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One for All

Vane leads a unit of White Dragons consisting of the two knights who had gossiped about him, Team Chickadee, and Henry to investigate the abduction of livestock. The unit arrives at the remote village where the crime took place, and prioritizes checking the crime scene. Afterward the village chief persuades the knights to attend a welcome party prepared by the villagers.

One day, the Order of the White Dragons receives a letter from a rural village not far from Vane and Lancelot's hometown.
There have been attacks on the livestock, and the villagers would like the White Dragons to investigate.
Vane is familiar with the area, so he agrees to lead a unit of knights to the village.
Vane: This is the first time you guys have joined my unit, isn't that right?
White Dragons: Y-yes, sir!
Vane: Just as I thought! Well, let's all do our best today!
White Dragons: We will do our best, sir!
White Dragon 1: (Crud... We are so screwed. There's no way he didn't overhear us talking...)
White Dragon 2: (What's he gonna do to us? Are we gonna suffer an "accident" in the line of duty? Ungh... Don't wanna think about it...)
Vane: (I feel like I should do something. I'm fine working with them on the mission, but I don't wanna accidentally make things more awkward.)
The Two: (Sigh... Now what?)
The two knights assigned to Vane's unit happen to be the very same ones who had gossiped about him days earlier.
Vane: As for our special field trip brigade, this is a good chance to learn, so watch your seniors carefully, okay?
The Five: Yes, sir!
Arthur and his fellow knights-in-training have also been added to the unit so that they can accumulate valuable field experience.
Arthur: Whoo-hoo! Leaving the castle for a real mission gets me all fired up!
Mordred: Yeah! I was starting to get sick of punching the same training dummies over and over again.
Tornelio: Um, you two might be used to running into monsters outside the castle, but I'm not.
Cruz: Just remember your training, and you'll be fine, Tornelio.
Henry: Never fear! I'll beat up any monsters that try to jump us!
Mordred: Groan... Stuck with an annoying team member again.
Arthur: Heh! Come on! Who wouldn't be hopping up and down for a piece of the action with the pros!
Vane: Listen up, you guys. This isn't supposed to be a dangerous job, but you still have to take it seriously!
The lighthearted banter continues until the unit arrives at the village.
Village Chief: Welcome, all, to our humble home!
Village Chief: To think the Order of the White Dragons would grace our remote village! It is an honor!
Vane: Oh, we're just doing our jobs! It's our duty to keep peace for everyone!
Village Chief: Even so, you must be tired from your journey. We've prepared a smorgasbord of food for you all. If you would please follow me.
Arthur: Psst. What's a smorgasbord? Sounds like it's full of deliciousness!
Mordred: Quiet! We're on duty!
Vane: Actually, could we visit the crime scene first? If it's all right with you.
Village Chief: Hm, as you wish. Thank you for handling this with utmost priority. This way please.
The village chief leads Vane's unit to where the livestock had been attacked.
Vane: This is awful...
White Dragon 1: The work of feral beasts perhaps?
Vane: No. I think they would've left behind a huge mess if it had been them. This is too clean.
White Dragon 2: Yeah... Some more scratches or tracks showing who was here would be helpful.
Vane: It feels like the livestock were whisked away in an instant.
Vane: Hm, take a look at this.
Splotches of blood dot the side of a shed.
Vane: Doesn't it look like the stain suddenly stops here?
Arthur: It sure does! Almost like it got wiped off!
Mordred: Were there no witnesses at all?
Vane: A villager said the shed was completely empty by the time they noticed something wrong.
Tornelio: That's freaky...
Cruz: Gone without a trace.
Vane: Yes, as if they were spirited away. I think the villagers mentioned something about that.
Henry: D-doesn't matter what happened, we're here now so everything's gonna be okay!
Vane: Right you are. We're putting a stop to any more victims.
Vane: (There's something not right about this... But what?)
???: Recently there's been incidents of livestock simply vanishing from the pens on the village outskirts.
???: Oh dear. How frightening. You stay away from that dangerous place, okay, Vane?
???: Okay!
Vane: Chief, when did the last of the livestock go missing?
Village Chief: I believe it was a little before we sent the letter.
Village Chief: After that we rounded up our remaining animals and herded them into the center of the village for safety.
Village Chief: The incidents stopped after that, but the threat of recurrence leaves us worried.
Vane: Understood. On the name of the White Dragons, we swear to solve this mystery.
Village Chief: Thank you, O knights!
Village Chief: Now that you've checked the crime scene, allow me once more to invite you to enjoy the smorgasbord.
Vane: That's okay! We're here on official business, so you don't have to treat us to anything.
Village Chief: But this is the collective wish of the villagers!
Village Chief: We won't be able to sleep knowing we couldn't even offer you a cup of tea!
Vane: Ahaha. Is that so?
Vane: (This is a tough call. I don't want to risk making things tougher by damaging our relationship with them.)
Vane: All right then. If that's how much it means to the village, then we'll join you.
Village Chief: Thank you! The preparations won't take long, so please follow me!
The excited chief hastens to the front of the knights and beckons them to follow.
Vane: Well, since they went to all the trouble, do you guys mind coming too?
White Dragon 1: Do you think that's a good idea?
Vane: Sure. We can use it as a chance to grab intel!
White Dragon 2: If their hospitality extends to us as well, then we're in.
Arthur: Whoo-hoo! Smorgasbord!
Mordred: Arthur! You're not some little kid anymore! Get serious!
Tornelio: Wait, when were we invited?
Cruz: I'll follow the vice-captain's orders.
Henry: You know what they say! "You can't fight on an empty stomach!"
Vane: Hahaha! Be on your best behavior, everyone!
And so Vane and company accept their positions as guests of honor at the village banquet.

One for All: Scene 2

Knights and villagers alike are enjoying themselves at the welcome party, when the cries of wyverns rattle the village. Vane orders the knights to help evacuate any straggling villagers while he tries to stop the horde from taking off with the livestock. His plans change when he sees the village chief's family coming under attack, and he prays he can save them in time.

Vane and the White Dragons are treated to a feast at the village's main lodge.
Village Chief: So your name is Vane? And you're the vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons?
Vane: Wahaha! I surely am!
Village Chief: I had heard that Captain Lancelot was quite young, though I never expected his second-in-command to be this young either.
Vane: Yeah, I don't really look the part of a vice-captain, do I?
Village Chief: Pardon my words! We never dreamed that someone of your status would personally pay our rural village a visit!
Village Chief: I'm mortified at myself for mistaking you for a regular knight!
Vane: No, no! Don't apologize! Anybody would have made the same mistake! Hahaha!
Vane: (Sigh... The evidence keeps piling up. I don't give off that vice-captain vibe at all.)
Arthur: (Looks like it's bugging Vane.)
Mordred: (Yeah... That's his down-in-the-dumps face.)
Tornelio: (Then I don't think we should get ourselves involved.)
Cruz: (Agreed.)
Henry: (Maybe we were buttering him up too much...)
The village chief's two children come charging in, stopping at Vane's feet.
Small Boy: Let's play, Vane!
Small Girl: Aw, no fair! You promised I get to go first!
Vane: Then how about I take you both on!
Small Boy: Yay! Let's go!
Small Girl: Whee!
Vane: Aaaand anchors aweigh!
Vane hoists the two children like loaves of bread.
Small Boy: Yeehaha! This is so fun!
Small Girl: Ahahaha! I'm gonna fall!
Mother: Stop that, you two! Leave the nice knight alone! He's working right now!
Vane: Wahaha! This is no bother at all!
Vane: Come on, fellas! Give me a hand with these tykes!
Arthur: Okay! Me and Mordred play with the little ones at the orphanage all the time, so this'll be easy!
Small Boy: Hehe! So many knights to play with!
Small Girl: Let's play! Let's play!
Mordred: Why do I gotta... Fine, fine!
Tornelio: You too, Cruz!
Cruz: Sure.
Henry: It's my turn to shine! Okay, you kids! Do your worst!
White Dragon 1: Hahaha... Talk about teamwork.
White Dragon 2: Yep. The vice-captain runs a tight unit.
The older knights are starting to warm up to the unit as they watch this mirthful scene.
Village Chief: Your visit has brought much needed brightness to a village in dark times. You have truly saved us.
White Dragon 1: No, sir, we haven't even—
Village Chief: I'm glad we didn't waste our rupies on money-grubbing mercenaries.
White Dragon 2: The White Dragons will bring this situation to order. It is our responsibility to—
Vane: Solve this mystery!
White Dragon 2: Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: Hey, we need backup! That means you two!
White Dragon 1: Yes, sir!
Every member of Vane's unit is now engaging with the villagers at the party, their friendships growing stronger by the minute.
???: Ahhhh!
But as the party is about to reach full swing, a scream reverberates through the village.
Vane: Let's go!
The Seven: Yes, sir!
As the knights approach the scene of the wailing, they see wyverns attacking villagers gathered by the livestock.
Wyvern: Gyaaagh!
Villager: Help us please!
Vane: Raagh!
Wyvern: Nrrgh...
Vane: Are you okay?
Villager: Y-yes!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaagh!
Vane watches as a flight of wyverns snatches the livestock and flies off.
Vane: Those are the criminals!
Vane: They formed a group just to get at the livestock.
The Two: Vice-Captain Vane!
Vane: Leave the wyverns to me!
Vane: The rest of you split up and take care of any injured villagers you find!
The Seven: Yes, sir!
The knights quickly scatter on Vane's order.
Vane: All right, you uglies! Now you're dealing with me!
Vane is about to attack when he sees some villagers trying to fend off wyverns.
Wyvern Horde: Fssshaa!
Village Chief: Now, kids! Run!
Small Boy: Boohoo! Scary!
Small Girl: Daddy! Mommy!
Mother: Daddy and Mommy are going to take care of things here! Run! Go!
Vane: What the! What are they doing over there!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaagh!
The wyverns bear down on the chief's family.
???: Va...
???: Live...
Vane: Damn it...
Vane sprints to the vulnerable family with all his might.
Vane: I have to reach them! Please let me get there in time!

One for All: Scene 3

Vane—seeing a striking resemblance in this wyvern attack on the chief's family to the one that claimed his parents when he was a child—is able to save the family, and he singlehandedly repels the wyvern horde. Injured and bloodied, he intends to fight the oncoming giant dragon and returning wyverns alone, but the other knights rally to his side, providing him with cover from the horde so that he can focus on the dragon.

Vane remembers a time in his life in which he was completely helpless.
Wyvern Horde: Fshaa!
???: Now, Vane! Run!
???: Daddy and Mommy are going to take care of things here! Run! Go!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaagh!
???: Don't worry, Vane! You're a strong, kind boy! It's going to be all right!
???: Mommy loves you very much, Vane. You have to keep living!
???: Dad! Mom!
He has no recollection of how his life was spared that day.
All he can remember is the look on his parents' faces in their final moments.
Vane: (Dad! Mom!)
Vane: Aaagh! Get back, you fiends!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaah...
Vane expertly wipes out the wyverns and saves the besieged family.
Vane: Huff... Huff... I made it...
Village Chief: Vane! Thank you for saving us!
Vane: Is anyone hurt?
Small Boy: I'm... okay!
Small Girl: Wow, you took them out all by yourself!
Mother: I can't thank you enough for saving my two little munchkins.
Vane: I'm glad your family is safe.
Vane: But it's too dangerous to stay here. I think you should find somewhere safer to hole up in.
Village Chief: I believe the main lodge should provide us better security.
Vane: Okay! I want you all to hide there while me and the White Dragons secure the area!
Village Chief: Understood!
Vane: Actually, it might be a good idea to gather all the villagers in the main lodge...
All of a sudden a great number of reptilian menaces come flooding in as if a dam had burst.
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaagh!
White Dragon 1: What the hell? I've never seen so many wyverns in one place!
White Dragon 2: Yeah... We can't handle this many on our own!
White Dragon 1: But there's no time for us to call for reinforcements—
White Dragon 2: Behind you!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaaagh!
White Dragon 1: Aaaah!
A wyvern catches one knight off guard and attempts to drag him away.
White Dragon 2: Stop! Put him down!
Wyvern Horde: Gyraahh!
White Dragon 2: Crap! I'm exposed from behind!
The remaining knight is about to suffer the same fate as his comrade.
Vane: Oorah!
Wyvern Horde: Nggh...
Vane: One more time!
Wyvern Horde: Ggnh...
Vane minces through the wyverns in an instant, saving the lives of his subordinates.
White Dragon 2: Thank you, Vice-Captain Vane!
White Dragon 1: That was too close... We were almost wyvern chow.
Vane: No problem. No matter what happens to you guys, I'll be there to save you!
Vane: So keep calm and fight with all your might!
White Dragons: Yes, sir!
Vane: All right...
Vane exhales deeply and gives a rousing speech to his embattled unit.
Vane: Listen up, everyone! I'm going to hold back the horde!
Vane: In the meantime, I want you all to round any straggling villagers, and get them to the main lodge!
Vane: I know their numbers are daunting, but if we keep a level head and work together, there's no enemy we can't overcome!
The Seven: Roger!
Each knight peels off to do their duty.
Vane, having complete faith in his knights, turns his attention back to the enemies at hand.
Vane: All right, you scaly beasties. Not a single one of you is getting past me!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaagh!
Vane: Haah!
Wyvern Horde: Rngh...
Vane: Yaagh!
Wyvern Horde: Grrr...
Vane: Oraah!
Wyvern Horde: Nggh...
Vane: I'm just getting started!
Wyverns fall left and right to Vane's might.
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaaagh!
Vane: Guh...
Wyvern Horde: Grrr!
Vane: Urgh...
Wyvern Horde: Raaaogh!
Vane: Hack!
But their superior numbers soon prove too much for Vane. His knees crash to the ground.
Vane: Huff... Wheeze... Boy, there sure are a lot of them...
Vane: Damn! Is this the end of the road for me?
Despite the pain of his wound-riddled body, he hears his friends' encouraging words echo in his head.
(Captain) ticks off examples of the times Vane saved them from dire situations.
Percival: But as you are now, I dare say you make a decent vice-captain of the White Dragons.
Siegfried: The genuine smile you give everyone around you makes you a true hero.
Lancelot: Mm... If anyone can pull it off, it's you.
Lancelot: Be the best hero you can be—the guardian of the people!
And just like that, Vane feels a surge of power run through his body.
Vane: Hehe... Compared to all the adversity I've conquered with everyone, this is nothing!
Vane: Because I...
Vane: I'm a hero that protects the people!
Vane puts every drop of strength into his next attacks.
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaagh!
At last he's able to turn the tide against the wave of wyverns.
Vane: Huff... Huff...
Vane: I did it!
The rest of the White Dragons come running back as soon as they finish evacuating the villagers.
White Dragon 1: Vice-Captain Vane!
White Dragon 2: Are you all right!
Tornelio: Y-you're bleeding everywhere!
Vane: Don't worry about me. These are just scratches.
Cruz: Something's coming...
Mordred: What the heck is that?
Mordred points to a giant dragon flying their way.
???: Grroaar!
Arthur: It kinda looks like the dragon Lancelot and the others once fought.
Mordred: Yeah, now that you mention it...
Henry: What the heck! No one said anything about facing giant dragons!
???: Gyraahh!
Wyvern Horde: Gyaaaagh!
The wyverns flock to the dragon's side.
Vane: Looks like that dragon might be the big boss or something.
Vane: I'll handle this, so you guys fall back—
White Dragons: We're fighting with you!
Arthur: So are we! We don't want to be a handicap anymore!
Mordred: That's right! Don't try to carry everything on your shoulders!
Tornelio: Let us protect our vice-captain sometimes!
Cruz: We'll watch your back.
Henry: Please, Vice-Captain Vane!
Every man in Vane's unit vows to fight for their vice-captain.
Vane: Thanks, everyone...
Vane: I can rest easy knowing I've got the swellest bunch in the skies.
Vane stumbles over his words a little, but his appreciation is evident.
Vane: Here's the plan. I'll take the big one.
Vane: Can I count on the rest of you to keep the wyverns off me?
White Dragons: Yes, sir! As you command!
Arthur: Understood! We'll beat up the wyverns!
Mordred: You just concentrate on the big one!
Tornelio: We'll be right behind you!
Cruz: There's no way the vice-captain can lose.
Henry: You have to beat it!
Vane: I know... Thanks, guys!
Vane's confidence in his unit allows him to focus on engaging the dragon.
???: Groooar!
Vane: I am the vice-captain of the Order of the White Dragons!
Vane: I don't know the meaning of the word defeat! With my friends at my side, this fight was over before it started!

One for All: Scene 4

Vane defeats the dragon, and he's mobbed by an adoring crowd of fellow knights and villagers. Vane downplays his actions, saying it was a team effort. He travels alone to his family's grave, giving his deceased parents and grandmother a life update and promising to introduce his friends next time. Vane has taken yet another step toward becoming the hero he's always dreamed of being.

Vane: Raaaah!
Vane: I fight for all the people of the sky!
Vane: Loewenbein... Jagd!
Vane slices through the giant dragon with his final attack.
Giant Dragon: Graagh...
Vane: Huff... Huff... And that's the end of that...
Vane's declaration is correct. The giant dragon falls silent.
Arthur: Oh maaan! The vice-captain was so cool!
Mordred: Totally! He took out that big brute like bam!
Tornelio: Are you sure you're not hurting, Vice-Captain?
Vane: I'm fine. Other injured people come first!
Cruz: Anybody can see you need the most medical attention.
Vane: Wahaha! Is that right?
Henry: We will now administer emergency first aid, so please don't move!
Vane: Okay. 'Preciate it!
While Vane gets bandaged, the senior knights approach him with sheepish looks.
White Dragon 1: Sir, there's something we'd like to confess...
White Dragon 2: We were talking about you a few days ago, and—
Vane: Hey, forget about that!
Vane: As long as you two are safe, I've got nothing else to say on the matter!
White Dragon 1: Vice-Captain...
White Dragon 2: Thank you for everything!
Vane: So what do you think? Would you consider joining my unit again in the future?
White Dragons: Absolutely, sir!
Vane: Wahaha! In any case, there's nothing better than all of us making it home safely!
Village Chief: Vice-Captain Vane!
The villagers come out of hiding and crowd around the knights, eager to greet their heroes.
Village Chief: Thank you so much for what you've done for our village, O knights!
Mother: If you hadn't answered our plea, I can't bear to think of what would've happened to us...
Arthur: We didn't do much though. It was Vice-Captain Vane who did most of the heavy stuff!
Mordred: Yeah, without him, it would've been real dicey.
Vane: That's not true, you two.
Vane: I was able to defeat the dragon because I knew you guys had my back.
Vane: By taking care of your individual responsibilities, you all gave me the peace of mind to go all out.
Vane nods at the knights who had fought for him.
Arthur: Well, I don't mind taking some of the credit! Glad I could help!
Vane: This was a team victory through and through.
Mordred: Still, I think we can do more next time. We'll work harder to be helpful.
Vane: Great. I can't wait to see how far you can go.
Vane feels a tug at his legs, and he looks down at two pairs of eyes beaming up at him.
Small Boy: Wow! The captain of the White Dragons is so strong!
Vane: Whoa there! I'm the vice-captain, remember?
Small Girl: Vice... captain?
Small Boy: Um... But vice-captain has captain in it!
Vane: Hm? Yes, but that doesn't mean—
Small Girl: Uh-huh! Captain Vane is the coolest!
Vane: Haha! Oh yeah? Thanks!
Small Boy: Can I become a cool hero like you someday?
Vane: Sure, why not?
Vane: I recommend joining the White Dragons to help you on your way!
Small Boy: Okay! I'll definitely join!
Small Girl: I'm gonna be a knight!
Village Chief: Hahaha! There's no way us simple frontier folk can become knights!
Mother: That's right, dears. Knights are for the nobles.
Vane: No, that's not true at all!
Vane: Anyone who takes the entrance test has a chance to pass!
Village Chief: Is that right?
Vane: Definitely! In fact, I was born in a village not too far from here!
Mother: Oh my, I had no idea! And look what a fine young man you've become!
Village Chief: Your family must be so proud of you!
Vane: Yeah... I'm sure they are.
A thought suddenly pops into Vane's head, and he apologetically excuses himself.
Vane: I'm sorry, but I just remembered I have something else to take care of.
Vane: Do you mind staying here for a bit till I get back?
White Dragon 1: Yes, sir! We'll help the village clean up in the meantime.
Vane: Thanks a bunch! I'll be back!
They watch as Vane goes off alone.
He arrives at his destination—a cemetery.
Vane: I need to thank Lancey's parents for keeping the grave tidy.
Vane kneels in front of a well-maintained tombstone.
Vane: Hey, Dad. Hey, Mom. Hey, Grandma.
Vane: I was just on a mission nearby, so I thought I'd drop by and say hi.
Vane: Sorry I haven't visited in a while. Kinda got backed up with work, you know?
Vane: Did you I tell that I got promoted to vice-captain of the White Dragons?
Vane: I couldn't believe it either when I heard the news. Crybaby Vane, working side by side with Captain Lancey. Makes you laugh, doesn't it?
Vane: So one of my duties is to train the younger knights and show them the way.
Vane: Arthur, Mordred, Tornelio, Cruz, and Henry. They're good kids and full of energy.
Vane: The days always go by so fast with them around. Times flies when you're having fun as they say. Too fast maybe.
Vane: Oh, but I've made lots of friends outside the order too.
Vane: From Siegfried to Percival...
Vane: Plus there's (Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria.
Vane: They're all like family to me.
Vane: So I guess what I'm saying is... I'm not alone at all, you know?
Vane's voice trembles, and he hastily wipes his eyes.
Vane: Hehehe... Can't have Crybaby Vane spoiling the good mood, can we?
Vane: Because heroes always smile.
Tears drip over his upturned lips.
Vane: Anyway, I should be getting back to the others now. They're all waiting for me.
Vane: Next time I'll bring my friends over and introduce you to the gang.
Vane says one more goodbye and slowly walks away from the gravestone.
A Familiar Voice: (Take good care of yourself.)
Hearing the sudden call of beloved voices causes him to stop and instinctively turn around.
Vane: I will. I'll come back soon!
After rendezvousing with the other knights, Vane's unit returns to the capital without further incident.
With everything taken care of, Vane walks into Lancelot's office with a satisfied smile.
Vane: I'm back, Lancey.
Lancelot: Welcome back, Vane.
Vane: Phew... This last mission was exhausting.
Lancelot: Mm... It certainly seems that way.
Vane: I wasn't expecting it to go so off the rails.
Lancelot: Thanks for all the work you put in.
Vane: I'm still kinda processing everything that happened.
Vane: So I hope you don't mind me taking a small break. I'll write up a full report afterward.
Lancelot: Of course. Take your time.
Lancelot: I've already heard the tales of your exploits from Arthur and the others.
Vane: Ahaha... Well, I couldn't have done it without them though.
Vane: But I guess I have gotten stronger without even realizing it.
Lancelot: Haha. Isn't that what I've been saying?
Lancelot: You've always had a gift when it comes to people, more so than me.
Lancelot: That's why you're invincible when you're fighting to protect something...
Vane: Snooze...
Lancelot: Knocked out before I could even finish...
Lancelot: Haha. I'll remember to tell you again next time.
Lancelot: Rest well, Vane.
With a bemused smile, Lancelot gently drapes a blanket over Vane.
The events leading up to now have allowed Vane to take another step toward being the hero he envisions.
If it's for the sake of protecting those he loves and cares about, he will don the cape of a hero who smiles through any and all obstacles.