Scenario:Vanzza - Tears of the Horned

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Tears of the Horned

There the party watched a street fight match. A youth approached Vanzza, the victor of the match, with a request to go monster hunting, but he declined. When the party undertook the mission in his place and found itself struggling, Vanzza showed up to help out. Upon hearing the reason for Vanzza’s travels, the party felt that he might be helpful and proposed that they travel together.

Our heroes visited a town to go shopping.
Street fights with prize money at stake were held in the town square.
Lyria: Wow...! What an amazing throng!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let’s go take a look! (Captain)!
As soon as the party began watching the match, the judge announced that the match had begun.
???: If you are not ready to risk your life, you should not fight. Are you ready?
Match Opponent: Of course. If I weren’t ready like that, I wouldn’t be fighting in this match.
???: Oh... It was a silly question. All right, I’m going!
The man gripping the tonfas kicked the ground, and with frightful speed overwhelmed his opponent.
Match Opponent: Wha?! Hyaaah...
???: Aaaaaaaghh!!
It was like the roar of a beast, and reverberated through the atmosphere, and at the same time a ferocious striking sound could be heard.
Match Opponent: ...
Unable to take it any longer, the opponent in the match rolled his eyes, lost consciousness, and crumpled to his knees.
The large man wielding the tonfas caught the falling man before he could hit the ground, and gently laid him on the floor.
???: With respect.
Judge: Gasp! And the winner is... Vanzza!
Vyrn: Amazing! That tonfa boy! You leveled him with one blow!
The party was astonished by Vanzza's fighting style. A youth came flying in from the spectators.
Young Man: Hey, Mr. Vanzza! I would definitely like to send you on this mission!
Young Man: A lot of monsters have suddenly appeared near my village... It’s only a matter of time before the village is attacked!
Young Man: Can I hire you as a guard to protect the village?! Surely strength like yours will be sufficient!
Vanzza: I refuse. I have other things to do.
Vanzza: I do not make promises or contracts lightly. And I am in the middle of a journey. I cannot get sidetracked.
Young Man: But I promised everyone in the village! I would definitely bring back a strong man!
Young Man: Save us! Please and thanks! I can’t face my family like this...
Vanzza: Find someone else.
Vanzza gently pulled off a lad that was clinging to him, turned his back, and began to walk away.
Vanzza: It’s enough to make you cry.
Vyrn: What’s up with your attitude?! You should have helped them, you heartless jerk!
Lyria: Um... That guy before looks like he was about to cry...
Vyrn: You can’t act like that... Why so cold!?
Lyria: Hmph... I wonder why. Though it may have been a misunderstanding...
Young Man: Damn it, now what should I do... I can’t just...
Lyria: Why don’t we undertake the mission in his place, (Captain)?
(Captain) nodded in assent, undertook the guard mission, and headed for the village where the youth lived.
That evening, a gaggle of monsters bore down on the village.
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
The party struggled to find more monsters than they had expected, and ended up being surrounded by said monsters.
Vyrn: Well... this hasn’t gone very well, has it?
As soon as the party thought it was done for, a roar like that of a beast could be heard.
Vanzza: Aaaaaaaghh!!
Monster: Gyanh!
Lyria: ?! That’s...! Mr. Vanzza...?!
Vyrn: Anyway! (Captain)! There is a break in the monsters! Let’s rush through it and pull ourselves back together!
(Captain) regrouped in a break in the monsters. Vanzza walked up to him.
Vyrn: What’s up? Didn’t you say you didn’t get sidetracked?
Vanzza: They happened to be in my path. They got in my way, so I knocked them down.
Vanzza: At any rate, this is when children are usually asleep. Tell me the location of your house, and I will go with you.
(Captain) shook his head no, stating that he could not run away and abandon the village to its fate.
Vanzza: You seem to be serious. You have good insight for your age.
After saying this, Vanzza looked over the surrounding monsters.
Vanzza: ...And besides... If they are still all around like this they will get in the way of my walking.
Vanzza: So if we do not neatly dispose of them, I won’t be able to make progress on my journey. Do you think?
(Captain) nodded in ascent, and teamed up with Vanzza to fight the monsters.
As a result, the monsters were successfully defeated, and the party returned to the village where the young man resided.
Young Man: Thank you. You’ve been a big help!
Young Man: So you managed to get Mr. Vanzza to come along... Thank you!
Vanzza: If you must thank someone, think these guys. I was just picking up the trash. I had to. They were in the way of my walking.
Vyrn: Haha... Aren’t we frank! You really intended to help us all along, didn’t you?
Vanzza: Don’t joke around. I have no goodwill. I took them out because they were getting in the way of my journey. That’s it.
Vyrn: Hm... Your journey...
Lyria: Why are you traveling, Mr. Vanzza?
Vanzza: For Carolla... No, it’s so that I can find a man and make him take responsibility for what he has done.
Vyrn: Mmm? Carolla?
Vanzza: That is the name of the woman I love.
Vyrn: Haha! The very idea of you having a lover, Vanzza!
Vanzza: Don’t joke around.
Lyria: Do you have any clues as to the whereabouts of that man you’re looking for?
Vanzza: None at all. Why do you care? Why are you asking me about such a thing?
Lyria: Maybe we could help you, Mr. Vanzza.
At Lyria’s words, (Captain) nodded in assent.
Vanzza: What are you talking about?
The party was a bit suspicious of Vanzza. They disclosed to him that they were Skyfarers, and provided a simple explanation of their journey thus far.
Vanzza: I see... You are going after your father...
Vanzza: You are heading for Estalucia for the sake of that girl Lyria...
Vanzza: It’s enough to make you cry.
Vyrn: Hm? What's wrong? Tonfa boy.
Vanzza: Nothing at all. It would certainly be easier for me to gather information together with you Skyfarers that I am now.
Vanzza: But why do you want to cooperate with me? I don't get it.
(Captain) said that he wanted to express gratitude for having been helped out before.
Lyria: Yes! We want to thank you like we should!
Vanzza: Thanks? Yeah... That’s right...
Vanzza: I can certainly go from island to island faster if you help me.
Vanzza: Fine... I got it. I will go with you.
Lyria: Truly?! Yay!
Vanzza: However... This doesn’t mean I am your friend.
Vyrn: Wait, what do you mean?
Vanzza: I do not make promises or form contracts lightly. That is because I do no trust others lightly.
Vanzza: People you can’t trust aren’t your friends, right?
Vyrn: I guess you’re right, but...
Vanzza: Our interests are aligned. So there is no reason to assist me with my own goals.
Vanzza: Let me on your ship, and in exchange for boarding fare I will help you with what I can actually help you with.
Vanzza: Also... You guys are too nice. If you’re going to spread kindness around that much, you should only have allies that you can trust.
Vanzza: There are limits to kindness... Not even a day has passed since you met me.
  1. Am I already a friend you can trust?
  2. Your kindness is the real deal!

Choose: Am I already a friend you can trust?
Vanzza: What would you have done if I turned out to be a bad guy?
Lyria: You're fine! You’re a good guy, Vanzza!
Vanzza: Not necessarily. I am telling you, it’s possible, so be careful.
Vanzza: Anyway, thank you. Got all that?
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Choose: Your kindness is the real deal!
Vanzza: Hey hey... Are you going to be exposed as a fraud?
Vyrn: Whahaha! For certain, Lyria and (Captain) truly are kind!
Vanzza: Anyway, thank you. Got all that?
Continue 1
Lyria: Uh... Yeah...
Lyria and (Captain) looked depressed as they nodded in agreement.
Upon seeing this, Vanzza looks concerned as he scratched his cheeks with his fingertips, and let out a big sigh.
Vanzza: That’s right... Hey if you want to show gratitude... How about letting me eat a big cake?
Lyria: Wha?! Cake?
Vanzza: What the?Is that weird? Cake is my favorite.
Vyrn: Um... That kind of came out of nowhere...
Vyrn: Hahaha, we had better go shopping tomorrow morning!
Vanzza: Don't forget the strawberries. Cake with strawberries on top is my favorite.
Lyria: Hahaha... Got it!
Upon learning this unexpected aspect of Vanzza's character, the party relaxed and began having a fun discussion of what kind of cake they should make.
Vanzza: Carolla, it looks like I met some guys I just can’t leave alone...
Seeing this, Vanzza let out a sigh, and began talking to himself in a manner that looked as if he were conversing with a lover.
However, his expression was very calm, and like the rest of the party he smiled with apparent enjoyment.