Scenario:Vaseraga - Enigma of the Scythe Wielder

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Enigma of the Scythe Wielder

Vaseraga meets the crew during a battle on a certain island. When he learns their goal, he joins so he can strengthen his scythe by defeating primal beasts. And yet the nature of his organization remains a secret.

The crew meets a warrior called Vaseraga during a battle against a primal beast.
After the battle ends, he approaches the crew to strike up a conversation.
Vaseraga: Despite the strength of that beast, you all were certainly able to keep a level head.
Vyrn: Huh? What's with the sudden observation, Spiky?
Vaseraga: Well, we were just involved in a life-and-death struggle... I figured it'd have more of an effect on you.
Vyrn: Not us! We've fought plenty of primal beasts.
Vyrn: And we're more than used to danger!
Vaseraga: Then it's your choice to continue on such a dangerous journey?
(Captain) tells Vaseraga that the crew is bound for Estalucia, Island of the Astrals.
Vaseraga: Estalucia? Oh, you're serious.
Vyrn: Of course! (Captain)'s no liar!
Vaseraga: So you want to get through the Grim Basin and make it to the Island of the Astrals? That must be why you're hunting down primal beasts and collecting Sky Map fragments.
Vaseraga: An unusual goal to be sure, but oddly it doesn't seem reckless.
Vaseraga: (Captain), you obviously have the power to overcome crises. But I wonder if you can handle any disaster.
Vaseraga: That little dragon and that girl with the blue hair... What would you do if you had to abandon one of them?
Vyrn: Hey! Don't ask somethin' like that! (Captain) would never abandon one of us!
Vaseraga: But that time will come. Just as it did for me.
Lyria: What do you mean, Vaseraga?
Vaseraga: I've clearly said too much. Just forget it
Vaseraga: (Captain), I have a proposal. Let me join you on your journey.
Vyrn: Oh? Is somebody a little jealous of our crew?
Vaseraga: Not really... But I can't just let children continue a dangerous journey on their own.
Vyrn: Don't sell us short! And stop treating us like kids!
Lyria: I think it's a wonderful idea. I'm sure you would be amazingly helpful, Vaseraga!
Vyrn: But are you sure you can do that, Spiky?
Vyrn: I mean, it doesn't seem like you're traveling because you want to.
Vaseraga: You're right. I'm already a member of a certain organization, so I'm not necessarily a free agent.
Vaseraga: But it would benefit me to fight alongside you.
Vyrn: You'd definitely give us more muscle. That weapon you're carrying also looks pretty amazing...
Vaseraga: You think so? This was made to defeat primal beasts. Take a look.
Vaseraga: Great Scythe Grynoth! Drink the blood of the primal beast to strengthen your edge!
The weapon shines in response to Vaseraga's call, a display of its true power.
Vyrn: Wow! That's incredible!
Vaseraga: This scythe grows sharper as it feeds on beast blood, and one of my missions is to keep it well fed.
Vyrn: So is sharpening that thing your main objective?
Vaseraga: Perhaps.
Vaseraga: I should mention eventually we will have to part ways, but I'll help you until then.
Thus the warrior Vaseraga, wielder of a great scythe, joins (Captain) and company on their journey.
This mysterious man and his fearful weapon will soon come to get the crew out of many tight spots.
Lyria: Hmm...
Vyrn: What's on your mind, Lyria?
Lyria: That thing Vaseraga said a while ago, about how (Captain) might have to choose whether to protect me or Vyrn some day...
Vyrn: Is that bugging you? But there's no way (Captain) would abandon friends.
Lyria: Um... It was bothering me a little. But there's no reason to bring it up, right?
  1. I want to protect you, Lyria.
  2. I want to protect you, Vyrn.

Choose: I want to protect you, Lyria.
Vyrn: Naturally! I can watch out for myself anyway!
Lyria: Hehe... I'm so happy to hear that...
Vaseraga: Then I'll protect the little dragon.
Vyrn: No need for that! I've got my own back!
Vaseraga: No need to overdo it. You can hide in my pocket if things get rough.
Vyrn: Wha? I'll just keep my head outta your filthy pockets if you don't mind!
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Choose: I want to protect you, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Wait a minute! You meanie! Almost sounded like you said I'm weak!
Lyria: Haha... Oh, Vyrn!
Vaseraga: Okay... Then I'll protect the blue-haired girl with my great scythe.
Continue 1
Vaseraga: Of course it would be best if nothing dire were to ever happen.
Vaseraga: (Captain), if you're ever unable to handle everything on your own, let me know. Do not hesitate.
Vaseraga: You're strong, and yet you know your limitations... But there will come a time when...
Vaseraga: Never mind. I have said too much.