Supreme Merit

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A commendation for outstanding skills amongst all skyfarers.


Supreme Merits are primarily used to uncap characters. They are needed for the later stars on SR and SSR characters.

Use Amount
Uncap SR to 5★ 1
Uncap SSR to 4★ 3
Uncap SSR to 5★ 3
Awakening R characters to Lvl 6 1
Awakening R characters to Lvl 7 1
Awakening SR characters to Lvl 6 1
Awakening SSR characters to Lvl 5 3
Uncap SR Seraphic Weapons to 3★ 3
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 1) 10
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 3) 10
Upgrade Revenant Weapons (step 5) 10
Create an Atma Weapon 20
Uncap Draconic Weapons to 4★ 50
Uncap Dark Opus Weapons to 4★ 100
Purchase Legendary Merit square.jpg Legendary Merit from the shop 3


A common way to get Supreme Merits is from Proto Bahamut, which players can join after reaching Rank 50 (can host after reaching Rank 80). They drop from flip chests, and most players will run it many times for Horn of Bahamut square.jpg Horn of Bahamut and Rusted Weapons.

Supreme Merits are also found as treasure trade rewards in Showdown and Renewal events, and as Token Drawbox and Total Honor rewards in Story events.