Scenario:Zehek - Sick Soldier

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Sick Soldier

A boy fought back the monsters for a hundred days despite the affliction that plagued him. His name was Zehek, and he fought alone.After a fateful meeting between him and (Captain), wielder of Mandau, the demon-sealing shortsword, Zehek decided to join the party.

Vyrn: We need to be careful, (Captain)! I don't think the monsters are gonna give us any heads u?
Monster: Grooooar!
Vyrn: Whoa?! Over there! Monsters... hey, wait! (Captain)! Look!
Vyrn: Hey! Look at that guy! Wait... Why is he fighting those monsters by himself?
Vyrn: H-hey! You okay?! He's gonna get himself killed! We gotta help him, (Captain)!
Zehek had taken up the challenge alone...only (Captain)'s assistance saved him.
Saved by (Captain) and company, Zehek decided the share the story of his life. A life made all the harder by sorcery-born illness.
The illness had made him a spring of magical power, a power that was irresistible to monsters.
Vyrn: I got you...that explains why you were fighting them...
Zehek: Indeed... *cough* It just comes out in a torrent. It seems to have no end...
Zehek: *cough* Hah...I can't stop it, no matter how hard I try...
Zehek: I couldn't...*cough*...I couldn't endanger the people, ah...around me. So I set out alone...*cough*
Vyrn: What’s going on?! You sound like you're at death's door!
Zehek: And so...I've fought for...heh...100 days. Or near enough as not to matter...
Vyrn: Say what?!

Did you just say 100 days?!

That's rough...
Zehek: I...I'm glad you're here...
Vyrn: Eep?!

Did he just die?!

(Captain)?! What do we do?!
Zehek: B-but...the monsters stopped coming. Why?
Vyrn: Wha?! You're alive again?!
Zehek: Gah! That sword you hold...Mandau? Mandau the Demonsealer?!
Vyrn: What? Wait. You know this sword?
Vyrn: That's, uh, quite the name...but we haven't seen it do much sealing...
Zehek: Bring it
Zehek: Yes, this rune right's the very same one they put on me! I feel it...
Zehek: I feel it! Mandau and I...we...ah...
The ancient malady had activated Mandau's latent sealing power. For the time being, Zehek was stable.
Zehek: Those clothes you wear. You must be skyfarers...
Vyrn: Indeed we are! And (Captain) is our captain!
Zehek: I thought so...that you would come across such a blade. It must be fate.
Zehek: You've proven your strength! I must ask!
Zehek: Allow me to come with you! I shouldn't be trouble. So long as you have the blade, that is...
  1. We'll find a way to manage your sickness
  2. We can't leave you here. You're sick!

Choose: We'll find a way to manage your sickness
Vyrn: Put 'er there, dude! You're gonna be better in no time!
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: We can't leave you here. You're sick!
Vyrn: Tell me about it! Like we're gonna leave you out here when you're like this!
Continue 1
Zehek: Thanks...thank you! I'll definitely find a way to cure this...along...the...w?
Vyrn: Waugh?! He just fainted again! Hey! Dude! Wake up!
After a years of suffering, Zehek had finally found some peace.
But the sickness was still with him. He had a long road to walk if he hoped to overcome it.