Starspawn Grimoire

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Starspawn Grimoire square.jpg


Starspawn Grimoire is used to uncap Rarity SSR.png, Rarity SR.png, or Rarity R.png characters instead of using treasures. One grimoire is consumed to uncap one time.

This item can only be used to skip obtaining the treasures required to uncap a character. Any other requirements such as completing Fate Episodes or clearing raids must still be completed and cannot be bypassed by using a Grimoire.

Most treasures required for uncapping characters are freely obtainable through quests and raids. Using a Starspawn Grimoire is an option that can be considered in niche scenarios where players would rather uncap a character immediately for a specific team composition instead of taking the time to farm out the required items.

Characters with high treasure costs to consider using a Grimoire:


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