Scenario:Uzuki Shimamura - Go Get'em Gal

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Go Get'em Gal

Uzuki could not fathom how someone could be summoned to a different world. Uzuki finally came to understand (Captain) and company’s situation after having had it explained multiple times. Uzuki looks rather depressed after learning of the Empire and its evil deeds, but quickly recovered and once again took on a cheerful expression. Because everyone else was smiling she decided she wanted to do her best, and asked if there was any way she could help.

Uzuki, who had joined the party during their travels, had the situation in which the party found itself explained to her.
Lyria: Hahaha... In that situation they could bail us out when we are being chased by soldiers. Right? (Captain).
Vyrn: Ack... Somehow, I’m surprised. Those imperial soldier scumbags have come to attack us, no questions asked...
Uzuki: I see... Such an evil Empire exists.
Vyrn: Ah... There is no limit to the Empire’s capacity for evildoing.
Uzuki: So my role is that of a hero?
Vyrn: Hm?
Uzuki: Now I get it! I will put on a splendid performance in my role as a hero! Please be the audience for my show!
Vyrn: Well... It’s not exactly an acting job...
Uzuki: So will there be publicity stills of the scene? I’ll do my best when the director says... “Action!”
Vyrn: Naturally you don’t know anything!
Lyria: Um... Um... If this is not a play or something...
Uzuki: Then... (Captain) and friends really are fighting with that evil Empire?
Vyrn: Damn right! So now you finally get it?
Uzuki: All right, so that country really is doing evil things... So it’s true, not just innuendo...
Lyria: Yes...
Uzuki: So there really, truly is something horrible going on?
Vyrn: Hey, don’t get so depressed over it! Even if the Empire attacks us you’ll be safe as long as (Captain) and I are here!
Vyrn: And... According to Rin, the world where Uzuki and the others lived was a world without monsters and primal beasts, correct?
Vyrn: Therefore, even if they are traveling with us, commanding girls who came here from such a world to take up swords and fight...
Uzuki: I’ll do my best!
Lyria: What?
Uzuki: It’s just like Mr. Vyrn says. The world where I lived is totally different from this one. It had neither swords nor sorcery...
Uzuki: Therefore, it might be a little difficult for us to become instant heroes like you described.
Uzuki: However, having a smile on my face is my specialty! Therefore, I'll do my best! So that everyone else can smile, too!
Lyria: Haha... yes! I think it is terribly important for everyone to be able to have smiles on their faces.
Uzuki: Before I came to this world, I only knew the magic trick to making everyone smile!
Uzuki: My producer taught me the marvelous magic that would make me sparkle...
Uzuki: Therefore, if there is anything I can do, please let me help!
  1. Thank you
  2. Just leave everything to us

Choose: Thank you
Uzuki: Yes! I’ll do my best so that everyone can always be smiling!
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Choose: Just leave everything to us
Uzuki: Leave it to us! I’ll stay focused and do my best!
Continue 1
Vyrn: So then... There was someone who could use magic in the world where you lived...
Vyrn: Your producer, you said? What kind of person is that? A rather renowned mage?
Uzuki: Ah... Not exactly someone who could use sorcery...
Uzuki: However, he was a very important person who helps you pursue your dreams!
Uzuki chatted away happily, flashing her dazzling smile all the while.