering all those weapons for?
Seofon: Well, because I like collecting weapons of course!
Threo: You collect them because you... like collecting them. Uhhh, I don't get it.
Threo: How's asking all these questions going to help me get stronger anyway?
Threo: That's what I wanna know.
Seofon: Oh, I know why.
Threo: Really? Tell me, tell me!
Seofon: Sorry, no can do. As much as I want to tell you, there's no point if you don't find that out for yourself.
Threo: Tsk... This is why you don't have any friends.
Seofon: Wha... Is that what everyone thinks of me? That I don't have any friends?
Seofon: Okay, I'm sorry! I'll answer your question! Wait! Come back! Don't ignore me! Please! Threooo!
Threo draws one step closer to her goal.
But the road to ultimate power stretches far ahead still.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 3

Threo decides to next meet Seox but happens to encounter Eahta along the way. Having heard of the situation from Seofon, Eahta wastes no time in initiating the battle.

Threo: Hmm, okay. He said to follow this road straight ahead. Should be easy enough.
Having received directions from Seofon, Threo sets off on foot to find Seox.
Eahta: There you are.
Threo: Eahta! Great timing! I need to ask you to—
Eahta: Seofon has told me. No more words are needed.
Eahta: En garde.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 4

Eahta reveals that he seeks strength for its own sake. Threo thinks their motivations are the same, but Eahta corrects her by saying that her motivation is born from fear.

Threo: I win!
Eahta: Impressive. You crush finesse and skill with brute force. I'd not foreseen such a tactic.
Threo: Say, Eahta. Why'd you want to get as strong as you are?
Eahta: ...
Eahta: The goal is the reason itself. Nothing more.
Threo: Oh, I know what you mean! You gotta be strong or you're gonna be prey, right?
Eahta: Nay. The strength I seek and the strength you seek are as black is to white.
Eahta: I quest for strength alone.
Eahta: My pursuit is not born from fear, unlike yours.
Threo: Hm? What's that supposed to mean?
Eahta: You will learn... in time.
Eahta turns his back to Threo and walks off.
Threo: Never did understand the things he says.
Threo pauses a moment and then resumes walking down the path to Seox.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 5

Finally meeting with Seox, Threo explains herself, but he declines her request. Only when Threo takes his mask does he agree to help in exchange for its return.

On a quest for greater strength, Threo appears before Seox.
Threo: Seox! Fight me!
Seox: ...
Seox raises a quizzical voice. Threo explains what the Three-Tiger Axe told her.
Seox: Go away. I've no reason to fight you.
Seox declines and turns to leave.
Threo: Wait! Even if you don't have a reason, I do!
Seox: Ngh! Let go of me!
Threo: Come on! Just a little spar!
Seox: Nothing you say is going to change my—
Seox: ...!
Spotting an opening, Threo snatches Seox's mask.
Seox: S-stop it. G-gimme back my mask... Give it back!
Threo: Now are you gonna fight me?
Seox: F-fine! I-I'll fight you! Just give the mask back...
Threo: Promise?
Seox nods and receives his mask from Threo.
Seox: Tsk, you got me this time.
Seox: But you're going to regret it!

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 6

Seox says he had to seek strength to live, which Threo interprets as in line with her ethos of eating or being eaten. She once again asks the Three-Tiger Axe why she's fighting all the Eternals, but it's silent.

Threo: Another one bites the dust!
Seox: How... How could you predict all my attacks with nothing but intuition?
Threo: I could roughly tell where you were from your scent!
Seox: Sometimes I wonder if you're actually a beast...
Threo: All your tiny attacks are annoying too. How about trying to go big and heavy?
Seox: I'm not a hulking mass of brute force like you! I'd be crazy to take you head-on!
Seox: Sigh... And you wanted to know why I got to where I am?
Threo: Yep!
Seox: I didn't want to be strong. I needed to be. It was that or death. That's all there was to it.
Threo: So you're just like me! If you're weak, you're just someone else's lunch!
Seox: I'm not sure how I feel about being understood by you. But that's right.
Seox: I was also seeking light... Light to chase away the darkness...
Seox: Like the light that (Captain) and that skyfarer had...
Threo: Light? What're you talking about?
Seox: I've said too much. We're done here, aren't we? I'm going.
Threo: Hmm, is all this really going to make me stronger?
Three-Tiger Axe: ...
But to that question the Three-Tiger Axe remains silent.
Threo: Oh well. Now who's next...
Threo walks away with the Three-Tiger Axe in hand.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 7

Threo goes to the forest to see Tweyen but is greeted with an arrow fired in her direction. Tweyen apologizes and says that she thought Threo was a wild animal. After hearing Threo explain the situation, Tweyen agrees to help her.

Threo enters the forest in which Tweyen lives.
Threo: ...!
Threo: That was a close one!
Tweyen: Hm, that sounds like... Threo, is that you?
Threo: Tweyen! There you are! Give me some warning before you shoot next time! You scared the hair balls outta me!
Tweyen: Oh, I'm sorry. I felt something in the air and I thought you were a large animal.
Threo: Ahh, guess I can't blame you there! I tend to get that a lot!
Tweyen: And what brings you all the way out here?
Threo: I came to see you!
Tweyen: Me?
Tweyen: I do recall hearing talk that you were going around challenging each Eternal.
Threo: That's right! Will you fight me?
Tweyen: And why would you want to fight me?
Ah, was it that you wanted to be the world's strongest?
Threo: Yup!
Nodding to Tweyen's words, Threo tells her what the Three-Tiger Axe said.
Tweyen: I see. You're trying to grow.
Tweyen: All right. I guess I can help you with that. But I'm not going easy on you.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 8

Tweyen says she sought power to protect her friends and avoid solitude. Threo feels the same way, and Tweyen wonders if this is because (Captain) and company have changed her.

Tweyen: You win this time.
Threo: Pant... Pant... Tweyen! No fair! It's a pain to get to you when you keep attacking from so far away!
Tweyen: I think you're the one who isn't fair.
Tweyen: How it is possible that you deflected all my arrows with the shock waves from your axe.
Threo: Heh heh, guess we're even then!
Threo: By the way, Tweyen, what made you want to get this strong?
Tweyen: Hmm... Perhaps it's because I wanted comrades... Or rather to protect them.
Tweyen: Either way, nobody wants to be alone.
Threo: I know the feeling! Whenever I'm with (Captain), I think the same thing!
Tweyen: You've really changed. I wonder if (Captain) and the others had a hand in that.
Threo: Changed? What're you talkin' about! I'm me!
Tweyen: Hehe. Never mind.
Tweyen looks over Threo with warm, gentle eyes.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 9

Threo arrives in Stardust Town and immediately finds Feower. Cautious but curious, he asks her what she wants and ends up battling her because he knows she won't take no for an answer.

Threo visits Stardust Town to find Feower and Tien.
Threo: Feower! I've been looking for you!
Feower: Threo? What're you doing he—wait... What's with the dragon?
Threo: I caught it in the forest! Ohh, this is gonna be a juicy one!
Feower: That's not what I'm asking!
Feower: I mean: why'd you bring that dragon here into town?
Threo: I'm here to ask you a favor! The dragon was just a bonus!
Feower: You're here because of me? That's a first. And what might that favor be?
Threo: Feower, why'd you become strong?
Feower: Err...
Feower: I've got to admit, I never thought I'd hear that coming from a bonehead like you.
Feower: (Next thing I know, it'll be raining spears.)
Feower: Why do you ask, by the way?
Threo: I was told that if I wanted to get stronger, I'd have to fight strong people and ask them why they wanted to become strong.
Threo: I'm just doing what I was told!
Threo: So tell me, Feower! Oh, and fight me!
Feower: Tsk, you came to bother me with this?
Feower expresses his discontent, but Threo doesn't show any sign of budging.
Feower: (Hmm, but if I don't fight her, she's just going to stay here until I do. What a pain. Only one thing to do then.)
Feower: Sigh... I understand; I'll answer you. But only if you can beat me.
Feower draws his daggers and eases himself into a battle-ready stance.
Threo: Fine by me! I'm gonna win anyway!
Feower: ...!
Feower: In yer dreams!

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 10

Feower reveals that he needs strength because there are those he must protect. Threo says she understands, seeing Feower as akin to a mother protecting its young.

Threo: Another day, another Eternal!
Feower: Dammit! How could I lose to a moron like you!
Threo: Remember whatcha promised! Tell me your reason!
Feower: Tsk... Fine. It's because I had something to protect.
Feower: In order to do that, I needed power. I needed to be strong. So that's what I became.
Feower: Not that a nitwit like you would understand what that feels like.
Threo: I may be stupid, but I can understand that much!
Feower: Wha? How could a dunce like you have any idea how I feel?
Threo: You wanted to protect the herd, right? Just like how a mother protects her young!
Threo: If you think of it that way, it's pretty easy to understand!
Feower: Enough with your jungle analogies!
Feower: Sigh... You got what you came for. Just go home already.
Threo: Man, fighting sure does work up an appetite... Hey, Feower, do you want roast dragon or dragon stew?
Feower: I said go home!

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 11

Tien finds Threo roasting a dragon in Stardust Town and asks why she's there. When Threo says she seeks strength to avoid being prey, Tien empathizes and suggests that they battle to see whose resolve is stronger.

With a growling stomach, Threo roasts her freshly caught dragon in the public square of Stardust Town.
Tien: Threo.
Threo: Hey, Tien! Want some dragon?
Tien: No thank you. I heard you fought Feower, by the way.
Threo: Yep, sure did! I won too!
Tien: He said you asked him why he wanted to be strong.
Threo: I don't really know why, but I'm supposed to ask people that right now. It's supposed to make me stronger.
Threo: That's all it is, really!
Tien: I see... And I'm next?
Threo: That's right! Aren't that many other people as strong as me around.
Tien: Yet you still want more power...
Tien: Threo, why do you want to become more powerful?
Threo: Because I don't wanna get eaten. I wanna be on top of the food chain!
Tien: I see... I think in one way or another, everyone has the same reason.
Tien: Very well. I'll fight you.
Tien: Just know that my reason's the same as yours. I don't want those little children to fall prey to anyone. I need to be strong for that.
Tien: Let's see whose conviction is stronger.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 12

Threo defeats Tien and realizes that everyone seeks strength for different reasons. The smell of Threo's burning dragon meat interrupts any further conversation.

Tien: I concede... You win.
Threo: I can see everyone's reasons are different though.
Tien: Of course. Everyone has different needs and different wants.
Threo: Needs? Wants?
Tien: Well—
Tien: Hm? Say, Threo. Do you smell something burning?
Threo: Oh no! It's the dragon! It's still over the fire!
Tien: Try not to burn down my town...

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 13

Threo searches for Niyon but runs into Fif instead. They find out that they are both looking for Niyon, and both are on a quest to fight each Eternal. They decide to help each other out.

Threo learns of Niyon's whereabouts from Tien and starts making her way toward her.
Threo: Hmm, maybe this way...
Fif: Threo?
Threo: Fif? What're you doing all the way out here?
Fif: Me? I'm looking for Niyon! How about you?
Threo: What a coinkydink! I'm looking for her too!
Fif: Really? What perfect timing!
Fif: I need to ask you a favor!
Threo: Me? A favor? Like what?
Fif: Help me with my training!
Fif: See, I'm going around training with all the Eternals so I can get better at controlling my magic!
Fif: So I need you to help me!
Threo: Training? How am I supposed to help you with that?
Fif: You just have to fight me!
Threo: Oooh! I can do that! I was actually about to ask you to do the same thing!
Fif: Really? Then it's perfect!
Fif: All right! Let's rumble!

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 14

Fif asks what Threo plans to do once she gets stronger, which puzzles Threo, who has always thought of strength only as a survival tool. Fif insists that everyone has an ambition, and Threo ponders this.

Fif: Aww! I lost!
Threo: You weren't easy though! I never knew magic was so powerful!
Fif: It's only that way 'cause it's my magic! Hehe!
Fif: But you were amazing, Threo. It's almost like you were fighting with magic yourself.
Fif: Say, what is your amibition for getting stronger?
Fif: I wanna do lots and lots of fun stuff!
Threo: What do you mean by ambition?
Fif: You know, things you'd like to do after you've gotten stronger!
Threo: Like to do? I just don't wanna get eaten.
Fif: Hm? You're not doing this because there's something you want?
Threo: I don't think about stuff like that.
Fif: That's weird. Everybody wants something!
Threo: Really?
Fif: Yeah! It's like Grampy always says:
Fif: People become strong because they're looking forward to something!
Threo: ...
Fif: Well, see you later! I have to go find Niyon now.
Threo: Oh, s-see ya...
Threo: My... ambition?

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 15

Fif's words still in her mind, Threo finds Niyon and chases her down when she runs away. A tussle soon ensues.

Fif's words still echoing in her mind, Threo searches for Niyon.
Threo: Niyon! Found you!
Niyon: Threo?
The moment their eyes meet, Niyon runs away without a word.
Threo: H-hey! Wait!
Bewildered, Threo chases after Niyon.
Niyon: Just give up already. Stop chasing me.
Threo: This feels just like a hunt back in the forest!
Niyon: I'm not an animal.
Threo: Gotcha!
Threo: Grr. I'm gonna get you!
Niyon: Why are you doing this...

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 16

After their scuffle Niyon admits that she has never been interested in strength, only in beautiful melodies. Threo asks what her ambition should be, but Niyon replies that only Threo herself can answer that.

Threo: I won!
Niyon: You appear out of nowhere, and the first thing you do is chase me down and attack me. You monster...
Threo: Cause you ran away!
Niyon: You were grinning.
Threo: I felt like I was on the hunt and got caught up in the moment, okay? Why'd you run away in the first place?
Niyon: Because Seofon told me you were coming to fight me.
Niyon: I admire your melody; it's simple and pure. But it's far too loud. That's why—hm?
Niyon: Your melody seems different from usual.
Niyon: Did something happen, Threo?
Threo: Niyon... Why did you want to be strong?
Threo: Is it because you had some kind of ambition?
Niyon: Not quite. I'm not like you or Eahta; I have no interest in strength.
Niyon: I simply want to listen to and make beautiful melodies. Nothing more.
Niyon: In my search for that, I merely became strong along the way.
Threo: I see...
Threo: Niyon. What do you think my ambition is?
Niyon: I wouldn't know. Only you can answer that.
Threo: ...
Niyon: Your melody sounds so complex right now. But I don't think that's a bad thing.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 17

Threo goes to meet Anre, who tells her that she needs to find a goal worthy of pursuit. Threo realizes that her ambition is to protect (Captain), and Anre fights her to test her resolve.

Threo continues on her quest for strength.
After battling the other eight, she finally stands before the final Eternal, Anre.
Anre: Ahh, Threo. I've heard from Seofon that you were coming.
Threo: Anre. Do you have an ambition?
Threo: Did you want to become strong because there was something you wanted to do?
Anre: It seems you've already arrived at the answer.
Anre: Indeed, if true strength is one's goal, simply fighting powerful individuals will accomplish nothing.
Anre: A wish. An aspiration.
Anre: These are the things one must seek to gain strength.
Anre: The fear of being prey is but simple primordial instinct. Such fear makes one no more than a wild beast.
Anre: For as long as you remain nothing more than an animal, the power you seek cannot be obtained.
Anre: If ultimate power is truly what you want, you must stop running from fear and instead find a hope to pursue.
Threo: ...
Anre: Threo, have you found an object worthy of pursuit?
Threo: I... don't know...
Anre: So you've not yet found the answer then... Perhaps I expected too much.
Threo: But I do know one thing. I want to be the strongest there is. I'm sick of losing things and having things taken from me.
Threo: I don't want (Captain) or any of the others to be someone else's prey.
Threo: I want to protect them! I need to be strong enough to do that!
Anre: Well, it looks like you already have your ambition then.
Threo: What? That's good enough?
Anre: To seek strength not just for yourself, but for the protection of others.
Anre: A fine reason. I'd say it's more than enough.
Anre: Well then, let's see if you have the resolve to have that desire come true. I'll test you myself.
Anre: If you lose to me, your aspiration is nothing more than wishful thinking.

An Axe to Grind... Nine Times: Scene 18

Anre determines that with her newfound goal, Threo has truly grown stronger. Threo declares that her final opponent will be none other than (Captain).

Anre: Victory is yours. You've really grown, Threo.
Threo: Really? Yes! I'm stronger!
Anre: That's right. I've never seen you as strong as you are now.
Threo: Hehe! Wow!
Anre: No doubt your goal has made you stronger.
Anre: And what do you plan on doing from here on?
Threo: Fight (Captain)!
Threo: I'm going to beat (Captain) and prove that I'm number one! Once and for all!
Anre: Is that so?
Anre: To think that the only opponent left after defeating the Eternals would be that child...
Anre: And to think how much that child has influenced you.
Anre: How truly remarkable.
Threo has finally discovered that which she had been missing all this while: hope and ambition.
With her newfound goal, she makes her way back to (Captain) and the crew.