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Journal Entry

Tōru Amuro
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RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Male
Voice Actor Toru Furuya
Voice ActorJP
ID 3991093000
Release Date 2018-04-14
Detective Conan: Gears of Conspiracy

He is a private detective who works part-time at Cafe Poirot. His smile leaves an impression on all who meet him. Unknown to most, he is an agent of the National Police Agency Security Bureau whose hobbies include guitar and physical activities like boxing.



Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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Man of Many Faces

Chat Noir and Amuro negotiate an exchange in which the Phantom Thief sheds light on an outside source helping the perpetrator. As Amuro heads off to face the source, Chat Noir glibly remarks that he and Amuro share a love for secrets—Amuro disagrees, his eyes ignited with the flames of justice.

???: I have in my possession what I consider highly valuable information. Obviously I'm not going to simply give it to you.
???: However, here's an idea. Why don't you and I cut a deal?
Tōru Amuro: ...
Conan and his companions find themselves trapped in a puzzle-solving VR game developed by Doctor Agasa.
Amuro is underground, seeking clues for the truth when he encounters a man.
Tōru Amuro: Before I do that, I'd like to verify several things about you. Does that sound fair, Phantom Thief Chat Noir?
Chat Noir: I will be the judge of what I want to answer.
Tōru Amuro: You were Leila-san of the Candle Investigations detective group, were you not?
Chat Noir: That's what you want to verify?
Tōru Amuro: Obviously I can't easily see through the disguise of someone I know nothing about. I needed proof.
Tōru Amuro: Your reaction implies that my deduction is correct.
Chat Noir: Ah, I underestimated you.
Chat Noir: Okay then. Now I have a question for you. How did you know it was me?
Tōru Amuro: I interact with people who are skilled with disguises, and something didn't sit right with me.
Tōru Amuro: What sealed it was when you made Daniela-san take out the sewing kit.
Leila: Hey, is this a tear on her shirt? Might as well fix it up while you're at it, Daniela.
Daniela: Oh, you're right. I'll get right on it.
Chat Noir: That's all it took? You are indeed a shrewd man.
Tōru Amuro: There's one thing I don't understand. I doubt you'd ever allow your name to be misappropriated by a fake.
Tōru Amuro: So why didn't you take direct action? Furthermore why did you carefully replace the fake calling card with the real one?
Chat Noir: The fake calling card was sent out as an adorable ploy to meet me and the detective.
Chat Noir: Not to mention my interest was piqued by the rumor of hidden treasure in the mansion.
Tōru Amuro: So you were also after the same treasure as the fake phantom thief.
Tōru Amuro: And you called us there so that we'd become witnesses to your latest exploit?
Chat Noir: It's frightening how you zero in on my exact line of thinking.
Chat Noir: Are we done with the profiling? Shall we get down to negotiations?
Tōru Amuro: Sure. I learned what I wanted.
Tōru Amuro: Have at it. What is it you're after? What do you want from me?
Chat Noir: I want you to return the calling card in your possession.
Tōru Amuro: Since you're giving up on the treasure, you want us to pretend like nothing ever happened today. Is that basically what you're saying?
Chat Noir: Haha. You saved me a bit of breath there.
Chat Noir: The thing is, I stumbled on the true nature of the treasure while I was searching the mansion.
Chat Noir: I immediately knew if rumor spread that I was after such a dangerous object, the prestige of the Phantom Thief would have nowhere to go but down.
Tōru Amuro: Well, well... Who knew the treasure that lurks here was so scary?
Chat Noir: Yes, it is quite the ridiculous article.
Tōru Amuro: (All reasons aside, he doesn't seem to want the game to be spoiled.)
Tōru Amuro: Fine. I accept your demand.
Amuro extracts the envelop containing the calling card from his pocket and smiles.
Tōru Amuro: So about that information you have... Would you kindly tell me what it is?
Chat Noir: Before I came here, there was a suspicious airship docked on the roof of the mansion.
Chat Noir: It's well hidden so that pedestrians down below would never even know it was there.
Chat Noir: I think she was the one to arrange for that ship. In other words the culprit had helpers.
Tōru Amuro: Helpers, you say... People we haven't met yet?
Chat Noir: But of course. They were outside the mansion the entire time waiting for Lyria to come after all.
Tōru Amuro: (Have the rumors spread beyond the mansion into the outside world? How many people know about the treasure?)
Chat Noir: It seems you did not see that coming at all.
Chat Noir: Honestly it isn't that big of a mystery. How could a cunning man such as yourself not realize the possibility of outside help?
Tōru Amuro: ...
(The game wouldn't load a mystery that wasn't preplanned...)
Chat Noir: Just like the time the bell fell. Normally one would not jump to the conclusion that it was the work of an accomplice.
Chat Noir: Yet you and the kid with the glasses noticed the culprit's actions immediately.
Chat Noir: It's like we were predetermined to be the players in this unappealing game from the beginning. Why is that?
Tōru Amuro: ...!
Chat Noir: Haha, cat got your tongue?
Chat Noir: That's fine. I don't care who you are as long as you hold up your end of the bargain.
Chat Noir's laughter reveals how much fun he seems to be having.
Chat Noir: I will warn you of one thing. You will never beat this game even if you make reasonable progress.
Chat Noir: If you want to protect Lyria and win, you have no choice but to resort to underhanded methods. Just like the culprit.
Chat Noir: Lyria's kidnapping from the great hall is the beginning of the perpetrator's assured victory. Do you see what I'm getting at?
Tōru Amuro: Yes... But I'm surprised by how much you're telling me.
Chat Noir: This matter does not affect me directly, but the culprit did use my name to trap Lyria.
Chat Noir: I will not allow that. Not when it involves her.
Tōru Amuro: On another note, having suspicion laid on you means you'd lose access to the great hall.
Tōru Amuro: Is that why you came to make a deal with me?
Chat Noir: My, my, you are quick on the uptake.
Chat Noir: I make it a point to observe a person's every movement in my line of work.
Chat Noir: And because of that little habit, I've become convinced you are the right man to track down the accomplice.
Tōru Amuro: Haha. You know, I figure you could wrap this all up if you just used that magic of yours.
Chat Noir: Heh. I think I will tuck that away under "carefree attempt at humor".
Tōru Amuro: Anyway, this whole incident wouldn't have happened if you hadn't switched out the calling cards.
Chat Noir: Humph. I can't say I can defend my actions.
Chat Noir: You are spot on. Though it was merely on a whim, I do bear responsibility for this turn of events.
Chat Noir: Revealing my true colors is my way of rectifying the situation.
Tōru Amuro: I see. I can respect guts like yours.
Chat Noir: This concludes our little info swap. Hand over the calling card.
Tōru Amuro: Here...
Chat Noir: I believe all terms have been settled.
Chat Noir removes the calling card from the envelop and tears it in half.
Tōru Amuro: ...
Amuro puts his hand on the elevator lever.
Chat Noir: You appear to be a man who has left nothing to chance. Your disguises are utilized so skillfully that no one could ever reveal your identity.
Chat Noir: You and I are cut of the same cloth—just two men enticed by secrets.
Tōru Amuro: ...
Tōru Amuro: I'm a detective. It's in my blood to expose secrets, not wrap myself in them.
Chat Noir: Hehe. I will be sure to remember that.
Tōru Amuro: Well, be seeing you.
Toru pulls the lever and the elevator starts to rise.
He stares straight ahead, eyes burning with a fire they didn't have before.

The Pain of Separation

Amuro and company successfully rescue Lyria and are looking for an exit from the underground cave they find themselves in. The conversation turns to the deep bond between Katalina and Lyria, but it's all interrupted by a bat.

Amuro and the others safely recover Lyria down in the cave below the trick mansion.
They squeeze through a narrow passage as they head toward the cave's exit.
Lyria: Ooh...
Katalina: Don't worry, Lyria. We'll definitely get you out of here.
Vyrn: Yeah, yeah! And you think you could give Katalina some space? It's hard enough for her to walk right now.
Lyria: Oh no! S-sorry. I'll walk on my own.
Tōru Amuro: You put a lot of faith in Katalina, don't you, Lyria-san?
Lyria: Heehee. I remember when Katalina rescued me from the empire.
Lyria: She was so cool just now that it reminded me of back then!
Katalina: Haha. Luck was on our side when we got you away from that awful machinery.
Conan Edogawa: Well, fortune favors those that can help themselves.
Tōru Amuro: Conan-kun is right.
Tōru Amuro: Rescuing you from the empire's clutches and rescuing you here right now proves Katalina-san isn't lacking in skill.
Katalina: Haha, you don't have to go that far.
Lyria: But it's true.
Tōru Amuro: ...
Amuro recognizes the deep bond shared between Katalina and Lyria just by looking at them.
Bat: Skreee!
Lyria: Eeek!
Tōru Amuro: Are you all right?
Lyria: Yes. I was just a little startled.
Tōru Amuro: If a bat could get in here, then there has to be a way out.
Lyria: Really? How do you know?
Tōru Amuro: It's common knowledge where I'm from.
Tōru Amuro: Cave bats have to leave their roosts at night in order to eat.
Tōru Amuro: How are they going to fly outside if there's no exit?
Vyrn: Oh yeah! You sure know your stuff!
Tōru Amuro: That would be Conan-kun actually. He knows all sorts of useful tidbits.
Conan Edogawa: I wouldn't say that...
Katalina: I have to say, though, that having you two around is more than enough.
Vyrn: You said it! There's no way we would've figured out the tricky stuff on our own.
Tōru Amuro: You flatter us. But the reason we were able to identify the culprit was because of everyone's help.
Bat: Skreee!
Conan Edogawa: More bats?
Tōru Amuro: Doesn't seem like it's scared of us... Nor does it seem like it's going to let us pass.
Tōru Amuro: We're sorry for barging into your home unannounced, but we're in a hurry to leave.
Tōru Amuro: Let's push our way through!

The Pain of Separation: Scene 2

Amuro makes short work of the monsters with his fists, and the crew realizes that Amuro associates with many martial artists. Hearing this causes Lyria to lose heart for not being as strong as Ran. To make matters worse, more bats ambush them.

Tōru Amuro: Phew...
With (Captain) and Katalina at Amuro's side, the monsters are quickly repelled.
Katalina: I was wondering how you managed to return to the airship, but now I understand.
Katalina: You don't carry any weapons, but your fists are capable in a fight.
Tōru Amuro: It's nothing that special.
Tōru Amuro: I've been in no shortage of dangerous situations as a detective, so it makes sense to learn some combat tricks.
Tōru Amuro: My technique is nothing compared to Detective Mōri's judo skill.
Lyria: Actually Barawa says he trains too. I guess all detectives go through some kind of training!
Vyrn: But Karate Girl isn't a detective, and she was super strong!
Katalina: Yes, there are certainly many skilled martial artists that Amuro-san associates himself with.
Tōru Amuro: Well, I never noticed it myself, but upon reflection I suppose you're right.
Lyria: I get it now...
Katalina: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: If only I were as strong as Ran-san, I wouldn't have been kidnapped by the culprit.
Lyria: You're always protecting me, Katalina, but if something happened to you and (Captain), I...
Katalina: Lyria...
The cheery atmosphere suddenly turns gravely quiet.
Conan Edogawa: (I agree that it's really annoying to be protected all the time to be honest.)
Tōru Amuro: ...
Bat: Skreee!
Conan Edogawa: Not again!
Conan Edogawa: Quick, Lyria-san! Let's hide!
Lyria: O-okay!
Tōru Amuro: Are you okay to fight, Katalina-san? (Captain)-san?
Katalina: Yes. We're always ready to fight.
Vyrn: Do it, (Captain)!

The Pain of Separation: Scene 3

Amuro offers Lyria words of encouragement, telling her to push on with a smile. Amuro's facade collapses for the briefest moment before recovering to his usual cheerful self.

(Captain) and the others successfully drive off the monsters.
The danger is gone, but Lyria still looks unhappy.
Lyria: ...
Conan Edogawa: Cheer up, would you, Lyria-san?
Lyria: Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to bring down the mood.
Lyria: Let's go! We have to find the way out.
Tōru Amuro: ...
Amuro sees how Lyria is trying to put on a brave face. He speaks to her cheerfully.
Tōru Amuro: I've thought long and hard about this, and it seems to me you're surrounded by many companions who are willing to protect you.
Tōru Amuro: (Captain)-san and everyone else are quite capable in their own right. You have nothing to worry about.
Lyria: But...
Tōru Amuro: Why not think of it this way?
Tōru Amuro: It's very lonely when the people you rely on aren't by your side.
Tōru Amuro: Do you think Katalina-san would let you go through that?
Katalina: Of course not. I would never let something sad happen to you.
Katalina: I will protect you no matter what happens.
Lyria: Katalina...
Tōru Amuro: If you're ever caught up thinking about all the scary things that could happen, even Katalina-san would tell you to just smile and move forward.
Tōru Amuro: After all, your smile is what keeps everyone here motivated.
Lyria: Okay! I'm not going to mope anymore!
Vyrn: Hehe, nice speech!
(Captain) nods and smiles at Vyrn's assessment.
Tōru Amuro: I'm only stating the facts, and it's a simple fact that everyone is thinking of you, Lyria-san.
Lyria: Heehee. I guess so!
Lyria's bright spirit returns, and the party continues heading toward the exit.
Tōru Amuro: (Do I feel... lonely?)
Tōru Amuro: ...
A burst of emotion wells up within Amuro, and he closes his eyes in silence as if trying to stifle a laugh.
Conan Edogawa: What's wrong?
Tōru Amuro: It's nothing.
Tōru Amuro: We've got to move too. The final fight is just ahead of us.
Conan Edogawa: Yeah.
Amuro puts on the same smile he always wears and steps forward.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
力を合わせて犯人を捕まえましょう! Let's combine our wits and capture the culprit!
ギターを弾くのも好きですよ! I love playing the guitar!
ケガをしないようにお気をつけて。 Careful. Try not to get yourself hurt.
毛利先生と蘭さんは仲睦まじい親子です! Detective Mōri and Ran-san have a close relationship.
梓さんとの仕事はとても楽しいですよ! Azusa-san's work seems fun.
コナン君……君はこの事件をどう見る? What do you make of this, Conan-kun?
久々にテニスがしたいですね! It's been a while since I had a desire to play tennis.
(主人公)さんはこれまでどんな旅を? What kind of adventures have you been on, (Captain)-san?
まずは情報集めといきましょう…… Guess I'll start with a little info gathering.
(主人公)さんの瞳真っ直ぐで素敵です! (Captain)-san's innocence is truly beautiful.