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A side story is an old story event that is now permanently available. More side stories will be added over time.

Side stories are accessed from the World Map by tapping the airship at the lower-right corner of Phantagrande Skydom's first map, or on the Home Screen under Gameplay Extras.

List of Side Stories

Story Festival of Falling Flame.pngStory The Cowardly Hero and the Captive Princess.pngStory Dark Giant of the Blue Sea.png
Story Balmy Breeze and Foamy Deep.pngStory Blade of the Young Champion.pngStory Shadowverse Duelist of Eternity.png
Story Defender's Oath.pngStory Four Knights of a Fallen Land.pngStory Between Frost and Flame.png
Story Yesterday's Scars and Tomorrow's Hope.pngStory Alchemist Astray.pngStory Scattering Magic.png
Story Footprints on Sacred Ground.pngStory Gripping Freedom.pngStory Platinum Sky.png
Story Platinum Sky II.pngStory Right Behind You.pngStory Second Advent.png
Story Spaghetti Syndrome.pngStory Priestess of the Dunes.pngStory Boots & Blades.png
Story Dancing Avengers.pngStory THE FREEZE.pngStory Detective Barawa and the Jewel Resort Incident.png
Story Detective Barawa and the Unfortunate Fortune.pngStory L.E.T.S. H.A.N.G..pngStory Table for Six.png
Story A Walk on the Wild Side.pngStory Fall of the Dragon.pngStory The Inner Light.png
Story Robomi.pngStory Robomi Generations.pngStory Robomi Z.png
Story So Close and Yet So Far.pngStory By Any Other Name.pngStory The Sleeping Island Giant.png
Story A Peace of the Pie.pngStory Miscolored Memories.pngStory Violet Violence.png
Story Five Flowers of Fate.pngStory Primal Resonance.pngStory A Slice of Summer.png
Story The Girl Who Leapt Through Mountains.pngStory Song of Serpent Island.pngStory Together in Song.png
Story Eye of the Storm.pngStory Forgiveness and Gratitude.pngStory Teardrop in the Sand.png
Story Ranger Sign Bravo!.pngStory Hero's Return.pngStory Lonesome Dragoness.png
Story The Other Side of the Sky.pngStory Poacher's Day.pngStory Divergent Knighthoods.png
Story Welcome to Bistro Feendrache.pngStory SIEGFRIED.pngStory Bzzt! Amped-Up Summer.png
Story The Maydays.pngStory A Thousand Reasons.pngStory What Makes the Sky Blue.png
Story What Makes the Sky Blue II- Paradise Lost.pngTrophy Side Story Thumbnail story 1093.pngStory Handsome Gorilla.png
Story My Beloved Auguste.pngStory Seeds of Redemption.pngStory Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High!.png
Story Love Live! Door to the Skies.pngStory Princess Connect! ReDive Dinner at the Turned Table.pngStory SideM Fantasy- To the Sky Realm for Some Reasons.png
Story A Tale of Intersecting Fates.pngStory A Tale of Skyborn Bonds.pngStory Code Geass.png


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