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Ordinary Heroics

Vane overhears two Order of the White Dragons knights gossiping about how he only became vice-captain because of his connections. (Captain) and company drop by his room unannounced soon after, and noticing Vane's gloom, get him to open up about what happened. (Captain) suddenly gets an idea and runs off to put it in motion.

Vane is in charge of Feendrache Castle while Lancelot is away on a prior engagement.
Vane: I've gotta get some work done before Lancey gets back.
Vane: Hm?
Vane catches sight of a hallway in need of cleaning and comes to a stop.
Vane: Who was supposed to be on mop crew for this area? Eh, since I'm already here, I'll clean it myself!
Vane: There's gotta be cleaning supplies around here...
Vane rummages through a nearby storage room, pulls out a mop, and attacks the floor.
Vane: Dum-dee-doo... Scrub-a-dub, nice and clean... Rub-a-dub, get that sheen...
As Vane goes to town on stubborn stains, he hears some voices coming from around a corner further down the hallway.
White Dragon 1: Hey, did you know Vice-Captain Vane has been friends with Captain Lancelot since they were kids?
White Dragon 2: Yeah, I heard about that! Rumor has it that's why Vane got promoted.
White Dragon 1: Wait. Wasn't it for his service during a crisis that hit the kingdom? That's gotta count for something.
White Dragon 2: Sure, sure, but even that incident had some wild rumors swirling around him too.
White Dragon 2: Stuff like how he was only there because of Captain Siegfried and Vice-Captain Percival during the heyday of the Black Dragons.
White Dragon 1: Oh, speaking of being at the right place at the right time, seems like Vane might be riding the coattails of this really amazing crew too—
Vane: Cough! Cough! Hack!
White Dragons: Urk!
The knights bristle at a voice that belongs to neither of them, and they cautiously peek around the corner.
Vane: Aaa-achoo!
Vane: Boy, I must be coming down with a cold! Oh, hey guys. What are you up to?
White Dragon 1: Er, nothing really...
White Dragon 2: Um, may I ask what you're doing, Vice-Captain Vane?
Vane: What, don't you see this mop in my hands? I'm defending the castle from evil grime!
Vane: I was so focused on my battle that I tuned out the world around me!
Vane: What an experience it was! I really mopped the floor with... well, this mop! Wahahaha!
White Dragon 1: Vice-Captain...
White Dragon 2: We, um...
Vane: You know what? I think I might be hearing the whispers of a fever.
Vane: I hate to do this, but could I ask you two to take over for me while I go get some medicine?
White Dragon 1: Take over?
White Dragon 2: O-of course, sir!
Vane: Thanks! My work here is done!
Vane: Seriously, you guys are really helping me out!
Vane: Ack! Now my joints hurt too? You've gotta be kidding me! This is totally a cold!
The vice-captain takes his leave, his melodramatics echoing down the hall.
White Dragon 1: Do you think he heard us?
White Dragon 2: Considering that hokey act he put on? Yeah, he definitely heard us...
Vane returns to his room and plops into a chair.
Vane: Sigh...
His eyes sweep across the room afforded to a vice-captain, and he lets out another deep sigh.
Vane: (I was so happy to be vice-captain and the responsibilities that came with it. I promised to use that as motivation to give 110%.)
Vane: (But when I think about it, I've never actually accomplished anything big on my own. I'm always just going along with whatever happens.)
Vane: (I thought I'd made some progress since my younger years, but...)
Vane: (Maybe I'm not cut out to be a vice-captain...)
Vane: (My reputation is one thing, but if I'm dragging down Lancelot's too, then someone else ought to take over—)
A knock at the door snaps Vane out of his troubled thoughts.
Vane: Wh-who is it?
Lyria's Voice: Hi, Vane! It's Lyria!
Lyria's Voice: We happened to be in the area, so we stopped by to see you!
Vyrn's Voice: What she said! Sorry for showing up without warning! Can we come in?
Vane: Whoa, you definitely caught me by surprise!
Vane: Come in, come in! Make yourselves at home!
Vane has tea and snacks laid out by the time (Captain) and company get comfortable.
Lyria: Mmm... This tea tastes as sweet as it smells!
Vane: Ah, you noticed. It's my own original blend made from flowers and fruit.
Lyria: You're such an inventor, Vane! You could open your own tea shop!
Vane: Haha. 'Preciate it.
Vyrn: Mm-mm-mm! This pastry is to die for!
Vane: Yeah... I've been thinking about studying other people's creations as a reference for my own recipes.
Vane: These pastries came from a famous bakery that I figured would be a good start.
Vyrn: You don't say! It's too bad you only treat it as a hobby. Almost feels like a waste of talent!
Vyrn: I volunteer to be your official taste tester once you perfect your recipe!
Lyria: Ooh! Don't forget about me! I want to eat them too!
Vane: Haha. I wouldn't dream of leaving you out.
(Captain) notices something strange about Vane's behavior and asks if something is bothering him.
Vane: Er... No... Nope! Nothing at all!
Lyria: Hm, actually... You don't seem as cheerful as you usually are, Vane.
Vane: A-are you sure? Because I'm feeling super cheerful!
Vyrn: I think Lyria's right. You're not talking as loudly or laughing as much, in my opinion...
Vane: Er... Gee, I wonder why you think so? Hahahaha!
The guests are unnerved by Vane's erratic behavior. They keep him talking, trying to get to the bottom of it.
Vane: Aha-hah... I guess I can't be a good host if I keep worrying you guys.
Vane: Truth is something happened just before you all came by.
Vane recounts the gossip he overheard from his fellow knights.
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn take turns voicing their disbelief.
Lyria: I really think those knights haven't gotten to know you well enough yet.
Lyria: I'm sure the more you train together with them, the more they'll understand what a dependable vice-captain you are!
Vane: Thanks, Lyria.
Vane: But that doesn't change the fact that I'm nowhere near as awesome as Siegfried, Percival, or any of you.
Vyrn: That's not true! There's no way we can cook as good as you!
(Captain) ticks off examples of the times Vane saved them from dire situations.
Vane: Thanks for the kind words, Vyrn! (Captain)!
Vane: Sniff... Sorry for being such a downer when you all just wanted to hang out.
Vane's voice quivers as he thanks his friends for their warm, encouraging words.
They silently wonder if there's anything they can do to help boost Vane's confidence.
  1. Aha!

Choose: Aha!

Then (Captain) suddenly leaps out the chair, tells everyone to meet at a certain spot, and dashes out of the room.

Ordinary Heroics: Scene 2

(Captain) fetches Siegfried and Percival to help pull Vane out of his funk. Percival asserts that Vane must confront the reason for his lack of confidence; he offers to test Vane's strength to determine whether his capacity as vice-captain is truly lacking.

Vane: This is the spot (Captain) told us to wait at, but...
Vyrn: What's that captain of ours thinking?
Lyria: (Captain)'s late... I wonder what this is about?
Their questions are interrupted by voices coming from behind them.
Siegfried: How are you faring, Vane?
Vane: S-Siegfried! What are you doing here?
Percival: Hmph. (Captain) more or less roped us into coming out here.
Vane: P-Percy? Why would you need to come too?
Percival: Does it look like I know? Siegfried and I are the ones who deserve some answers.
Everyone seems unsure of why they've gathered except for a smiling (Captain).
(Captain) tells Siegfried and Percival about Vane's depression and wants them to raise his spirits.
Siegfried: Ah, so that's the situation.
Vyrn: Good thinking, (Captain). These two vets should definitely have wisdom to share!
Lyria: I feel much better now that we have two people who know Vane very well!
Percival: You should have made yourself clearer, (Captain).
(Captain) apologizes to Percival, saying it was a spur-of-the-moment thing.
Vane: I'm touched you both are taking the time to help me.
Siegfried: Think nothing of it, Vane.
Percival: Hmph. Foolish. Let the rabble prattle behind your back if they are so inclined.
Percival: But you do know what the reason for your anxiety is, don't you?
Vane: Well...
Percival: If so, then the only course of action is to face the source of the issue.
Vane: What are you suggesting?
Percival: Listen well. Burning your limited brain cells on trivial worries is a pointless endeavor, even for a mongrel such as yourself.
Vane: Yeah, yeah, yeah... I won't find the answers to my problems by just thinking and not acting...
Vane: Hey, hold on! Those were some cheap shots you got in on me! Couldn't you have said it in a nicer way?
Percival: Hehehe... But I know you have quite the bark.
Percival: Now let us move on to the main event—the reason for my presence here.
Percival: Shall I test your strength?
Vane: Hehe, so this is what you were leading up to.
Percival: Will this all be over in a second?
Percival: Or will you actually give me a tiny challenge?
Percival: Show me what you're made of.
Vane: If it's an all-out rumble you want, then an all-out rumble you'll get!
Without another word Vane charges at the Lord of Flames.

Ordinary Heroics: Scene 3

After crossing swords with Percival and Siegfried, the two veteran knights commend Vane for his growth. In the past, Vane inspired Siegfried by calling him a hero—now Siegfried wishes to return the favor, stating that the smile Vane gives everyone makes him the true hero. This statement moves Vane to near tears.

Percival: Hmph... Better than I expected.
Vane: Heh! I've still got energy to spare!
The two combatants recognize each other's skills while (Captain) and company watch on.
Percival: The old Vane would not have stood a chance against me.
Percival: But as you are now, I dare say you make a decent vice-captain of the White Dragons.
Vane: Huh? Was... was that an actual compliment? Did you just say something nice about me?
Percival: Hmph. I won't say it twice.
Vane: Oh, wow... Percival just praised me!
Percival's praise hits Vane especially hard.
Vane: Gosh... Sniff... Thanks so much, Percy!
Percival: Enough. Don't get ahead of yourself, mongrel.
Vane: Urk! Y-yes, sir!
Lyria: Heehee. The Vane-Percival dynamic never changes.
Vyrn: Hehe, looks like Vane's back to his ol' happy self again!
(Captain) is relieved to see Vane's beaming face.
But there's another challenger waiting for his turn.
Siegfried: May I interject?
Vane: Sir!
Siegfried: Do you remember the day we had a sparring session right after you became the vice-captain?
Vane: How could I forget? The lesson you taught me that day helped me to be the vice-captain I am today!
Vane: I trained my butt off and learned how to handle all kinds of weapons!
Siegfried: Hm. I see. Very good.
Siegfried: Then would you be so kind as to show me and my sword the fruits of your labor?
Vane: Yes, sir!
Siegfried: You may come at me at will.
Vane: I'll take you up on that and make the most of this opportunity!
Vane once received secret training from Siegfried.
He swings at Siegfried with everything he has as if to prove how much progress he's made since that day.
Siegfried doesn't hold back either, recognizing Vane's development.
Vane: Huff... Puff... So what do you think, Siegfried?
Siegfried: Phew... You've gotten stronger.
Vane: Have I? Really?
Siegfried: Yes, you've come a long way since those early days.
Vane: Yesss!
Vane: Man, and that's coming from Siegfried... This is, like, the happiest day of my life!
Siegfried watches Vane dance around for a bit before speaking in his usual serious tone.
Siegfried: I seem to recall you calling me a hero at one point in the past. Do you remember that?
Vane: Yes...
Siegfried: Do you know how much your words helped me back then?
Siegfried: Sadly I wasn't able to find the opportunity to tell you that at the time.
Siegfried: So allow me to express my gratitude right now. Thank you, Vane.
Vane: It... It was nothing really. I was just speaking my mind.
Vane: I don't think it was anything that deep...
Siegfried: Vane. You haven't realized it yet, but...
Siegfried: The genuine smile you give everyone around you makes you a true hero.
Vane: I... Thank you, Siegfried...
Vane is so overcome with emotion that his voice barely comes out.
Lyria: I'm so glad Vane is feeling like himself again.
Vyrn: Yep. I was worried for a bit back there, but everything turned out okay in the end!
The pep talk from Siegfried and Percival clears the doubt that had clouded Vane's heart.
(Captain) watches this happy outcome with a smile that's as wide as Vane's.

Ordinary Heroics: Scene 4

Lancelot returns to the castle and notices something different about Vane's attitude, so Vane recounts what happened while Lancelot was away. Lancelot assures Vane that he was promoted to vice-captain based on his qualifications, then suggests they let off some steam by sparring. After their refreshing bout, Vane declares his intention to become a hero who protects everyone.

Lancelot: Hey, Vane. I just got back.
Vane: Good to see you, Lancey! Hungry? Want me to whip up something?
Lancelot: No, I'm fine for now.
Vane: Oh, right! You must be tired, having just got back an' all.
Lancelot: You can say that again. Um, did something happen while I was away?
Vane: No... Can't really think of anything.
Lancelot: Huh. I can't put my finger on it, but you seem a bit tenser than normal...
Lancelot senses a minute change in the vice-captain.
Vane: Haha. Nothing gets by you, Lancey.
Vane decides it's better to report everything that happened during Lancelot's absence.
Lancelot: I see. I'm disappointed to hear such an incident occurred.
Lancelot: I will lecture those knights about their unbecoming behavior.
Vane: Wait, could you hold off on that for now?
Vane: I want to resolve the matter myself somehow.
Lancelot: All right, if that's what you want.
Vane: But you know, I still can't get over what (Captain), Siegfried, and Percival did for me.
Vane: Knowing that everyone came to see me... Man, I can't tell you how moved I was.
Lancelot: Haha. Of course they were concerned about you.
Vane: Hahaha. I owe them a lot. I mean, people should come to a vice-captain with their problems, not the other way around.
Lancelot: Vane, you're the one who's always helping everyone around you.
Lancelot: What's wrong with a vice-captain relying on others every now and then?
Vane grows serious as he mulls over Lancelot's words.
Vane: Tell me something, Lancey. Why did you recommend me for the vice-captain position?
Lancelot: Vane...
Vane: I mean, there were other viable candidates, right?
Lancelot: My decision was obvious from the start.
Lancelot: I thought you were the right man for the job.
Vane: It didn't hit me at the time, but I was promoted to vice-captain thanks to you.
Lancelot: Not so, Vane.
Lancelot: All I did was submit your name for discussion. The decision came from His Majesty and the other knights.
Lancelot: Do you really think the Order of the White Dragons would be so inept as to install an inadequate vice-captain?
Vane: No, they know better than that. Thanks, Lancey.
Vane: But the fact still remains that I'm vice-captain because of you.
Vane: I was always thinkin', "I wanna fight together with Lancey!" That's why I never lost my motivation to move up.
Lancelot: Hah. You're still the same guy I knew way back when.
With the conversation seemingly winding down, Lancelot takes a big stretch and readdresses his second-in-command.
Lancelot: Hey, Vane.
Vane: Hm?
Lancelot: When was the last time we sparred? How about a go?
Vane: You're on!
They go to the training grounds, now empty of knights who have left for the night. They silently square off.
Lancelot: Are you ready for this?
Vane: Always! Come at me, Lancelot!
Lancelot: I'm not playing around!
Vane: Sounds good to me!
The childhood friends give everything they have in this match, forgetting the time as they test each other's strength.
They seem to be enjoying themselves.
Lancelot: Huff... Huff...
Vane: Huff... Huff...
They collapse onto the grass, energy spent, and gaze at the stars above.
Lancelot: Reminds you of home, doesn't it?
Vane: Hehe, those were some good times.
Lancelot: We haven't had the time to spar recently, have we?
Lancelot: Feeling refreshed?
Vane: Yep. A little exercise is a sure cure for the blues!
Lancelot, seeing the smile on Vane's face, gives one of his own.
Lancelot: You've gotten stronger than everyone else, and I'm not saying that just because I've known you for ages.
Lancelot: Honestly, I don't stack up to your raw strength and constitution.
Lancelot: You're amazing and an accomplished vice-captain, regardless of what anyone says.
Vane: Thanks... Lancey.
Vane: I'm not gonna stop here, you know. I wanna get stronger and stronger.
Vane: When the chips are down, I wanna be able to protect you and everyone else.
Vane: To be a super cool, super strong hero. That's who I wanna be!
Lancelot: Mm... If anyone can pull it off, it's you.
Lancelot: Be the best hero you can be—the guardian of the people!
They talk and talk throughout the night with no signs of stopping.