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|whiteday_text1=A present for me? As thanks for last month?<br />Gee, thanks, (Captain)!<br />That reminds me, I still haven't heard your thoughts on my Valentine's treat yet.<br />Hehe, so how was it? Not bad for my first try, wouldn't you say?<br />You could tell that I tried? Is that... your way of saying you didn't like it?<br />Figures... I probably should've looked at the recipe...<br />I couldn't possibly give something that's second-rate to Attiyah! I'll have to really practice hard for next year's Valentine's!<br />When the time comes, I'll make something so good that you can't help but break into song and dance after a single bite! Wait for it, Attiyah!

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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3040234000 01.jpg Tabina
Age 20 years old
Height 164 cm
Race Human
Hobbies Hunting, reminiscing on her encounter with Attiyah
Likes Attiyah, Papa, singing and dancing
Dislikes Cowards, bell peppers

* This is an unofficial, amateur translation.

Npc f 3040234000 01.jpg Tabina
Age 20歳
Height 164 cm
Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 狩り、アーテファとの逢瀬に想いを馳せること
Likes アーテファ、パパ、歌とダンス
Dislikes 卑怯者、ピーマン


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Special Cutscenes[edit]

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Happy Birthday Cutscenes
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Tabina: (Captain), happy birthday! Let's make this a day to remember!
You're going to have a party, right? You can leave the main dish to me!
Hehehe... Nope, it's not shopping that I'm going off to... I'm going hunting!
I'm going to track down the biggest, juiciest boar out there just for you, (Captain)!
Gearcycle: ...!
Tabina: Hehe, looks like even the gearcycle's raring to go. I wonder what kind of tune it'll sing for us!
Guess you'd better get prepped for the best birthday of your life ever, (Captain)... Off I go!

Happy New Year Cutscenes
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Tabina: Happy New Year, (Captain)!
Do you know where the shrine is around here? Maybe you can even take me there!
Mm-hm, I heard you get a wish granted for offering a prayer to welcome in the new year. Thought I'd give it a try myself!
I'm gonna wish for more alone time with Attiyah! Except I don't have the first clue where the shrine is, or even how they pray there!
So, please, (Captain)! Show me to the shrine, won't you?
Gearcycle: ...
Tabina: Ooh, nice timing! Now it won't matter if it's way up in the mountains—this darling here will get me there in a flash!
So you'll come with, (Captain)? Hehe, thanks! Here, get on behind me!
I know we've got a really chilly wind blowing, but as Lyria puts it, the chillier, the better the eggnog!
Okay, going full speed ahead! Make sure you grab on tight!

Valentine's Day Cutscenes
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Happy Valentine's! I made something for you to show my thanks, (Captain)!
This is my first time making any confections, but I think they turned out pretty well!
You know they say putting love into your cooking is the best way to bring out the flavor?
So I made sure to pour my love for Attiyah into baking these...
All while singing and dancing my heart out throughout the night.
Saeada, we sing!
Massir, we sing!
I was actually so focused on the lyrics that I forgot to check the recipe. But I'm just glad it turned out okay!
Anyway, hope you like my first confection ever!

White Day Cutscenes
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A present for me? As thanks for last month?
Gee, thanks, (Captain)!
That reminds me, I still haven't heard your thoughts on my Valentine's treat yet.
Hehe, so how was it? Not bad for my first try, wouldn't you say?
You could tell that I tried? Is that... your way of saying you didn't like it?
Figures... I probably should've looked at the recipe...
I couldn't possibly give something that's second-rate to Attiyah! I'll have to really practice hard for next year's Valentine's!
When the time comes, I'll make something so good that you can't help but break into song and dance after a single bite! Wait for it, Attiyah!

Trick or Treat Cutscenes
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(Captain), happy Halloween! How's the crew doing?
Huh? They're all out in town? But why? Aren't you supposed to dance together for the occasion? Didn't you pick out any songs?
How do you expect to keep the ghosts entertained without a tango and a tune?
Huh? The Halloween celebrations here are different from those at Tahar?
Haha. Guess it's up to me to show everyone what a Tahar Halloween's like!
We basically celebrate through the night with lots of song and dance... and take a bite of pumpkin pie when we're feeling downbeat!

Happy Holidays Cutscenes
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Aah... Attiyah...
Oh, sorry. I was lost in fantasyland when I should be focusing on our holiday gathering.
Yes... I was daydreaming about sweet, sweet time spent with dear Attiyah...
I can just picture a big golden star atop a tree that reaches the skies! And the both of us cuddling on that star!
We'd feed each other cake topped with oodles of strawberries while gazing at the beautiful, snowy town.
Then we'd sing blessings to the night sky until the sun rises!
Our smiles never fading until we fall asleep in each other's arms... How romantic!
What a wonderful holy eve that'd be... Don't you think so too, (Captain)?
Aah... Attiyah...

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Tomboyish Moon[edit]

Tabina spends most of a day shopping with her crewmates, during which she gets a chance to show a band of crooks their place at a boutique. Noticing her distress in being away from Attiyah, the crew invites her out for a gearcycle ride that night.

Tabina: You have to be kidding me! What the gramps has here is bona fide Valtz jewelry—the finest grade at that!
Jeweler: And I'm offering a fair price! How many times do I have to say it!
The jeweler plunks a bag of rupies on the table.
Tabina: One measly bag? Nuh-uh! If you seriously think that's enough to pay for such a valuable piece, you sure as heck deserve to have your whole business run into the ground!
Jeweler: Do I have to spell everything out for you, lady! Anything's fair game in a trade as long as both parties agree, and the old fella almost did until you had to butt in!
Tabina: You call intimidation with your filthy band of rogues "fair game"? Sweet mother of Tahar, you must be trying to turn every merchant in the skies against you!
An exchange of colorful invective rings aloud in the back alley of a shopping district.
Old-Timer: ...
Roustabout: ...
The old-timer and roustabout, taken aback by how much the situation has escalated, quietly observe the situation.
The crew, standing behind Tabina, also watches with bated breath.
Vyrn: H-hey, (Captain)? Looks like these goons are playing dirty, so maybe we should—
Lyria: No, I can't let this go either! Tricking an old man into selling his precious jewel for cheap is just wrong!
Vyrn: Not to mention Lovey-Dovey Girl's from a merchant family. It's no wonder she's so fired up...
Tabina is the daughter of Wahid—leader of the merchant guild Ahabak, which is based on Tahar Island of the Valtz Duchy.
She had met the man of her dreams—a merchant by the name of Attiyah.
However, Attiyah embarked on a quest alone to stop his father, Qawi, from exacting revenge against Wahid.
Tabina then joined up with (Captain)'s crew in hopes of one day reuniting with Attiyah.
Tabina: This jewel's too good for a crooked merchant like yourself! Just give it up already!
Jeweler: We're living in a free economy, missy! You've got no right to be meddling in my affairs!
Tabina: So you're all about free trade, huh...
Tabina: Fine. I'll play it your way!
Tabina produces a large pouch of rupies.
Jeweler: Bwahahaha! You trying to outbid me?
Jeweler: Not a bad idea. But I've got plenty more where that came from.
With a sardonic snicker, he has each of his roustabouts take out rupie pouches of their own.
Each one is so filled to the brim that the contents seem ready to come pouring out.
Tabina: Humph... Looks like you can at least act like a real jeweler, despite being rotten to the core. Let's see how you like this...
A bold smirk crossing her lips, Tabina takes out one bulging bag after another.
Jeweler: Huh?
Vyrn: Whoa!
She piles them one atop another.
Tabina: Like I've been saying, the jewel's of the highest caliber in terms of origin, translucency, and luminosity. It's only fair for it to fetch a price deserving of that!
Jeweler: What the hell... And here I was thinking you were just some traveler!
Tabina: More like a traveling merchant-in-training. Since you're already in the biz, you should know the rules a lot better than I do.
Jeweler: Tch! You like to play rough, eh? I'll show you rough!
Old-Timer: Aiie!
With a single gesture from the jeweler, the roustabouts move in to swipe the jewel from the old-timer.
Tabina: Haah!
Tabina flings an axe into the ground, intentionally missing them by a hair.
Roustabout: Whoa!
The crew takes advantage of the roustabouts' moment of confusion and quickly rounds them up.
Jeweler: Damn it!
Tabina: Oh, no you don't!
Tabina's arrow pierces through the jeweler's garments and pins him to the wall.
Tabina: The deal was off the moment you resorted to violence.
Tabina: If there's even a shred of mercantile goodness left in you, you'll refrain from pulling this kind of nonsense in the future.
Jeweler: Eek!
Seeing the jeweler sink to the ground in defeat, Tabina breathes a sigh of relief.
Old-Timer: Erm... Thank you so much! It was no easy feat digging this piece up. I don't know how I can ever repay you...
Tabina: Oh, no need for that. Still, you want to sell the jewel, right? I know a great place you can trust.
Vyrn: Huh? Didn't you wanna buy it for yourself, Lovey-Dovey Girl?
Tabina: I was only debating the market price—about how many bags of rupies it should be worth.
Tabina opens up one of her pouches to reveal clothing and accessories.
Lyria: Huh? You mean...
Tabina: The first bag contained actual coins. As for the others, I snuck in random stuff to outfox that dirty merchant.
Tabina: Heheh, these kinda disputes happen pretty often when I'm with Daddy. Never hurts to handle them with a bit of wit.
Vyrn: Haha... You're laughing, but wouldn't it be, like, total doomsday if they actually saw what was inside? You're one gutsy merchant-to-be...
The crew later hands the jeweler and his roustabouts to the local authorities.
And by Tabina's introduction, the old-timer lands a fair deal for his valuable stone.
Vyrn: Boy, you sure know your jewelry shops.
Tabina: Daddy's guild, Ahabak, comes to this one a lot. I'm a big fan of the place myself!
Tabina: Well then, why don't we continue with the shopping!
(Captain) and company recall that they were simply procuring various materials before the incident broke out.
Tabina: Okay, I think that's all the makeup we need. Let's check out perfumes next.
Lyria: Makeup and perfume... The things you buy are so mature, Tabina.
Tabina: You think so? Actually, while we're here, why don't we find some perfume that works for you, Lyria?
Lyria: M-me? I think it's a bit early for me...
Tabina: Haha, age shouldn't be an issue. I'm sure we can find something for you.
Lyria: Ehehe... I guess I'll be following you around, Tabina!
Tabina: Let's get going before the sun sets, (Captain)!
The menacing look in Tabina's eyes from the confrontation earlier is all but gone as they make for the town's shopping district.
(Captain) and company look on excitedly at the various bottles of perfume on display in the shop.
Lyria: Wow! This aqua-colored bottle is so sparkly!
Tabina: Right? I love all the decorative bits on it. Now let's see what it actually smells like.
Tabina: 'Scuse me! Is it okay if we try them?
With Tabina's help, Lyria tests out various perfumes.
Lyria: Hm... They all smell so great. It's hard to pick one out...
Tabina: Hehe, just go with whatever strikes your fancy.
Tabina: I know there's a lot to consider, from the fragrance to the purpose, cost, manufacture, and design of the bottle...
Tabina: But if you ask me, the best is always whatever grabs your heart at first glance!
Lyria: Whatever grabs my heart...
Lyria: Hm, I think I'll go with this one! This aqua-colored bottle really caught my attention!
Lyria: It almost looks like a jewel, and the aroma is so relaxing. What do you think?
Tabina: Great pick, Lyria! A classic citrus fragrance with a perfectly balanced combination of floral ingredients.
Tabina: Not to mention the blue bottle just goes great with you! It's almost fate that you'd pick this one!
Vyrn: Haha, I can definitely see the merchant in you. You market the goods like a real pro.
Tabina: Oh, all I did was speak my thoughts. There's nothing out there that can bring out Lyria's charm better than this bottle of perfume!
Lyria: Ehehe... You're making me blush.
With Tabina in the lead, the crew leaves the perfume shop and tours the neighboring stores.
By the time the sun begins to set, Tabina's and Lyria's faces are full of content as they haul around numerous shopping bags.
Lyria: Ahaha, we ended up buying so much! We should put on our matching necklaces and go out together sometime!
Tabina: You mean the seashell one? It looks kinda plain at a glance, but that rainbow glint is absolutely beautiful.
Tabina: I also love the clinking sound that seashells make. It's like listening to the calming sound of ocean waves...
Tabina gets misty-eyed as she dreams of the perfect situation to wear it.
Tabina: I'd take long walks on the beach with Attiyah while wearing the necklace...
Tabina: It'd jingle pleasantly as I frolic about on the coastline... Then he'd whisper into my ear.
Tabina: "A beautiful view,
a beautiful necklace.
But the most beautiful of them all lies beside me."
Tabina: Then we'd pull each other in for a passionate embrace...
Tabina: Aah! What bliss that would be!
Vyrn: Um, Lovey-Dovey Girl? You know we can hear you, right?
Lyria: Ahaha... Sounds like she's lost in her own world.
The elated Tabina remains in her dreamlike state for some time thereafter.
(Captain) and company walk the path back to the Grandcypher after a long day of shopping.
Tabina: ...!
When a figure who looks just like her beloved passes by, Tabina immediately gives chase.
Turning corner after corner, she finally catches up and calls out to the man.
Dude: Hm? You looking for me?
Tabina: Ah! Sorry... I thought you were someone else.
Tabina: (That's right... I already asked the people all over town...)
Tabina: (Attiyah... Where could you possibly be right now?)
Vyrn: Hey, Tabina! So that was Mustache Mister?
Tabina: ...
Tabina: Ah, ahahaha! Turned out to be someone else. Sorry for the mix-up...
Lyria: Tabina...
The crew continues on their way back to the ship.
Tabina: Sigh... Attiyah...
Tabina lets out a deep sigh as she stares pensively into the night sky from the deck of the stationed Grandcypher.
The pale crescent moon stands out amid the darkness.
Tabina: The ephemeral darkness
Gives way to a fragmented moon
With no room for the sun's rays
Tabina: That crescent moon is me. While sharing the same sky as the sun, it feels like I can never cross paths with it.
Tabina: Attiyah... Oh, how I wish you could just hold me in your strong, sturdy arms right now...
Tabina hugs herself and shuts her eyes as if to mask the solitude she feels.
A few figures pop up from behind.
Vyrn: So, Lovey-Dovey Girl... You got a few minutes?
Tabina: V-Vyrn! That outfit!
Vyrn: You wanna go for a ride? I mean, you've got your own gearcycle after all.
Lyria: I heard the night breeze feels great around these parts! Why don't you come along?
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria attempt to cheer her up.
Tabina: I appreciate the invite, everyone, but I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for it...
  1. Just trying to make you feel better.
  2. You must really hate hanging out with us...

Choose: Just trying to make you feel better.
Tabina: (Captain)...
Tabina: Heheh, you can be so straightforward. But I kind of like that about you.

Choose: You must really hate hanging out with us...
Tabina: Oh dear! What a way of putting it!
Tabina: But that's not it at all. Actually, it might be kind of fun to go on a night ride with all of you.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Hooray! It's decided then. I'm all ready to go vr-vr-vrooom!
Lyria: Ehehe, let's go!
(Captain) and company descend from the Grandcypher with a spring in their step.
Vyrn: Whoo, tearin' it up!
The unmistakable purr of the gearcycle engines gives life to the quiet night as the crew races down the highway.
Tabina and Vyrn ride their own vehicles.
(Captain) steers a borrowed gearcycle, with Lyria in the back seat.
Tabina: Hahah, this feels great! I can't get enough of this breeze!
Vyrn: Heh, you can say that again! One ride on this baby really clears your head!
The crew arrives at a small hill.
They lie down at the top of the hill and gaze up at the starry night sky.
Lyria: Wow! It's beautiful!
Tabina: How did I miss all these stars before?
Tabina: To think that I was only seeing the moon...
Vyrn: I guess all those lights in town made the stars harder to see...
Tabina: That's probably it. I guess sometimes, you just have to take a step back to really see a situation for what it is.
Tabina: (Captain), Lyria, Vyrn. Thanks for inviting me out tonight.
Tabina: (The sun's so far away... But I'm still a lucky gal to have so many dear friends around me.)
Tabina: Even without a sunbeam in sight

The moon finds its place

With the stars in the sky
Lyria: Hmm... What does it mean?
Tabina: Hehe. You cannot question a poem's meaning, Lyria. What matters is if you can feel something from it in your heart.
Tabina: All right, what do you say we race back to the airship!
Tabina: Last one there's a rotten egg who has to add "boing" to everything they say!
Vyrn: What the! How do you even come up with that!
Tabina: Haha, it's a little thing we do in the Ahabak guild. Well, you'd better hurry if you don't want to be boinging tomorrow.
Lyria: Ah! Tabina went ahead! (Captain), we need to catch up!
Vyrn: Boing, huh... I'm coming too, boing...
Vyrn: Nuh-uh-uh! No way! There's no way you're gonna get me boinging along to your tune!
The others quickly descend the hill in pursuit of Tabina.
She reaches her gearcycle first and immediately hops on it.
Tabina: I know what I have to do! I'm coming straight for you, my love!
Tabina: Wait for me, Attiyah!
Tabina points to the night sky before putting a foot to the pedal and firing up her engine.
The gearcycle responds in kind, taking off at full speed.

Sun in the Heart[edit]

The crew arrives on an island supposedly infested with monsters, only to learn that a man who fits Attiyah's description has been exterminating them left and right. Tabina is eager to go around on her gearcycle to look for Attiyah, but the adverse terrain makes it difficult. Tsubasa and his friends make adjustments to her vehicle.

Monsters: ...!
Rumor has it that a legion of monsters, enough to blanket the skies, suddenly appeared near a certain town.
The crew receives word of the strange occurrence via the Knickknack Shack and goes to handle the situation.
Tabina: Hraah!
Monsters: ...!
Tabina: Whew... That should just about do it, boing.
Vyrn: Boing?
Tabina: Oh, have I done it again? I'm sorry, it's just such a hard habit to break.
Lyria: Haha, having to say "boing" all the time was the penalty for losing that gearcycle race, right? I think it's adorable!
Tabina: Okay, so I was a little careless that time! But I'll definitely win the next race!
Vyrn: Heheh! My buddy Tsubasa tunes up my beast real good. Don't think it'll be so easy for ya.
Tabina: Urgh! Just you wait!
Sensing no more monsters in the area, the crew begins walking toward the client-cum-mayor's house.
Tabina: ...
Vyrn: You okay, Tabina? You went quiet all of a sudden. Sorry if my trash-talking about racing got to you...
Tabina: Ah... No, it's not that. I noticed something strange about the monsters...
Tabina: While they did show up in great numbers, there wasn't nearly enough of them to blanket the skies...
Vyrn: You have a point there... Which reminds me, there was also word that the skies turned dark when they first appeared.
As they continue walking, (Captain) and company can't help but wonder why the situation differs from the report they received.
Lyria: Hey... Don't the rocks over there look like they're a different color?
Tabina: ...!
Tabina: No, those aren't rocks! They're corpses of monsters stacked atop each other!
The crew approaches, only to find that the corpses are of the same breed of monsters from the skirmish earlier.
Vyrn: Holy moly, there's a whole boatload of 'em...
Tabina: Hm... Maybe there were others who accepted the assignment too.
Closer inspection of the monster wounds reveals that only a single weapon was used.
Vyrn: You think this means a single person handled 'em all alone?
They continue speculating about the macabre mountain of corpses all along their trip back to town.
After reporting completion of the assignment to the mayor, the crew asks about the monsters that were already felled.
The mayor's expression grows solemn, a hint of trepidation in his eyes.
Mayor: That mountain of corpses... may very well be the work of that man with the sun-shaped birthmark.
Tabina: D-d-did you say sun-shaped birthmark?
Tabina leans forward, nearly knocking foreheads with the mayor.
Mayor: The monsters appeared out of nowhere. The trading district was hit first, then the whole town came under attack... I had no choice but to call for help from skyfarers.
Mayor: That's when an eerie rumor started going around...
Mayor: A rumor's going around about a warrior so strong that he only had to smash his axe into the ground to make the island tremble and have it rain monster corpses.
Mayor: I can hardly believe it myself, but sightings have been reported from multiple merchants. And on the nape of his neck is—
Tabina: A sun-shaped birthmark!
The mayor nods with a gulp. Feeling the threads of fate in motion, Tabina breaks into a little dance.
Tabina: Attiyah! It has to be Attiyah!
Tabina: Mayor, do you have any more info on that man?
Mayor: No, not really... Though I did hear he's still wandering around town.
Tabina: (Attiyah... Attiyah's on the island!)
Tabina: (About time we found a lead!)
The rest of the crew watches her jubilation with a warm heart.
Finally landing a clue on Attiyah's whereabouts, (Captain) and company prepare to launch a search for him.
Vyrn: It's a pretty long stretch of nothing between each town in these parts.
Tabina: Hehe, you know what that means...
Gearby: ...!
Tabina: It's time for the gearcycle to shine! After all, in a way it's what brought me and Attiyah together in the first place!
Vyrn: Hold on a sec. Don't you think it'd be kinda risky to ride your beast along the rocky ground? It can get real bumpy around here.
Tabina: Not a problem! No terrain out there can stop the power of love!
Tabina hops on her gearcycle in high spirits.
Gearby: ...
As if rejecting Tabina's words, it falls flat on the ground.
Vyrn: I figured...
Tabina: But why, Attiyah-Pooh! What am I missing? Love? Passion? If it's a song you want, I'll sing to you right this instant!
Vyrn: I think Attiyah-Pooh's just worried about tripping over all the bumps in the ground and maybe losing a tire or two in the process...
Tabina: Surely it's nothing that can't be solved with a tune-up from a pro mechanic!
Lyria: Aren't gearcycles from Mysteria originally? I wonder how many people in this town would know how to make adjustments to one.
Vyrn: It'd probably take way too much time if you leave it to someone around these parts. I doubt they'd even know where to start.
Tabina: What a dilemma!
Tabina's shoulders sag in dismay. Yet her eyes immediately light up again as she props up her gearcycle.
Tabina: The type of terrain doesn't make a difference... Because I know you can do it, Attiyah-Pooh!
Lyria: Oh no! Watch out, Tabina!
Tabina: No wasteland's gonna stop me in my tracks! I'm going!
Gearcycle: ...!
Seemingly in response to its master's command, the gearcycle emits a deep rumble from its engine.
Seeing Tabina climb onto her gearcycle, (Captain) is quick to jump in her path.
Tabina: Let me through, (Captain)! I won't let anyone put out the fiery passion that burns within me!
Vyrn: Whoa, whoa! All we're asking you for is to slow down! I know someone who can help us out!
Tabina: Truly, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Cross my heart and kiss my ride! C'mon, I'll show you the way!
Vyrn succeeds in calming down Tabina.
Tsubasa: So you've come to talk to us boys about it, huh? Aight, we hear ya.
Vyrn brings the crew to town to meet a few contacts.
They join up with Tsubasa and his two pals, Killa Taiga and Rintaro—all students of the Mysteria Magic Academy.
The trio have formed a gearcycle-riding squad and call themselves the Red Wings.
Not only do they cruise down the roads with their vehicles, but they're also handy with a wrench.
Yung Rintaro: Haha... You guys came to the right place!
Killa Taiga: Ooh yeah! We were just gettin' this baby tuned up and ready to tear up the road!
Killa Taiga: We reinforced the springs real good, added a protective layer under the chassis, and fine-tuned the handles.
Killa Taiga: All it took was a few abandoned parts from the nearby factories! Is that totally dope or what?
Vyrn: I can't believe you were already working on this... You dudes rock!
Tsubasa: You bet we do!
Tsubasa: Don't matter what island we're on. We've gotta be ready to whip through the wind in style anytime, anywhere.
Tsubasa gently pets his beloved beast, polished to a mirror sheen.
Tabina: Your gearcycle has such a neat design to it. And all the cool little accessories add a really nice touch!
Tabina: You must be the type of man who lives for what you believe in, Tsubasa! I can feel your love for your beast!
Tsubasa: Huh?
Mm, thanks...
Yung Rintaro: Whooaaa! I think Tsubasa might be reeling from the chill compliment!
Tsubasa: Hey, shut it, Rintaro!
Yung Rintaro: Aiiee! I-I didn't say anything...
Tabina smiles at their exchange, but her expression soon turns serious.
Tabina: I know the feeling because I absolutely adore my Attiyah-Pooh, even if I don't have any trinkets on the thing to show for it.
Tabina: I want to use my gearcycle to chase after my one true love. So please, can I ask you to look into giving it an upgrade?
Tabina: Sorry if I'm being too forward about this, but... You might be my only hope.
Tsubasa: ...!
Tabina lowers her head into a deep bow. Tsubasa is deeply touched by her sincerity.
Tsubasa: Tabina, right?
Tsubasa: One look at your beast, and I can tell it's been banged up with more than a few falls... But you still do everything you can to keep it in tip-top shape...
Tsubasa: We'll take full responsibility for the mods to your baby.
Yung Rintaro: You can count on us, Tabina!
Killa Taiga: We can't very well send you off on a carriage that could turn pumpkin any second, so we'll fix this beast up so good that you reach your Prince Charming with a bang!
Tabina: You'll do that for me?
Tabina: Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to it!
And thus the Tsubasa squad is entrusted with Tabina's gearcycle.

Sun in the Heart: Scene 2[edit]

While waiting for the mods to her gearcycle, Tabina heads to town to see if the locals might know why Attiyah has come to the island. She bumps into a lovesick lass, and the two engage in girl talk. The tuning on Tabina's gearcycle is done before long, giving her the chance to head to the next town with the crew.

The crew receives word of the man assumed to be Attiyah spotted somewhere close by.
Tsubasa and company head out to town to look for parts the squad can use to tune up Tabina's gearcycle.
Meanwhile Tabina goes off on her own to look into something.
Tabina: (Hehe... Dropping everything to help people in need is such an Attiyah thing to do. I'm sure he's the monster slayer around these parts.)
Tabina: (But why'd he come here in the first place?)
Tabina: (And why would monsters amass where there's no vegetation? Something just seems off about it all...)
Tabina: (Whatever the case, I need to gather more clues!)
Tabina: Excuse me, sir... May I have a moment of your time?
Tabina strikes a conversation with various townspeople, hoping to glean more info on the monsters.
A clearer picture of the situation gradually forms in her head.
Resident 1: Each time that man with the sun-shaped birthmark took out the monsters, more would instantly appear.
Resident 2: I've never seen monsters like that on our island. There are rumors that rival gangs might be using them to control the trade routes...
Tabina continues her hunt for information and makes her way down the street.
Woman: Sigh...
Tabina: Huh?
She comes across a lone woman standing in front of an apparel shop, seemingly lost in thought.
Tabina: (I know this feeling...)
Tabina: Siiigh...
Stan: Let's see. You have no appetite.
Tabina: Oh!
Stan: And you can't sleep.
Tabina: Oh!
Stan: Your body feels weak. You can't stop sighing. And the face of your beloved is in everything you look at.
Tabina: Oh! Oh! Oh!
Tabina: (Looks like she's dreaming about her beloved... Just like myself!)
Tabina: Um, excuse me... I take it you're lovesick?
Lovesick Lass: Oh! But how did you—
Tabina shoots the astonished lass a soft smile.
Tabina: I know how it feels... Because I'm feeling the exact same thing right now.
Tabina: You know, I'd be more than glad to hear your story if you need someone to talk to. I might even be able to help out!
Lovesick Lass: Th-this is really sudden...
Lovesick Lass: But... I really, really want someone to understand the heart-wrenching pain I'm going through right now!
Though hesitant at first, the lovesick lass quickly opens up.
Lovesick Lass: So you see, I have a date with my boyfriend from the neighboring town coming up. I haven't seen him in a while, so I want to look nice.
Lovesick Lass: But I'm having so much trouble deciding what to wear...
Tabina: Oh, I definitely know the feeling! I always want the guy to see me in the best light...
Tabina: Sometimes I get so obsessed I even start tinkering around with the accessories on my bow and axe.
Lovesick Lass: Wha? Bow? Axe?
Tabina: So what's your man like? Maybe I'll have some ideas if I know a little more about your sweetie.
Lovesick Lass: Um, well. We first met at the theater, and...
Tabina listens intently to every word the lovesick lass has to say.
The ladies in love hit it off almost immediately, and before long Tabina begins to talk about Attiyah as well.
After shooting the breeze for a bit, Tabina reaches a conclusion on the matter.
Tabina: It's really clear to me how much you love him!
Tabina: Why don't you just wear whatever makes you comfortable?
Lovesick Lass: Huh? What do you mean? Wouldn't I want to wear something he likes?
Tabina: What matters is what you feel inside. The fact that you love him enough to worry about what to wear shows how much he matters to you.
Tabina: And I'm sure he'll be able to tell. So stop worrying and believe in the power of love!
Lovesick Lass: Tabina...
Lovesick Lass: Haha, I think you're right... Yeah, this should work out okay!
Satisfied at having reached a solution, the two giggle with laughter.
Yung Rintaro: Sniff... Tabina! I ain't sure I can hold it in anymore!
Killa Taiga: Wah! I'm ready to confess my feelings to Akina right this second!
Tsubasa: It's what you feel inside that counts, eh...
Tsubasa and squad show up, having completed the mods to Tabina's gearcycle.
Seeing the three men each deeply moved in their own way, Tabina covers her cheeks in embarrassment.
Tabina: Er, well... I was just saying it like it is...
Tabina: Wait a sec! What are you boys even doing listening to our girl talk! Where are your manners!
Yung Rintaro: Whoa, whoa! I hope you're not takin' us for total milksops now!
Tsubasa: Sorry 'bout that! We were waiting to talk to you and just happened to hear everything...
Killa Taiga: Akina... I wonder how she's doing...
Tsubasa: Yo, Taiga! Stop bein' a wuss already! Now you apologize too!
Tabina: Well, what's done is done. Besides, I'm at fault too for not noticing.
Tabina and the lovesick lass give each other one last hurrah before parting ways.
Incidentally, only one street away from the apparel shop walks a man that Tabina and company happen to know.
Attiyah: Tabina... I sure wasn't expectin' you to come chasin' after me on (Captain)'s airship.
Attiyah: It's a relief to see you're doin' okay, but I'm not ready to face you yet...
Attiyah: Not till I settle the blood feud between our families.
He whistles through his fingers, calling his steed and hopping on ever so gallantly.
Attiyah takes off from the town without ever turning back.
With Tabina's gearcycle in order, the crew prepares to head to the next town.
(Captain) rides with Tsubasa, and Lyria with Tabina.
While on the road, Tabina and Tsubasa's squad reminisce about how they ended up on the Grandcypher.
Yung Rintaro: No way! Takin' to the skies to chase after your man? That's when you know someone's not just a flirt!
Killa Taiga: Tabina's just total boss!
Tabina: You boys are pretty boss yourselves to be studying abroad. You wanna be full-fledged mages one day, right?
Tabina: Not many people have the courage to leave home at such a young age.
Tsubasa: Sure took me a while to come around though. I needed that extra push from my teach and pals.
Yung Rintaro: But you were pretty psyched about doing this all for your granny's sake!
Tsubasa: Geez, Rintaro... Zip that mouth of yours before I make you!
Tabina: What, really? Now I'm interested!
Tsubasa: Well, you see... Granny really believed in me... Believed in what I could become, and sent me off to the skies with pride.
Tsubasa: Told me not to worry about her, that I oughta reach for my dream and make the best of myself out here.
Tsubasa: And I sure as hell am gonna do everything I can to make Granny proud... Guess you could say that's where my mojo comes from.
Tabina: Hehe, your grandma sounds like a wonderful person! I can tell she loves you so much!
Tsubasa: Mm... Anyhoo, how's the ride? We tweaked it real good. Should feel different.
Tabina: Oh, it's great! I mean, it does swing around a bit, considering the terrain, but that's part of the fun!
Tsubasa: We changed the springs and tires too. It's best if you take it easy until you get used to the new setup.
Tabina: Haha, thanks for looking out! I don't plan on doing any reckless driving, so I should be all right!
Killa Taiga: Turn up, squad! Next town's in view!
Tabina: All righty! Here comes the final spurt! Full speed ahead!
Killa Taiga: Whew! That's a big head start you gave yourself!
Though their respective goals may differ, as fellow companions who've come out into the open skies, the camaraderie between them grows.
They pick up speed once more as the destination gets closer, roaring down the rocky roads.

Sun in the Heart: Scene 3[edit]

(Captain) and company come to a town where the residents are fleeing for their lives. They go to the town square to investigate and find every member of two rival gangs collapsed on the ground. When reinforcements arrive, they mistake the crew for the perpetrators and attack.

(Captain) and company are already poking around for Attiyah's whereabouts immediately upon arrival.
They find a man who claims to have spotted a brawny man with a sun-shaped birthmark.
Dude: The recent drought hasn't been doing us any favors. Our water supply's running short.
Dude: In fact, the town well went dry just yesterday.
Dude: Just when we were at a loss as to what to do, this guy popped up outta nowhere and plunged straight into the well, landing with a loud thud.
Dude: Can you believe he struck the ground with his bare fists? And before we knew it, water started pouring into the well!
Vyrn: Whoa... Mustache Mister's been keeping busy, huh.
Dude: I know it ain't easy to believe, but I saw it with my own two eyes.
Dude: We were gonna hold a celebration for the guy, but he went off before we could even thank him properly.
Tabina: ...
Tabina: Do you often have droughts around here, mister?
Dude: We have 'em every now and then, but it rarely gets so bad that the well dries up. I hear it's been happening on neighboring islands too.
Tabina: I see... Thanks for the info!
Tabina: (Enough monsters to cover the skies, and a drought that stretches across multiple islands... Where have I heard of this before?)
The crew take off on their gearcycles once more.
After some time riding through the barren wasteland, the next town looms on the horizon.
Tsubasa: Whew, finally here. 'Course I'm sure our beasts can still take a beating.
Just as the crew make to get off their gearcycles...
Townie 1: Huff... Huff... This oughta be far enough.
Townie 2: Gosh darn it, those blasted hooligans just had to start their mess in the middle of town!
The town's residents seem to be evacuating in droves.
Tabina: Um... Did something happen here?
Townie 1: Rival gangs are going at it by the town square.
Townie 2: You folks are travelers, I take it? A bit of advice: get out while you can.
Tsubasa: A turf war's gone too far once they start involving innocents. We need to show 'em what's up...
Tabina: Yeah, we can't let this slide... Let's go check it out!
Vyrn: I'm already there!
The crew jump off their gearcycles to rush to the scene.
However, Tabina remains seated, her foot on the pedal.
Tsubasa: Tabina? Someone could get hurt if you go crashing in there with your beast.
Tabina: Nuh-uh, it'll be fine! Thanks to the new springs and tires you put in, my gearcycle's more responsive than ever!
Tabina: Attiyah-Pooh, let's roll!
Gearcycle: ...!
Using a large plank propped up against one of the civilian houses as a springboard, Tabina leaps into action.
She lands gracefully on a rooftop.
Tabina: Found us a safe route. Let's go!
Yung Rintaro: Whoooaa! You guys see that?
Tsubasa: Haha... She's got guts, all right. C'mon, we need to catch up!
The others follow her lead across the rooftops, blazing forward with their gearcycles.
It proves to be an effective plan, allowing them to reach the town square straightaway.
Gang A Member: Rgh...
Gang B Member: Agh...
It appears the battle has already concluded, with gang members collapsed all over the ground.
Not a single person remains standing on either side.
Tsubasa: Huh?
Looks like they all got the guano beaten out of 'em real good.
Tabina: You think so?
Tabina: Wait, the way they're lying on the ground... Could it be...
Gang A Backup: Tch! Crud, I bet you lot were responsible for all this!
Vyrn: Sorry, no clue what you're goin' on about.
Gang B Backup: Psh, don't even try playing dumb.
Gang A Backup: Hah, I figured you guys would have backup too. But whatever, that gearcycle squad is going down first!
Tsubasa: Punks are barkin' up the wrong tree. Not like they'd listen anyhow.
Tabina: We didn't start the fire, but we'll put it out!
Tabina: Bring it on!

Sun in the Heart: Scene 4[edit]

After finding the recent monster outbreak to be the impetus of the gang conflict, Tabina offers that the crew take out the monsters in their stead. The crew bumps into Attiyah later by pure chance, but he still has every intention of going it alone. The two lovers part once again, but Tabina believes with all her heart that Attiyah will return to her once he's completed his quest.

The crew successfully defeats the gang members and extracts information about the situation from them.
Gang A Backup: Word is some mustached guy just showed up and cleaned house.
Gang A Backup: One swing of his axe sent out a shockwave that knocked everyone out.
Gang A Backup: Wait, none of you have a mustache...
Tabina: I knew it was Attiyah! That means he was just here!
Tabina's eyes light up as the gang members lay blame on each other.
Gang B Backup: Screw you all! If only you hadn't scattered the monsters...
Gang A Backup: Stupid pinhead! You pieces of crap were responsible for that!
Lyria: Um, it doesn't look like we're getting anywhere...
Tabina: Sounds like the monster incident is what caused this dispute to break out.
Tabina: Hmm, if we want to settle matters for good...
Putting on a mischievous grin, Tabina calls out to the gang members.
Tabina: You boys think you can tell me where your bosses are?
Gang A Backup: Humph! The hell makes you think—
Tabina: Where... are... they?
Gang A Backup: Aiiee!
Tabina approaches with her axe raised. Fearing for their lives, the gangsters tell her everything she wants to know.
(Captain) and company arrive in front of a small residence where an impromptu emergency meeting is taking place between the rival gang bosses.
Tsubasa: Tabina, you got the sitch all handled? Care to clue us in?
Tabina: Mm-hm. Just watch.
Tabina: Coming in!
Gang Bosses: Who the heck are you?
Tabina: Does it matter? We're here to cut the chitchat and get down to brass tacks.
Gang Bosses: What the...
Tabina: Heh, I bet you're both putting on airs so that the other side doesn't figure out you're strapped for rupies.
Tabina: You two can keep playing this game, but it's not going to solve anything.
Gang Bosses: ...!
The two fall silent, suggesting that Tabina is right on the mark.
Tabina: For starters, the monster outbreak was no one's fault.
Gang A Boss: Whaddya mean?
Tabina: The very nature of that particular breed of monster changes through a dearth of prey, something easily brought on by drought.
Tabina: They turn violent and gather in giant swarms, clearing all the food palatable to them on one island before flocking to the next one.
Tabina: A number of our merchant airships have become inoperable due to their attacks.
Tabina: In other words it's a naturally-occurring phenomenon, like a flood or what have you.
Gang B Boss: This is baloney!
Gang A Boss: Wait. Assuming it's true, how would we—
Tabina: Relax. We'll take out the monsters until things settle down.
Tabina: After all, I'm sure you boys wouldn't want to argue over splitting your own forces to deal with the issue.
Gang B Boss: You're right... A third party handling the matter makes things that much easier for us.
Tabina: Great, now we can talk business.
Gang A Boss: Business?
Tabina: That's right. We're skyfarers, and skyfarers need to make a living too.
Tabina: We'll settle at a fair price, of course. The market price for this sort of thing is around...
Tabina talks the two gang bosses into a business deal.
Monster extermination is now an official request from them to the crew.
Yung Rintaro: I can't believe what I'm seein'... She stopped a gang war just by openin' her mouth...
Killa Taiga: It's like she's got them in the palm of her hand... Girl's a total badass!
Tabina: Hehe, I had luck on my side. It was pure coincidence that I remembered the monster problem.
Tabina: More importantly, Attiyah might still be in the area! Let's go find him!
Lovesick Lass: Tabina! Thank goodness I found you!
The crew runs into the lovesick lass that Tabina had met in front of an apparel shop the other day.
Tabina: Oh, hello again!
Is this the town your boyfriend lives in?
Lovesick Lass: Mm-hm, I just got here. Hey, listen!
Lovesick Lass: On my way here, I saw a man with a sun-shaped birthmark! He carried an axe around and had a really suave mustache!
Tabina: What! Tell me more!
Lovesick Lass: He looked like Prince Charming with his fine steed!
Tabina asks the lass for the exact location of where she saw the man.
Tabina: I can't thank you enough for the info!
Lovesick Lass: I'm the one who's grateful! It's thanks to you that I mustered up the courage to be myself for this next date with my sweetheart!
Lovesick Lass: Your devotion to love really shows, Tabina! I'm sure your man will fall head over heels for you all over again!
Tabina: Hehe, thanks. Hope things work out for both of us!
Tabina exchanges one last handshake with the lovesick lass before taking off with the crew on their gearcycles.
After driving for a while, (Captain) and company find that the road they're on is leading toward a cliff.
They prepare to make a U-turn when Tabina sees something out of the corner of her eye.
Tabina: What the... Attiyah!
Tabina jumps off her vehicle and peers down the cliff in excitement.
Tabina: Attiyah! It's me! Tabina!
Attiyah: ...!
There's no mistaking it. The figure below them is Attiyah.
The monsters corpses around him suggest he hasn't given up the hunt.
Vyrn: Finally! Doesn't look like Mustache Mister is happy to see us though.
Attiyah picks up a rock, ties it with a piece of cloth, and tosses it up at the cliff.
Understanding Attiyah's intention, Tabina catches the rock and unravels the cloth.
Tabina: "Tabina, my beloved..."
A letter, huh.
Tabina traces the words on the cloth with her fingers as she reads them aloud.
Attiyah: "Tabina, my beloved..."
Attiyah: "My first stop was the island where word spread of my dad falling to the bottom of the skies."
Attiyah: "I found a merchant who'd been asked to spread rumors of my old man's death."
Attiyah: "According to the guy, Dad's been using his old connections to hop about between various guilds and gangs."
Attiyah: "Those gangs are what I've been looking into, without even knowing you'd been searching for me."
Attiyah: "Boy, was I surprised to see you here. Thought I was seeing things from being lovesick."
Attiyah: "I'm glad that you care so much, Tabina. But I can't come with you. I could never forgive myself if something happened to you because of my situation."
Attiyah: "When this whole mess with my dad is resolved, I'll be back to hold you in my arms. That's a promise."
Attiyah: "Until then...
Take care, Tabina."
Attiyah: "With all my love,
Tabina: Attiyah!
Vyrn: Looks like Mustache Mister's made up his mind about going alone.
(Captain), too, takes a peek down the cliff and locks eyes with Attiyah.
Attiyah smiles and seems to form the words "Take care of her, will ya?" with his lips.
He then walks off while waving goodbye.
Lyria: Attiyah's leaving...
Vyrn: Welp... I guess we made headway in finding out that he's doing okay.
The crew can do little more than watch as their mustached friend fades into the distance.
Tabina: ...
Tabina: Sigh...
Tabina turns on her heel and walks away from the cliff.
After a few steps, she turns around again and dashes for the cliff.
Tabina: Attiyaaaah!
Tsubasa: Wha!
With a running start, Tabina leaps off the ledge.
Calling out the name of her one true love, she extends both arms wide like a bird in flight.
Lyria: Eep!
Alas, her arms are not wings, and she only continues to fall faster and faster.
Struggling to not imagine the worst possible outcome, (Captain) peers down the cliff.
Attiyah: ...!
Attiyah manages to catch Tabina, the impact causing them to fall and roll on the rocks while tangled in each other's arms.
Attiyah: Uuurgh! Oh, Tabina, Tabina! I don't think I'll ever get old of your adventurous antics!
Tabina: You don't know how long I've waited for you to hold me like this...
Tabina: I don't care what your reason is; you shouldn't have to tackle your problems alone! You and I are meant for each other!
Tabina: And see! Not even a cliff can get in the way of our love!
Attiyah: Tabina...
Attiyah: Baby, you're my sun. I can't wake up every morning without you there to brighten my day.
Attiyah: I'm so sorry for leavin' you behind without even considering your feelings.
Tabina: You'd better be sorry! I'd already waited so long to be with you... and I'd rather not have to go through that ever again!
Tabina's cheeks turn bright red as she bumps her fist against Attiyah's brawny chest.
Attiyah pulls her in tighter, wrapping his muscular arms around her.
Tabina: Eep! Attiyah!
Attiyah: I know exactly where you're comin' from, but... I still need to do this alone.
Attiyah: The more I'm with you, the harder this is for me to do.
Tabina: So I'm just in the way?
Attiyah: Not in the least. It's just...
Seeing Attiyah's pained expression, Tabina snuggles closer, pressing her body against his.
Tabina: There's something you can't tell me?
Attiyah: ...
Tabina: Okay then.
Tabina: But to make up for it, I'll be looking for Qawi on my own adventure.
Attiyah: Tabina!
Tabina: The fact that I found you proves what I'm capable of.
Attiyah: True. Just please don't go pullin' any more crazy stunts like jumpin' off a cliff...
Tabina: Hehe, no promises.
Tabina: How about we keep in touch through letters?
Tabina: We can keep it going by sending out a response within three days after getting one.
Attiyah: Haha, I dunno... Letters aren't exactly my thing. They take time to write too...
Tabina: Oh, we're definitely exchanging letters. And one more thing.
Tabina: Once this is all over, I want to say hello to Qawi for myself.
Tabina: If he's going be my father-in-law, I'd like to have his blessing.
Attiyah: ...
Attiyah: Fair enough... I was kind of hopin' for the same... Guess it's somethin' I'll have to work at.
Attiyah fully agrees, resolve burning bright within him.
Tabina sees him off with a beaming smile.
Attiyah: ...
Attiyah: (Father-in-law, huh...)
Attiyah: (Dad... What you're plannin' is seriously messed up...)
One night, some time after Tabina and Attiyah's short-lived reunion...
Tabina: Everyone ready to roll?
The Four: Born ready!
Tabina goes with Vyrn and Tsubasa's squad for a night ride.
They revel in every gust of wind, their gearcycle engines singing to the lone country road.
Tabina: Hm-hm-hmm! Whoo, does that breeze feel good or what!
Tsubasa: You're lookin' pretty jazzed, Tabina.
Tabina: Hehe. Truth is, I just got a letter from Attiyah!
Tabina: He wrote me a love poem! I read it so many times that I can recite every line from memory now!
Tabina: Oh, but don't expect me to tell you its contents. It was for my eyes only.
Tabina: I just love reading his large, neat font... Reminds me of his strong and sturdy arms.
Tabina: Aah, even his font's so charming! Attiyah couldn't be more perfect!
Yung Rintaro: So he can write "ABC," and you'll think of his arms? Man, I gotta give it to ya for imagination...
Tabina: Heheh, anything becomes possible with the power of love. I hope you'll see that for yourself someday, Rintaro.
Tabina: It's like having wings sprout from your heart and body... Feels like you're able to fly anywhere!
Killa Taiga: Yeah, I hear ya! The pedal feels light as a feather the moment my thoughts turn to Akina!
Vyrn: Just promise us you won't jump off any more cliffs. I think my heart skipped a beat when you did that.
Tabina: Sure, I'll be careful!
Yung Rintaro: Don't you think you're a bit too easygoing about it? Sounds like us talkin' to the teach in the classroom!
Tabina: Sorry, but if it's for Attiyah, I just might take the plunge again...
Tabina: But I'm serious when I say I'll be careful though!
Tsubasa: Sometimes you just gotta dig in your heels and hold your ground... You're the bomb, Tabina.
Tabina: Is that your way of saying I'm cool? Hehe, thanks.
The lively conversation leads her to recall events from a fortnight ago.
Tabina: I know what I have to do! I'm coming straight for you, my love!
Tabina: Wait for me, Attiyah!
Tabina: (Attiyah... I love you. That's why I've decided not to come after you.)
Tabina: (At least not until everything's over...)
Tabina: I'm going to trust you. I'll be waiting, Attiyah!
Tabina sounds her gearcycle horn before pushing down harder on her pedal.
Vyrn and the Tsubasa squad speed up to keep with her pace, and together they become one with the chilly night breeze.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

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