Scenario:Tyre - Visitor from Albion

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Visitor from Albion

Tyre has come seeking out Vira, his hero and object of adoration. He wishes to find out what changed her and asks to join (Captain)'s crew to find out.

(Captain) and company stop by an island late one night and decide to take a well-deserved rest aboard the Grandcypher.
The next day (Captain) steps onto the deck and hears a lively voice calling toward the ship.
???: Ahoy!
Lyria: Oh, looks like we have a visitor. Hello there! Can we help you?
(Captain) lets the visitor onto the ship.
Tyre: Pardon the intrusion! Tyre of the Albion Military Academy at your service!
Lyria: Albion Academy? Oh! That's the academy Katalina went to!
Vyrn: Ohh, I get it! You must be here to see Katalina! Sorry to break it to you, but you just missed her. She went out to town in the morning.
Tyre: Actually, I regret to say that I have never met Katalina! I entered the academy after her graduation!
Vyrn: Oh. What do you want with us then?
Tyre: W-well... Albion's former Lord Commander... Vi... V-V-Viii...
Tyre: Argh! I can't say it! My lips aren't worthy!
Lyria: U-um, did you come to see Vira?
Vira is a crew member

Vyrn: Hmmm. Well, Vira said she went with Katalina to help her with stuff.
Vira not in crew

Vyrn: Aw man... She dropped by earlier but she's with Katalina right now.
Tyre: Sh-sh-she was here? I-I might just get a glimpse of her today—No! Impure thoughts begone!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! M-Mr. Tyre person? Are you okay? D-did you just punch yourself?
Tyre: My apologies! I couldn't let myself get away with such heinous ruminations!
Lyria: R-rooming... nations?
Tyre: Indeed!
Vyrn: Um, okay... So uh, Clefty, what're you doing here again?
Tyre: Ah! This may be a touch long-winded, but allow me to explain!
Tyre: I was enrolled into the academy according to my parents' wishes. But on the day of the entrance ceremony...
Tyre: That's when I first saw her.
Tyre: Noble, gracious, radiantly elegant... I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was more than worthy to be Lord Commander.
Vyrn: (Psst... I think he's got the wrong Vira.)
Lyria: (Shh! Listen to what he has to say!)
Tyre: She was beloved by the student body, but there was an air of unapproachability about her.
Tyre: Then you and your crew came to Albion, and she retired from her position soon after.
Tyre: I caught a glimpse of her by the port on the day she was leaving. She seemed... different somehow.
Tyre: I wanted to find out how a single person could bring about such a change in her.
Tyre: I just had to know. That's what brought me here to this ship.
Lyria: I see!
Tyre: (Captain)! If I may be so bold as to make a request!
Tyre: Please, allow me to join your crew! I don't care what I have to do to earn my keep. I'll do whatever odd jobs you may have!
  1. I guess that's fine...
  2. Why?

Choose: I guess that's fine...
Tyre: Thank you! I promise I shall not disappoint! Leave all the menial duties to me!
Vyrn: Wait, you're seriously asking us for chores to do?
Tyre: I'm a complete novice at being a skyfarer! I don't see why a greenhorn shouldn't start at the bottom and work his way up!
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Choose: Why?
Tyre: I... I too want to discover what she found in you, (Captain)!
Tyre: Please, (Captain), allow me to join you on your journey!
Tyre imploringly prostrates himself before the crew, his head reaching the floor.
Lyria: T-Tyre! Get up! You don't have to go that far!
Moved by Tyre's enthusiasm and persistence, (Captain) agrees to make him one of the crew.
Tyre: Thank you, (Captain)!
Continue 1
Tyre: I await your orders!
Lyria: Ah! How about we swab the decks together, Tyre!
Tyre: Yes, ma'am! I look forward to your tutelage!
Tyre marches off behind Lyria to fulfill his duties.
Vyrn: Geez. Quite the character, ain't he? A little nutty, but he seems like a stand up guy.
Vyrn: Hm? Didn't he say he was a student at the academy? Isn't he skippin' out on classes?
Vyrn and (Captain) tilt their heads in puzzlement.
Whatever the case, (Captain) and company have gained an enthusiastic new comrade this day.