Scenario:Tsubasa - Wideness of the World

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Wideness of the World

During a supply run Tsubasa, Killa Taiga, and Yung Rintaro enjoy a gearcycle ride and a meal. In the diner where they eat, a male customer intimidates a waitress by loudly refusing to pay. Tsubasa intervenes and forces the man to leave.

Tsubasa: It's time to bounce, men!
The crew visits a town to procure supplies.
Tsubasa is free, so he takes Taiga and Rintaro out for a ride on their beasts.
Tsubasa: C'mon, c'mon! Turn up!
Killa Taiga: Yeeeah-hoo! This wind is off the hook!
Yung Rintaro: We ain't been out riding like this in forever!
Tsubasa: Let's fly in style, men!
Tsubasa and the others speed through the wind, roaring down the road with no particular destination.
After riding for a while, the trio grow hungry and roll up to a local diner.
Tsubasa: Heh! Ain't no food tastier than what you eat after a ride.
Killa Taiga: Hell naw!
Killa Taiga: Hey, Rintaro, you feeding your face too?
Yung Rintaro: You know it, bro.
Yung Rintaro: Tsubasa, yo, lemme H-2-O you.
The group relish their food and joke merrily.
Suddenly, however, the sound of someone smacking a table sounds throughout the restaurant, and the customers fall silent.
Ruffian: Did you just order me to pay! What way is that to thank yer customers for their business? Huh?
Waitress: Well, sir, it's, um...
Customer: What is he doing?
Intimidated by the combative man, the surrounding customers remain hushed. None dare to intervene.
Yung Rintaro: He ain't gonna pay? Damn, what a bum...
Tsubasa: ...
As everyone watches the scene unfold, Tsubasa stands up with a sigh and approaches the man.
Killa Taiga: Hey, Tsubasa!
Tsubasa: ...
Ruffian: Huh? What is it? You got a problem, boy?
Tsubasa: Raaah!
Ruffian: Gwah!
Before the man has a chance to speak any further, Tsubasa sends him flying with a kick.
Tsubasa: That's it, yo! I'm sick of your mouth. You're ruinin' my meal.
Ruffian: Don't you know who I am, you little dirtwad?
Tsubasa: Sorry, bro. Not sure I care either.
Ruffian: Awright, boy, step outside!
Tsubasa's provocation infuriates the man, and the customers' critical gazes only act as salt in the wound.
Customer: My goodness—threatening violence against a child...
Ruffian: Aagh!
Ruffian: Dammit! This ain't over!
The man delivers his parting shot and storms out of the diner.
Tsubasa: Heh...
Killa Taiga: Bro was hella wack...
Tsubasa: Yeah, but how 'bout we chow down already?
Waitress: I'm very sorry about the disturbance.
Killa Taiga: 'Sall good, 'sall good. If anyone was outta line, it's that dude who was fronting.
Killa Taiga: More importantly, though—you are smokin'! How 'bout you roll with us after work?
Killa Taiga: You can just hop on behind me. Ahaha... I mean... just kiddin'...
Waitress: Huh! I, uh...
Tsubasa: Hey, Taiga... Give the macking a rest...
Killa Taiga: Haha, sorry, man, sorry!
Ruffian: ...
Staring into the diner window from outside, the troublemaker chews his lip in frustration.
Ruffian: That kid won't get away with this!
Glaring at Tsubasa and the others, he grows hungrier for revenge.

Wideness of the World: Scene 2

At day's end Tsubasa and the others once again cross paths with the waitress, who invites Taiga on a date in the woods. The curious Rintaro trails Taiga and the waitress from a distance, only to see the unruly customer from earlier lying in wait among the trees. The man knocks both Taiga and Rintaro unconscious and carries them off.

Having filled their bellies, Tsubasa and company ride on until the last light of day.
Tsubasa: So what do you say we head back?
Killa Taiga: Sure, man. I was gonna roll a bit more, but you got it.
As Tsubasa and the others are about to return to the Grandcypher, a lone silhouette draws near.
Waitress: Um, excuse me!
Tsubasa: Huh? Aren't you the—
Killa Taiga: Oh, how 'bout that! Couldn't get enough of me, huh?
The waitress blushes in response to Taiga's teasing.
Waitress: Could we talk somewhere more private?
Killa Taiga: Huh? For reals?
Taiga is dumbfounded by the unexpected invitation, and together with the waitress he vanishes into the woods that border the town.
Rintaro looks on and smiles mischievously.
Yung Rintaro: Awww yeah! First comes love, then comes marriage—
Yung Rintaro: We totally gotta follow them. Ain't that right, Tsubasa?
Tsubasa: Nah, son, nah. You know he's gonna get friendzoned, and he'll be back in a flash.
Too excited to take heed of Tsubasa's advice, Rintaro tags along behind the pair.
Yung Rintaro: I gotta watch those two strollin' down the tunnel of love!
Tsubasa: Hey!
Tsubasa: And he's gone... Oh well...
Tsubasa lets out a sigh and waits for his two friends to return.
This unexpected date has put an exceptional spring in Taiga's step.
Walking into the secluded woods alongside the diner's waitress, his imagination blazes.
Waitress: ...
Killa Taiga: (Heh-heh, I totally have a shot here.)
Rintaro peeks out from the bushes and sees Taiga grinning.
Yung Rintaro: (Aw, damn. She'll see right through you, bro.)
Yung Rintaro: (Nah! Did you just go in for the hand hold! Ain't wastin' no time, are you, Taiga?)
Yung Rintaro: Whoa, she dodged it slick as hell! Guess he put the moves on too heavy. And just think—it was her who macked on him...
???: Relax. She didn't ever like him.
Yung Rintaro: Huh?
Yung Rintaro: Oof!
Killa Taiga: Wha!
The loud thud gets Taiga's attention. He looks back and is stunned to notice Rintaro lying unconscious on the other side of the brush.
Killa Taiga: Yo, man! What are you doing here! What's going on!
Taiga tries to go to his friend's aid.
Killa Taiga: Gweh!
Ruffian: Heh-heh! You lousy kids!
Waitress: You're done with me now, right?
Ruffian: Yeah. That was a nice little show you put on. Good work.
Waitress: They aren't dead, are they?
The waitress gives the unconscious Taiga and Rintaro a concerned glance; the man, on the other hand, lets out a vulgar laugh.
Ruffian: Course they ain't. I plan on hurtin' 'em nice and slow.
Waitress: What! That's not what you told me!
Ruffian: Shut your damn hole, bus girl!
Waitress: Eeek!
Ruffian: You let that boy with the freaky do know I'm waiting for him in the warehouse on the outskirts of town.
The man looks down at the woman he knocked down and laughs heartily.
He ties up Taiga and Rintaro, and then heads out triumphantly.

Wideness of the World: Scene 3

While Tsubasa is waiting for his friends just outside town, the waitress appears and explains how she was coerced into helping abduct Taiga and Rintaro to a warehouse. Tsubasa heads to the warehouse and then battles their captor.

After parting with Taiga and Rintaro, Tsubasa waits for the pair near the entrance to the town.
But, come nighttime, the two haven't returned, and Tsubasa grows irritated.
Tsubasa: (It's hella late... Guess they aren't coming back for a while, huh...)
Tsubasa: (Hm?)
Just as he is about to head back, a figure comes running from the woods.
Tsubasa: Heh, so you're finally back.
Waitress: Huff... huff...
But when he notices that it's neither Taiga nor Rintaro, Tsubasa furrows his brow.
Tsubasa: Huh? What are you doing here? I mean, what about Taiga and Rintaro?
Waitress: Sob, sob...
Tsubasa's eyes turn to saucers when he sees the woman break down in tears.
Tsubasa: Hey! Hey, what is it? Did Taiga get carried away?
Waitress: No... I did something terrible...
Tsubasa: What happened?
Tsubasa helps the sobbing waitress to dry her tears before asking for more information.
Waitress: That man threatened me. He said I had to lure your friend out...
Holding back her tears, the waitress tells him the whole story of how Taiga and Rintaro were abducted.
Tsubasa: That sleazeball... Those dirty tricks!
Waitress: I'm the one to blame... If only I didn't do what he told me to...
Tsubasa: No, this isn't your fault. Don't worry—I'll take things from here.
Tsubasa jumps astride his gearcycle and lets it roar as if to vent his anger.
Tsubasa: Hold on, Taiga! Rintaro!
Tsubasa: Hey! I came here just like you said. Now come the hell out!
Tsubasa burned rubber all the way to the remote warehouse.
Ruffian: You sure took your time. I figured you ran away with your tail between your legs.
Tsubasa: Where are my men?
Ruffian: Right over there.
The man gestures with his chin.
There Tsubasa sees that Taiga and Rintaro are bound to a metal pole and covered in bruises.
Taiga & Rintaro: Urgh...
Tsubasa: You slimewad!
???: Don't get your shirt in a knot, kid.
Tsubasa turns back in the direction of the voice to see a man dressed in black from head to toe.
Tsubasa: Who the hell are you?
Boss: You can think of me as that gentleman's father and employer.
Boss: Hell, I didn't think we'd be taking hostages from some kid fresh out of diapers.
Tsubasa: Bunch of grown men don't have anything better to do? Y'all are a bunch of never-was burnouts.
Tsubasa: It's me you're after, ain't it? Then why didn't you come for me from the get-go?
Boss: Because seeing your friends like this lets you know what a little jabroni you are.
Boss: I was only aiming for the big guy, but I guess I got two for the price of one.
The man laughs, which fans the flames of Tsubasa's rage.
Tsubasa: You scumbags!
Tsubasa: I'm about to go guano on you!
Boss: All right. Now that I've taken care of the heavy lifting, you clean up the rest.
Ruffian: You got it, boss!
Tsubasa: Eat this!

Wideness of the World: Scene 4

Tsubasa defeats the man, whose boss then steps in to unleash deadly force on Tsubasa. Elmott, however, is able to persuade the man to stop. Tsubasa falls unconscious under the weight of his wounds. When Tsubasa awakens two days later, he realizes he is only one small part of a vast world.

Tsubasa: Aaahhh!
Ruffian: Gwah-ha!
Tsubasa punches the man with all his might, knocking him unconscious.
Tsubasa: Heh, you stupid dillhole!
Boss: Well, damn... Wrecked by one little brat.
Boss: Oh well. Guess I gotta deal with you myself.
The boss kicks the unconscious man into the wall and saunters toward Tsubasa.
Boss: What, are you about to chicken out? I'm ready anytime.
Tsubasa: If I was you, I wouldn't be talking so big right now.
Tsubasa stomps one foot forward and then slams the boss in the face.
Tsubasa: Aaah!
Boss: Watch it now.
The boss stops Tsubasa's punch one-handed, as if it were nothing.
Tsubasa: Huh!
Boss: Don't tell me you thought I couldn't do any better than that little moron.
Boss: Humph!
Without missing a beat, the boss slams a leaden fist into Tsubasa's sternum.
Tsubasa: Gwah... Ha...
Boss: Hey, hey! Is that the best you can do?
The man seems to suddenly spring to life, and he batters Tsubasa with a storm of merciless blows.
Boss: I'm only warming up, boy.
Boss: On your feet! I'm gonna tie you in a knot and twist till you spit out your lungs!
Tsubasa: Gwah!
Tsubasa: (Hell, he's strong. Way stronger than his lackey.)
Tsubasa: (Damn it! If this keeps up, I'm gonna...)
Tsubasa prepares to die. But just then he hears a familiar voice.
???: You mind cutting it out?
Tsubasa: Teach? What are you doing here?
Elmott: ...
Elmott glances over at Tsubasa then fixes a piercing gaze on the thug's boss.
Boss: Who the hell are you? I don't remember inviting any guests.
Elmott: I'm in charge of educating the little brat that you're bullying.
Boss: Bullying? Nah, you've got me all wrong. I'm just teaching him a lesson. A lesson, get it?
Boss: About what it's like living in the grown-up world. I'm teaching him what you couldn't.
Elmott: Are you trying to get a rise out of me? Just quit it then. I didn't come to fight.
Elmott: Besides, if people find out that you laid into some kids like this, your little gang's reputation's gonna tank.
Boss: Humph, you sure have a way of putting it.
Boss: Oh well. I'll take it easy on him this time.
Boss: Give that little snot a piece of your mind for me.
The boss takes hold of his underling and walks away.
Tsubasa: (Hold up! I didn't lose yet...)
Tsubasa: (Damn... My voice is shot...)
Tsubasa strains to speak, but the words seem to vanish before they ever reach his tongue. His sight grows blurry.
Tsubasa: ...!
Tsubasa awakens in his quarters on the Grandcypher.
As his eyes attempt to focus, he notices someone peering at him.
Elmott: So you finally decided to rise and shine.
Tsubasa: Teach...
Elmott: They say sleep does a body good, but you ought to be perfect now. You've been sleeping for the past two days.
Elmott: Oh, and first of all, your pals are okay. They got up earlier, and they're as healthy as horses now.
Tsubasa: Oh...
Tsubasa: ...
Tsubasa: How come you knew where we were?
Elmott: You were late coming back so I went lookin' for ya in town. That's where I ran into a woman who'd been crying.
Elmott: She told me she'd met you, and so I hurried after you.
Elmott: Oh, and while you were gettin' your beauty sleep, I put the dude in black in his place.
Elmott: Turns out those guys had been making trouble for that diner for a while. Your instincts about that thug hassling the waitress were right.
Tsubasa: Guess I owe you another solid.
Elmott: Look at you, actin' all grown up.
Tsubasa: Got a problem with that?
Elmott: Heh heh. I dunno.
Elmott grins and, having confirmed that Tsubasa is well, turns away from the young man.
Elmott: You're lucky that you were okay this time. But next time, well, you never know.
Elmott: Don't let yourself get carried away.
Elmott pauses in the doorway.
Elmott: It's a big world out there, isn't it?
And the door closes. Though the room falls silent, Elmott's words seem to linger on.
Tsubasa silently repeats them as if to make them more real.
Tsubasa: (Sometimes fighting can only get you so far.)
Tsubasa: (Damn! I thought I was hot stuff, but I was nothing.)
Although Tsubasa's actions put his friends in great danger, what he gained from the experience was equally great.
Tsubasa swears to himself that he'll become stronger... and also grow up right.