Six-Dragon Trial

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This article is about the Special Quest. For the free quests associated with Draconic Weapons, see Six-Dragon Advent.

Stamp301.png This page or section is old and contains information about game content that has been removed.

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Long ago, six dragons were torn from ultimate power. Their ferocious roars tore the skies asunder, plunging the islands into terror. The scales from those dragons have since been sanctified. People believe they are evidence of a heavenly hero, and that they grant the power of the dragons to whomever possesses them.

Six-Dragon Trial is a Special Quest. While it does drop Dragon Scales, they are not plentiful like other basic treasure quests. However, this is one of the few quests with reliable dragon scale drops.

Overall it is better to farm scales from Elemental Treasure Quests as they also drop Low Orbs, High Orbs, Whorls, Tomes, Scrolls and Prisms.


Very Hard
30 AP 1140 RP 1260 XP
Bronze Silver Gold

There are 3 battles, 1 dragon per battle. Each dragon has a high chance to drop a gold chest, which always contains a dragon scale corresponding to the element of the defeated dragon.